Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
10 August 1984. Thought for the Week: "In substituting for the old heaven beyond the clouds a new paradise called 'classless society' to be attained right here on earth, Marx supplied a faith and goal of sacrifice to many doubt bewildered minds. But in declaring civil war, and the morals of civil war, to be the road to this new paradise, he set these minds free from the restraints that make any decent society possible"
Max Eastman, in the Foreword to The Whole of Their Lives, by Benjamin Gitlow (1948)


Only a few weeks after its controversial passage through the Federal Parliament, Clyde Holding's "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Interim) Heritage Protection Bill" looks like causing its first explosion. The Bill has already earned widespread opposition from organisations including the Australian Mining Industry Association, the National Farmers' Federation, the United Graziers' Association in Queensland, the Cattlemen's' Union, the Pastoralists and Graziers in Western Australia, and even the A.L.P. in that State. This surge of opposition has finally goaded Liberal leader Andrew Peacock into grasping the land rights nettle, for which he should be commended. Naturally enough, he has been accused of being "tarred with the League of Rights" brush.

Following its recent conference in Rockhampton, Queenslands United Graziers' Association has come out strongly against current land rights legislation. The Courier-Mail (July 23rd), under the heading "UGA WARNS OF BACKLASH BY WHITES" reported; "The Aboriginal land rights issue could develop into a full black white conflict unless the Federal Government saw reason, the United Graziers' Association said today. The association's southeast Queensland district President, Mr. Ian McMaster, warned of a public backlash against Aboriginals over what he described as the "land rights farce".
"The vast majority of reasonable black members of the community will suffer because of the social stigma developing against all blacks as a result of what is seen as Federal Government discrimination against whites", he said. Mr. McMaster said many of the more vocal and radical blacks claiming land rights were not entitled by birth to call themselves Aboriginals.
"UGA members believe in equal freehold and leasehold land opportunities for all Australians - black and white. Like many other country people, we are not prepared to accept moves by extremists to have present reserves and other lands given away as inalienable freehold title", he said.

This warning has been followed by the first two claims under the Bill, which are certain to cause widespread controversy and anger. The Weekend Australian (August 4-5, 1984) said: "...In Western Australia, Aboriginal legal advisers are attempting to use the new Federal laws to end construction of a nearly built $113 million dam and have the entire area declared a sacred site.

In Queensland, the Aboriginal poet Mrs. Kath Walker, who lives on Stradbroke Island, has asked for the withholding of sandmining leases which she claims will destroy more than 20 aboriginal middens...the controversial federal law provides for fines of up to $50,000 or five years jail for the desecration of aboriginal sites. The Harding River Dan in Western Australia is to become the major water source for the mining towns of Dampier, Karratha and Roebourne. Although the project is now 70% complete, the Aboriginal Legal service is seeking to invoke protection clauses under the new Aboriginal and TSI Heritage Act to stop the project.
The Acting Premier, Mr. Bryce, has now accused the Aboriginal Legal Service of acting irresponsibly. "The State worst predictions on the Heritage legislation have been substantiated by this absurd and ill advised attempt by an Aboriginal group to stop work on the dam" Mr. Bryce said. Those that know anything of the harsh heat and water scarcity round the Dampier region will understand the burning resentment such a claim will cause in West Australia, when an almost completed dam is threatened by such a claim.

The State A.L.P. and the Federal A.L.P. governments are now headed for direct confrontation on the issue. Perhaps Mr. Hawke will find it necessary to call in U.N. peacekeeping forces to settle the dispute!


Following the Hawke Government's decision to extend benefits enjoyed by wives of politicians - including overseas trips - to de facto's, it is hardly surprising that the A.B.C. has gone one step further in extending benefits already available to heterosexual de facto's to homosexuals. Simply put, it means that unmarried homosexuals working for the A.B.C. are now officially entitled to the same benefits as married couples - all paid for by the long suffering taxpayer of course. Which raises once again the question still waiting a long overdue answer - Why should the taxpayer be forced to pay for a policy he finds morally repugnant? It was precisely that misuse of power that the old British principle of "taxation by consent" was designed to forestall.


In the Sydney Sun Herald of August 5th last appeared a feature article "What Lies Ahead in Australia". It is based on the modern expertise of a Mr. Philip Ruthven and his "IBIS Research Services." Surprisingly, some of his forecasts run parallel to our own predictions: with others we do not agree. We agree with IBIS that, "Rising real interest rates and other factors will abort the false dawn recovery we are now experiencing and lead to unemployment that could exceed 13% or 14% in 1987".
But we do not agree that, "Australia will have to wait for a return to full employment until the mid1990s".

IBIS has it that most aspects of industry and the economy run in cycles. We insist that because of the fallacies of the modern finance economic system of the Western world, and its (now) shaky maintenance (as a matter of policy by the world's Masters of Finance) to prop up its structure by massive international debts, that the whole finance economic system, and the social systems of the West are disintegrating, and will continue to disintegrate.

We don't accept "cycles". IBIS sees a huge inflow of immigrants from the Pacific Basin, "in 2005-2010, 6 out of every 10 of Australia's 300,000 immigrants will come from the West Pacific Basin". This means Melanesians, Polynesians, and others. Mr. Bill Hayden, Australia's non-stop Foreign Minister, said exactly this not so long ago; but went further. He saw a "new race" developing, or words to that effect, and said he thought that this was a terrific idea. Well, this would be the result of a very strong policy, again. It is most certainly not a policy wanted by the majority of Australians, so IBIS and Mr. Hayden, along with his fellow Fabian/Humanist/ (spiced with Communists) do not have great confidence, nor perhaps even belief in Democracy.

We, the Australian people, get the results we don't want, whether we like it or not. Well, we, the League of Rights, DO believe people can get the results they desire, in spite of totalitarians, if they know how to go about it; and we believe that the current uplift of public debate on Australian Immigration and Aboriginal Land Rights will, in time, shift the policies of the so-called "Labor" governments from their present anti-Australian stance.

The totalitarians masquerading as "social democrats" are now rattled, and do not know what to do, apart from the "ad hominem" approach in smearing and vilifying the League of Rights. But even this is now proving counterproductive - we are being just inundated with support and enquiries. Thank you, Mr. Holding. Please keep up the good work, Mr. Gott.

As for a "28 hour week" which IBIS foresees -we can't from where we stand. We see the "Breakdown of the Employment System" as Australia, with the rest of the Western World, slips into an era of revolutionary disintegration. It's not what WE want to see; make no mistake about that, but as the great Solzhenitsyn has said - "The truth is almost, always, unpleasant". Why is this so? We think it is because - "Hope springs eternal in the human breast"; and human beings do not like to face the facts that bring no cheer.


The Western Australian Chamber of Mines is to run a full-scale advertising campaign to oppose the initiatives on Aboriginal Land Rights by both the WA, State, and the Federal Governments. As per leading article in this issue of On Target. we have arrived at the point where the White backlash has commenced. We foresee jagged Constitutional battles ahead between the States and the Commonwealth next year, after the return of the Hawke Government to the Lower House; we are hopeful that Mr. Hawke and his colleagues will not gain control of the Senate. Now that the backlash against Immigration and Aboriginal Land Rights has commenced, the Communists/Socialists will either have to back right off, or step up the battle for the supremacy of "their" policies. We supply the inverted commas to the word, their, because we do not believe that the policies on Immigration and Aboriginal Land rights are "theirs" at all; but have been "sold" to them as being in the best interests of advancing some sort of socialist utopia. In short, these people are deceived. Supporters will be aware that many policies come down from "on high". What about the enforced metrication, decimilisation?? These did not come from the grassroots of the Australian electorate, Fluoridation? Immigration? Land Rights? They are all imposed ON the Australian electorate. The flag, the National Anthem; the list grows, The antiAustralianism is self-evident, and we believe that these policies come down via secret and semi-secret societies; some of which we could name.

We read a day or so ago that - "To advance, a people must be sufficiently aware of basic truth to make mostly the right decisions". What seemed to put the spotlight right on the essential weakness of the political ideologues was the following - "When people become alienated from fundamental reality, then they begin to make mostly the wrong decisions and as they are unaware of the reason - these compound until order disintegrates". This can be seen happening now around us.
The Holdings, Hawkes, Susan Ryans, Gareth Evans, etc. etc., These people are atheists/Fabian Socialists/ Humanists, who think that their own ideology, based as it is on fallacies, is a living truth. It is not. They can do no other than make the wrong decisions, because they are "alienated from fundamental reality". Furthermore, a sudden change of government would do little to improve the condition of Australia (it would merely slow the disintegration) - the reason being that the Opposition political parties are infected to some considerable extent with the virus of similar fallacies. Some Opposition politicians would be more at home in the "Labor" party.

A Mareeba (Qld.) actionist has sent us clippings from north Queensland newspapers: they seem healthier than the dailies of the south. From the Townsville "Register" (July l9th} we read in Neil Naessens' column: " Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, or Japan they can be as xenophobic and harshly protective of their own as they like. They are defending their cultural heritage. "In Australia, if you have even the tiniest twinges of doubt and cautiously advance the opinion that perhaps we should slow things down, you are a racist. "It doesn't add up. I just don't think that hurling abuse at people like Professor (Geoffrey) Blainey is much of a solution. "The Opposition hasn't fuelled the immigration debate. The Government did, by trying to ridicule some of the very real and widespread concern in the community".


From New Zealand On Target. July 16th (we cannot supply the full article for reasons of space): The writer is Bill Daly of the New Zealand League of Rights:
"There is little to compare the departure from office of Sir Robert Muldoon with that of former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser. When he lost to Mr. Bob Hawke, the childish Fraser cried on television before the Australian nation. Sir Robert Muldoon on the other hand very generously conceded defeat and wished Mr. Lange every success. But there is much to compare our present situation with that of Australia's when Mr. Hawke took over. When the Hawke Labor Government took the reins of power they inherited a ready-made situation for a major Socialist advance. The Fraser Liberals had begun an all out attack against the traditional rights of the decentralised State governments; it had inherited enormous increases in taxation; had smoothed the path for the Marxist led Aboriginal 'land rights' movement and paved the way for an endless stream of united Nations conventions, all designed to reduce Australians to property less, family less, multicultural zombies, entirely reliant on the State for their daily requirements.

"The groundwork for the same type of Socialist advance in New Zealand has been laid by the out going National Government. One move the new Labor Government will make will be to ratify the United Nations Convention against alleged discrimination of women. This has been made easy by the fact that under the Muldoon Government the Convention has been brought to the ratification stage. On the united Nations Conventions concerning 'human rights' and 'race' the Muldoon Government went even further than did the Australian Liberals, Whilst ostensibly portraying themselves as conservative and patriotic our out going National Government chose to ignore completely all the evidence that it was the Marxists themselves who most wanted these Conventions accepted. It was the Marxist journals and newspapers that were most supportive of the establishment of the human Rights Commission.
How they must have laughed when Christchurch businessman, Eric Sides, was persecuted and eventually driven out of business by this Commission because he advertised for a Christian worker. All this under a National Government and a prime Minister who publicly denounced Socialism.
The Marxists know that the destruction of our traditional Common Law (innocent until proven guilty, etc.) through these types of U.N. Conventions provide a major advance towards the Statist society and the establishment of authorities in the guise of human rights, race relations, and anti-sexist commissions.

How Long?
How long it will be before the Labor Government collapses will depend on two things: the ability of Mr. Lange to keep the Party's internal differences out of the media, and the courage and preparedness of the National Opposition to oppose any further Government measures that endanger New Zealand's sovereignty and the traditional basis of our freedoms. If, as is likely, the new Government will attempt to emulate the Hawke Government we can expect to see a massive attempt to impose more internationalist/Socialist policies. The Labor Government is affiliated to the Socialist International that is a major front for the establishment of the New International Economic Order and the gradual transfer of power from sovereign states to the international bureaucrats..."


The August issue of Ladies Line is now available. The emphasis in this issue is on marriage and the indispensability of the family. As usual there is the "Education Sheet" and this is given over to - "Phonics First, Second, and Always": there is no better way to teach a child to read and write. There is a section on the Family Law Act, now to the fore in public debate because of violence and death to many, including one Family Court Judge, and the wife of another Family Court Judge. Ladies Line observes; "Isn't there some significance in the fact that, unlike in the criminal courts, it is non-criminals who are often so severely penalised under the Family Law Act? People who consider themselves without fault are deprived of their property and their children. "This is the inevitable result of the elimination of the 'fault' element from divorce proceedings...Since the (Judge) Watson tragedy we have heard the usual socialistic non-solutions put forward. One was the establishment of more women's shelters. They seem to have overlooked the fact that men, too, may be the innocent victims of matrimonial troubles. Where are they to go when they have lost the home to which they contributed? Where do they take the children?
Another solution was a tax-funded programme to educate - (brainwash) - people to understand and to accept the philosophy behind the Family Law Act; the no-guilt nonsense, where individuals are not required to accept personal responsibility for their actions. In other words, the complete opposite to the Christian philosophy on which our civilisation was founded...
"Absolutes may be ignored, but they are part of our heritage which was given to us for our own protection and happiness..."

The very nub of the flaw in the Family Law Act has been given by Ladies Line, viz. "..individuals are NOT required to accept personal responsibility for their actions". Because of this basic flaw, the Family Law Act is bad law, and unfortunately, further trouble must be expected. The annual subscription to Ladies Line is still only $6.00 for the twelve monthly issues. Write to P.O. BRIGALOW, Qld. 4412. The Editor is Mrs. D. Willacy.


The following letter appeared in The Land (July 26th): "For many years Argentina has achieved world headlines, firstly through the best selling hit, 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina', and secondly when the self elected leaders took on the might of the British Navy and got walloped. "Thirdly, the Argentinian debt to world banks is estimated at some $45 Billion. Repayment is due and can't be met, hence chaos in Monetary circles.
Australia's participation in the above could be summed up by the following comments: "Hope the Pomms win but don't ring us. "The debt is their problem. WRONG. Australia's debt at present - not to be confused with the annual deficit - is a staggering $40 Billion. "Our sporting commentator Prime Minister, to maintain popular ratings is borrowing $1.5 Billion a month. "Many people, and obviously the Opposition, don't realise that Mr. Hawke and his consensus Government have in twelve months increased our debt 100%, or by nearly $20 Billion. "The rural and mining industries once the backbone of our national economy, have had their profits eroded into oblivion and can't be expected to contribute to prepayment. "So who will? Mr. Hawke?"
This letter was published over the name of a "Doug O'Neil" of Bellata, N.S.W.