Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
7 December 1984. Thought for the Week: "The real foundation of freedom is spiritual reality. If the spiritual temperature of the world rises, the thermometer of oppression will drop. But if the spiritual temperature drops, then the political thermometer of oppression and tyranny will rise..."
Rev.A.G.Fellows, in The Foundations of Liberty (1973)


Eric D. Butler reports from Canada
"I first met Senator Jesse Helms of the USA at an international anti-Communist conference in England and was impressed with his integrity. I next met him in Brazil where at a World Anti-Communist Conference he delivered a powerful address in which he dissociated himself from the disastrous policies of Dr. Henry Kissinger. I subsequently published a most courageous Senate address in which Senator Helms adopted an extremely critical attitude towards the Zionist State of Israel. At present there is keen speculation in the USA, about the future of Senator Helms, re-elected after a hard contest in the recent USA elections. There are suggestions that he might become the next Republican Presidential candidate, representing what is being described as the "New Right". But the more immediate question is whether Helms may be elected to the more powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Helms represents North Carolina in the Senate and there was keen national interest in whether he could survive a massive campaign to unseat him, it is estimated that at least $8 million was spent on the anti-Helms campaign and that those backing Helms had to spend $14 million. This indicates how important Senator Helms is regarded. Much of the opposition to Helms was spearheaded by the Political Zionists. But as there is not a large Jewish vote in North Carolina, the Zionist campaign had to be directed at the strong Christian Evangelical vote. This resulted in a development, which provides further confirmation of the Zionists' long-term reliance upon these Christians who have been so badly misled on the "Chosen people" theme.

Even though he must have realised he was not going to get the Jewish vote, Helms also realised that if he was going to obtain the support of the "New Right", in which fanatical pro-Israelis 1ike Pastor Jerry Falwell are a major force, he could not afford to meet the Zionist lobby head on. Helms therefore started to weaken on issues concerning Israel. Having survived the fierce campaign to unseat him, Helms will now be watched closely by political observers to see which way he will move. If Helms becomes Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, one of the major issues he will have to deal with is the Middle East and the provocative role of Israel.

There is a growing debate amongst Evangelical Christians concerning the question of whether the Jews of today are a "Chosen people" and whether the establishment of the State of Israel by Political Zionism is a manifestation of Divine Will and must therefore be accepted. While the Falwells of the "New Right" are anti-pornography, anti-drugs, anti-abortion and pro-life, they enthusiastically endorsed the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon, the Beirut holocaust and other forms of Zionist destruction at a time when decent people, including large numbers of Israelis, were being revolted by what was taking place. The case of Senator Helms highlights the dilemma for those Christians who, because of a distorted view of history, are being used by a Zionist power movement, controlled in the main by materialists, to justify a programme, which is anti-Christian.

An American Jew, Mr. Jack Bernstein, who went to live in Israel for over six years, originally convinced that it was his rightful home, has returned disillusioned to the USA to shed more light on the realities of the Zionist home. The most revealing comment by Bernstein, author of a book, The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel is that 20 percent of the 50,000 American Jews who migrated to Israel between 1967 and 1970 were Marxist orientated with many of them card-carrying Communists. This group of Marxists was warmly welcomed in Israel, while others were being treated as second-class citizens.

A more realistic USA policy on the Middle East requires a challenge to the Zionist lobby in the USA and its Evangelical Christian supporters. Can Jesse Helms lead such a challenge in view of his compromised situation? This question is of importance not only to the American people but to Australians.

(Recommended reading: Facts Are Facts, by Benjamin Freedman $6.00 posted. The Zionist Connection, by Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, $18 posted and The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler, $11 posted from all League addresses.


By the end of the election campaign, even the media was getting a little sick of the obvious attempt to present Mr. Hawke as some kind of messiah. The Bulletin (Nov. 27, '84) described his Opera House campaign speech in these words; "... The orchestra pit had been covered with a glossy white dais. It held a glossy white pulpit... A voice from heaven announced the coming of the priesthood. The ministers from Canberra entered one by one. It was a motley spectacle. On being hit by the spotlights some became oddly coy like schoolboys late for morning prayers... As high priest, Neville Wran was the first to ascend the holy place the required incantation was punched out with panache, and as Isaiah and Blanche d'Alpuget had foretold, the Prince of Peace finally appeared ... The sermon rambled on for more than an hour. The monotonous rasping dulled the senses. But the general message, intended and received was that of peace on earth and goodwill towards men (and women) and a little something extra for just about everyone. Of course it was all too good to be true...."

The author of the above comments, Brian Hoad, had picked up an "image ploy" detected by not a few others. A Mr. P. Clarke, from Queensland, in a letter in The Australian on November 26th, described the effect Mr. Hawke's speech had on him - an effect shared by not a few others.
"... The speech itself did not worry me; the final few words, coupled with the emotion shown by the speaker did, for here was the demagogue, drunk with his words as if in a religious ecstasy, on the verge of crying with the sheer wonder of himself, of the vision he alone could see and to which he would lead his people. This was a man who believed all his life that he was destined for greatness. That it was preordained. His mission on earth was to be messiah- like, like a divinity...."

The main theme of the "image ploy" was obviously carried on with the incessant coverage of crowds of children swarming round the saint like figure of the P.M. If he did not actually use the words "Suffer little children." it was certainly implied. It was left to a school principal, Mr. Alec Scott, to ask the inevitable question (Geraldton Guardian), Nov. 23, 1984:
"Can anyone explain to me the reason why school children at Collie...were allowed, presumably during school hours, to attend an ALP rally for the Prime Minister in that town? Surely Education Department directives on such matters are explicit enough, or are our schools becoming the new agencies for "Rent-a-Mob" for the Labor machine? As a principal I for one condemn the actions and the motives of those concerned. It would appear that our most popular Prime Minister has to have his crowds well organised and selected for fear of open and public debate...."

Perhaps the whole sorry contrivance was best summed up in a letter by a Mrs. Elfriede Zimmerman, from Tinonese, NSW, in The Australian (27/11/84):
"After watching on TV some ALP rallies with Mr. Hawke, my mind is taken back to 1938-39 when I went to school in Vienna, which was then part of the German Reich. On various occasions our whole school, and lots of others too, went to the city in front of the Imperial Hotel to cheer Hermann Goering, Goebells and Hitler. This is happening now in our beautiful Australia. Just look at all the school kids, organised no doubt by some teachers. Like in 1938-39, democracy, as we know it is fast disappearing. This letter is meant as a warning written by someone who lived through a dictatorship and who knows what the word FREEDOM means. We have a N.S.A.L.P. (National Socialist Australian Labor Party) in the making here..."

Mrs. Zimmermann's warning is, in essence, exactly the same as that given by Mr. Eric Butler, in opening the League's annual seminar in October - a warning, incidentally which was so deliberately misrepresented by the A.B.C. in its recent "Country wide" programme. Perhaps the A.B.C. had some foreknowledge of the Hawke "image ploy" which must have then been in the making?


Few would not have been shocked at the recent coverage of starving Ethiopians. Arguments over ideology pale into insignificance before such patently obvious human misery. Yet ideology is more than a little responsible for the current position in Ethiopia. On November 12th, the marxist strongman in Ethiopia, Colonel Mengistu - whose personal record of atrocity is worse than Idi Amin's - concluded a 12 month term as chairman of the Organisation of African Unity, whose conference was held in sumptuous circumstances in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. He was succeeded by Julius Nyerere, who has turned Tanzania into a non-productive misery through his enforced socialism.

Not long ago Mengistu spent between $180 and $240 million on celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the "glorious Marxist Revolution". He has received over $2 billion in armaments from Moscow - while his people were starving. Life in Addis Ababa itself is a complete contrast to the areas outside - the shops stocked with a variety of goods, largely provided through aid programmes.

From "Stop Press", November 1984. Official Publication of "STOP and CARE".
Australia was constituted a free Christian country, but our liberties will be lost through Senator (Gareth) Evans' Bill of Rights - and various U.N. and U.N.E.S.C.O. Treaties. "This insidious Bill of Rights, drafted to rob us of our liberties, and to be kept quiet until after the election, negates all of the benefits and safeguards to our life and Christian liberty ensured by the Magna Charta and enjoyed over the past 770 years. Our rights to do whatever is not disallowed by laws properly enacted in accordance with the wishes of the people are fully protected as it is. "However, under (Gareth) Evans' Bill of Rights, which is hostile to our Christian heritage and Common Law, we are allowed only such rights as will be approved, as interpreted, by appointed officials who think as the A.L.P. thinks - socialistically.
We are indebted to our (Queensland) Premier for publicising the fact that the Bill will; "Undermine the family by allowing homosexuals and lesbians to marry, 'found families' by adoption or artificial insemination, "Legalise all abortion, including abortion on demand, "Dismantle legal control over pornography, "Overthrow Queensland's existing controls over street marches, "Exclude relevant evidence of guilt in trials even on technical impropriety, "Cause all State judicial proceedings to be subject (even on flimsy pretences) to interruption at any stage and removal to Federal Court jurisdiction, "End the Federal system by the over riding powers centred in Canberra, "Empower the Commonwealth's Human Rights Commission to examine State Bills and even draft legislation, and goal is the penalty for failure by any State Minister or official to attend compulsory Commission conferences..."