Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
28 September 1984. Thought for the Week: "...the totality of the home, the marriage, the family, the generation and nurture, the identity and cultural inheritance of the human person, is the only basis for wholesome and effective human life and community …"
"Home" (U.K.) August/September


Last week witnessed the national political scene being used to promote a shallow drama, which diverted attention away from the basic issues, which will determine the future of Australia. Polls were taken to discover whether Australians were much affected by the tears of their Prime Minister. The political scribes have devoted columns to analysing what effect Prime Minister Hawke's tears may be having on electors. The question has been raised of how genuine was the Prime Minister's tearful performance, one cynical letter writer suggesting that the Prime Minister was such a brilliant actor that he should be on the stage, not in politics.

We have always maintained that Prime Minister Hawke is a fair-weather performer and that he will be found wanting under real pressure. But while we agree that the personality of the Prime Minister is of importance, we deplore the increasing emphasis, which is being given to "style" and "image". What is urgently required is national discussion on basic policy issues. Organised crime is a major problem in Australia, but it is not a basic cause of the national malaise. The progressive disintegration of society is the result of policies, which increasingly treat human beings as raw material to be planned by those exercising centralised power. The threat to the traditional family is great. But what genuine alternative policies have the "Opposition" parties to make it possible for stable family life to flourish?

The biggest crime being committed by the Hawke Government against the Australian people is the pawning of the nation to the debt merchants. Why has the "Opposition" failed to publicise the astronomical increase in debt under the Hawke Government? Because the "Opposition" has endorsed the same betrayal of the people. Then there is the Constitutional issue. It has been left to the League of Rights and other non-party organisations to try to warn the Australian people of what is in fact a constitutional revolution. The "Opposition" offers no constructive policy on the issue.

Under pressure of public opinion, Mr. Andrew Peacock and some of his colleagues have made a few half-hearted comments on Aboriginal land rights and immigration. Many "Opposition" Members are at heart philosophically little different from the secular humanists dominating the Labor Party. We regard Mr. Bob Hawke as one of the most dangerous politicians ever seen at Canberra. But he and his promoters are not going to be beaten by engaging in personal attacks designed to try to reduce the Prime Minister to tears. Something more fundamental than this is required. Regretfully, we cannot see such a development, which means that in the absence of some really sensational event, Mr. Hawke will be re elected at the coming Federal Elections. But he can be denied control of the Senate and his referenda can be defeated.


The writings of Mr. Phillip Adams, the former Communist who, having presumably seen through the absurdities of Marxism has devoted his talent to becoming a millionaire in the capitalist world he once despised, require a strong stomach if they are read. Mr. Adams has, for some time, been making his own special contribution to the national smear campaign against the League of Rights.

In his latest anti-League hatchet piece, in "The Bulletin" (September 25th) Mr. Adams opens by referring to a previous "Bulletin" article, describing the League as that "unlovely organisation of rabid racists who continue to infiltrate both the National and Liberal Parties". Mr. Adams says he had intended not to return to the subject of the League, but that two things happened which he must report. First, his fifteen-year-old daughter "came home from school where a teacher had told her and classmates including a Jewish kid that the Holocaust was a hoax". The teacher was "a man given to expressing somewhat eccentric views in various letters to Editors, he had signed up with Butler and John Bennett".

Like so many others of his kind, Mr. Adams, the vitriolic anti-Christian, sends his daughter to a well-known Melbourne Christian Grammar School. Having checked with the teacher referred to, we are satisfied that no such statements were made regarding the "Holocaust". But then Mr. Adams produces an anonymous letter allegedly written by a "political prisoner" who claims to have worked as an electrician at Auschwitz. And, says Mr. Adams, "lest Bennett say that the correspondent too, is a party of the Jewish conspiracy, let me emphasise that he is non-Jewish." Presumably the anonymous "political prisoner" was a German.

Apart from the many absurdities of the letter, the most remarkable feature is that the writer expresses himself in perfect English. The sentence construction and punctuation would get full marks from an English teacher. The writer says he cannot disclose his identity because 'the Nazis and neo-Nazis have memories which are long indeed and the Werewolf and similar organisations have kept me in their revengeful focus for years". Does Mr. Adams really believe such patently absurd nonsense? His anonymous correspondent who says he fears the Nazis (any remaining Nazis would now be old men) also says he gave evidence against them in trials.

Mr. Adams, whose activities have in part been financed by the Australian taxpayers, has a powerful imagination. But really Mr.Adams, do you believe what you have told your readers. We have no hesitation in saying that your anonymous correspondent does not exist. And Mr. Adams knows as well as we do who actually wrote the alleged letter. We will be returning to this letter and its claims at a later date.


A feature article in "The Age" of September 22nd, describes Australia's famous singer, Dame Joan Sutherland as a friendly "normal" person. "She worries about Asian immigration and its ramifications on society ... She does not like abstract work. 'I like to see something in a painting that I can identify. Lots of modern art is the biggest con on earth. I could do better myself and I'm no artist'. Dame Joan certainly is normal, as are the great majority of Australians. But they are subjected to the sneering abuse of militant minority, which uses the media to claim they are a majority.

Many people have only heard of the "Council of Foreign Relations", widely known among the political cognoscenti as the C.F.R." The "C.F.R." is an everyday term in the Board rooms of the multi national organisations, in the higher banking world in the U.S.A. and Europe, and in the higher reaches of the American bureaucracy, and of course, in American politics". There have been many books written on "The C.F.R.", and we cannot present a brief history in these pages. Dan Smoot's "Invisible Government" is one of the best of these books.
The kind of the existence of the C.F.R. was, the transference of the international socialist ideal from Britain (Royal Institute of International Affairs), often known as "Chatham House", to the New World. A group of subsidiary organisations has sprung up over the years under the umbrella of the C.F.R. Naturally, membership of these organisations is exclusive; many of the names are celebrated, and lend gloss to the organisations, as well as high respectability.
But to continue
We have been perusing a book - "Imperial Brain Trust" by Shoup & Minter that was originally purchased from a Communist bookshop. An Appendix lists the names of "Council" Directors from 1921-75, and some of these are interesting; We have Mr. Otto H.Kahn, Loeb & Co., Wall Street, financiers, who were most involved in the financial backing of the Russian Revolution, Mr. Paul Warburg's name is prominent, and he was involved in the introduction of the Federal Reserve Board of the U.S.A., which body controls banking policy in that country. Mr. Walter Lippmann will be recalled as the "elder statesman" of current affairs comment in the U.S.A. for many years. A C.F.R. Director, his "line" was ever that of the international socialist, David Rockefeller needs no introduction; W.Averell Harriman, so active for so many years in American foreign policy, as were Adlai Stevenson and John J.McCloy, both C.F.R. Directors. Cyrus Vance, multi-millionaire, and a great friend of the Soviet Union, was a Director from 1968 onwards. Zbigniew (Ziggy) Brzezinski was a Rockefeller protege, and in charge of foreign relations in the Jimmy Carter era, Ziggy has been a director since 1972. Let's not overlook Nicholas Katzenback, an influential gentleman, and last but not least, Mr. Paul Volcker, now in charge of the Federal Reserve Board of the U.S.A.; a Director since 1975. It is more than interesting to see the glittering names of multimillionaires in the firmament of International Socialism!

A journalist by the name of James Adams, an Englishman, has drawn attention to "The Unnatural Alliance" in a book of that name, published only this year. He shows how, for very different reasons, the two States, Israel and South Africa, have become increasingly estranged from the international community and in their isolation have found new and unexpected common interests. Israel has provided South Africa with vital help in military and espionage matters, and the two countries have forged close links in the arms trade, economic development and nuclear programmes. James Adams also asserts that this alliance has won them new friends in black Africa.

The Australian "Labor" Party pre-selection ballots only very recently demonstrate the strength of the "Socialist Left" in the party structure. Geoff McDonald is always insisting, for 'Socialist Left' read "Communist".