Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
19 October 1984. Thought for the Week: "Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of man"
Benjamin Disraeli


Preliminary results of a national survey has revealed substantial opposition to Aboriginal Land Rights". - The Age Melbourne, October 15th.

It had to happen; Furthermore, the opposition will mount as more and more Australians become aware of the real purpose as opposed to fallacious propaganda, underlying the whole Aboriginal Land Rights campaign, now being conducted by all "Labor" governments. Australian National Opinion Polls conducted their recent survey to disclose that only 18% of Australians support Land Rights; 30% of Australians actually oppose them, and the majority, 52% are wary and suspicious of Land Rights, as well they should be. The Age reporter has it that many Government officials have been shocked, and that they underestimated the extent of the backlash. We bet they did; and it is the old story of propagandists believing their own propaganda - an all too human failing, and a deadly trap in politics.

Perhaps Mr. Ken Gott, an ex-Communist journalist retained on the staff of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Clyde Holding for a six monthly period ($1500 plus weekly! on the taxpayer, of course - may now shed a tear or two like his Prime Minister as he witnesses the mess he oversees. Mr. Gott was retained to "deal with" that dreaded League of Rights and its "lies" concerning the influence on Australia of Mr. Holding's Aboriginal Land Rights legislation. This A.N.O.P. result is a fitting rejoinder to Ken Gott's address to the Victorian Fabian (Socialist) Society on Saturday, October 13th. Gott's address was titled "Veterans of Race Hatred - The League of Rights".

Professor Geoffrey Blainey was also getting a shake, this time by a Dr. Andrew Markus (a good old Anglo-Saxon name!) of Monash University (where else!) The address? "The Blainey Thesis". How they must hate Professor Blainey. We don't think it worries him.

Most opposition was expressed in Western Australia, where the Liberal Party (State) still has some of the principles of the Federal Liberal Party of old. You would have to go back some time before the rot of small "liberalism" and pandering to the phony United Nations Venus flytrap Conventions and Declarations took over. Well, Mr. Holding and Mr. Gott may be assured that this is only the beginning. The truth is out and away, and nothing will stop it now. The lying propaganda of the subversives will come back to haunt its perpetrators.

Supporters know that we rarely republish letters in the body of the On Target. We, again, make an exception, as this letter is most germane to the issue discussed above. It was actually printed in the Geelong News (October 9th) over the name of a N. McDonald of Geelong, which is Victoria's second city with a population of around 150,000 people. Mr. McDonald's letter was given the heading by the Editor -"Black Land Rights; Is It Apartheid?"
"If the Aborigines have occupied Australia for 40,000 years, they should be treated equally and not better than later arrivals. "Apart from normal welfare benefits, the Commonwealth and States share an extra $2,000 per head, or $8,000 for a family of four Aborigines, "Aborigines are no longer an under-privileged minority, but instead aristocrats in the welfare department. "No wonder the Geelong City Council is concerned with claims for cash compensation probably funded from increased State land tax.
"An Aborigine is no longer restricted to a dark skin. Now, his pigment could be 99% white. Most of the activists are paler than their full-blood brothers. Recently, the Aborigine-of-the-year went to a football umpire with a blood-mix of 50-50. "So, when is an Aborigine not an Aborigine? "Already, the Aborigines - only 4% of Australia's population - have been granted one eighth of Australia's total land. Current claims could increase this to one quarter.
"If international law can list Australia's first white occupants as conquerors, and not settlers, ownership could be split down the middle. No longer are spears and nullas needed, smart lawyers have bypassed the safeguards of the Constitution.
"With decisions like the Franklin Dam over riding State rights, Aborigines can expect to secure more land than could be captured by an enemy invasion. "About half of the Northern Territory and all of Western Australia is under claim; every uranium field, by coincidence is on a sacred site. "In Victoria, one third of the State is up for grabs: public parks, churches, schools, cemeteries, rail and river banks, and crown land are alleged property of people who should he grateful for the development by others of an Australia beyond a haze of ghost gums and gunyahs.
"Aborigines should be able to purchase land and property under the same conditions as all of other Australians. Repair and maintenance are a personal, not national responsibility.
"Splitting Australia with Land Rights legislation is introducing the thing most despised in South Africa - Apartheid. The stirring does not come from Aborigines, scattered across the face of Australia, but from professional agitators on attractive Government incomes".


"The Party that controlled most national and State government between 1949 and 1982 is now in political retreat and there is little evidence that it has the capacity to regain Federal or State office again in the near future". - Geoffrey Barker, in The Age (Melbourne), October 13th.

What Mr. Barker says is true enough. The Liberals were rejected by the Australian electorate in March 1983 because they had lost the confidence and the respect of many of their traditional supporters. The ordinary Australian voter does not care a rap about the analyses of the political commentary "industry". Mr. Barker expands on the "three characteristics of parties going through periods of historic decline". We'll go one further: the era of political parties is drawing to a close; and it is intended (by international subversion) that there will henceforth be but one "political party" viz, the Communist Party, even if under another name.

There is now no such thing as a Labor Party; that finished 40 to 50 years ago. The self styled "Labor" Party is a Communist/Socialist/Humanist Party, with most parliamentary members, in particular, being members of either the Fabian Society, the Humanist Society, the Rationalist Society, etc., and probably a few parliamentarians members of one or more semi-secret societies. (Club of Rome, Pugwash Movement, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Round Table, etc. etc.). Not forgetting the Communist Party itself. The "Labor" Party is now not the "representative of the ordinary working people of Australia (the vast majority), but the representative of powerful international forces, e.g. International Socialism (One Worldism), Humanism (Man is God) Rationalism (Atheism), and all of these are being cunningly concealed from rank and file Australians.

Messrs. Hawke, Evans. Holding. Hayden, and others (Susan Ryan) well know what they are doing, and they are convinced that they are utterly correct in their philosophical views, and the action(s) that they take on such views. They are utterly wrong, of course, as they have been maddened by fallacious philosophies. For example, Senator Gareth Evans, the Federal Attorney General of Australia, said (Sydney Morning Herald, May 7th, 1976).... "...children wanted a right to sexual freedom and education and protection from the influence of Christianity". He will be pleased to bring forward legislation on a United Nations Declaration or Covenant on the 'Rights of the Child as soon as he can; a horrific document to remove children from the influence of their parents. We have outlined this latterly in these pages.

The Liberals and Nationals?
They talk about the right, of the Individual, free enterprise, opposition to Socialism, etc. etc., but they support high taxation, retrospective legislation. They support the Sex Discrimination Act and the Racial Discrimination Act, which are intended (even if they, themselves, don't know it) to be irritants to Australian society, and to eventually muzzle freedom of speech: furthermore, to centralize control over the individual in the Central Government, in Canberra. This has been made possible by two decisions of the High Court of Australia, both by split decisions, 4-3. Of the four High Court judges who supported the role of the Commonwealth to legislate on United Nations Conventions and to so over ride the powers of the Australian States, one is an atheist, with a family member an active member of the Communist Party of Australia, and actually working for the leading Communist weekly newspaper. The other was a political radical, who received the "Humanist of the Year" award in recent times, and who is at this moment the subject of official Government inquiries into legal malpractice.

We cannot ever forget the role of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in the betrayal of Rhodesia. He was, and probably still is proud of his brief strut on the World Stage. Glowing headlines around the world as long as he (or anyone else for that matter) does the bidding of powerful subversive forces. We wonder if he, and any others involved have any conscience(s) as they view the atrocities now taking place in old Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) - the Communist trained Fifth Brigade, the Mugabe dictatorship, the cruel persecution of many whites and members of certain tribes.

We well recall that ugly circus, the C.H.O.G.M. Conference of 1982, and Malcolm Fraser's kow-tow to the Third World as its Big Buddy. Roosters today, feather dusters tomorrow! We receive with a sickening horror, the prospect of a possible return by Malcolm Fraser to Federal politics; but knowing well the illimitable capacity of the human being for self deception, we can understand that Malcolm Fraser may harbour aspirations to "doing a de Gaulle". The Great Leader, reluctantly re-emerging from retirement to snatch Australia back from the Abyss. It could happen; but Australia would not be snatched back from the abyss; it would he pushed further into the abyss. The political parties now are merely sounding boards for ideologies.

Electoral comment authorised by E.D.Butler, 273 Little Collins St., Melbourne, Vic., 3000.


The following letter was published in The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Qld.), August 29th; over the name of a "Dan O'Donnell" of Stafford Heights, Qld.:
"Our present Federal Government must be the most innovative in our history', to solve our massive unemployment, they gave $47,000 to the WA. Cat Welfare Society to create five jobs for 26 weeks for five unemployed people in Perth. The jobs? Catching stray cats! "Included in the massive make-work programme which has already cost us over $400 million, was a huge $163,437 to Queensland for eight unemployed actors and actresses to do a minstrel-troubadouring stint around the back blocks of the Sunshine State. "In the latest round of handouts, our Federal pollies have given $298,000 to the Vietnamese Buddhist Society of New South Wales to construct a Vietnamese Centre at Bonnyrigg. "I wonder if their extraordinary generosity with our money will be also extended to disadvantaged Anglo types, including unemployed Baptists, Methodists, and Catholics to construct their temples and meeting places?"