Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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10 May 1985. Thought for the Week: "The history of human progress is, in truth, the history of the gradual emancipation of individuality or personality from the shackles by which its creative power was restrained. But the emancipation of individuality is the same thing as the growth of liberty."
Ramsay Muir in Civilisation and Liberty


During the 'thirties one commentator said that events appeared to be in the pay of the author of Social Credit, C.H.Douglas. But as Douglas pointed out, once there is an understanding of how the present finance-economic system works, it is relatively easy to grasp what must happen if those controlling the system insist on refusing to adjust it to serve realistic policies. Inflation, for example, is mathematically certain while a nation's money supply is created in the form of interest-bearing debt. Attempts to curb inflation require a lower rate of credit creation and higher interest rates. This leads to further economic and social dislocation. This creates the conditions in which power-lusting planners can present "solutions" which mean more centralised power over the individual.

Douglas correctly predicted the Great Depression, which started in 1929, as it was clear that the controllers of financial policy had no other method - under orthodox financial policies - of curbing the "boom" of the 'twenties except by credit contraction. The Great Depression provided the conditions in which the Marxist virus spread like a plague throughout the whole world. It set the stage for the Second World War, an international tragedy that made it possible to intensify the drive for world power. Every new crisis results in yet another manifestation of an on-going power programme.

Regular readers of this and other League journals are not surprised by the complete collapse of the Australian sugar industry, or the current tragedy wrecking the dairy industry. These are two of the Australian industries to be virtually phased out under the New International Economic Order. Desperate Victorian dairy farmers pouring their milk down the drains, having produced ugly scenes with attempted milk blockades, have been engaged in a futile exercise.

Under the Closer Economic Relations (CER) programme with New Zealand, this influenced by New International Economic Order thinking, the Australian dairy Industry is to be drastically reduced. The next phase of the programme is straightforward, another 3,000 dairy farmers, the more "uneconomic units", are scheduled to be removed in a more "rationalised" Australian dairy industry. People fighting for survival tend to grasp at effects instead of attacking causes. The basic pressure on dairy farmers, like everyone else, is rising financial costs. Higher prices provide no long-term solution.

As we consistently predicted, the much-publicised American economic recovery was the result of further injections of the debt drug, which could not be continued indefinitely. Now comes the news that the American economy is slowing down again. We also predicted to anyone interested that the high value of the American dollar on the international exchanges would not continue. The "inside" operators have already started to move. The value of the American dollar, and its coming decline, has set the stage for the attempted exploitation of yet another crisis.

One of America's most respected private financial advisers, Mr. Lawrence T. Patterson, comments in the March issue of his newsletter, ''A Monthly Lesson in Criminal Politics '' as follows:
We have a purposely created crisis - at just the time that they (the plotters) have announced their plans for a second 'Bretton Woods style' monetary conference. Their goal all along has been a world central bank - with the ability to issue its own fiat currency and thereby manipulate Western, non-Communist governments ... In a key article, they have exposed their plans it appeared in the fall '84 Party Magazine, 'Foreign Affairs', entitled 'A Monetary System for the Future'. It was written by Trilateral Party functionary Richard N. Cooper. He made the following proposal on the front page:
'A new Bretton Woods is wholly premature, but it is not premature to begin thinking about how we would like international monetary arrangements to evolve in the remainder of this century ... With this in mind, suggest a radical alternative scheme: The creation of a common currency - for all the industrialised Democracies ... with a common monetary policy ... and a joint bank of issue to determine that monetary policy."

The January 21 issue of the "International Herald Tribune" carried the following revealing report; "A group being formed in Washington this week will work to counter what it sees is an erosion of support in the United States for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The Bretton Woods Committee plans to spend the next two years telling the U.S. Congress, public, business and labor that they have a direct interest in backing these institutions."

The Hawke Government, now attempting to condition Australians for a further lowering of their living standards, is as much committed to the New International Economic Order, as was the Fraser Government. Federal Treasurer Paul Keating has almost become the darling of Wall Street. As long as the "axioms" of debt finance remain unchallenged, politics will be governed by financial policy. The Falklands War gave the Thatcher Government the opportunity to salvage its threatened political defeat. Now the polls show that defeat is looming again. But what comes after? The Hawke Government is now on the slide towards defeat. But what then? A new economic crisis in the U.S.A. will almost certainly lead to a revived, but more radical Democratic Party increasing its electoral support. A regeneration requires a grass roots movement challenging all manifestations of the emerging programme of internationalism.

(For background reading on The New International Economic Order the April 1984 special issue of The Intelligence Survey Price $1.00 posted).


In the welter of comments, articles, and television programmes concerning the 10th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, since renamed Ho Chi Minh City, we have not seen one word about the major aspect of the Communist victory in South Vietnam; that the American military leaders were prevented from taking the necessary military action to win the war in short time. This would have meant a direct confrontation with the Soviet Union, which was providing the sophisticated military equipment through the Port of Haiphong. The real policy makers in the U.S.A. were not prepared to do this at a time when vast quantities of American technology were being exported to the Soviet Union. This treacherous policy is documented in Dr. Anthony Sutton's great classic, National Suicide. (Price $7.00 posted from all League bookshops).


David Thompson reports from the West
Mr. Jim Hall, senior vice president of the Returned Services League in W.A. called on Australians to actively oppose any attempts to change the country's national flag. Mr. Hall said, "If the flag is to change, it would be as a result of apathy by the majority rather than universal public demand. "There are elements in the country, which would set aside the symbol of unity and put in its place something more in keeping with the times in which we live. A feature of Anzac Day in Western Australia was the larger numbers of young people attending the Dawn Service, and the parade through the city. For the first time, a guard was placed on monuments in order to prevent desecration by radical groups, such as a group of women protesting against rape in war. The overnight guards consisted of Boy Scouts, assisted by some of the war veterans.

Although the new national anthem was to be played, rather than "God Save the Queen", Organisers at some services circumvented this direction by including "God Save the Queen" as a hymn, which of course, it is!

Desert aborigines are set to create local government history by contesting, and possibly winning, country Shire Council seats. In Wiluna, in the north west of W.A., two full blood desert aborigines have nominated for vacancies occurring from the expiry of the terms of the Wiluna Shire President, and one other councillor, both pastoralists. The two aborigines, whom some locals regard as "highly intelligent thinkers" and not to be disregarded because of their backgrounds, are certain of election if their supporters actually vote.
Under the new adult franchise provisions for local government, all residents are entitled to vote, with few exceptions, irrespective of whether they pay rates or own property.

The "Western Mail" (20/4/85) reports that in Derby, Mr. Ivan McPhee is an aboriginal candidate who had his nomination witnessed by Stephen Hawke, the Prime Minister's son, who has been a "land rights" activist and white adviser to Aborigines in the region for some time. This raises the question have the revolutionaries realised that Mr. Burke has provided the mechanism whereby they may 'take over' very large areas of the north west of W.A. without "land rights" legislation simply by legally organising to elect militant aborigines to Shire Councils? On the other hand, such a suggestion may be an affront to the intelligence of the intelligent, anti "land rights" aborigines in the area, who know full well what Hawke is up to.

An expert on counter insurgency operations, Brigadier Francis Serong (Ret.) has suggested that in the wake of the ANZUS alliance, Australia should renew military links with South Africa in an effort to defend the Indian Ocean zone. He recommends either a direct bilateral agreement with South Africa, or an agreement between the United States, South Africa and Australia.

Brigadier Serong was speaking at a Liberal Party Seminar in W.A. entitled "The Liberal Way - Peace Through Strength". He was the commander of the Australian forces in Vietnam from 1962-65. He is reported by "The West Australian" (29/4/85) as describing Mr. David Lange, Prime Minister of New Zealand, as a sorcerer's apprentice who had opened Pandora's box.

HOOKED ON AID, Lecturer warns
A Swiss teacher and Christian aid worker, Mr. Udo Middelmann, has warned that Third World countries are getting addicted to famine relief, because they are abandoning agriculture and their traditional social structures. Speaking at a L'Abri seminar in Perth, Mr. Middelmann described how much of the African famine problem is due to ideas, rather than the weather; "So much of the famine in Africa is due to faulty philosophical, social and political opinions. It is not a weather problem, it is a problem of ideas."
Mr. Middelmann is quoted by "The West Australian" (26/4/85) as saying that "There are always givers, particularly if you make the West feel guilty. But it is creating a tragedy of spoilt lives and the death of ideas. He trains aid workers for the Christian agency, Food for the Hungry, and points out that mere handouts makes people dependent on aid agencies, rather than encourages them to improve their agricultural operations.


The following letter to The Herald (Melbourne, May 1st) appeared over the name of (Sir) Charles Court, former Premier of Western Australia. It also appeared in The Australian (April 3Oth) but the Editor of The Australian cut it savagely, so we reprint The Herald copy:

"Australians everywhere will, in due time, look back in gratitude at the decision of the West Australian Legislative Council to reject Burke Government legislation to give Aboriginals the right to claim nearly half the State. "It is now time we brought the land rights nightmare to an end. "There is neither personal advancement nor moral justification for imposing on Australia such a festering racial inequality. "Nor is there even a vestige of logic in creating within the world's one undivided continent a system of land control which must ultimately run the risk of being the equivalent of foreign territories on Australian soil. "It is appalling that any government in Australia could officially condone what is clearly an apartheid policy for our country while condemning it in South Africa.
"The Northern Territory experience demonstrates the tragedy for Australia of territorial apartheid. "Dangerous resentment has been aroused by the unfairness of it, by the divisiveness it creates in the community, and by the opportunities destroyed through keep-out policies imposed by Aboriginals under white activist guidance. "It also demonstrates that the only factor protecting the rest of Australia from wholesale extension of this kind of apartheid had been the fact that the Commonwealth has not been able to usurp State rights to control land.
"The Trojan Horse of Commonwealth control can only infiltrate the protective shield of State rights if a State places land under Aboriginal control. "Then the Commonwealth could invoke its powers in respect of Aboriginal matters and use them as a device to usurp State powers over the land controlled by Aboriginals.
"When the West Australian Legislative Council rejected the Burke Government's legislation, it not only stopped the extension of a dangerous policy of apartheid but prevented the Commonwealth from progressively extending its influence over nearly half the land in Australia's biggest State. "Australians should be grateful because this rejection prevented further extension of centralist control over the nation by backdoor methods, while upholding the principle that every Australian should have equal rights, regardless of race.
"Australians should also be warned that threats of Federal retribution if States don't bend the knee to apartheid are false. "The Burke Government made these threats in a bid to ram its legislation through. But only apartheid land legislation can enable Canberra to drive land rights like a wedge into communities now enjoying the equality they want. "I am convinced that many Aboriginals already living in and near our towns and cities are alive to the dangers of apartheid in Australia and rightly fear the backlash of feeling, generated by coercively imposed inequalities. "While many of these Aboriginals feel stood over by the power groups among them and fear to speak openly, most of them recognise land rights as a sham."

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