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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

24 May 1985. Thought for the Week: "Our national life is ended as soon as it has lost the power of noble Anger. When it paints over and apologises for its pitiful criminalities, and endures its false weights and adulterated food, dares not decide practically between good and evil, and can neither honour the one nor smite the other, but sneers at the good as if it were hidden evil, and consoles the evil with Pious sympathy, the end is come."
John Ruskin, in The Queen of the Air


"Last night's statement by Mr. Keating gives the business community here, and bankers in New York and Tokyo, what they wanted. He has saved the dollar not because of what was cut from what the Government might have spent, but because of what will be done to the Premiers and the A.C.T.U.'s productivity hearing..." The Australian, May 15th.

If supporters refer to our On Target Bulletin of May 3rd, they will read the following: "The rip-off is really 'on' as never before. The Hawke Government is desperate to squeeze as much money out of the community at large as it possibly can.... "Both these Government leaders have been 'given the Message' by the world's financial gentlemen overseas, by way of the plunge of the Australian dollar, and that message is 'get into line, apply the standard financial restrictions; squeeze more money out of your population - or else'. They are now in line. Yes, and we are being squeezed: and we shall be squeezed more".

We shall be squeezed still more, indeed, via the cuts to the States at the forthcoming Premiers' Conference: how much, we can't say, as this may possibly depend upon the general reactions to Mr. Keating's Mini Budget. There is no doubt that the Mini Budget is in part a "conditioner"; and we recall the words of C.H.Douglas, on this very issue, in his speech on Taxation in Belfast in 1936. He stated:
"It is no use realising that taxation is legalised robbery, is unnecessary, wasteful, and tyrannical. If you stop at that, not only will you have to pay the taxes that you now have to pay, but, as Sir Josiah Stamp, one of the directors of the Bank of England, suggested a short time ago, with that engaging candour which we are beginning to expect from the Bank of England, 'While a few years ago no one would have believed it possible that a scale of taxation such as that at present existing could be imposed upon the British public without revolution, I have every hope that with skilful education and propaganda this scale can be very considerably raised'.

Yes, this is what the Tax Summit is all about: the concept has to be "sold" to the gullible electorate, for which most of the politicians have little respect, save at election time! The Big Pea and Thimble Trick, for which most of us fall, will be to concentrate our attention on methods of taxation, (direct, indirect, consumer, indexed, non-indexed here a little - there a little, ad nauseum) whilst in an overall fashion, increasing taxation, Don't let us forget that Mr. John Howard, the ex-Treasurer, and Shadow Treasurer, is generally in agreement with the fiscal/taxation policies of Messrs. Hawke and Keating.

Every Australian will be adversely affected to some extent, some more than others. The poor and disadvantaged will, as usual, be hit the hardest. The 4 cents per litre petrol price hike will deal a savage blow to the rural industries. We can predict now, that nothing will come from the World Economic Summit later this year, as the U.S. Dollar will, itself, come under the pressure which has forced down the value of the Australian Dollar. The economy of the non-Communist world is pitched on the performance of the U.S. Dollar; so the answer is a lemon!

Did someone say something about Australian unemployment? We can't see any improvement occurring at all: rather the reverse. Right now is time for the Peacock led Opposition to come up with some constructive answers to the worsening financial position of Australia, but their shadow Treasurer is agreeing with the Socialist Government! Perhaps the answer is a pair of lemons.


The following item from "On Target" (New Zealand), May 6th
"While conditions must further deteriorate under NZ Labor's economic programme, it is worth reminding ourselves that all drives to centralise power occur during periods of crisis. Even Hitler only made it to the top political box seat because a German population had been rendered virtually destitute by a depression; a depression which was the direct result of a restriction of the money supply.
"Like the Hawke Government in Australia the Lange Government is committed to a strategy which can only be described as Sovietisation by stealth. This involves a continued erosion of New Zealand's Common Law Heritage and the corruption of those institutions built upon that heritage, including the institution of the Crown.
The appointment of the radical Archbishop Reeves to the Governor Generalship later this year can only damage the esteem in which the Crown is held, while the imposition of United Nations Conventions, all designed to further centralise power, must gradually erode what little control the individual can still exercise over his politicians and civil servants.
A further major threat is posed by Deputy Prime Minister Palmer's Bill of Rights (we can see the unnerving spectre of Gareth Evans ... O.T. Australia), which is based on the anti-Christian view that individuals only obtain what rights they have because these are given by the State. This view derives from the United Nations and its network of agencies.
"In this context Mr. Douglas' 'tough' policies can only be seen as some type of softening-up process. Only when people are desperate will they surrender their freedoms. While the surrender process has been going on for a long time, it is now happening at an accelerating pace. The most heartening development is that many people are now beginning to take a more serious view of the situation, and are coming to grips with the type of Programme, which spawned the U.N. Convention on Women and the proposed Bill of Rights.
"But, ultimately, it is the finance-economic question that must be answered. It is in this sphere that the greatest damage is being done; with large numbers of people, especially younger people, losing faith in traditional society."


Mr. Bill Daly, National Director of the New Zealand League of Rights, states the current position with respect to the campaign against the League in that country
"Following our coverage in the last (N.Z.) On Target on the attempt by the Race Relations Office to have the League of Rights withdraw some of the books it makes available, media reports now say that matter is to be handed over to the Proceedings Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission to decide whether a prosecution will be launched against the League. The League has received no official notification of this action.

"On Friday, March 19th, the "N.Z.Herald" devoted part of its front page to the book banning threat, with a number of other media around the country also taking the story up. Most reports have given a neutral or non-complimentary view of the League, with most describing the League as an 'ultra-right-wing' organisation, whatever this is supposed to mean. As a result of this coverage, the League has received many messages of support for its stand, with, interestingly, some of these coming from people with little interest in politics, and in some cases disagreeing with the League's views, but who are prepared to take a stand on the question of freedom of speech. A small number of complaints has also been received, although no one has yet shown the League, or the particular books in question, to be incorrect on any issue.

A few inquirers, including some representatives of the press, have asked why the League wants to involve itself with what are generally called the Jewish and Zionist questions. "The League National Director has been responding by pointing out that the League was formed to uphold certain principles, including those values associated with (traditional) Christianity. The League's function is not to confine itself to only some issues. If it declined to comment on the more 'touchy' issues it would be betraying its principles.

As our better-informed readers know, that all the issues the League has dealt with are interrelated; they also know that it is impossible to understand New Zealand's problems (and Australia's problems too ... O.T., Australia) without discussing the complete picture. "Expressing his own opinion to some media representatives, the (N.Z.) National Director said he felt that the real objectives of some of those wanting these books banned was not so much their objection to the books, but that they believed they were attacking the League at one of its 'weak' points. However, the (N.Z.) National Director said the League had nothing to hide and was proud of its record. He said he was happy to discuss with anyone any of the issues the League dealt with."


There have been letters and articles appearing in the print media around Australia on such a merger, or federation. Some prominent people are in favour, e.g. Mr. Doug Anthony, former Deputy Prime Minister, and former Leader of the National Party. Mr. Justice Michael Kirby is also in favour. The League of Rights is against such a merger for many reasons, the principle one of which is that it would be a centralisation of government two governments into one, and without the consent of the peoples of the two countries. If there were a genuine grassroots desire and will for an amalgamation of the two nations, by the peoples of the two nations, it would be a different matter, but such is not the case. The talk of amalgamation comes from vested interests; principally financial interests which ever over ride human desires and emotions. International finance likes and pushes for Trade Blocs, Common Markets, Central Governments - so much easier to deal with and manipulate, than a myriad of small independent trading units. Any desire of a nation to sustain its own identity and heritage is spurned by the International Banking Fraternity.


The following letter was published in The Australian, May 16th, over the name of a "W.H.Wilson", of Castle Hill, N.S.W.:
"Dr. Jolly Koh (11.5) resents the minor privilege accorded to British-born Australians of being allowed to carry two passports. "It is astonishing that some educated members of ethnic communities appear not to recognise the fact that the establishment of the Australian nation was the result of what was predominantly an Anglo-Keltic effort, organised from and assisted by Great Britain.
"The foundations of Australia were laid long before the ethnic influx which followed World War 2. In a century and a half of hard work in a pick and shovel age, a harsh continent had been settled, roads and railways had been laid down, rural, mining, and manufacturing industries established, and a stable form of government created. "This was accomplished by the toil, the money, and the enterprise of a people who were up to 1939, around 90% of Anglo-Keltic origin. (our emphasis O.T.)
"Since the war, the descendents of these pioneers have welcomed people from many parts of the world, who sought refuge from economic and political stresses of their own lands. Many of these, in particular the Indo-Chinese, have been treated very generously. "If there has been resentment and alarm on the part of some Australians because of the ever-growing numbers of foreigners on their territory, then I submit this reaction is only human, and such hostility has been miniscule in comparison with that which would have erupted in the home territories of many of these migrants had the positions been reversed.
"In the circumstances, those who do not concede the moral rightness of honouring the ancient bond between Australia and the Anglo-Kelts of Great Britain and Ireland must themselves be motivated by bigotry and race hatred."
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