Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
10 February 1984. Thought for the Week: "The crux of the whole Christian philosophy is that the Supreme Being (the Power above the State, so violently denied by the totalitarians) does actually meet and communicate with the spirit of man, in his inner personal life; or, as St. Augustine put it, 'God stoops to man that man may rise to God'. It is the eternal Vine which gives the life and value to the branches; and it is a value that belongs only to the personal life, which is individual; to each living separate soul, not to institutions, or committees, or clubs, or cabinets, or governments, or states."
Alfred Noyes in "The Edge of The Abyss" (1944)


Last year Prime Minister Bob Hawke used a New York platform to inform Australians they could forget the promises he made before the last elections concerning tax cuts. Now he has used Japan as a platform from which to inform Australians that they must sacrifice both jobs and industries in order to "restructure" Australian industry for the future. That future is clearly one in which Australia becomes part of the developing New International Economic Order. A major step towards this ultimate objective is a type of Pacific Common Market. Not surprisingly, it is reported that Japanese car manufacturers were pleased with Mr. Hawke's message that can only mean more Japanese car exports to Australia. Large sectors of the Australian economy are at risk.

Demonstrating that he is the willing tool of the internationalists promoting The New International Economic Order, Mr. Hawke told his Japanese hosts that "We can't as a nation of 15 million people in a dynamic region, imagine that we just put up a great wall around ourselves and say: 'Look, we are isolated from the rest of this region'." Mr. Hawke warned of lower standards of living for Australians if they did not accept his programme.

Mr. Hawke is talking dangerous nonsense. Not only all Asian countries, but the rest of the world could sink beneath the sea tomorrow, and the result would be a HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS - once they were forced by reality to face the truth that the true purpose of production is consumption, and that fifteen million Australians could adequately provide themselves with every basic requirement with less effort than they are making now.

With the "export or perish" nonsense no longer available as an excuse to help enslave Australians, Australia's production system would be devoted exclusively to producing only what was genuinely required. If Mr. Hawke, or any of those who think like him, might care to tell us what this country would be short of under the situation we mention, we would be pleased to hear about this. Even with the waste of an enormous amount of oil for export production, Australia is now actually exporting oil! Remember those hair-raising stories a few years back about the energy crisis and how Australians had to pay a higher price for oil - to help prevent the limited supplies running out?

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser must be astonished and envious, to note how Mr. Hawke is advancing the programme to destroy Australia's economic independence much faster than he did. And, of course, Mr. Peacock is not in the position to being able to effectively criticise Mr. Hawke's internationalism because he also has been a leading advocate of The New International Order.

Mr. Hawke's clearly stated threat to many Trade Unionists will naturally be seized upon by the Marxists, and exploited, even though both Moscow and Peking endorse The New International Economic Order. And Mr. Hawke will be able to continue fooling many naive observers who believe that he is the only man who can stand up against the Radical Left in his own party. Mr. Bob Hawke is the most dangerous Prime Minister in Australian history, carrying on the same programme for destroying Australian independence, which Mr. Fraser was attempting to advance. The current euphoria concerning our Pop Star Prime Minister has to a great degree only been made possible because of the climate created by the Fraser style of government. The euphoria is a deadly threat to the future of the nation. It is of no substance and when it eventually collapses the nation will be like the drunk on the morning after the party. It will be a painful period and one, which might provide the ultimate test of whether the Australian people have it in them to honestly face a supreme crisis.

(Essential background reading on The New International economic Order: "Upon That Mountain", by Jeremy Lee. $2.50 posted from all League addresses). Emergency Notice: Speakers Forum, (.W.A.) Wed, Feb. 15th, 8.00 p.m.; Criterion-Douglas Hotel, Hay St., Perth. Guest Speaker: Dr.J.Beel. "Does Medicare Care?"


In today's Australia there is nothing unusual about robberies. But the interesting aspect of the robbery of 15 Vietnamese, by four fellow Vietnamese at a Melbourne party last Friday, was the amount of money and expensive jewellery collected, the total valued at "more than $10,000". One man was forced to hand over $1,000, a gold necklace valued at $900 and his $100 watch. Many Vietnamese "refugees" appear to have done extremely well for themselves since coming to Australia.

John Maynard Keynes, the guru whose financial theories concerning deficit budgets, expanding debt and "controlled inflation", have made such a destructive contribution to the plight of the world, was a member of the notorious group known as The Apostles while at Cambridge University. Keynes, like his fellows, believed that "The love of young men was a higher form of love". "Higher sodomy" according to The Apostles, was an ethical position, not merely sexual preference. As all policies are rooted in philosophies, Keynesian financial policies are a reflection of their author's philosophy, which was anti-Christian.

The old canard about the League of Rights attempting to infiltrate the National Party has been resurrected in the Corangamite (Victoria) by-election in comments on the Geelong radio station, 3GL. The League's views of the limitations of divisive political parties is well known. But members of all political parties are, of course, free to make use of League educational material, or to bring forward policies advanced by the League. That is their right. But they cannot claim to speak for the League of Rights.
It was during the dying days of the Liberal-Country Party (as it was then) Coalition preceding the Whitlam electoral victory, that the Federal Country Party, making use of Mr. Doug Anthony and Mr. Ian Sinclair, launched a massive smear campaign against the League. Mr. Anthony was forced to withdraw his absurd nonsense about Nazism, but Mr. Ian Sinclair never apologised. But it is important for newer supporters of the League to know that the Queensland Branch of the Country Party formally disassociated itself from the Federal Smear.

Collecting a never-ending multitude of taxes and policing pensions is one of the few growth industries in Australia. As a result of the Hawke government's policy of applying an assets test to pensions, no less than 370 are being recruited in Victoria alone by the Department of Social Security. It may be unfair for the pensioners to describe these bureaucrats as the "Australian Gestapo" but the fact remains that one group of Australians are being recruited to pry into the personal affairs of their fellow Australians. In a sane and just society, every member of the society would, as a right, be based primarily on his inheritance, be entitled to some type of dividend which would guarantee a civilised standard to living during the twilight years of life. Only retired politicians have that guarantee at present.

In The Senate (September 8th, 1983) Senator Shirley Walters (Lib.Tasmania) attacked the Hawke Government over the High Court decision on the Franklin Dam, in that the Commonwealth Government has usurped the powers of the State of Tasmania. Senator Gareth Evans gave assurances that the Government would be most circumspect in the exercise of the sudden new powers. He said: "The present Labor Government's exercise to it under section 51 (xxix) of the Constitution will only be exercised, as the Prime Minister (Mr. Hawke) and I and others said in the aftermath of the dams case, sensibly and responsibly and in situations where there is both genuine domestic need for national legislation and where there are genuine international obligations which Australia must meet - and we will exercise that power with due regard to those considerations - the international obligations and the reality of those obligations - and we will exercise it with due regard to domestic political sensitivities. We do not propose, and never have proposed, to use the external affairs power or the existence of treaty arrangements as a vehicle to stampede around the country doing things for which there is no justification other than a desire for legislative aggrandisement by the Commonwealth... ."
Well, come in suckers! The reality is that Senator Evans and his ilk ALREADY HAVE used the external affairs power to legislate on the Sex Discrimination Bill, and he intends to use it for justification of his Human Rights legislation, both pieces of legislation against the interest of Australians. We won't rest until the Constitution is amended so that Senator Evans and his ilk CAN'T abuse the external affairs power, EVER. Nor anyone else!