Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 August 1985. Thought for the Week: "... The constant and mounting threat of guerrilla activity is likely to gradually raise the political temperature of the whole area, until a point may be reached where spontaneous combustion occurs in the form of outbreaks of terrorism - the objective of outside pressures. As things are developing in the world, there is a point of no return for South Africa along this road. If it is not anticipated by an act of initiative consciously directed against the international forces, South Africa will be faced by massacre or surrender... members of the South African Government know very well what would be the consequences of handing over government in South Africa to 'black majority' rule. Yet 'World Opinion' is directed towards this objective…South Africa is, for the present, the one remaining country which could perhaps successfully challenge the emerging World Government…"
Dr. B.W.Monahan, in The Moving Storm (1969)


"The dramatic deterioration in South Africa has comprehensively shattered Australia's formerly bipartisan Africa policy." - Michelle Grattan, in The Age (Melb) July 30th.

The above journalist also commented that the South Africa question has exposed "serious and ever-widening rifts" with the ranks of the Opposition coalition. There is no doubt at all in our minds that the international forces of subversion are now in a big hurry. Events are moving quickly, and, as Dr. Monahan has elsewhere pointed out, there will be a brief time only between that period when the presence of a driving, thrusting, power movement for World Government will be obvious to sensible, thinking people (and this excludes many academics and politicians) - and the culmination of its objectives. This, we believe, is the reason for the sudden escalation of the on-going psychological war against South Africa.

Wilmot Robertson, in his "racial and political realities" blockbuster - "The Dispossessed Majority" ($18.50 posted) observes that South Africa will survive if it has THE WILL to survive. And this means the will of the European South African to survive. The late Mao-tse-tung knew the truth of this observation; he said the same, but in a different context. He was referring to his China. A blueprint for the invasion and destruction of South Africa was ordered by the Carnegie Foundation of the U.S.A. some 15-20 years ago (it is in our possession) and this was published in Reveille, an R.S.L. journal, some 15 years ago.

Whilst we are anything but military experts, we are led to believe that the military conquest of South Africa (it is probable that South Africa has nuclear weapons) would be formidable: and the political implications of same would be most formidable. We know that. And what of the "special" arrangements between South Africa and Israel? Where does that fit into the picture? Israel is not calling for any sanctions against South Africa." So it appears to us that the forces of international subversion, masquerading behind the United Nations, will still have to rely upon their intensified psychological warfare, of which trade, economic, and sporting sanctions are but a part. If the Afrikaaner has the will to stick it out, then what is happening amid the Australian Opposition, by way of fragmentation, could be repeated, greatly, elsewhere in the Western world. A distinct danger for our enemies. Time is not on their side. Time is on our side.


The following passage is taken from the article, under the above heading, in On Target (New Zealand) July 15.
"It can be predicted with certainty that, far from 'multicultural' education leading to better relations between the Maori and European, it can only foster jealousies. Multicultural is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as the successful 'multicultural' society. No society has ever been able to survive where there has not been a system of cohesive moral and social standards a type of unwritten spiritual agreement to which all agree to abide.
"In the main, European and Maori New Zealanders have been able to enjoy a stable relationship. But this is now being destroyed by the media, and an education system dedicated to highlighting cultural differences, many of these imaginary. The constant references to 'Maori needs', and 'Maori culture' is not intended to help Maoris, but it does promote discontent, which in turn can be exploited by the Marxist subversives.
'Multi-cultural' education is an attack on the European heritage which is the greatest barrier to the advancement of the Marxist revolutionary programme for New Zealand.
Ironically, while Mr. Marshall (Education Minister, N.Z.) is promoting multiculturalism for New Zealand, the Lange Government condemns South Africa for recognising cultural differences among its people. Only, in New Zealand's case, it is the majority Whites who are being relegated to second-class status. Many New Zealanders have expressed confusion when they see hundreds of Islanders pouring into the country while European foreigners with sufficient personal wealth to begin business ventures here have the greatest difficulty obtaining citizenship. But there is nothing confusing about this. It is part of the revolutionary attack on New Zealand."


We have more than once wondered what on earth would be our position, with respect to the United Nations Convention or Declaration against racial intolerance and discrimination, if another war suddenly broke out. Would Al Grassby wave an admonishing finger at us, if we called the nationals who dropped a nuclear bomb on us a nasty name, with racial overtones? We know we must not use language, which could incite racial hatred and intolerance if another race of people invaded our shores with tanks and other weapons of destruction. But perhaps our political masters would repeal the Racial Discrimination Act, but only for the duration. We could, lawfully, then let fly some racial expletives, whilst Al Grassby sulked in the background.

But this isn't all as silly as it seems! In The Thirteenth Power, by Major-General Richard Hilton, D.S.O., N.C., D.F.C., he observed: "It will be very much easier, when the time comes to force World Government upon mankind, to shepherd into the vast pen people without strong patriotic instincts, than people who still possess them. It will take many generations before the breast of a citizen of N.A.T.O. will swell with pride just because he is a citizen of N.A.T.O...."
Did someone just say that one of the effects of multiculturalism would be to break down patriotism? To make it easier for World Government?


Treasurer Paul Keating is actively engaged in conditioning Australians for a hard budget.
One press headline reads AUSTRALIANS MUST CUT LIVING STANDARDS. The story is by one of Australia's numerous economists. He does not explain why Australians must accept lower living standards. A fall in living standards would be understandable if there was a growing shortage of food, clothing, building materials, furniture, necessary household equipment, heating and power. If there are any shortages then why aren't the unemployed used to overcome those shortages? There is nothing wrong with the system of private ownership, and free competitive enterprise. But much is wrong with a financial policy, which disputes reality. And there is also something wrong with economists and Federal Treasurers who deny reality, have been brainwashed, or are too frightened to tell the truth. The situation will only change when enough commonsense Australians say they want access to the real world of plenty.

In his 1934 Melbourne Town Hall address, The Monopolistic Idea, C. H. Douglas warned that growing centralisation in industry and commerce was not the result of any natural law, but the result of financial manipulation. Amalgamations and takeovers have now become almost a way of life, with the will-to-power dominant. Coles is currently attempting to take over Myer, one report stating that it is proposed to borrow $800 million from the Bank of America in order to achieve this objective. What will be the end result of such a takeover? Will consumers obtain better service, higher quality production at lower prices, or any other tangible benefit? Will the lot of those employed in a super chain store improve? The answer to these, and similar questions, is NO. The Fabian Socialists have always regarded the programme of amalgamations as an essential development for the establishment of the centrally planned State. That is why the Fabians have never attacked debt finance.


Several Melbourne Church leaders have urged their congregations to support Aboriginal Land Rights legislation in Victoria. They include the Catholic Archbishop, the Anglican Archbishop, the Secretary of the Baptist Union, and the Moderator of the Uniting Church. We don't doubt the sincerity of the above eminent gentlemen; we believe that they are inadequately informed and are allowing the spirit of Christian compassion and perhaps emotionalism to blur the realities of what has become a highly politicised issue, with the whole Communist apparatus pulling out all stops to ram Land Rights legislation into law.
The ultimate aim of Land Rights legislation is a Black and White Australia (complete division) as set down in Australian Communist literature ("Red Over Black", $7.00 posted, and "The Evidence", $5.00 posted. It's all there!) It goes without saying that the true Australian aborigines (not the radicalised, coloured, whites) will be thrown to the wolves once the aims of the subversives were achieved.


Even the Financial Review (July 15th) has its say on the Murphy affair. It, also, takes the position that regardless of the outcome of any future appeal, after a sentencing, "he (Justice Murphy) should resolve the issue quickly and cleanly by retiring with those eulogies (from friends) echoing in his ears".

A Coffs Harbour actionist (N.S.W.) sends us a clipping from the Daily Telegraph (Sydney, July 24th) having an item from journalist, Peter Hocking, in Broken Hill, N.S.W.:
"A group of tribal elders has slammed land rights activists within the aboriginal race for making claims to land white people have worked for years. "The group's view is that 'when it comes to claiming sacred sites, most of them would not know a sacred site from a molehill'. "Ten members of the Barkandji tribe, most of them women and eight of them over 60 years of age, made their criticism in a letter to a weekly newsletter printed at Wilcannia Public School, in far western N.S.W. "They said that once they had been made welcome by property owners - but we're now looked on with suspicion because of the activities of land rights activists and their advisers.
Their letter said: 'The men and women of the land councils are not interested in helping their own so-called people, only themselves. 'Most people have no say in matters of interest. 'They only do what they want to do, and we are left with whatever they believe is best for us."


This letter, under the heading, was published in the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Chronicle (July 12th) over the name of an "A.A.Pinwell", of Gayndah, Queensland;
"Apparently those responsible for Mr. Huw Evans' television programme on Aboriginal land rights have imagined that previous exposure of the truth behind the land rights campaign has somehow disappeared. "The former Communist, Geoff McDonald, author of Red Over Black, spent more than 12 years in key positions in the Australian Communist Party. "His book gives details of plans formulated 30 years ago, to 'use' Aboriginals to gain access to Australian land for Communist bases. The first step was to create a 'guilt complex' among the Anglo-Saxon descendants of settlers 200 years ago. "These were the people who used their expertise, dedication and vision to make Australia a wealthy nation, providing abundance for all races, including Aboriginals.
"The programme reiterated the false statement that, '90% of Australians voted in favour of Aboriginal land rights in the 1967 referendum'. "The truth is that land rights was not mentioned on the pamphlet explaining reasons for the referendum, where, deceitfully, one answer was required for two questions. "The first question - that Aborigines be included in future population totals - was a question which 90% would agree to. "The other question sought agreement to eliminate words in the Constitution discriminating against Aboriginals, when special laws were made for Australians. "The constitutional change was sought to eliminate discrimination against Australians - not to create more discrimination favouring Aboriginal apartheid. "Are we asked to believe Aboriginal Minister Clyde Holding, is so naive as to be unaware of these truths?"


The following letter will interest all Shire councillors. It was published in The Herald (Melbourne) (23/7) under the heading - "Choose Your Partners and Let's Amalgamate"; and over the names of "P.J.O'Brien, President, and G.W. Hodgson, Secretary, Save Our Shire Committee, Traralgon South".
"Following an interview in the June edition of the Municipal Association of Victoria Journal, in which he said he had not 'bitten off more than he could chew', the Minister for Local Government, Mr. Simmonds (Socialist Left ... O.T.) advised councils to 'choose their partners' for amalgamation.. "Our experience here in Traralgon over the past two years indicates there will be very little choice as far as small councils are concerned. The almost unanimous opinion of residents in our shire has been ignored by the Minister and local A.L.P. M.P.s.
"In mid-1983, Mr. Wilkes, the then Minister for Local Government, announced he intended to reduce the number of municipalities in Victoria from 211 to 125. Almost immediately a handful of bureaucrats in Traralgon City and Morwell Shire councils decided they would like to take over the Shire of Traralgon. There was no opportunity provided for public discussion before Mr. Wilkes announced he would accede to their request and set up a Boundaries Commission to investigate the boundaries of the three municipalities. "The Commission recommended Traralgon City, and Shire, should amalgamate.
"On February 10th, the Shire of Traralgon organised a public meeting which was attended by more than one thousand people. On February 16th, 1985, a referendum was held in accord with rules under the Local Government Act. "More than 66% of eligible shire residents voted, with 98.6% voting against amalgamation, while only 1.38% voted in favour. The vote in favour could not even beat the informal vote. "However, like his predecessor, the new Minister, Mr. Simmonds, continues to ignore the obvious and consistent opposition by shire residents for amalgamation proposal to determine whether 10% of eligible voters in both municipalities 'expressed public opposition' to the proposal.
"The Save Our Shire Committee had a petition circulated among Traralgon residents. While 1,508 signatures were required, more than 2,700 signed, including a large number from the city. "Mr. Simmonds has announced he will cause a ballot to be conducted at a time of his choosing. Voters from the city will outnumber these from the Shire by five to one, but the Minister contends this is a fair procedure. "Despite this unfair situation, shire residents are determined to fight. This is not a matter of choice, but necessity."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159