Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
16 March 1984. Thought for the Week: "The humanist would not merely remove all traces of Christianity from the curriculum, he would attack and denigrate all forms of religious teaching as unscientific, as mythology, as indoctrination. Yet, in its place, he would substitute the religion of humanism, which is another form of indoctrination."
Dr. Rupert Goodman in "Secular Humanism and Australian Education"


Senator Gareth Evans had a hard time last week attempting to defend his friend and mentor, Mr. Justice Lionel Murphy. If the main objective of the Opposition's campaign on the tapes issue is to destabilize the government, then it appears to have had some success in upsetting Senator Evans, whom Prime Minister Hawke has had to criticise.

Senator Evans first showed his nature by authorising the use of the nation's air force to take photos of the Franklin River area, an incident that will long be remembered by Tasmanians. Carpeted by Mr. Hawke, Senator Evans weakly said later that "it seemed a good idea at the time". But last week Senator Evans provided further evidence of his irrationality by suggesting that the bombing of Family Court Judge Mr. Justice Gee might have been encouraged by what he claimed were parliamentary attacks on the judiciary.
However, after dissociating himself from Senator Evans' statement, Mr. Hawke later issued a statement clearing Senator Evans of any indiscretion. Mr. Hawke made his statement on the basis of reading the transcript of Senator Evans' statement on Sydney radio station 2GB and his subsequent explanation in the Senate.

Senator Evans responded to the bombing of Mr. Justice Gee's home by saying in part, "One can't help but think there might be some kind of connection with the kind of attacks made verbally in recent days on the judiciary. This could give aid and encouragement to those inclined to attack them in other ways". Irrespective of what Senator Evans claims he meant by his comments, he stands self-condemned as one who dealt in Orwell's double-talk.

Senator Evans will recall his association with the long campaign of vilification of a former member of the judiciary, later to become Australia's Governor General, Sir John Kerr. Senator Evans is strong on civil liberties, but is most selective concerning whose liberties and rights are infringed. In his "ducking and weaving" on the tapes issue, Senator Evans said that "there is nothing to be gained and a great deal to be lost, by further smearing individuals who have already suffered a good deal of humiliation and hurt..."
Senator Evans showed no concern about the "humiliation and hurt" of the former Director General of ASIS, Mr. John Ryan, who was unfortunate to have held that position when the disastrous Sheraton affair took place. As revealed later, Mr. Ryan was not involved in this fiasco. But he was obviously forced into premature retirement after one of Senator Evans' colleagues, Senator Primmer, used parliamentary privilege to make a disgusting personal attack on Mr. Ryan. It was only after Mr. Ryans resignation that Foreign Minister Bill Hayden, who had previously refused to express confidence in Mr. Ryan, then conceded that there was no truth in the vile Primmer allegations. And not one word did that great libertarian Senator Evans have to say about this disgraceful affair.

On Thursday of last week, Senator Evans desperately used another tactic for attempting to divert attention from the tapes affair, according to press reports, "provoked an uproar from the Opposition yesterday when he accused it of supporting the Australian League of Rights". Replying to a question from Senator Crowley of South Australia, concerning the report of the Calgary League of Rights international conference, in which a message from Senator Flo Bjelke-Petersen was published, Senator Evans said, "One trusts that Senator Bjelke-Petersen's association with this organisation represents simply poor judgment on her behalf and a failure to really appreciate what the organisation does stand for, rather than support for its anti-humanist principles. If this is the case, one would hope that she might now be prepared to dissociate herself publicly from this organisation and to repudiate the message of support she has sent it". "The Age" report of March 9th, states that in response to this challenge, "Senator Bjelke-Petersen smiled and shook her head".
Failing to intimidate Senator Bjelke-Petersen, Senator Evans then caused uproar by calling on the rest of the Opposition to dissociate itself from the League, stating; "Still this Opposition and its members are on record as supporting the organisation".
Well known anti-League Senators, Baume (Lib. N.S.W) and Missen (Vic.) objected that they had been personally offended by the Evans allegation, which was eventually withdrawn.

Senator Evans then commented, "I doubt that more than a handful of members on the other side of this chamber would in fact subscribe to the values I have here described". And what are these values? Senator Evans charged that the League of Rights was "dedicated to racial intolerance political and religious ignorance, and voodoo economics".
This type of comment reveals the depths to which Australia's Attorney General is prepared to sink. It is a blatant lie to claim that the League is dedicated to "racial intolerance". As for "religious ignorance", we presume that the Senator refers to the League's stand in favour of the traditional values of Christianity, starting with acceptance of the Christian concept of a God of love. As Senator Evans is a secular humanist, it is, of course, quite logical that he should refer to what he describes as the League's "Anti-humanist principles". And just what are Senator Evans values?

The following report appeared in the "Sydney Morning Herald" of May 7th, 1976: "At a recent convention of the South Australian Council for Civil Liberties, Mr. Gareth Evans, a lecturer in law at Melbourne University, told the gathering that children wanted a right to sexual freedom and education and 'protection from the influence of Christianity"'.
What Australia needs is protection from the influence of Senator Evans and his spiritual allies, who are determined to turn Australia into a secular Socialist Republic.

There is an old saying to the effect that those who are smeared are the ones who are feared. Senator Evans fears the influence of the League of Rights. Senator Evans typifies the modern secular Socialists who are basically intolerant. They are brilliantly depicted in Orwell's "1984". Traditional rights and freedoms are threatened by the legislation of political commissars who never tire of proclaiming their dedication to rights.

Australia's Chief Justice of the High Court, Sir Harry Gibbs, told the international judges' conference in New Delhi last week "It would be naive to suppose that the existence of a Bill of Rights is any guarantee of human freedoms". A Bill of Rights is one of the most cherished goals of Senator Evans. Senator Evans has already confirmed that warning, threatening in his attack on the League of Rights last week that a "special human rights task force was considering legislation against racist literature". We can at least thank Senator Evans for so clearly indicating the shape of things to come. He has helped to draw the battle lines much more clearly. But if he thinks he is intimidating the League of Rights, he has much to learn.


A mid year review of Federal budget estimates reveals that there will be a "blow out" to a record $8.6 billion deficit, at least $300 million more than estimated by Treasurer Keating and his "experts". Significantly, the review released by late last week by Treasurer Keating and Finance Minister Dawkins, showed that the single biggest cause of the "blow out" was public debt interest, which was $238 million more than estimated. The Government could easily overcome this problem by having all deficit money created by the Reserve Bank for the cost of issue, the equivalent of perhaps 2 percent at the most, and issued as a credit instead of as a debt.

As anticipated, the Sex Discrimination Bill was passed easily in the House of Representatives last week, with "Opposition" leader Andrew Peacock, Mr. Ian Macphee, Mr. Bruce Lloyd, National Party, Victoria, and Mr. Tom McVeigh, National Party, Queensland, being listed amongst those from the Opposition who supported legislation which Prime Minister Hawke said is "one of our best achievements". The legislation coincided with the UN sponsored International Women's Day. It was fitting that a special issue of the Communist weekly, "Tribune", March 7th, was devoted to commemorating "International Women's Day". As pointed out by Professor Lauchlan Chipman, the Sex Discrimination Bill is one more attack on civil liberties. The Human Rights Commission will administer the legislation. A "Sex discrimination Commissioner" is to be appointed. Orwell's "1984" is here.

Following favourable reviews in "The Bulletin" is Mr. Geoff McDonald's "Red Over Black", by former Liberal Mr. Bert Kelly, Mr. James Porter, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs wrote a letter to "The Bulletin" of March 13th, which once again provides an example of the appalling ignorance of politicians of all kinds concerning Marxism. Mr. Porter writes, "There is no doubt that people with diverse political persuasions are involved in the Aboriginal cause. However, to suggest that the Aboriginal movement is communist inspired is in my view an over reaction and does little to resolve the fundamental issues". Mr. Porter is concerned about a "public backlash against the Aboriginal community". The truth is that the great majority of full-blood Aboriginals are not involved in the land rights campaign. The Porter letter is merely further evidence of the fact that on the basic issues threatening Australia, the Opposition has nothing to offer, primarily because the Hawke Government is carrying on from where the Fraser Government left off.


Senate; October 4th, '83. Answers to Questions. Senator Peter Rae asked the Minister representing the Minister for Home Affairs and Environment, upon notice, on September 7th, '83:
"For what project or purpose was Blanche D'Alpuget given a fellowship grant of $6,250 by the Literature Board of the Australia Council during the year 1981-82?

Senator Susan Ryan - The Minister for Home Affairs and Environment has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:
"I am advised by the Australia Council that in the years 1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82, Blanche D'Alpuget received three fellowship grants totaling $22,500, including $6,250 in 1981-82 to write the biography of R.J.Hawke.."

Constitution: External Affairs Power
Senator Durack:
I ask the Attorney General whether he has noted a report of a warning given by the Premier of Western Australia, Mr. Burke, who delivered the Sir Norman Cowper Oration in Sydney last Saturday, that the federation was under 'severe threats as a result of the decision of the High Court of Australia in the Franklin Dam case and that the federal system is shaping up for a showdown? Now that the Labor Premier of Western Australia has joined forces with other State leaders in delivering this warning to the Federal Government, will the Attorney General acknowledge, firstly, that steps need to be taken to redress the balance of power between the Commonwealth and the States in view of the wide interpretation given to the external affairs power while the question of a suitable amendment of the Constitution is being considered by the Australian Constitutional Convention?

Senator Gareth Evans (Attorney-General)
"Premier Burke has his political constituency to attend to, just as Senator Durack has his, and others have theirs. My answers to Senator Durack's questions are these: No and No..." (Emphasis ours. On Target; and notice Senator Evans' contempt for the Australian Federation, and implied threat to (ab)use the External Affairs power of the Australian Constitution whenever he considers it necessary to impose his anti-Christian, Humanist/Socialist legislation.

A Mt. Eliza (Vic.) actionist has sent us a copy of a National Party Branch newsletter. We were particularly interested in the commentary under the heading -
"N.S.W. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAW", viz.: "The Anti-Discrimination Law in N.S.W. gives the Anti-Discrimination Board power to search any house or business without a warrant. "Further, the Board has the power to fine anyone who breaks the 14 pages of rules, issued by the Board, the sum of $1,000.00. "e.g., a technical college advertising for applicants to be familiar with tools in order to start a motor mechanic's course - may well be guilty of discrimination against women - as traditionally girls are not familiar with motor mechanic's tools. "An advertisement that states, "Proficiency in English Required" - may well place themselves in the position to answer charges of discrimination against migrants. Advertisements that use the specific terms, such as 'fireman', 'serviceman', etc. are illegal. "THIS IS AN ATTACK ON THE TRADITIONAL ROLE OF MEN AND WOMEN - the breakdown of the stability of the family - making the discontent of women..."