Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
14 September 1984. Thought for the Week: "To the uninterested, Zionism is a slightly romantic semi-religious cult of much the same character as the Crusades.. The real force behind the Crusades was probably very different to that which we are asked to accept as standard history; and Zionism is very different to a simple scheme for the return of the Jews to Palestine. That is incidental to the moulding of events and Governments to procure a World Government for 'Israel'"
C. H..Douglas in "The Brief for The Prosecution"


Judged by the standards applied to other countries, the Zionist state of Israel is a dismal failure. It is a parasitic State and could not long survive without the massive financial and military support, most it from the U.S.A. under the pressure of a powerful Zionist machine that relies primarily upon Zionist control of the media to influence politicians.

Zionist propaganda persistently claims that Israel is a reliable ally against the Soviet Union. But it was the Zionist-controlled media, which played the major role in promoting the anti-Vietnam campaign, the end result being a massive defeat for the Free World. As Vietnam came to an end, Solzhenitsyn made the cryptic remark that the Third World War was over and that the West had lost. Vietnam today is a major Soviet base in South-East Asia.

Inflation continues to run at an astronomical level in Israel and in spite of attempts to obtain more migrants, many of these coming from the Soviet Union in the past, large numbers of Israelis continue to flee from a country they do not like. At the last Israeli elections, the American born founder of the Jewish Defence League, members of whom have threatened the Canadian League of Rights, was elected to the Israeli parliament on a policy of expelling all Arabs from Israeli occupied territory. There is strong support for a policy of formerly annexing the West Bank and making it a permanent part of greater Israel. Such a policy would increase the instability of the Middle East, a development that the Soviet would warmly welcome.

As stressed by Dr. Alfred Lilienthal in his classic "The Zionist Connection" the establishment of the Zionist State was essential for Soviet penetration of the Arab world. The power of the Zionist machine in the U.S.A. has been graphically demonstrated with both President Reagan and his Democrat opponent, Mondale, recently appearing before a Zionist forum to proclaim their strong support for Israel. Economic assistance to Israel is now becoming a major issue in the US election, with Israeli officials indicating they want an extra $700 million in aid in the next financial year, bringing the total to nearly $3 billion, all in non-repayable grants.
President Reagan has indicated in the past that he was not keen to dance to the Israeli tune. But reports from US sources say that he became "terrified" that the Zionist controlled media might turn against him in the Presidential elections and has therefore been competing with Mondale for Zionist support.
The future of the world depends upon sufficient people honestly facing the truth about Zionism and supporting those courageous Jews opposing and exposing it.


Mr. Eric Butler reports at the end of a three-week tour of New Zealand
The New Zealand Summit conference, patterned on Mr. Hawke's Summit, is a major part of the Lange Government's strategy to condition the people of New Zealand to accept a further reduction in living standards. The theme is that New Zealanders have "lived beyond their means". All of the "experts" I heard were stressing this point. It is certainly true that the international debt burden created by the Muldoon Government is massive. The programme of "restraint" for the New Zealanders is similar to that being suggested for the debt burdened Latin American countries. Much of the violence in Chile is the result of a financial policy, which is guaranteed to produce revolution. The International Monetary Fund must be described as one of the most revolutionary organisations in the world.

Back in 1935 the New Zealand people elected a Labor Government headed by the Australian born Michael Savage, pledged to introduce the type of financial proposals advocated by the influential Social Credit Movement. The eyes of the world were on New Zealand, which offered the prospect of a constructive answer to the Great Depression. It is a matter of history how the Savage Government was subverted, the man who directed the subversion being the Treasurer, Walter Nash. Nash insisted on "orthodox finance". I have been reliably informed by one who knew him that Nash had in his early days been a Communist. How often have Marxists and financial orthodoxy gone together!

It can be predicted with complete certainty that the Lange Government is going to preside next year over the same type of convulsions that are going to shake Australia. The ingredients for explosive violence can be studied in Auckland, described as the biggest Polynesian city in the world. Those so enthusiastic about the multicultural society might care to examine some of Auckland's suburbs and ask hotelkeepers why they now have to have different bars for the different groups, and why there is growing violence between these groups.

Crimes of violence are dramatically on the increase. The rape figures are frightening, most of those responsible being islanders like the Samoans. Impose depression conditions on the situation and the results are predictable. Responsible members of the Maori community are gravely concerned about the developing situation.

In the wake of the elections there is an immediate concern about the threat to ratify the UN Convention concerning Women, with strong groups of women keen to intensify their opposition. I was often asked about this Convention and what might be done, and suggested that a direct Petition to the Governor General was the only method which now had any chance of success. I was astonished how few knew about the Reserve Power of the Crown, and the duty of the Crown to inform Ministers of petitions by electors. I mentioned the view of the late Marxist theoretician, Laski, who said that the Reserve Power of the Crown was always a threat to the establishment of the complete Socialist State.

The New Zealand Governor General has already indicated that he believes he has powers independent of politicians, refusing to heed the new Government's request that the parliament should be opened with the equivalent of a sing song and nothing military. The Governor General bluntly stated that he was the personal representative of the Queen, and that parliament would be opened with the traditional military guard of honour. The Prime Minister backed down!

As I left New Zealand I had met with a number who were taking up the Petition programme with tremendous enthusiasm. If enough signatures can be obtained, the Governor General will be in the position to tell his Ministers that they might reconsider what they are proposing.


The Canadian electoral backlash against the Liberal Party was basically a national revolt against what Fabian Socialist Peirre Elliot Trudeau did to Canada. Although objective observers would argue that Trudeau's successor, Mr. John Turner, is the best of the Canadian party leaders, Turner was doomed from the moment he submitted to a form of political blackmail by Trudeau, accepting a patronage list. Even if he had distanced himself from Trudeau he would almost certainly have been rejected by outraged Canadians. But unfortunately there is little evidence to suggest that the new Canadian Conservative Government, headed by Mr. Brian Mulroney will seriously challenge the basic elements of the Trudeau programme... When it dawns on Canadians that a change of policies does not automatically follow a change of politicians; they will be looking for a more constructive form of politics.

While some of the media claimed that Victorian RSL President, Mr. Bruce Ruxton, was defeated at last week's National RSL Congress, that is not the way Mr. Ruxton sees it. There is no doubt that there is growing national concern about Australia's immigration policy, and that Mr. Bruce Ruxton represents the great majority of Australians. Mr. Ruxton points out that RSL National President Sir Williams Keys only represents himself. "I represent 70,000 Victorian RSL members", says Mr. Ruxton, who makes the suggestion that Sir William Keys has private interests that shapes his opinion on the Asian intake. If this is the case, then it is time that Sir William was removed as RSL National President and replaced with a man who reflects the views of the overwhelming majority of RSL members throughout Australia. Mr. Bruce Ruxton continues to establish himself as one of Australia's true natural leaders.

A recent report in the "Los Angeles Times" states that "with few minor exceptions, the voluntary change over to the metric system that began with the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 is dead in the water, and at present there seems little impetus to revive it". There is retreat from metrics in Canada. But still the metric propagandists play their cracked record about "the whole world going metric".

Mr. Glen James is a widely respected Victorian Football League umpire. Mr. James is at most 50 percent Aboriginal, which means that he is at least 50 percent European. But he has been named "Victorian Aborigine of the Year". This is typical of the blatant dishonestly concerning Aboriginals. It is proper that everyone should be proud of his background. But it is constantly suggested that Australians who are only a quarter Aboriginal should ignore their predominantly European background.

"Auntie" A.B.C. is being put under the microscope again. We thank our lucky stars that A.B.C. FM. has been saved; the barbarians were not able (this time!) to destroy this wonderful cultural service to the Australian community. However, to say the least, we are not at all impressed with "Auntie's" present Board. We must reserve judgment on Geoffrey Whitehead, the new managing director; he is a "new boy". There is no doubt in our minds that, basically, the clashes of ideology within Auntie A.B.C. are doing the real damage to her.


The following letter, under this heading, was published in The Australian, September 10th;
"The majority of Australians are supposed to be Christians of one sort or another. Why, when they elect anti-Christians to represent them, do they get upset about the anti-Christian laws their 'representatives' make? "They should realise that an anti-Christian will not act as a representative but as a delegate and as such it shouldn't be expected that they will act for the good and according to the will of those who appoint them when it doesn't suit. "Christians should take an interest in the nominated candidates and test them to find out whether they believe in and do the will of Christ. If the prospective candidate is an anti-Christian, the party nominating him/her should be told of the candidate's unsuitability".
The correspondent was a "Kevin Moore", of Marble Bar, W.A.

The following letter also appeared in The Australian, September 10th, over the name of a "Clifford F. Boyd", who is Secretary of The Dominion Club, S.A.: "How unfortunate that the annual conference of lesbians and homosexual men (men?) held at the University of Queensland decided to remove, voluntarily, a planned workshop on pedophilia from their agenda. "It would have been salutary for Australians had this workshop taken place and the public invited to attend. "We could then see just how far these deviates have progressed with their schemes to popularise child/adult sex. "And before I receive another tirade from irate feminists, is it not true that pro-pedophilia pamphlets can be obtained from feminist bookshops?"


A Mareeba actionist has sent us a press cutting from a north Queensland newspaper dealing with the above relationship. If it did appear in the Melbourne print media, it escaped our notice:
"The Queensland Government would strongly resist any changes to the relationship between the State and the monarchy, the State Governor, Sir James Ramsay, said yesterday. "It is concerned ... at a change in our national anthem without any reference to the people while alterations to the Australian Citizenship Act remove any reference to the monarchy in a form of pledge of Australian citizenship... "I have also been impressed by the sincere and consistent expressions of loyalty to the Crown throughout our State... "Many Queenslanders are justifiably apprehensive about moves to change our national flag and rightfully question the reasons for these moves. "The fact remains that our flag is an accurate and respected reflection of our heritage and my Government's view is that if any change is contemplated in the future it should only be made if Australia as a nation votes for such a change…"