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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target


31 May 1985. Thought for the Week: "Insanity is the condition where the mind has lost touch with reality. Contemporary insanity, now very widespread is largely the result of the brainwashing, which goes under the name of education, but because it is so common, is not recognised for what it is. Belief in Socialism is completely pathological, because Socialism is contrary to human nature and behaviour, and requiring, by definition, the subordination of individuality, has to be enforced by the few on the many.
B. W. Monahan, in The Moving Storm (1969)


"Support for the Federal government has slumped in the latest opinion poll where it trails the Opposition by six percent." - The Age (Melbourne) May 31st.

Mr. Hawke is still insisting that his Government is to bring in policies that will "continue the high rate of economic growth". We were not aware that we, in fact, are now enjoying a high rate of economic growth, and we are sure that the "streetperson" (let's not be Sexist, there is no "man in the street" any longer!) doesn't think so either. Whilst we, of course, say this tongue in cheek, the attack on language by the absurd Socialist/Humanist ideologues is not to be laughed off. John Barron, in his classic -"The K.G.B" remarks on the decline of the Russian language over the 50 years of the imposition of "bureaucratese". We are seeing the beginning of the same in Australia. "Chairperson, Thisperson, Thatperson, ad naseam) relegates useful and expressive words into disuse. What is wrong with "chairwoman", "spokeswoman"? Apparently, somehow or other, we are to live in a "unisex" world, by decree of the Crazed Ones of the Humanist Heaven.

Where are all those new jobs? Any observant person, in any of the large Australian ant-heaps (cities) watching the school holiday throngs could come to doubt if, indeed, all of the surging youth are employable. The gibberish they utter; the filth of the gibberish; the scruffiness of appearance (no self-esteem). A well-dressed, well-behaved, well-mannered young person, today, stands out like a beacon. We often do hear that old-established firms, firms with a tradition going back to pre-World War II times, cannot find suitable young people to place on their staff and train for senior positions. Well, we don't doubt this for one moment. The decline and the rot in true education and manners is now too far developed.

Mr. Hawke also longs for his "gradual creation of a more equitable society". Does he? Well, we see the opposite looking out of our windows. We see an increasingly divided society, with the various ethnic groups holding their own demonstrations, and pushing their own barrows, and living back in the turmoil of the countries they left, or fled. They have brought much of their culture here alright, and it is preventing them from becoming Australians. But we must pay lip service to that mythical chimera, the multi-cultural society. In speaking of the "more equitable society", Mr. Hawke means a Socialist/Humanist society; a society envisaged by the devotees of the Humanist religion, with their consequent socialist philosophy.

We have heard a report that Mr. Andrew Peacock has stated that he will abolish the Human Rights Commission on the return of the Coalition to the government benches. We hope this report is correct, as more and more thoughtful Australians are now picking this danger (of the Human Rights Commission) up. We do not believe that the Bill of Rights has been totally shelved; it could well be dusted off and pushed up front again, if the time proves favourable. It may be watered down a little, from the horrific original drafting by the unlamented Senator Gareth Evans (still there, ticking away; waiting his (second) chance).
The present Attorney General, Mr. Lionel Bowen, talks still of freedom of expression, rights of the family, etc, but his Human Rights Commission is most definitely posing threats to these freedoms.

Mr. John Bennett, President of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, details the intended criminal law sanctions against freedom of speech in Australian by the Human Rights Commission in Your Rights 1985 $4.00 posted. Do we have to mention the Assets Test? Many Australians, particularly in the rural areas, have already suffered; and the fact that the Hawke Government has backed off, in some instances, so rapidly, tells that a political blunder has been realised. But Mr. Keating must obey his Masters in Wall Street and other Money Centres, so the squeeze must continue at all costs. What he will try to do is to "fine tune" the squeeze: relax the pressure where the loud squeals are coming from -and increase the pressure where there are no squeals.

The Australian "streetperson" has had more than enough of Asian Immigration. He sees Asians driving around in late model cars when his son and daughter cannot find jobs. He sees the Australia he grew up in transformed into a declining mass of polyglot humanity; badly dressed; badly spoken; badly mannered. He doesn't like what is seen. So, after all this, Mr. Hawke doesn't wash, and he is headed for the (political) high jump. Poor Mr. Hawke didn't begin this process of degeneration, of course. Now Mr. Keating's petrol price hike is starting to "bite", as the rural industries realise what this will do to their basic costs, which they cannot pass on.

Mr. Hawke's Socialist/Humanist chickens are coming home to roost, and those chickens are Asian immigration, the Assets Test, Threats to Freedom in Australia, attacks on our heritage (flag, Anthem. etc.) Unemployment, Crime, spurting taxation rises, and a host of others. Messrs. Hawke and Keating have no answers for all of these, but think they have (they have the theories) but no political and economic realism. Only the Australian League of Rights holds the key to political and economic realism, and our time is coming.


(May 1985): Lawyer Decries Freedom of Speech
"Doug Christie, defence counsel in the Zundel and Keegstra 'hate' trials, addressing a Calgary service club on May 1st, is reported in the May 2nd Globe and Mail as saying: 'Canada has become one great big internment camp - a country that prosecutes people for their opinions. "Referring to the media, he said that they have the attitude of piranhas; they have crucified so many people in this country before they ever come to trial.' "Questioned by civil liberties lawyer, Sheldon Chumir, about his beliefs respecting gas chambers in Nazi camps, Mr. Christie answered: 'I don't get into debates about my personal opinions because we don't live in a society that is sufficiently free to accept expression of opinions.' "The net result of the Zundel verdict is that Canadians may be jailed for expressing an opinion which is displeasing to certain influential individuals or groups. The reality is that in a very real sense, the Iron Curtain has already been clamped on Canada with the cooperation and support of our politicians of ALL parties, and not a voice of protest from the Church, from Labour, or from the Legal and other professional groups, especially our journalists and media people. "Think it over. Then speak up!"

From the Same Issue
"What is the real meaning of, and reason for this incredible 'anti-Nazi' and 'Holocaust' psycho warfare saturation unleashed by powerful forces and their minions in the media? There are at least three reasons: "The brilliant Jewish writer, Barbara Amiel, in her Toronto Sunday Sun column (April 21st) says: There is, I think, a pretty nasty, unpleasant reason for the sudden current surge of interest by some people in unearthing ex-Nazis. 'It is a cover to prevent them from dealing with the real beasts of the world today. 'The Nazis are the beasts of yesterday - beasts alright, but impotent now. The real threat today to decency, justice, liberty and all that mankind holds dear, comes from the present totalitarian regimes that control over half the world…' "In short, it serves the ends of the Communists, and those who have been deeply involved in Communism, to promote this noisy 'vendetta' and witch hunt and thus divert attention away from themselves, and from the real totalitarian aggressors of today."

FROM 'ON TARGET' (Canada, May 13th)

"Most of our readers are aware of the terrible fire bombing last year of the headquarters offices, equipment and book stocks of the Institute for Historical Review, in California. And perhaps a few of you are familiar with the strong arm methods being employed against the New Zealand League of Rights at meetings, and the coercive censorship of the New Zealand 'human rights' mob. "And, of course, you are all familiar with the censorship and assault on freedom of speech in Canada. "But how many of us realise that in this country, terrorism - that's right, terrorism - is now being employed to enforce censorship even faster and further than politicians and bureaucrats.

"The Montreal Gazette (April 12th) published a report that the B'nai B'rith was 'considering legal action to stop this Montreal bookstore (Lectures Chretiennes de l'Occident, Inc.) from importing and selling what it calls racist and anti-Semitic hate propaganda', including The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Professor Arthur Butz. "The Gazette quotes Arthur Heiss, executive director of B'nai B'rith's League for Human Rights, as threatening: 'The Jewish community will no longer tolerate the importation, publishing, teaching or selling of this stuff. We're going after them'. "Taking the law into their own violent hands and smashing businesses on Canadian streets is bad enough. But what actions are the police taking to track down and charge these terrorists? And why the strange silence by our politician and news media? Imagine the uproar if a Jewish bookstore were attacked! Why, Canadian courts are now putting people in jail for even expressing an opinion questioning the accuracy of 'brotherhood' propaganda. "In past decades while we've been winning foreign wars we've been losing our own country. We must now win it back."


The continuing attack against our Common Law Heritage and constitutional safeguards is coming to a head in Victoria: The Legislative Council (the House of Review) is under direct attack with the stated intention by the Cain Government of denying the Upper House the power to block Supply. This can be done WITHOUT a referendum, by the process of the passage, by both Houses, of an Enabling Bill. A Government majority in the Upper House may be decided by the ruling of the Court of Disputed Returns. The intriguing question is 'can the Government use its majority, be it only temporary, before a possible (if not probable!) Nunawading by election is contested? The Legislative Council's power to force the government of the day to face the electors will be destroyed if the power to deny Supply is abolished.

There has also been shown a marked antipathy to the Office of Governor of the State. This Office is apparently alright for garden parties, and the opening of rose shows, but the notion of the withholding of the Royal Assent to any Bill, so that the electors may decide whether they want it or not - has never been canvassed. This is a fundamental safeguard built into the constitution, to protect the electors. This notion would undoubtedly upset those politicians who believe that a majority of 50.1% gives them the "divine right' to do anything - whether or not it was announced as policy during the previous elections. Urgent action is required to have this Petition signed by as many electors as possible and returned to 'the address shown at the bottom of the petition.


"This Petition of the undersigned citizens of Victoria respectfully showeth that WHEREAS the Legislative Council of Victoria was granted the power to reject Supply as a means to force the Government of the day to refer any controversial legislation back to the people who would make the ultimate decision through their vote and WHEREAS the Office of Governor of this State was given the power by Her Majesty the Queen to grant or withhold the Royal Assent to any controversial legislation. We humbly pray, that you, our Governor, assert your Constitutional authority to withhold assent to any Act, which takes from the Legislative Council its power to deny Supply. And we pray you may be conscious of God's sovereign purpose for our Nation and petitioners in duty bound will ever pray.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159