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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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7 June 1985. Thought for the Week: "There was a time when kings of England ruled by what was called 'Divine Right'; they were the Chosen of God - the king could do no wrong - his word was law. Many thought that this doctrine had died a natural death, but in our time we have seen it resurrected under various guises. The divine right of the king has become the divine right of the 'State' - the 'State' being those who by various means have captured the machinery of manufacturing laws and regulations, and who, by control of the armed forces, are able to enforce obedience to those laws...."
James Guthrie, in Our Sham Democracy (1946)


"Evidence of impending recession is mounting daily and recent warnings are this week etched in building, manufacturing, inflation and wage statistics. The worst is yet to come." Des Keegan, in The Australian; May 30th.

The League of Rights has occasionally been accused of being a prophet of "doom and gloom". Such is not a description we consciously seek, but we can understand that some people, who are not familiar with the intricacies of the finance economic system, have this view of us. The situation is that we know the modern finance economic system is fallacious, and that it will ultimately collapse because it is not based on Truth. We believe that the World Financial Establishment is having trouble in keeping its system running right now. So we were not astonished to read Mr. Keegan's article (above): it is what we have been saying in these pages for many years.

The Hawke-Keating Government received notice of the disapproval of Big International Finance by way of the plummeting of the Australian Dollar. We accurately predicted that the "remedy" would have to be (under the accepted rules) the "squeeze", which is now being applied, and which will be further tightened. We know that housing loan repayments are bolting ahead of gross median incomes; and indeed, it will pull the rug from under this vital sector of the community. One has but to peruse the housing (real estate) sales on a Monday morning in the metropolitan dailies. We see "passed in" .. "passed in" ..."passed in". This means that there were no takers at the auction to meet the reserve price of the seller. The reasons could be varied, but number one is "money", and particularly loan repayments. The seller may be too optimistic, but he/she has financial obligations to meet, and must "come out well ahead", if possible. Now, this sector will be more heavily hit, (partly because of the recent devaluation) - as inflation moves back into double figures.

We have been told by senior executives of one of Melbourne's largest firm of Real Estate Agents that a capital gains tax, now strongly mooted by Mr. Keating, will not make any significant difference to their industry. We told them that they are whistling in the dark; that buyers will think twice, or thrice, before buying for, say, investment purposes, if their capital gain on sale of the properly is to be taxed at the rate of income. The real estate executives' story is that "people will always invest in bricks and mortar" because of Australians' traditional confidence in this type of investment. We disagree. A capital gains tax will destroy confidence in "this type of investment" overnight!

When we read of the sales of furniture and "white goods" (fridges, washing machines, dryers, stoves, etc.) falling; then the truth is obvious. Yes, Mr. Keegan headed his article, "Union Chickens Come Home to Roost", and it is a good title. The "chickens" are the payroll taxes, holiday loadings, 36-hour weeks, and all the rest of it. Now the honeymoon is over, and Truth, that great disciplinarian, asserts itself: the result is the belt-tightening for the mass of Australians - but not for the "fat cats" and the pollies. They are rip-snorters for looking after Number One. We must agree with Mr. Keegan, who finishes his article thus:- "A crashing dollar may be too sophisticated for an early warning. The final explosion will be louder." Indeed it will. We advise supporters to have their earmuffs ready.


David Thompson contributes the following three items
The results of an Anglican Church study in W.A. reveal that West Australians strongly oppose Asian immigration. According to a "Western Mail" report (18/5/85) 57% of those surveyed said Asian immigration was decreasing job opportunities. The "Mail" reports: "Church goers and non-churchgoers both wanted to see an Australia in which the majority of the people were of Anglo-Saxon or European origin. And they feared that present immigration policies would defeat that goal..."
The study was conducted by the Church's Social Responsibilities Commission. It is perhaps significant that of the Anglicans surveyed, 24% of Anglicans opposed Asian immigration; 44% of Anglicans favoured it, and 23% were undecided (Western Mail figures). 51% of non-Anglicans opposed Asian immigration. The results of the survey come only days after the call from the Socialist Left faction of the A.L.P. in Victoria to suspend "boat people" immigration. As usual, allegations of "racism" were hurled about by the Vietnamese spokesmen, ALP leaders, and the Liberal Party, but never a hint that Australians themselves may be invited to have a vote to determine their own immigration policy!


Australia should refuse to play cricket with Sri Lanka, instead of worrying about Kim Hughes going to South Africa, according to a Roman Catholic priest visiting Perth. The Priest, Father James Pathinathan, works in the Tamil Information Service in London. He is in Perth on an Australian tour aimed at highlighting the plight of those who have been killed or made homeless by the fighting between the Sri Lankan security forces and Tamil separatists. He is quoted in "The West Australian" (20/5/85) as saying that he wants Western governments to suspend Sri Lankan aid, until the authorities stop what he describes as violations of Tamil rights:
"The Tamil community is facing genocide, and that message is unfortunately not getting across in the Western World", he said.

Perth now has 200 Tamil families who sought asylum in Australia after the 1983 riots in Sri Lanka. But where is the self-righteous condemnation of Sri Lanka by Mr. Hawke, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Hayden, who accuse Kim Hughes of accepting South African "blood money"? Meanwhile, Westrail, which runs the W.A. State railway system, has enraged metal trades unions by importing $480,000 worth of axles for its rolling stock from South Africa! While we will trade with the South Africans without hesitation we dare not play games with them. However, all polls that have been conducted in W.A. since Kim Hughes' return from South Africa last weekend clearly indicate a massive majority in support of his "rebel" South African cricket tour. One private television poll showed a massive 80% in Hughes' favour.


Mr. Keating's amazing mini-budget announcement of a cut back in petrol freight subsidies has hit W.A. hardest because of many remote areas, and long travelling distances. Three hundred and twenty rural locations will suffer another four-cents-a-litre price rise, and another additional 568 places will see increases of up to four cents. A total of 888 W.A. centres - many in remote areas, will suffer. With a State election due sometime within the next year, Mr. Burke's W.A. government is eager to avoid whatever backlash this may generate. However, the astonishing result is that as yet, there has been NO visible backlash. There is no doubt that motorists bitterly oppose the savage price increases, and all sorts of bodies from farming organisations to the Royal Automobile Club have taken a 'strong stand'. But as yet, no visible protest has materialised. When this protest does materialise, it will be massive, and all it needs is direction.


The Victorian Cain Government has backed down, for the interim, from introduction of its new workers' compensation legislation. The business world has criticised the deferral of the legislation for its own ends: the unions want the deferral for their own ends. The deferral may have much more important implications: that of the use or non use of a one vote majority by the Victorian Upper House (Legislative Council) from July 15th, before a probable By-election for the Legislative Council seat of Nunawading. The result of this probable By-election will most definitely have an impact further than Melbourne. It will rattle the rafters in Canberra if the result shows a marked swing away from Victorian Labor, as we expect to be the case.

The ghost of Gough Whitlam is yet again stalking Canberra. Mr. Whitlam is now Australian Ambassador to UNESCO; the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation - ironically, a post for which the former Governor General, Sir John Kerr was nominated by the Fraser Government. The Hawke Government changed all that. Gough Whitlam is now brandishing the 1973 United Nations International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. He has been peppering Labor Ministers with cables, urging them to ratify the Convention. This means that, following two recent Australian High Court decisions, the meaning of this particular Convention could be made law in Australia by the Government's invocation of its External Affairs power, based on treaties with external powers. The United Nations Charter is a Treaty. But Mr. Hawke doesn't want to buy into another political brawl at this time, when his (political) star is falling.

A W.A. supporter sent us a photostat of a newspaper clipping, dated December 13th, 1973, which reads - "foreign and Australian diplomats are stunned by the comment by the Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, that a South African race war is justified...." Things haven't changed!


The following letter, under this heading, was published in The Age (Melbourne) May 29th, over the name of "Frank Knopfelmacher". Dr. Knopfelmacher is a well-known Melbourne identity, being a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Melbourne. He has been a long time opponent of the Australian League of Rights. However, this letter is first-class, and should be made known to all our supporters:
"Michael Barnard was the first Australian journalist who stumbled on the 'hidden agenda' of the multi-cultural racket, by exposing in 1980 in The Age that an ethnic, publicly subsidised radio station was being used to suppress news of the recent Polish rising against Moscow. "The plot was scotched, thanks largely to the firm stand then taken by the Australian Polish community.
"In his recent column (The Age, 28/5) Mr. Barnard provides evidence for the litany of this correspondent, repeated since 1980, namely that multiculturalism, here as everywhere else, inevitably develops into a subversive force leading eventually to destructive civil strife, based on political separatism. "The recent 'Greek' actions against possibly non-existent acts of surveillance targeted on the sinister Papandreou regime constitute a miniscule, and perhaps merely symbolic act of insurgency against our military facilities shared with our major ally and thereby against our state-power. "Needless to say, the 'Greek' aspect is accidental. Any other ethnic or pseudo-ethnic community could be used for similar and worse purposes in the present atmosphere. "Yet Mr. Barnard is wrong in blaming the Labor Party for 'multiculturalism'.
"In a country with an outstanding record, since 1947 of peaceful migrant integration and assimilation, initiated under a Labor Government, it was the conservative administration of Mr. Fraser which, by an act of unspeakable folly, and on the advice of largely Anglo-morph or ethnically unidentifiable persons in search of quangos and other bureaucratic rackets, supplied our enemies with this weapon against civil peace. "There is no such thing as a viable distinction between 'moderate' and 'exaggerated' multiculturalism. One cannot be a little, or very much with child.
"Since the people directing the destruction of our military alliances and of our social order are identical with those directing the destruction of Mr. Hawke, it, is unfair to blame the Hawke Government for what the Fraser administration set off... "


The following letter was published in The Australian (20/5) over the name of a "Keith Wilson" of Rockhampton, Qld.
"For those who dare, it is difficult but not impossible to obtain a sufficiently accurate breakdown of land ownership in Australia. Common Sense publications of Brisbane recently undertook the exercise and revealed the following figures: "Who owns Australia? Governments, 555 million hectares (72%): Aborigines, 101 million hectares (13%): Private freehold, 112 million hectares (15%). "Leasehold is regarded as government owned, since there is no guarantee of tenure beyond 90 days. "Given that three quarters of Australia is administered by bureaucrats, most of it poorly, why is it necessary for 137 farmers in central N.S.W. to lose their livelihoods for the sake of an artillery range? "I get the impression from the above figures that Government has plenty of non-arable land suitable for field gun practice. (Capital Hill in Cemetery City springs to mind)."
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