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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 July 1985. Thought for the Week: "Besides the resources and arms, the West had, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a big enough population, a large enough extent of land, an abundance of strategic positions in fact, every key strategic post on earth outside the inner Asiatic heartland. There was no possibility that a purely external challenger could pose a serious direct threat. There was no external challenger to be taken seriously, if his assault against Western Civilisation was mounted solely from the outside. We must therefore conclude that the primary cause of the contraction of the West - not the sole causes, but the sufficient and determining causes - have been internal and non-quantitative: involving either structural changes or intellectual, moral and spiritual factors."
James Burnham in Suicide of the West


"The Federal Government's preferred tax reform package was effectively killed off by a coalition of forces at the Tax Summit yesterday." - The Sun (Melbourne) July 2nd.

The Big Question now is "what's next"? Paul Keating, a most presentable, smooth faced, Socialist ideologue, obviously is of the opinion that all he has to do is to press on with his Option C, and he'll "crash through" Whitlam style. We won't take up valuable space by quoting him at length; however, his approach is that everyone is having their say, and letting off some steam, but that, now, everyone has to consider others' points of view, in the overall best interests of the country, of course. What he really means is that everyone has let off some steam, and now must consider and accept his point of view - his Option C. And Keatings Option C is the option, which will wring the most taxation out of the Australian community with the least political danger. That's what all the Options are about - more and higher taxation, to service Australia's overseas debt, and reduce that national deficit.

The A.C.T.U., for example, wants Option A, with also a wealth tax and inheritance tax. Option A specifies a capital gains tax, and a tax on fringe benefits. Politically dicey, very, for the Government at this stage. The President of the Business Council of Australia, Mr. Robert White, a banker, doesn't like any of the options, although Big Business is prepared to live with a consumption tax. Conspicuous by their absence from the Farmers' March at Canberra yesterday (July 1st) were the Liberals. No sign of Mr. Peacock or Mr. John Howard. We recall that it was Mr. John Howard, when Treasurer in the Fraser Government, who strongly urged, and almost got (almost!)- the sales tax on books, magazines, and literature. This "tax grab" was thwarted by the Australian Democrats in the Senate, who were under tremendous pressure from large numbers of objectors in the community. The Australian Democrats may be required to stand pat, again.

Senator Don Chipp has stated that any legislation, which will disadvantage the lower income groups in the Australian community, is "not on". O.K. That's good. The Democrats are doing their self-appointed job if they block this type of vicious legislation. They should be urged on: given full support. But the tax on books, magazines, and literature will still be "on". Mr. Keating has not mentioned it, naturally (let sleeping dogs lie) - but his consumption tax will most definitely apply to the above.

Neither Mr. Howard, nor Mr. Peacock will raise the storm about a tax on books, etc., because they, themselves, legislated for it when in government. So, it's "where do we go from here?" We can't see the smooth faced Socialist ideologue, Mr. Paul Keating, getting away with it (his tax grab). What will his masters in Washington, and Wall Street, say? Let him worry about that.


(June 24th) Book By Jewish Author Banned In Canada
"Jack Berstein, an American Jew, has written a book titled 'The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel.' Berstein, a New York Jew, emigrated from the U.S. to the Promised Land of Israel following the Six Day War in 1967. After 6½ years of living there, now married, and much wiser, he came back to America, leaving forever what he refers to as this 'Marxist, racist' land. In his book, he relates the shocking truth of how Israel has become, in his words, a land of terrorism and violence.

"Mr. Berstein, in his book, gives a short background of Zionism, admitting that he, himself, had been a victim of Zionist propaganda. He relates his own personal experiences and the conditions he found: racial persecution, violence and terrorism, 'using' visitors by way of 'screened' tours, etc. He also deals with 'religion in Israel', the 'God's Chosen' myth and 'Judeo Christian' hoax, the 'New York Moscow-Tel Aviv Triangle', the invasion of Lebanon and a warning to America.

"This morning (June 20th) we received a registered letter from the Owen Sound branch of the Department of National Revenue, advising that Customs has seized our shipment of the Berstein book, which they have classified as 'seditious under the Prohibitory Provisions of tariff item 99201-1'. "In short, some Big Brother bureaucrat, in best 1984 Orwellian style, has banned this book in Canada, and ruled, in effect, that Canadians may not read this account of conditions in Israel? Isn't it great in a free country to have all this 'protection' of the censor and bureaucratic edict! Makes one feel so secure - like in prison. But, after all, Canadians cannot be trusted with anything but the officially sanctioned version of history - something like the Soviet Union!

Canadians wouldn't have enough common sense to do a little reading and research and examination of all sides of an issue, and then come to their own conclusions. Why, our 'human rights' people could never allow this. The very thought smacks of 'fascism' and war criminals'. "Oh, yes, it's permissible to import mountains of pornography, or books on conditions in Lebanon, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nicaragua, Vietnam, the U.S.A., the U.S.S.R, any black, white, yellow or brown country. But not about that one 'chosen' state - unless, of course, it's eulogistic. Because of some obscure and tenuous myth of 'divine promise' for those who deny Christ, the world must not be permitted to see the hard facts and reality of conditions and policies in the Zionist State. Even if this suicidal, blindfold, policy based on censorship and coercion destroys our own heritage of freedom, and perhaps triggers global conflagration in the Middle East."

Yes, this book viz. "An American Jew in Racist Marxist, Israel" is now available in Australia. Price: $6.00 posted from all League bookshops.


From Canadian On Target, June 24th
The most excellent article on the growing danger of the "thought police". Laura Sabia is a Toronto Sun columnist, and this article is from her June 18th piece. We think it's a ripper
"Good Lord, they're banning 'Peter Rabbit' from the schools of London, England. Why? Because the book speaks only of middle class rabbits. And everyone knows that middle class rabbits are out and welfare rabbits are in. "Don't laugh. This is serious business. Shed a tear for the fall of the last bastion of free expression - Great Britain. "The Inner London Education Authority (I.L.E.A), and elected Local Government body responsible for the state schools in London, has also decreed that 'Robinson Crusoe' must go. It's too 'sexist, racialist, and imperialist'. Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' is also banned for its despicable 'sexism'. "What's this mad world coming to? Is nothing sacred any more? Have the left-wing loonies with their newfound buzz words taken over? Even Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" is ordered off the library shelves, 'racist' and 'sexist' is the epitaph!
"In the U.S. some local authorities have banned that perennial favourite, 'Huckleberry Finn' from the classroom? The word 'nigger' offends the new found barbarians and their thought police. Have they forgotten - or perhaps they never knew that 'Huckleberry Finn' was the first book to portray blacks as humans? It is also a caustic satire of a bigoted American society. When you're in the business of banning books, who cares about satire? Purge and purify is the order of the day. The loonies are in charge of the morality house. What muddle-headed fools.
"Even the teaching of Latin is forbidden in some London schools it's considered 'elitist'. Good God! "'Oliver Twist' and 'The Merchant of Venice' are anti-Semitic, 'King Lear' is sexist, and on and on ad nauseam".
We in Canada are no better. In some Toronto schools the classics are being removed from the libraries. Out with 'The Diviners'. Welcome the Harlequin romances. Purge of Purify Bible: "What do we do with the 'Bible'? Purge of purify? After all, millions have died in its name, from the Crusades to the Inquisition - from the wars of religion to the Holocaust!
"The thought police sit on the board of Education and pontificate their stupidities, and in the process make mush of students' brains. It should terrify us all. But not a whimper is heard in the land. We've turned over to the courts the power to censor our freedom of speech, opinions and thought. We deserve what we get. Banning the books is only the beginning. "What group will it next be illegal to speak against? Today the Jews, tomorrow the Shi'ites?
"Sir Arthur Bryant, the great English historian and scholar, in his essay, 'Freedom of Speech', has this to say: 'Men should be free to speak and write what is in their minds without interference from those in authority. If that principle is ever denied in the name of whatever virtue, freedom of speech and thought will cease to exist - we cannot by legislation prohibit hatred, the mind cannot be forbidden to think, or the heart to feel - all we can prohibit is action that causes injury to others'….."


According to The Sun (Melbourne) 28/6, income for commercial T.V. channels has slipped steeply. Two prominent T.V. shows those of Bert Newton and Ernie Sigley have been dumped. The Channel 9 manager stated that the state of the economy and the devalued dollar forced these decisions. This sounds like the "Yankee" way of running a business; i.e. every single item, programme, product, etc., must stand on its own feet. No matter what the overall profit which any company operation is making, if any division, product, etc. is not paying its way according to the cost accountants, then that division, product, etc. is scrapped! This is one of the ways the multinationals attain high profitability.


The Herald (Melbourne) 1/7 observes that the Business Council of Australia, headed by Mr. Robert White (banker) backs the consumption tax. We think it most probable that Option "C' of the proposed taxation proposals will not work against the interests of big business. Option "C" will make life more difficult for the small businessman/farmer. Overall, he/she will be paying more tax, despite the proposed cuts in direct tax. That's the whole idea of the Tax Summit: to give Mr. Hawke "consensus" on the desire of the individual to be soaked of more of his dwindling income.
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