Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
23 March 1984. Thought for the Week: "I had trained for the 1500 metre as an individual, and when Mr. Weir placed the medal round my neck my greatest thrill should have been my triumph as an individual. But when the Australian flag was hoisted and the national anthem was played, the pride that filled my heart was for my country, not myself. The tears welled up and I realised I'd been fooling myself. I am an Australian and I'd been running for my country no matter how strongly cold reason told me I'd been running for myself"
Champion Olympic runner Herb Elliot in "The Golden Mile"


One of the biggest problems now threatening the party politicians at Canberra, is an escalating immigration backlash which could became a major issue at the next Federal elections. A small item in the entertainment pages of the Melbourne "Herald" of March 14th is revealing. Headed, "23,580 ring for jobs", David Dark reports: "Last night on Nine's 'Tonight with Bert Newton', Derryn Hinch suggested stopping immigration for two years so Australians could get the jobs available. Actor Gordon Chater agreed. So did Jimmy Hannan ... Nine opened the telephone lines f or opinions at 9.50 and shut down at midnight. In that time, 23,580 viewers agreed with the proposition, only 2,940 were against it. This discloses a couple of interesting points - Australians aren't as apathetic as some would have us believe and Bert Newton hasn't been deserted by his fans."

What is not mentioned is the fact that the majority of opponents of further migrants are primarily concerned about non-European immigration. Even more striking than the above report is a front page story in "The Age", Melbourne, of March 19th, quoting historian Geoffrey Blainey who, in addressing 1,000 Rotarians at Warrnambool, Victoria, said that "The pace of Asian immigration to Australia is now well ahead of public opinion." Professor Blainey went on to say "Rarely in the history of the modern world has a nation given such preference to a tiny ethnic minority as the Australian Government has done in the past few years, making that minority the favoured majority in its immigration policy".
Professor Blainey told "The Age" that he did not think that Australia was obliged to take a disproportionate number of people from South-East Asia just because of "the idea that Australia is, loosely speaking, in the same region. After all, if we gave $1,000 to each of these refugees to go to a place further away it may be more beneficial". Professor Blainey fears that Australian tolerance could "explode".

A statement by an unnamed spokesman for the Immigration and Ethnic Affairs Minister, Mr. West, who has imposed an anti-British migration policy, made the highly revealing response to the Blainey warning by saying that Professor Blainey had not looked at the assumptions on which Australia's immigration policy was based. If he had, he would have seen "that the increasing Asianisation was inevitable". Could anything be clearer than that?! Australian immigration is geared to an Asianisation policy that is "inevitable".

A.B.C. current affairs programme, "Monitor", on Monday, March 12th, had two academics from the social sciences discussing immigration. They support the present immigration policy, but expressed concern about the increasing number of letters to the papers opposing any more non-European immigration. They insisted that there should be no referendum on the subject, as this would be "divisive". Also that there will have to be criminalisation of legislation governing racial discrimination. In other words, critics of non-European immigration will have to be subjected to criminal action.

All the evidence indicates beyond argument that the overwhelming majority of the Australian people are increasingly hostile to any further non-European immigration. The future of Australia as a European and Christian nation, with a minimum of internal conflict, depends upon whether that majority can make their will prevail against those who bluntly state they are determined to Asianise Australia. Australia is now living on borrowed time unless the will of the people can be made to prevail. Immigration MUST BE MADE A MAJOR ISSUE AT THE COMING FEDERAL ELECTIONS.


There was a time, not so very long ago, when peoples of the English speaking world, including the United States, took it for granted that they had inviolable rights established over more than a thousand years, reaching back even before Magna Carta, 1215, and rooted in the Christian concept of the unique value of each individual. What came to be known as English Common Law was universally regarded as one of the greatest contributions of the English-speaking people to the development of Western Civilisation? But now there are "Human Rights" Commissions, originating with the anti-Christian United Nations, which are actively engaged in programmes, which are eroding freedom at an accelerating, rate. And promoting "human rights" has become big business, with thousands of Marxists, secular humanists and a gaggle of do-gooders being recruited to further an Orwellian nightmare.

Advertisements in the daily papers, by Australia's "Human Rights Commission", inform us that the Commission is seeking a consultant to "prepare a resource package comprising indexes, subject matter summaries, and précis of cases decided overseas, and especially in Europe, in the field of human rights".

Another advertisement says that the Human Rights Commission has decided to fund a study on the human rights aspects of the detention of federal offenders under the Commonwealth Prisoners Act, 1967. Clearly "Human Rights" studies are going to foster the mushrooming of yet another bureaucracy. And, of course, those engaged will be trying to justify their existence by encouraging as much pimping as possible in the community, to look for every possible case of some type of "discrimination", so that they can act on behalf of Big Brother.

When attempts are made to apply the recently passed UN Sex Discrimination legislation, there will no doubt be some hilarious developments, which some will dismiss as a manifestation of a type of passing collective madness. But behind the madness there is design, that of poisoning a society by encouraging every type of misfit and psychopath to complain to Big Brother's bureaucrats because they believe they have been discriminated against.

And of course there are totalitarian Zionists attempting to make it a crime for anyone to question the Holocaust in which they have such a major vested interest, the alleged gassing of six million Jews during the Second World War. Outstanding European scholars have been savagely persecuted for daring to criticise the accuracy of the Zionist Holocaust story. The fact that some of the critics are distinguished Jews doesn't make any difference. They are also "anti-Semitic"! Perhaps the Australian "Human Rights" Commission study could examine this matter.

Fabian Socialist Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau has been very strong on "human rights", so much so that one of his last acts has been to threaten Federal action against the people of Manitoba because they have so far, successfully revolted against their Provincial Socialist Government's attempt to impose bilingualism on them.

In the neighbouring Province of Saskatchewan, the local "Human Rights" Commission protested when the Canadian League of Rights placed a large advertisement in the daily Regina "Leader Post", giving the objectives of the League of Rights, a brief history of the League, and the statement of principle agreed between the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights and a number of American patriotic groups at the Calgary Conference in October last year, also an invitation to subscribe to League journals. Chief Commissioner Ron Kruzenski said that the Commission didn't fault the Regina "Leader Post" for publishing the advertisement, but said that it could lead to a spread of "anti-semitic" literature by obtaining subscription to Mr. Ron Gostick's "Canadian Intelligence Service".

This publication allegedly "violates the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code". The Canadian "On Target" comments, "Canadian Intelligence Publications is judged 'guilty' - without any formal charge, trial or conviction - on the mere say so of this human wrongs outfit, for merely questioning the accuracy of certain Holocaust claims. Talk about 1984."


Comrade Mugabe of Zimbabwe announced last week "Zimbabwe could not hesitate to introduce one party rule since the present multi-party system has created more chaos than peace". Mugabe launched yet another attack on his former terrorist colleague, Joshua Nkomo, charging that thousands of "dissidents" had been sent to South Africa for military training. The white Rhodesian Front had, according to Mugabe, "a history of subversion and criminality". The notorious Fifth Brigade, trained by North Koreans, continues to terrorise Matabeleland. Former Prime Minister Bishop Abel Muzorewa, has been in detention for more than four months. Students of African realities are not surprised by what has taken place since Rhodesia was "liberated". But could we hear some comment from Mr. Andrew Peacock, who played an active role in the betrayal of Rhodesia? Or from Mr. Ian Sinclair, who endorsed the betrayal? If the Opposition leaders could bring themselves even to admit that they have been proved wrong, it could be a slight encouragement for belief that if ever re-elected, they might do better than they did in the past.

A Kalannie (W.A.) Actionist has sent us a copy of "Elders Weekly" (23 .2.84) this being a News-sheet for customers, and headed -"Suspend Kimberley Council: P.G.A. call"; "The Pastoralists and Graziers Association has called on the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, to immediately suspend the Kimberley Land Council. "The Association's Deputy Director, Mr. George Savell, said he was shocked at the immoderate views expressed in the Land Council's submission to the Seaman Land Enquiry currently being held in Perth.
"In our opinion it is quite apparent from our reading of the submission and the statement by Mr. Darrell Kickett, that the Federal Government has been unwittingly funding a separatist movement", Mr. Savell said. "The P.G.A has taken a two fold initiative. "Firstly, it has written to Mr. Hawke asking him to suspend the Council and then to authorise and personally administer through his office a judicial enquiry into the Council's affairs. "Our members and the non-aboriginal community in the Kimberly area have on numerous occasions expressed suspicion of the Kimberley Land Council's motives and objectives", said Mr. Savell. "These suspicions have now been fully proven and justified by the submission.
"Secondly, the Association has written to the State Minister responsible for aboriginal affairs, Mr. Keith Wilson, drawing his attention to what the P.G.A. believes. It claims Mr. Kickett is inappropriate to continue as a member of the State Government's Aboriginal Liaison Committee.
"The Committee was set up by the Government to allow submissions to be made to the Seaman Enquiry. "Mr. Savell said the P.G.A. has received enormous adverse reactions to Mr. Kickett's statements, particularly from people in the Kimberleys…"

From The Western Mail (W.A., 18.2.84)... "Thousands of Aborigines could soon be exercising new influence in outback shires. "Under the electoral reform package being introduced in the coming session of State Parliament, Aborigines living on reserves would get the vote for the first time and would be able to stand for councils... Many other Aborigines living on pastoral properties bought for Aboriginal communities are in the same position...."