Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
30 November 1984. Thought for the Week: "Christianity, Democracy, and Social Credit have at least three things in common; they are all said to have failed, none of them is in the nature of a Plan, and every effort of some of the most powerfully organised forces in the world is directed to the end, not only that they shall never be accepted, but that as few persons as possible shall ever understand their nature
C.H. Douglas


The "World Banking" page of The Australian, November 26th, carries an article by Brian Frith, which opens:
"The Australian banking and financial system has captured the imagination of the international markets, which is hardly surprising as the system has virtually been revolutionised over the past three years".

This is quite in line with the thrust of the New International Economic Order, a United Nations Overplan that was shown to the world back in 1974 with the issuance of a United Nations Declaration on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order. Space will not allow the development of this issue in these pages suffice it to be mentioned here that, among other proposals, the Declaration calls for international control over the production, pricing and distribution of the world's foodstuffs, fibres and minerals. Australia has ratified this Declaration, along with many other nations.

An early first step in the implementation of "internationalisation" of foodstuffs etc. is the internationalisation of the banking system to make the transference of the above commodities around the world that much easier. This is in line with the ideology of the Socialist International, in which the Australian Prime Minister, Robert Hawke, is prominent. Its ultimate ideal is, of course, World Government; but its adherents must acknowledge that this is to be attained step by step; patiently, according to Fabian Society methods - by stealth; or the late Socialist Professor Toynbee stated: "we deny with our lips what we do with our hands". The tortoise was the symbol of the Fabian Society.

A Socialist International Declaration (Milan), 1951, was to the effect that - "It is the primary task of socialists to create a public opinion favourable to active participation in a programme of assistance to underdeveloped countries, even if the effort should entail sacrifices from the peoples of the more advanced countries...." (i.e. sacrifice of higher living standards, unemployment, etc.)
Readers will notice that the media play a key role in the creation of this "Favourable public opinion"; and this is not at all surprising: many key journalists, editors etc. both in the print as electronic media are themselves ideologues, viz. Communists, Fabian Socialists, greenies, members of the myriads of religious cults which flourish when a dominant religious faith has lost sway.

We shall have more to say about cults (below) - as most people do not realise what a deleterious effect these are having on our disintegrating civilisation. But then there is the matter of the huge international debts of the Third World; we mentioned these in our last issue of On Target.

The "recovery" in the U.S.A. has run out of steam; the huge U.S. deficit must fuel higher interest rates and inflation, along with same from the servicing of the astronomical U.S. national debt. A collapse of the U.S. economy would mean the collapse of the "free" world's economy. Which will happen first; the implementation of the New International Economic Order, or the collapse of the "free" world economic order? For our own ultimate salvation, the collapse of the "free" world's economy would be preferable to the straight-jacket of an imposed slave economic order which may take a century to throw off before it collapses from its own weight of inefficiency.

Truly, we can see little but finance economic chaos ahead in the immediate and intermediate future. Man, without God, has gone mad, and will fiendishly follow false ideologies, political and social and economic, until they bring him to the point of his own destruction.


"These are my words. Throughout the ages I am One with all that flows from the single source. I bring wholeness. As you follow your shepherds Do not forget the meadows in which you graze" - From "The Midsummer Blessing of Pan" Festivals - David Spangler.

We read this, quite by chance, in an attractively presented little pamphlet "Unfold", put out by "Findhorn Festival Group", which a family member picked up in an out of the way place. Reading through it we could sense "something else". Sure enough, it didn't take much perusal to pinpoint the heart of the matter: we read - "The New Age is change and growth. Together let's make something new and even more beautiful of our Group".

The "New Age". The New Age. That's what it's all about. Some supporters may remember, back in April, 1982, that full page advertisements appeared in many leading dailies around the world (Australia included) to the effect that - "The Christ is Now Here", and "In answer to our Call for Help" ... "How Will We Recognise Him? Many readers must have been puzzled as to what it was all about; the advertisements would have cost $$ Millions, What followed was all vague, airy-fairy stuff. We will recognise Him by His extraordinary spiritual potency, the universality of His viewpoint, and His love for all humanity. He comes not to judge but to aid and inspire:. etc. etc.
This sort of phony spiritual gobbledygook appeals to a surprisingly large number of people, and can be made to mean almost anything that people want it to mean. We have always insisted that the capacity of the human being for self-deception is illimitable!

One, Benjamin Creme, a follower of mystic cults, appears to have been a key figure in the growth of the New Age Movement, though his Tara Centre, based in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. The Tara Centres are part of international networks involving great numbers of organisations, and these disseminate The Message. "The Christ" of the New Age Movement is not Our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Master of Wisdom of whom Jesus, Brahma, Krishna, Mohammed, etc. are disciples.
The New Age Movement offers a New Order and a New World; e.g. the Club of Rome is a New Age organisation, pursuing a new order.

A David Spangler is a New Age leader who heads "Planetary Citizens". He says that to enter the New Age one must undergo a Luciferic initiation (Lucifer means Satan!) New Agers ascribe a mystical significance to the numbers - "666". Why are we bothering to point all this out? Because New Age meetings are taking place, NOW throughout Melbourne, and almost certainly every city in Australia. What is the danger?? We'll tell you. Some of the sub movements of the New Age Movement, and which many readers will recognise are, Humanism, Secular Humanism, New Spirituality, Holistic Movement, etc. most of the New Age doctrine is derived from Madam Blavateky (Theosophical Society), Alice Bailey, Teilhard de Chardin, H.G.Wells, David Spangler, and others.
The New Age Movement through its myriad of sub-organisations promotes abortion, artificial insemination, genetic control, disarmament, a "world religion" (read - "A Study in Syncretism", by John Cotter. Price $6.00 posted from League bookshops).

Certainly, most people recruited into one of the front organisations for New Age are genuine and idealistic. Many are recruited through the "greenies", "hunger projects", "astrology". They are carefully induced to take a "soft" line on drugs. The dreadful Dr. Timothy Leary was a New Ager. Beware when you read aims of various organisations which promote "world integration" (especially the United Nations, slavishly adored by New Age), "functional world government", etc., etc.

We have no hesitation in warning readers that New Age is anti-Christian, and is working to undermine and destroy those very aims and objectives, which the League of Rights espouses. We have borrowed quite heavily for the above information from the book, "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow", by Constance Cumbey, an American Christian lawyer. We do not sell the book ourselves, but will do our best to provide information to readers who want to obtain a copy for themselves. The Rainbow is the emblem of the New Age Movement.


Writing in the "Toorak Times", Mr. Bruce Ruxton, O.B.E., President of the Victorian Branch of the Returned Services League, raises the "new" role of the Governor General with respect to the Armed Forces of Australia. The Australian Constitution lays down that (Section 68) - "The command in chief of the naval and military forces of the Commonwealth is vested in the Governor General as the Queen's representative." (There was no Air Force at the time of the proclamation of the Australian Constitution).

An actionist took this up with one of Australia's foremost professors of Constitutional Law, who suggested that the Governor General is now merely "symbolic". Whether or not this "demotion" of the Governor General's role is constitutional or not, we are not qualified to say. Our view is that it will have to be tested, as we know that some constitutional experts would not share the above opinion. Sir Ninian Stephen, the present Governor General, in a speech to Duntroon graduates last year (1983) implied that his role was "ceremonial"; whereas we can vividly recall that Sir Zelman Cowen, at, yes, an earlier Duntroon graduation, stated that - "I am your Commander-in-Chief". "Ceremonial" was not stated at all. We urge all actionist to pursue this matter.


This letter, from a descendant of Peter Lalor, was published in The Age (Melbourne), November 23rd:
"With the celebration of Victoria's 150th Anniversary under way, it is worthwhile to recall that the 130th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade incident occurs on December 3rd. this year. "This notable event is a timely occasion for Australians to consider, and reject, the current use of the Eureka Flag by groups such as B.L.F., the Communist Party, and other extreme organisations. "The flag under which Peter Lalor and his fellow diggers gathered, served to unite a group suffering a harsh and unjust system; they did not gather for the purpose of revolution, only reform. "Indeed, the miners' actions embodied the spirit of free enterprise, which had attracted them to the goldfields in the first place. "Peter Lalor, it should be remembered went on to become an eminent conservative politician and Speaker in the Victorian Legislative Assembly.
"The Eureka Flag is uniquely Australian, is of great historical significance, and it is a flag of which all Australians should be proud. Whilst it is not advocated as an alternative national flag, its place in Australian history should be rightfully preserved. "The misuse of the flag should be brought to the attention of all Australians, so that the truth of the Eureka uprising is not distorted to suit the dubious aims of politically motivated fringe groups".