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Edmund Burke
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14 June 1985. Thought for the Week: "A mass of evidence establishes the fact that there is in existence a persistent and well contrived system intended to produce, and in practice producing, a despotic power which, at one and the same time, places Government Departments above the sovereignty of Parliament, and beyond the jurisdiction of Courts"
Former Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Hewart, in The New Despotism


Federal Opposition leader Andrew Peacock bravely says he is prepared to fight an election on the issue of tax reform, stating that while the Government was divided on its taxation policy, the Opposition had put forward a detailed tax package at the last Federal Election. But the Peacock taxation policy only varied in degree from that now being "floated" by the Government. Mr. Peacock says he welcomes the proposal to broaden the tax base, a support for more indirect taxation, and the reduction in income tax.

Deputy Liberal leader Mr. John Howard and former Treasurer said that the contents of the "White Paper on taxation were largely predictable". He then went on to say, "The document is good in parts, and some of the central proposals canvassed are in line with coalition tax policy". This is not surprising, as the same "experts" who advised Mr. Howard are now advising Mr. Keating, and those "experts" have been consistently pressing for more indirect taxation. It should not be forgotten that Mr. John Howard was the Treasurer who attempted to impose a Sales Tax on books and magazines.

There is not the slightest doubt that if the Hawke Government attempts to legislate to give effect to Mr. Keating's "preferred option" on taxation, it will be defeated at the next Federal Elections. The general attitude of the Opposition at present is to accept its good luck that the Government appears to be determined to commit suicide, and to eventually regain office by default. It is safe for the Opposition to be critical of issues like capital gains, death and gift duties, but it refuses to make a real stand on an issue like the savage increases in fuel tax.

At a time when farmers are being destroyed by rising costs, the National Party remains as silent as the grave on the latest blow to the rural community. John Howard virtually applauds the blow, correctly pointing out that while in Government, the Opposition parties were responsible for the pricing policy, which has forced Australian produced oil prices higher and higher. Hopefully the growing national upsurge against any higher fuel prices will force at least a few of the Opposition Members to give a lead.

Desperate and concerned members of the rural communities should concentrate upon their National Party Members, both State and Federal. Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen has already expressed his opposition to the fuel charges.

(All League supporters in the rural communities should be using Jeremy Lee's latest book, a real blockbuster, Australia's Looming Farm Disaster, $5 posted from all League offices).


While the three listed Australian banks are collectively petrified of the addition of 16 foreign banks to the market, they are making their killing while the running is good. Asset growth by the three banks, the ANZ, National Australia, and Westpac, for the March half year was phenomenal. Collectively, the total assets of these banks increased by 32%, an increase of $15.7 thousand million, to just under $120 billion. (Australian, 27/5/85). The banks were even the major beneficiaries of the public servants' strike, gaining interest on the hundreds of millions in uncleared cheques The inescapable conclusion is that once the 16 new foreign banks are a part of the Australian financial scene, holding stock in the Australian banks will be a hazardous investment.


We recently reported that in the opinion of an international aid expert, Mr. Udo Middelmann, of Switzerland, third world countries are becoming addicted to famine relief aid. "So much of the famine in Africa is due to faulty philosophical, social and political opinions. It is not a weather problem, it is a problem of ideas, he said.
Well, the Bangladesh cyclone disaster was certainly a weather problem, but the magnitude of the disaster could have been minimised, according to a senior meteorologist from W.A., if only the Australian Government had smartened up its ideas. The Canberra Government has been quick to donate $200,000 of taxpayer's money in emergency aid for Bangladesh, but had previously refused to help finance a cyclone warning system for the Bay of Bengal. A request for $250,000 had been turned down in June 1983, and a second request for only $60,000 had also been turned down. Mr. Bob Southern, the principal tropical cyclone expert with the World Meteorological Organisation, said the Bay of Bengal averages three major and 12 minor cyclones every year. If the Federal Government insists in spending our money on liberal aid projects, we should at least insist that the money is spent in such a way that we have some chance of preventing the disasters, rather than spending enormous amounts on the results of disaster.


The May issue of our monthly, Intelligence Survey, carries a recent interview with the distinguished British historian, Mr. David Irving, by a journalist from the Dublin Sunday Independent, in which Mr. Irving outlines how in spite of his best selling books, publishers are backing away from publishing his book on Winston Churchill. Irving was the man who denounced "Hitler Diaries" as fakes at a time when establishment historians like Trevor Roper were accepting them as authentic. Irving documents his books thoroughly, and it appears that he has documented how Churchill was rescued from political obscurity by the Political Zionists some of whom financed him during his years in the political wilderness. Irving says that many of those controlling the publishing houses do not want his book published because he exposes the men who lost the Empire and Commonwealth. We wonder how many other books have been suppressed because they give a different version of history.

The trial of the former schoolteacher, Mr. Jim Keegstra of Alberta, Canada, continues, with a media coverage, which gives a most inadequate and misleading picture of what is actually happening in the courtroom. The Prosecution called more than 20 witnesses. Former teaching colleagues of Keegstra have testified favourably about him and his teaching. Mr. Keegstra's former School Principal testified that Jim Keegstra was "renowned for his generosity", and that he "championed the cause of widows" and opened his home to the needy. While the trial has been going much better for Keegstra than the media suggests, it will be a miracle if a jury selected from a community saturated with "Holocaust" propaganda in the media, will be able to bring down an objective verdict.

If the American threat to open a full-scale trade war with the European Economic Community is carried out, the inevitable result will be devastation for big sectors of the rural economies of Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The USA has huge stocks of some agricultural products and it has been suggested that the Reagan Administration give $3,000 million to subsidise an export programme for agricultural products at "give away" prices. The Australian rural communities are already under tremendous pressure primarily as a result of rising costs. Increased fuel costs are adding to what could be the greatest rural disaster in Australian history.

The decision by the American House of Representatives in favour of trade sanctions against South Africa, following the decision by the American Senate Foreign Relations Committee to recommend an immediate ban on United States bank loans to South Africa, indicates that the international campaign to bring South Africa to its knees, is gaining momentum. The South African Government has pointed out that international trade sanctions against South Africa will mean that one million foreign black workers in South Africa will have to be sent back to their own countries. This would further increase the growing problems of these countries. The Soviet strategists must laugh into their vodka as they watch the "capitalist enemy" working to assist their revolutionary programme in Southern Africa while at the same time refusing to apply trade sanctions against the Communist nations. Could we hear from the Federal "Opposition" at Canberra on an issue, which is one of life or death for Australia? Are you there, Mr. Andrew Peacock?

Zionist madness has extended even to having a grave in Brazil dug up and bones examined to ascertain if an alleged war criminal, Josef Mengele, was dead or not. The well financed and never ending pursuit of alleged Nazi war criminals (described as such even though no trials have found them criminals) is an expression of Talmudic hate and vengeance and is far removed from the Christian law of love.

Unless a miracle happens in the Phillippines, where the communist led New People's Army of 12,000 is making steady progress, there will be a Left-wing government within the next few years. Guerrilla assaults against the USA Clair Air Base and the Subic Bay naval base must be anticipated before much longer. What do our Australian politicians think about the situation? Or don't they think at all? There was never a greater need for Australia to increase its military defences and to foster closer ties with the U.S.A.

A recent nation-wide survey revealed that more than half of teachers do not believe that the Queen should be head of State. No comment should be necessary.


The following letter was published in The Sun (Melbourne), June 3rd, over the name of a "Heartbroken TM, of Doncaster Victoria:
"In May, 1966, aged 20, I left my miserable and depressed homeland of England to migrate to Australia in search of a better and happier way of life. My first impressions were: could all this be true? "People were genuinely happy, friendly toward each other, everybody worked, the economy was booming. Australia had an all white immigration policy, which the rest of the world envied, so we had no racial feelings or dislikes toward anyone. "We were proud, stood by our principles, and learnt from the mistakes that other major nations made. In 1970 Australia and Argentina shared the No.1 position for having the highest standard of living in the world. Then, for no apparent reason, our leaders decided it was time that we followed the rest of the world down the road to disaster. We were to become goody-goodies; we were to bow to world pressure. "We discarded our all-white Australia policy and began taking immigrants and refugees from countries we didn't even know existed. Now we take them from more than 86 countries. Our refugee intake is one of the highest in the world and our racial tension is steadily rising. "We give hundreds of millions of dollars away overseas while our pensioners, children's education, health services are continually cut back. Our standard of living is 19th century. "It took Britain and America many years to create the problems they now have. We have achieved the same in a much shorter time. We pay our youth $85 a week not to work; our unemployment is among the highest in the world, our drug problem second to none, and corruption among our leaders is something we are not allowed to mention. "Our leaders publicly insult our sportsmen for playing sport with countries we trade with; they try to disgrace Professor Blainey for speaking what they know to be the truth. "Mr. Hayden wants a multicultural nation. Why? Do we want our policemen shot down as happened to a policeman in London? Don't call me a whingeing Pom and tell me to go back home. My wife and three children are born and bred Australian, and I consider myself one. "Being a wealthier country we are obliged to help others, but we have gone too far. My concern is for the country I now call home. Australia".


David Thompson sends the following
The rosy future of Australian finance took another blow last week as a prominent Canadian banker recounted Canada's experiences after allowing the entry of 56 foreign banks. Donald Fullerton, chairman of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canada's second largest bank, said that severe competition from new banks, and deregulation of the industry, held down profits of all but a few foreign bank subsidiaries. Issuing a stern warning to the "Institute of Directors", he said, "Foreign banks will be an addition to the banking scene, but do not make the mistake of not respecting the structure of your financial system - to disrupt that which is strong is a tragic error." (West Australian 31/5/85).

Already there is great discussion about the strength of our financial system, with the total failure of the Government to protect the value of our currency. As a result, foreign companies are buying Australian stocks at little more than half their true value. The result of the Labor Government's "floating" of the dollar is that the dollar has sunk almost without trace. In effect, Hawke and Keating have subsidised the sale of Australian stock to foreign companies in a massive way. In return, they reap windfall profits from fuel tax revenues, because of the oil "parity pricing" policy as the value of the dollar falls.

In his speech, "Foreign Banks - the Canadian Experience", Donald Fullerton pointed out that new foreign banks in Canada tended to concentrate on the middle to upper corporate market, with no attention to the farmer, consumer, small retailer or mortgage borrower.

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