Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

30 August 1985. Thought for the Week: "David Irving (historian) is now evidently one of those who fully understand that the British Empire was not 'liberated' from the shackles of colonialism but was only transferred, with all its natural resources and its colonial boundaries intact, to the ownership and control of the same financial powers which had gained ascendancy in Wall Street. The good news today is that it begins to look as if it will be impossible for the global power wielders to halt an investigative process which could quite soon reduce to tatters the vast painted cloth of spurious history which has come into existence since the end of World War II."
Ivor Benson, in Behind the News (July 1985)


Apartheid-Australian Style
"Rioting Aborigines armed with steel spikes wrecked part of a hotel and damaged three police cars after an aboriginal man was killed in a hotel fight in the Western Australian wheat belt town of Mullewa on Saturday night." - "The Age" (Melbourne), August 26th.

We warned in our On Target issue of August 9th that the time could well come when the United Nations Security would call for mandatory international sanctions against Australia - a "new" threat to world "peace". Our turn is coming; make no mistake about that: but, the international subversives are applying the classical "salami tactics" (one "slice" at time;) - hence pressure to "slice"-off South Africa from its traditional Western connections. The principal "lever" to bring this about is, of course, the explosive race issue.

What has happened over the weekend in the small town in Western Australia could well be a foretaste of what is to come on a much greater scale, once South Africa is in the Communist bag; as are Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Libya, and other African states. News just to hand has it that the South African police temporarily lost control of a black township to rioters, and the Hammer and Sickle flag was run up!

Readers will appreciate that, with full Communist organisation, a huge riot could be "organised" in Western Australia, or elsewhere, "rent-a-black" buses driving in from hundreds of miles around, swamping the police: all the Lefty TV and Radio mob at the ready to "shoot" for the international screens, and so help mobilise "World Opinion" against a "racist" Australia. The highly trained revolutionaries here and abroad (deeply entrenched in the United Nations) must be panting with expectation. What will Bill Hayden be saying then? He and his Socialist, Humanist colleagues will be apologising for Australia, and asking the "international community" to come and kick us; please. Take our country, take anything you want. Such is the degeneration once the human being is stripped of spiritual faith.

It was Malcolm Muggeridge, or Solzhenitsyn who said that once man gives up believing in God, he will believe ANYTHING. It could not be otherwise - man has then thrown away his "rudder" of Faith, which steers him through the shoals of life's adversities. We see that the psychological war against South Africa is to be further escalated. There are to be "Rallies Against Apartheid" throughout Australia (all so "spontaneous", you know). Melbourne will have its "Rally" in the City Square on Friday, September 6th. The Communist broadsheet that gives us the information put forward the present tactics of the Communist party, viz.:
1. Cut all economic and sporting ties with South Africa.
2. Support mandatory economic sanctions against South Africa.
3.Withdraw landing rights from South African Airways, and diplomatic recognition from the Apartheid regime.

Land Rights-Birth Rights: (The Great Australian Hoax)
A timely brand new publication has just become available in Australia, written by Peter B. English. It is "an examination of the rights to ownership of former Aboriginal land in Australia". This work brings out evidence that has not been publicised hitherto. In the Foreword, by the Hon. Charles Porter, former Minister of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs in the Queensland State Government, he observes:
"No matter what the pressures we must remain one nation, resisting at all costs the lavishly funded and highly organised moves to fragment us. Peter English stresses that this end, so loudly and ceaselessly trumpeted by (amongst others) Federal Government, the media, universities, Churches and teachers, together with radical urban aboriginal groups, would not be in the best long term interests of the true aborigines, and in fact, is not sought by them..."
The Hon. Charles Porter has much to say, and we can't give anything like it all, but the following words should be heeded:
"The point is well made that under tribal law the Aborigines rejected the mixed bloods and denied them tribal participation. It is understandable then that placing all the Federal apparatus of control into the hands of mixed (and much diluted) bloods has deeply embittered the long-suffering full blood Aborigines.
"This is a story, both absorbing and distressing, of a continuing tragedy where the real Aborigines are being callously seen as just so much cannon fodder in an ideological war which if not checked, will become a tragedy not only for them but also for the Australian nation.." There are 16 chapters in this book, one on Australia's third race (the various coloureds); "how sacred is the sacred site"; "Makarrata -"Treaty" or Travesty?"; and so much more.

Whilst the Socialist/Communist Government at Canberra rails against South African Apartheid it is creating Apartheid in Australia with its Land Rights legislation, which it intends to impose on the Australian States. The best way to fight for the preservation of our traditional Australia is to be, firstly well informed - and this brand new book will inform you as you have not been informed before. The price is $16.00 posted from all League bookshops.

Special "SOUTH AFRICA" Issue of "Intelligence Survey"
The August issue of the League's monthly journal of Current Affairs -INTELLIGENCE SURVEY - will be a special SOUTH AFRICA issue, for campaigning purposes by all actionists. It will be ready by the time actionists read these lines. Prices are: 6 copies for $3.00 / 12 copies for $5.00 / 50 copies for $15.00 100 copies for $25 / 1000 copies for $200.00 ... Orders please to GPO Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic. 3001.

We know that some actionists have already written to President Botha, of South Africa, giving him encouragement to stand fast in the face of the international psychological war against South Africa. Actionists can send support to South Africa, and stress that polls have shown that at least two thirds of the Australian population are sympathetic to South Africa, and that the Hawke Socialist/Communist Government does NOT represent the views of 66% of the Australian people on South Africa. Letters of support may also be sent to the Ambassador for South Africa, South African Embassy, Canberra, ACT 2600. President Botha may be addressed, "President Botha, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa".


by Ron Gostick (from On Target, Canada, August 12th)
"Every year about the first weekend in August, Toronto's large Caribbean population holds a 'festival' - Caribana. But in recent years it's degenerated somewhat into a massive booze and drug party. At least, elements have used it for this purpose. But where have the police and law enforcement people been? You may ask. One Toronto daily editorially, supplies the answer:
Caribana celebrants have been allowed to get away with more illegal public 'partying' than even an over tolerant Toronto public can stomach 'simply because they're black.' Police feared a backlash if they were tougher.

"That's precisely what's wrong with all this multicult business. Even handed justice becomes almost impossible, shrieks of 'discrimination' fill the air, and politicians scurry for cover, ever ready to betray their country for the 'minority' vote. Thus does law enforcement become almost impossible and the 'rule of law' eviscerated. This is a form of 'racial discrimination' - discrimination by new Third World immigrants against old time Canadians. It should be noted that this problem arises primarily from the 'open-door' immigration policy instituted and promoted by the Pearson-Trudeau liberals, and now by Baloney PCs. To be more specific would probably land us up before some human 'rights' Kangaroo court!

But this possibility concerns us much less than the question: When are Canadians once again going to be equal before the law, treated as Canadians responsible for their own actions rather than as members of some minority' group clamoring for special treatment. And let us remember, too, that a great number of our immigrants do want to become genuine Canadians, upholding Canadian law and justice without fear or favour. Our intellectual pundits are forever warning against American cultural inroads and our suffering of an 'identity' crisis. Perhaps we should stop blaming Uncle Sam for once and concentrate on just being Canadian - proud of our roots and heritage, from wherever they come, and ready to defend our country when freedom is at stake".


The Very Rev. Lance Shilton is the (Anglican) Dean of Sydney. In NEW LIFE (August 22nd) he has quite a deal to say on the issue of South Africa. This was said at St. Andrew's Cathedral Sydney on Sunday, August 11th.
Firstly, South Africa needs our prayers: she has been pilloried for deliberate racial discrimination without any other nations even attempting to understand the immensely complex issues at play, and without any attempt to provide constructive alternatives. Apartheid must eventually be dismantled, but not at the expense of violence and bloodshed. South Africa should be encouraged when she relaxes some of the apparent injustices. Constant verbal abuse and punitive action (sanctions) may well prove counter productive. The vast majority of people in South Africa are still, now, leading normal lives. A minority of activists are stirring up tensions between whites and blacks, blacks and blacks, and between Indians, blacks and coloureds - especially among the young. Disinvestment would only create further hardships (indeed, what the Communists want! ...O.T.) The only way forward is for responsible nations to co-operate in helping to solve her immense problems. (Communists, of course, oppose this course of action. They want violence and bloodshed, and they want it NOW.)


The following letter was published in The Advertiser (Adelaide), August 6th, over the name of "David S. Hogarth".

"I refer to the article by Professor Colin Howard (Opinion 2/8) titled: 'Has the Jury System Outlived Its Usefulness?' ... 'Weak Link In Justice Chain'. "I was a judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia for more than 17 years and before my retirement I had presided at hundreds of jury trials. My experience of working with so many juries leads me to answer Professor Howard's question with an emphatic 'no'. The jury system has not outlived its usefulness, and for anyone seriously to describe it as a 'weak link' in the administration of justice verges on the absurd. "In all the years I worked with juries there was not one occasion when a jury convicted a person before my court whom I thought might possibly be innocent, and only a few cases - perhaps half a dozen - where a jury acquitted a person I thought guilty. In other words, in my personal experience, the jury system worked well.
"Professor Howard admits that 'large numbers of people defend it (the jury system) as a knee jerk reaction to which lawyers in particular are very prone'. Can he not see that lawyers - that is practising lawyers who are used to working with juries - are the very people who are most likely to recognise their true value? "The Professor goes on to ask whether jury trial 'in fact has any advantage over trial by judge alone'. As I understand him, he concludes that it has not. "But the essence of the system, which Professor Howard does not seem to realise, is that in our society no person can be convicted of a major crime which he denies, except by the verdict of a panel of his fellow citizens chosen at random - the jury. It means that no dictatorial government could steer verdicts according to its wishes by appointing as judges only people who could do its will, and who could be relied upon to convict those who had the courage to resist it. But, as the experience of Nazi Germany shows, this would be possible if juries were abolished.
I do not say the jury system is incapable of change and improvement, but I do say the right of our citizens to trial by their fellow citizens is fundamental to our democratic way of life, and should be respected as such."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159