Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

17 May 1985. Thought for the Week: "We (the Socialist Forum) recognise the urgent need for an organisation which can revitalise and redefine socialism in Australia so that it is relevant to the 1980s. It is fair to say that we are sympathetic to ALP ideals, but mainly the Socialist Forum sees itself stimulating social thought and strategies within the left generally."
Mr. Bernie Taft, former member of the National Executive of the Communist Party


When the late Tito of Jugoslavia allegedly defied Stalin to establish an "independent" Communist State the League of Rights differed from the conventional view that "monolithic Communism" was fragmenting to the advantage of the free World. It was the late Dr. S. Draskovich, of Serbian background, and one of the world's greatest authorities on Marxism, who demonstrated beyond all argument that Tito was Moscow's Trojan Horse carrying the Marxist virus into the Free world in a more effective way than could Moscow.

Tito's tactical move enabled him to become accepted as one of the leaders of "the Third World" and, of course, to receive massive economic assistance from the Free World. Tito was a dedicated Marxist-Leninist and clearly demonstrated his basic loyalties during the Hungarian uprising of 1956. He stood firmly with the Soviet Union. We recall Tito's role in helping to further Marxism internationally at a time when Marxists around the world are engaged in the type of tactics, which the Fabian Socialists have fostered: Sovietisation by stealth.

In his best seller, Red Over Black ($7.00 posted) former Communist Mr. Geoff McDonald describes how the Communists had moved from the original concepts of violent revolution to one of permeation of existing institutions, particularly those linked with governments. A long list could be provided of former communists now holding well-paid government positions. One of the more sophisticated of the new-look Marxists is a former senior member of the Communist Party, Mr. John Halfpenny who is rarely out of the media. Although he makes it clear that he still accepts Marxist philosophy, Mr. Halfpenny is now a member of the Labor Party and on his way to becoming a Labor Member of Parliament.

Victoria's Minister for Minerals and Energy, Mr. David White, recently announced the appointment of an official of the Federated Engine Drivers' and Firemen's' Association, Mr. Mick Clark, as an industrial adviser to the Chairman of Victoria's Health Commission. And who is Mr. Clark? He is a former member of the Communist Party who, along with Mr. Bernie Taft and others left the Communist Party last year. His salary is $42,000 a year. Taft is now a leading figure in the Socialist Forum and, along with his fellow Marxists, will eventually follow Mr. John Halfpenny into the Labor Party.

Shortly after the Moscow-Peking "split", a top Soviet theoretician laughed at the suggestion that this development could help the "decadent capitalists". In essence, he said, it was merely a dialectical debate concerning the funeral arrangements of the capitalists." There are now numerous Marxist groups in Australia and other countries. But in spite of internal controversy, these groups invariably come together on basic moves to weaken the Free World and its institutions. Fragmentation and diversity has resulted in an increased impact in free societies. Irrespective of the label under which it is being spread, the Marxist virus is spreading at an alarming rate. National survival requires a repudiation of all policies, which encourage the growth of the virus.


Zionist spokesman Mr. Isi Leibler has launched a new national attack on the League of Rights. The media of Australia, including all country papers have been sent a news release along with a booklet on the League. As far as we can ascertain, relatively few of the media have used the Leibler material. Perhaps they are getting a little tired of the same old vicious nonsense. We had to tell one paper which rang that the smear against the League had become so boring that we could not spend too much time on it, that we have far more constructive things to do.

Mr. Leibler opens his booklet with the charge that "The League of Rights is Australia's most unscrupulous, well financed and enduring organisation dedicated to financing racial hatred, from its inception it has preached vicious anti Semitism and in recent years it has deliberately set out to arouse antagonism against Asian and Aboriginal members of the Australian community."
Mr. Leibler does not attempt to explain why the League of Rights should waste its time and resources in fostering hatred of anyone?

As a Christian based organisation, the League rejects hatred as a self-destroying force. The Zionists have constantly associated with the Marxists in bitterly attacking the League because it is the one movement, which challenges both Zionism and Marxism in the basic philosophic field. If Mr. Leibler is as well informed about the League as he claims to be, then he knows that so far from the League having a programme for obtaining power for itself, its activities are designed to encourage the decentralisation of power and individual initiative and responsibility.

Mr. Leibler is not ashamed to make completely untrue statements, such as the claim that the League of Rights says that Asians are "inferior" to Europeans. In opposing the immigration policy, which seeks to make Australia multiracial, the League points out that the multiracial and multicultural society does not work because it is contrary to the natural law. The question of "inferiority" or "superiority" is not the issue. Like most Zionists, Mr. Leibler supports the present immigration policy and the concept of a multiracial society. But, significantly, he does not advocate that Zionist Israel adopt such a policy.

Mr. Leibler describes Prime Minister Hawke as a moderate and is concerned about the League's criticism of Mr. Hawke and his government's policies. Informed League supporters will be amazed to learn that "some of the League's economic ideas can also be found in the platform of the Australian Communist Party". The basic Marxist objective is abolition of the institutions of private property. The League's objective is to make it possible for as many people as possible to own private property.

Mr. Leibler quotes from K.D.Gott's little hate booklet, "Voices of Hate". Gott was the man, engaged by the Federal Government last year, at an extravagant salary to "monitor" the League of Rights. Mr. Gott is a member of the Fabian Socialist Society. As has been previously said, Leibler's aim is to try to ensure that the League of Rights is isolated by the political parties and other organisations. Last week Mr. Eric Butler addressed a branch of the Victorian National Party and a major Apex Club.

Events are increasingly confirming the views of the League, with the result that more people are seeking information. No doubt we will be hearing more from Leibler and his fellow Zionists. But, paraphrasing Edmund Burke, the League is strengthened by the attacks made upon it.


At the time of writing the trial of former schoolteacher, Mr. Jim Keegstra of Alberta, Canada, is still proceeding; the media continuing with a daily stream of propaganda disguised as "news". Some of Keegstra's former students have demonstrated the old truth that two people experiencing the same situation can give completely different versions. Under cross-examination by Keegstra's counsel, one former pupil admitted that he had felt pressured by the media, the prosecution and his own mother to accept the alleged view of Mr. Keegstra that Jews were responsible for the plague, which swept England in the mid-1600s. Keegstra has denied teaching such nonsense.

Amidst the welter of comment, "special features", and reporting on the Keegstra trial, some rays of commonsense have broken through here and there. The Red Deer daily, The Advocate of March 30th, carries an article by one of Canada's distinguished columnists, Mr. Lew Bewley of Vancouver. Bewley comments on the attempt to ban The Hoax of The Twentieth Century and says that if the Zionists continue with attempted back door book burning they may foment an "anti-Semitic backlash". Bewley says that after carefully studying The Hoax of The Twentieth Century he can find nothing which could be held to incite or willfully promote hatred against the Jews." Bewley comments that "The true holocaust… was far greater and much more significant than the constantly trumpeted Holocaust involving one minority".. He also makes the point that Jews in North America are in no danger of a Siberian exile or ethnic gas chambers. The biggest threat to the Jews are the Zionist manipulators who treat the rank and file of the Jews like cannon fodder.


The subversion of the educational system continues throughout Australia. Victoria must be regarded as being in the vanguard of the subversion programme. At a time when large numbers of the products of the Victorian government system are semi-literate it is proposed to further downgrade English as a subject. Last week Mr. Gerry Tickell of the State Board of Education launched a book, "Speak When You're Spoken To", which is part of a youth information project. It is funded out of taxpayers money. This is in essence a textbook for revolution, much more insidious than the infamous "Little Red School Book" of some years back. "Speak When You're Spoken To" informs students of their "rights", how to stage a demonstration. For example, "Another way you can demonstrate how strongly you feel would be to go on strike. This would mean you would try to get as many students as possible to refuse to go to classes until you get what you want."


The Victorian Carney Committee on Child Welfare has just laid down its Report. It is what one would expect from the Humanists/Socialist Left (Communist!) viz, "rights" for children to be able to "divorce" their parents -"protection" officers to intervene in child welfare cases, which are themselves, to be exclusively a State responsibility. Under the guise of "strengthening the family" the proposals of this Report would further bring on family disintegration. We hope the various Christian, militant, social organisations will be ready for battle.


In his "Personally Speaking", issued on May 5th, Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, hits hard at the latest imposition upon Australia's primary industries. Sir Joh points out that the increased price of diesel will mean that the rural community will contribute an extra $70 million to the Federal Government, an additional $411 a year in increased fuel costs for the average farm. The Premier says, "The petrol hike will mean increased revenue of at least $96 million this financial year and $642 in a full fiscal year. Mr. Hawke is taking a tough stand against those who can least afford it. He is using massive indirect taxation to try and stem the tide of his runaway deficit and economic mismanagement."
Sir Joh concludes, "My Government believes the Commonwealth should review its blind adherence to the oil parity pricing policy, with emphasis on reducing its role as a tax gatherer".

Actionists right throughout Australia are urged to give top priority to the anti-fuel price campaign, one that can for once unite all Australians. Campaign brochures are available from several rural crisis committees and we recommend their use. The price is $10 a thousand. We will pass on all orders. We have received reports that many garage operators are prepared to use the brochures, which make provision for a "vote".


John Bennett's letter (below) was published in The Herald, (Melbourne) on April 26th: "The attempt by a group of 11 academics, including M.C.Ricklefs (Herald, April 16th) to denigrate Prof. Geoffrey Blainey, has been described by Prof. Manning Clark as being due to 'envy' of Professor Blainey's prodigious output. "The academic critics who have attacked him have, between the eleven of them, published less on history than Prof. Blainey. "The 11 academics would not have launched an attack on Blainey's ability as an historian if Blainey had not spoken out on immigration. Prof. Manning Clark, who is probably Australia's best-known historian apart from Prof. Blainey, has said in relation to the academics' attack that 'I have never known anything like this happening in other parts of the world, except in the Soviet Union, where a historian, who has reigned for a while, is suddenly found to be a hyena and is roundly condemned'. "Blainey's academic critics claim he is not an expert on immigration, but neither are they. And it is interesting that Australia's main authorities on immigration, namely Charles Price and A.T.Yarwood, have not joined in the attack on Blainey. "All that Blainey has done is to point out that Australia's present immigration policy is supported by only three in ten Australians, that many of the Asian immigrants are coming from countries, such as Vietnam, where multi-racialism has failed, and that Australia could soon experience racial problems similar to those occurring in the U.K., U.S.A., Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and New Caledonia..."
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