Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
21 September 1984. Thought for the Week: "When struck by a thunderbolt, it is too late to consult the book of dates"
Statement attributed to Confucius


With the national smearing of The League of Rights continuing nonstop, in a desperate attempt to erode the influence of the League, the 1984 "National Weekend" of the League presents an historic challenge to every League supporter and sympathisers. The stage is now being set for the horrendous developments, which are now almost inevitable in 1985, when the Hawke Government can be expected to attempt to openly advance its revolutionary strategy.

The National Secretariat of The League will on Friday, September 28th, be fashioning an in depth strategy to meet a rapidly deepening crisis, a strategy which will be presented at the League's National Action Seminar on Sunday, September 30th. Starting at 9.30 A.M. sharp, with a short non-denominational Divine Service, it is open only to accredited actionists. All enquiries to 63-9749.

"New Times" Annual Dinner
This annual event has a unique character, which has to be experienced to be understood. Late bookings can be accepted until Wednesday, September 26th. The 1984 Dinner will be held at The Park Royal, 441 Royal Parade, where there are adequate parking facilities. The Dinner charge is $17 per person, which covers pre-Dinner refreshments. Guests may meet from 6.15 P.M. onwards, but must be present to be seated at 7 P.M. Pre-Dinner refreshments, Winston Churchill Room. Dinner: Franklin Roosevelt Room. Guest of honour will be Mrs. Jackie Butler, the driving force behind the popular magazine, WAKE UP.
The Dinner will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1934 visit to Australia by C.H. Douglas. The toast to "The New Times" will be proposed by Mr. Harold Hotchkin, J.P., one of Australia's oldest Social Credit actionists. Mr. Hotchkin was actually present at the Douglas Melbourne Town Hall meeting. A new edition of Douglas book, "The Alberta Experiment" will be launched. 'This historic work has long been out of print. There will also be a special display of historical Social Credit material, relating to the Douglas visit of 1934. While all States will be represented at the Dinner, it is, of course, physically impossible for the great majority of supporters to attend in person. But messages will be greatly appreciated and should be sent to "The Chairman, New Times Annual Dinner, Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001."

Seminar on UN
Because of the Aboriginal land rights issues the UN Convention concerning Woman, and other developments, this year's National League Seminar is the most timely ever held, with three outstanding speakers, Mrs. Jackie Butler, Mr. Chas Pinwill and Mr. Jeremy Lee. National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, will open the Seminar with a special statement concerning the national anti-League campaign. There will be a tremendous display of books and the hall will be opened at 1 P.M. to allow adequate time for inspection and pre-Seminar sales. Venue: Banquet Hall, The Victoria, Lt. Collins St., Melbourne. Entrance $4 per person; $6 married couple; $2 single session.


We have received the following letter: "With six paleface Aboriginals, I now have the chance of claiming land under the Heritage Act. If we can claim that our ancestors had a prime sacred site near the Yarra River, the location opposite Flinders Street railway station should come as no surprise. The bones of our Jika Jika tribal forebears are buried beneath Melbourne's favourite watering hole - known worldwide as Young and Jacksons Hotel. The Hotel owners are in strife with an annual rate bill of $85,000. That's a lot of froth. They would be better off taking things easy like us - living in the dreamtime on double the normal dole and with exemption from rates.
"To avoid offending racist elements, some younger elders could do a bar course. Pre-colonial culture could put Aboriginal flavour into the counter lunches - festive specials like emu soup, didgeridoo stew and witchetty wine. The distractive noises of trams and church bells on other nearby sacred sites need drowning out. Our gum leaf players could provide back up rhythm of a corroboree choir singing to a melody of "knock knock" sticks. "Nearly gone are the dreaming days - soon our stolen land will be restored .... a vast boomerang now shadowed by public parks; covered with giant gunyahs - Government House, Zoological gardens, schools, Churches, cemeteries railways lines, riverbanks and Crown land. Sport arenas, too.

Already Aborigines - one percent of Australia's total population have been granted one eighth of Australia's total land. Current claims could increase this to one quarter. If international law can list Australia's first European occupants as conquerors and not as settlers, ownership could be split down the middle. "We don't need spears and mullas - smart lawyers have already by-passed the restrictions of the Constitution. With decisions like that on the Franklin River Dam over riding State rights, Aborigines can expect to secure more land than could be captured by an enemy invasion. About half of the Northern Territory and all of Western Australia is on our claims list. By coincidence, every uranium field is on our many sacred sites. In Victoria, one third of the State is up for grabs. Aboriginal groups expect some local resistance. But there is no need for us to worry - judgment is by a tribunal of only one person. That sounds good!
"Young and Jacksons is only a piccaninny on our long list of sacred sites. Soon, Aboriginal people will do the "shouting" and many white Australians will become "boat people". "Yours sincerely, Silas Pitkura (a survivor of the Jika Jika tribe.)


Unless Opposition leader Andrew Peacock can come up with hard evidence to support his anti-Hawke outburst at Canberra last week, he has demonstrated once again that he is a shallow politician more concerned about expediency than in basic principles. We know that there is corruption in high places, but when Mr. Peacock shouted in Parliament "The little crook (Mr. Hawke) is running", he helped to make certain that Mr. Hawke will be returned at the next elections. We believe that Mr. Hawke is a dangerous Fabian Socialist, but he is not going to be defeated by accusations, which cannot be substantiated with facts. Mr. Peacock temporarily flirted with the immigration issue, hoping that this might be used for election purposes, but soon backed away under media pressure. He temporarily played with the land rights issue. He is starting to look desperate and erratic.

The same Federal Liberal politicians who elected Mr. Peacock as their leader are now considering Mr. John Howard, the man now trying to distance himself form the disastrous financial policies he introduced on behalf of the Fraser Government. The truth must be faced: the present Federal Liberal Party is bankrupt in every way and doomed to disintegrate, irrespective of who leads it. Such a disintegration could pave the way for a genuine conservative revival.

We are not in the business of moralising, but we agree with Tasmanian Independent Senator Harridine that the official permission or Members of Parliament to take de facto wives with them on overseas trips, at the expense of the taxpayers, is one further contribution to the growing attack on the traditional family. Labor Senator Bolkus of South Australia is reported as one who took a de facto associate with him on a four-week parliamentary fact finding mission during November of last year. One member of the delegation, Liberal Senator Townley of Tasmania is quoted as telling the Federal Remuneration Tribunal that the presence of a de facto was embarrassing, as "We had to call her Mrs. in Catholic countries. But what about when politicians are permitted to take their "gay" associates at the taxpayers' expense. Here is a matter, which should be made a major issue at the coming Federal Elections.

It will not matter what constitutional changes are made in South Africa, but the orchestrated international campaign against South Africa will continue. All those advocating "majority rule" for South Africa, including gullible Church leaders, are endorsing the same policy, which has plunged "liberated" Africa back into charnel house conditions. Advocates of "majority rule" should be asked do they regard this policy as having been successful in the country once known as Rhodesia. We wonder how many viewers of television programmes from South Africa used their commonsense and asked why were black rioters destroying black properties and attacking fellow blacks. The first essential for genuine progress is stability and law and order. It is recorded that the great Dr. Livingstone and his fellow missionaries first had to devote their efforts to persuading the blacks from killing one another before they could teach them much about Christianity.

The philosophy underlying the assets test for pensioners is pure Marxism. It is designed to make every individual completely dependent upon the State. The statement that "only a few will be affected" avoids the central issue. Once the "few" have been dealt with, the way has been cleared to include the many, until eventually no one will be entitled to a pension unless he or she has no assets at all. Needless to say, the assets test does not apply to those generous pensions and other "goodies" the politicians vote themselves. If the reality of the assets test is adequately publicised, this could help to minimise Mr. Hawke's majority at the coming elections, and help to ensure that he does not obtain a majority in the Senate.


The following letter, under this heading, was published in The Advertiser (Adelaide), September 5th:
"No one was asked during the last Federal election if they wanted to change our national anthem, scrap our Flag, or get rid of the queen. "Yet the Labor Party has decided these three changes to our tradition are more urgent than taking action to help the unemployed, pensioners, small businesses, etc. "God Save the Queen was dumped as our national anthem simply by a Prime Ministerial announcement one afternoon just before ANZAC Day. "The legislation was introduced to drop all references to the Queen of Australia from' the Oath of Allegiance - a pledge made by those seeking Australian citizenship. "The Queen's picture is also being replaced in public buildings. "And now senior Ministers in Canberra are talking of tearing up our Flag - the symbol of Australia's nationhood.
"It is time reckless changes to our heritage were checked. "Hundreds of local organisations and institutions are eligible to have their own Australian Flag. These include schools, Scouts and Girl Guides, R.S.L. Branches, senior citizens groups, service clubs etc. "Local organisations can obtain the Australian Flag by writing to me care of the Commonwealth Parliament Offices, 100 King William St., Adelaide, S.A., 5000".
The correspondent was Senator Tony Messner, Senator for South Australia, and Shadow Minister for Social Security.


"On August 1st, 1984, in the Mildura Magistrate 's Court, the prosecution failed to uphold charges made against the Mildura Baptist Minister, Dennis Bails, who is also the Principal of the Mildura Baptist College. "He pleaded not guilty to the charges. "The informant for the Prosecution was Mr. R.D.Wilkinson, who is the registrar of the Registered Schools Board. "Acting on the authority of the Minister of Education, Mr. Wilkinson had summonses served which dated 12/9/83 and 9/7/84.
"The charges were that Pastor Bails was 'pursuant to Section 80(1) of the Education Act, 1958, guilty of an offence in that in contravention of Section 44(1) of the said Act, he did carry on or conduct a school, to wit, The Mildura Baptist College of Christian Education, when the said school had not been registered. "Witnesses for the prosecution were Government education officers Mr. Ian McLeish, and Mr. David Rattray, together with Mr. Ian Stevens, the Mallee-Campaspe Regional Director of Education.
"Evidence was produced that notification had been made to the appropriate authorities concerning the commencement of the school by Pastor Bails, prior and immediately following its commencement in October 1981. "Evidence was also produced to show that on January 28th, 1983, Mr. Wilkinson had written to Pastor Bails, referring to his application for the registration of the College and advising 'your application and the subsequent inspection report could not be considered….'
"on the 31st March, 1983, Mr. Wilkinson, wrote to Pastor Bails again stating, 'No application for registration has been received from you to date....You are therefore instructed to close the school forthwith. Alternative arrangements should be made for the education of the pupils concerned. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in legal action being taken against yourself and the parents of pupils...'
"The Counsel for the defense, Mr. Paul Shelley, submitted that the school, having notified the authorities of its commencement, was assumed to be automatically registered, until such time as it was officially refused and given notification of this refusal. He submitted that no such notification had been received by the Mildura Baptist College of Christian Education.
"Court proceedings took approximately 2½ hours, and closed without either Pastor Bails or any other witnesses for the defense being called to give evidence.
"Following the trial, Mildura Baptist Church secretary, Mr. David L. Jones stated, 'We are sure that what happened in the Mildura Magistrate's Court on August 1st, 1984, should encourage all of God's people to believe His promised deliverance when on trial for righteousness' sake".
"'When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned: neither shall the flame kindle upon thee'. (Isiah 43:2b)".

DEFENCE SABOTAGE (From Geoff McDonald, writing in the Toorak Times, 29/8/84)

"Analysing Marxist controlled environmental and like campaigns, including those run by Communist controlled unions, is best commenced by investigating what would be the possible use of national defence of the product sought to be put out of use. Concentration on banning asbestos by any conceivable use of the imagination, with the possible exception so far of saying that it is discriminatory against women, highlights why the defence lobby cannot allow such blatant sabotage to continue. "The reason such a desperate and persistent attack is made against asbestos by Communists all over the world (excepting in Communist countries) is that in the modern world it is indispensable for the purposes of defence... (our emphasis. .O.T.) "Ordinary methods of camouflage are no longer effective because infra red detection from aeroplanes can penetrate the most perfect underground dugouts. Camouflage of factories, defence establishments, military outposts, vehicles or anything to do with military or civilian defence have only one protection from infra red detection: it is of course, asbestos. "Cover everything: No country in the world can defend itself from a modern military force without being able to cover everything with asbestos.
"Anyone who has been involved in negotiating union agreements with employees or government departments over working arrangements with asbestos knows there are exhaustive and perfect safety regulations on the statute books. Unless the law is broken as with building workers not using scaffolding, there is no problem with using asbestos. "Blue asbestos, which is not often used, can cause cancer, if the safety regulations are not strictly adhered to, "White asbestos, the most common asbestos in use, and the type required for camouflage, is not cancer producing, unless, like everything excepting air, and including common dust or cigarette smoke could cause cancer or some other respiratory disease, if deliberately and regularly breathed into the lungs… The Communist controlled N.S.W. branch of the Building Workers' Industrial Union (B.W.I.U.) banned the building of air raid shelters designed for use in the case of nuclear attack, or for protection against atomic blackmail.


The following letter was published in the Geelong Advertiser, under this heading (14/9/84):
"Norman Boyce and the Committee Against Compulsory Fluoridation have worked hard to secure more than 16,000 signatures. "Yet local M.P.s, Labor and Liberal show contempt instead of concern and acknowledgement. "Petitions and polls held in other Victorian towns have met a similar fate. Politicians put their own party platform well ahead of their electors. "Soon, the Geelong water supply will be shandied with chemical imported from China at a cost of about $500 per tonne. Placed in our pipelines with costly equipment, it will have little effect on the sales of toothpaste and brushes - now being madly advertised.
"There is much counter evidence about the wisdom of fluoridation. When experts cannot agree and overseas countries have withdrawn their fluoridation equipment, why should Victoria be forcing an unwelcome method on to protesting citizens?
"Personally, I think that Mr. Boyce is wasting his bullets. Petitions to Premier Cain and Health Minister Roper are as effective as water on a duck's back. Geelong electors have no control over Melbourne's Ivory Towers. "Instead, the heat should be turned on to local members, Henshaw and Dickenson. "If they are so enchanted with fluoridation, let them wear the label around their necks and proclaim it with pride. Better to let the electors know where they stand than pursue a method contrary to local wishes. Freedom of choice is meaningless when no choice was ever given".
(The correspondent was a "N.G. McDonald of Highton, Vic.)