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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

13 September 1985. Thought for the Week: "No one would give a child of six a ten pound note, turn him loose with a box of matches in a firework shop, and to tell him to set off his pretty rockets. But that is exactly what has been done by giving the initiative to an uninstructed - worse, a misinformed - electorate; and allowing it to provide something claimed to be a mandate to interfere in the business of everyone having a 'vested interest'"
C. H. Douglas in "The Political Problem"


When the famous British Christian missionary, David Livingstone, went to Africa, he described the charnel house conditions. While it is true that European colonialism in Africa was motivated primarily, but not exclusively, by the prospects of economic gain, it is also true that Africans benefited enormously. They were introduced to the values undergirding Western Christian Civilisation. Europeans like the great Dr. Albert Schweitzer buried themselves in the jungles of Africa in an attempt to help the African. Those who did most for the Africans also understood African realities. Unlike the liberals, they did not believe that Africans were basically just the same as Europeans, and if educated like Europeans, would automatically act like Europeans.

At the very time that Western political systems were breaking down, with party demagogues promising electors that they could vote in the most irresponsible manner, the liberals, backed by the Marxists, urged that the Western colonial powers should "liberate" their African colonies and grant them political constitutions based upon Western democratic systems. The realists attempted to warn that the Western voting system was completely alien to the Africans, and that the end result would be disaster for the Africans.

But the liberals persevered, even though the result was a retreat into barbarism right down Africa. Idi Amin was not the exception, as often proclaimed, but the norm. Rhodesia did offer the faint possibility of a multiracial political system working with a constitution that sought to have black voting linked with some qualifications and responsibilities. But the liberal front-runners for the international revolutionaries would have none of this and imposed a majority vote, which was manipulated by Comrade Mugabe to obtain power as the first step towards destroying all minorities.

As demonstrated by Mr. Malcolm Fraser, who has been openly inciting violence in South Africa, those responsible for the disaster of Rhodesia, now want to impose that disaster upon South Africa. The media continues with its deadly role of completely perverting the truth about events in South Africa.
Black children, whose education in the main is paid for by white South Africans, are depicted as boycotting their schools, in some cases destroying them, because of the "oppressive apartheid system". What would Australians think if their school children started to boycott school, engaged in violent protests, and burnt their schools down because of some alleged political injustice?
The white South African is just as entitled to be in South Africa as the blacks, millions of whom have flocked down into South Africa because of what the whites have provided. They have not flocked to South Africa because they felt they might get a vote there. It is not so long ago that Nigeria gave approximately one million foreign blacks, mostly from Ghana, a short time in which to leave, arguing that the Nigerian economy was unable to sustain the foreigners.

South Africa should take the initiative against those seeking to impose economic sanctions, by requesting that all foreign workers and illegal immigrants return to their own "liberated" countries. Economic sanctions should be met by starting to withhold some of the vital minerals that Western nations require for their economies.
If a major military conflict with the Soviet Union broke out tomorrow, the dangerous nonsense about political voting would be swept aside by military realities. South Africa is vital to Western military strategy.

The Soviet strategists hope to reach their objective in Africa by encouraging the "useful idiots" of the West to continue with the demolition programme set in motion over twenty years ago when Harold Macmillan gave his "winds of change" address in the South African Parliament. Widespread starvation throughout the whole of "liberated" Africa, cushioned only by Western relief schemes, is one of the results of the retreat by the British and other colonial powers. The problem of adequate food will become much more acute if South Africa collapses. Ironically, it is South Africa, which provides large food supplies to the rest of Africa

It is to be hoped that the Liberal Party under Mr. John Howard will move immediately to dissociate itself from disastrous activities of Mr. Malcolm Fraser. We are looking forward to some typical hard-hitting comments by RSL President Bruce Ruxton when he addresses the League's National Seminar at The Victoria, Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne on Saturday, October 5th.


The media had a "field day" last week as Mr. Andrew Peacock committed political suicide, demonstrating in the process what we have always said: he is a political lightweight. But what of "Honest John" Howard? All we will say at this moment is that his main Achilles heel is his financial orthodoxy. And he inherits a party in which there are deep cleavages. Hopefully there may be a more sensible attitude towards South Africa.


David Thompson comments
In the middle of May, John Elliot and Vladimir Pletnev linked arms and toasted each other with a can of Fosters in Moscow's most prestigious hotel. Who is John Elliot, and why would he be toasted by the Soviets? He is the head of the Australia-USSR Business Council, and was leading a 35 strong business delegation to the Soviets to improve trading opportunities. Elliot is also the man who runs one of the biggest and all embracing companies in Australia, viz. Elders-IXL.

Elders, who took over Mr. Laurie Matheson's Commercial Bureau in 1983, is also the only Australian company to have an accredited office in Moscow, according to the "Business Review Weekly" (24/5). Further, Elders IXL is also the agent in Australia for the Soviet's two main commercial ventures in Australia, viz. Belarus Tractors, and Tecma electrical goods. Elders is also believed to be Australian agents for some of the Soviet fishing interests in the Southern Hemisphere.

The reason that John Elliot was being toasted by the Soviets was that Elders, in particular, has big plans for expanding trade with the Soviets, and needs the new Business Council to pave the way. Accompanying Mr. Elliot to Moscow were some of Australia's leading businessmen, all trying to sell their respective products to the Communists. Sir Leslie Price, Chairman of the Australian Wheat Board, along with John Evans, head of Comalco, Peter Frawley, of the Australian Meat & Livestock Corporation; and Dr. John Burman, of CSR - and many others. Of last year's exports to the Soviet, wheat and wool were overwhelmingly predominant, accounting for $500 million.

According to the "Business Review Weekly", Elliot emphasises the need to regularise Australian agricultural and mineral exports to the USSR, but realises that we have a commitment to import more Soviet machinery and equipment, petroleum products, timber, chemicals, and semi-processed materials. He does not explain why we are unable to produce such products ourselves. Elders has high hopes of skimming the cream from the trade with the Soviets, and is reported to be keen to embark on joint ventures with the Soviets.

One proposal is said to be a joint farming venture which will use Australian management and equipment, with the aim of helping the Soviet boost production in arable and livestock farming, which would result in "lucrative" opportunities for Australian companies involved in the supply of equipment and technology to the agricultural sector. Which companies? Why, Elders-IXL, which is rapidly becoming the sole monopoly stock agent for the whole Australian rural sector, although minor competitive firms are tolerated for the present.

So, Mr. Hawke and the Labor Party must be very pleased with their man, Elliot. But wait Mr. Elliot claims to be not a Hawke Labor man, but a leading Liberal man. He is currently the Federal Treasurer of the Liberal Party of Australia. Mr. Elliot leads the first major trading delegation to the USSR in much the same way as Sir Peter Abeles leads the Australian delegation to Communist China.

Finally, in Western Australia, the proposal to accept a dry-dock in the southern port of Albany has been met with a storm of protest. The dock was to be built and financed by the Soviets, but they would have the right to the use of the dock for the Soviet fishing fleet. And who were the agents who were putting the case on behalf of the Soviets? John Elliott's Elders-IXL.
(We wait with interest to get the reaction of new Liberal leader, Mr. John Howard (strongly anti-Communist) to the activities of Mr. Elliot - Editor.)


Mr. Malcolm Fraser is slavishly doing the work of the World Government plotters and planners with respect to South Africa. There is no doubt that Mr. Fraser believes in what he is doing, and nothing bar a mental earthquake could shift him from one of his "pet" beliefs. He is a most stubborn man, as we well know. That he is merely being used by far, far, shrewder influence would never enter his mind. One supporter raised an interesting question. EXACTLY WHO, is paying Mr. Fraser's expenses on his jaunts to South Africa and the United Nations? These expenses would not be peanuts. We recall the old English proverb: - "The man who pays the piper calls the tune"!


Former Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Gough Whitlam, has issued a screed; we presume in very large numbers, calling for financial support for the Australian Labor Party so that that Party can successfully campaign for the third term of office. We cannot reprint the full letter here because of limitations of space; but that extract reprinted will not only show that Mr. Whitlam's influence is still alive and well, but will also reveal the thinking of the hierarchy of the ALP:

"Events of the past and now the present provide all Australians concerned for the future of our country and the strength of its democratic institutions with the occasion to pledge themselves to the task of ensuring that our rights are protected. "There is one very practical contribution we can all make now. That is to begin now a major effort to secure the return of the Hawke Government for a third term. For all the great achievements of the Australian Labor Party in its long history, there has never been a Federal Labor Government elected for a third term. Bob Hawke and I are the only Labor Prime Ministers re-elected for a second term.
We know from the experience of 1974-75 that the people's endorsement for a second term is not enough to establish the legitimacy of Labor Governments in the eye of our conservative opponents. A third term for our present Government is an essential ingredient in the task of establishing beyond question the right of elected Labor Governments to carry out the programme of change and reform on the basis of the people's mandate.
"Building on the strong economic recovery achieved in its first term, the Hawke Government has now embarked upon a comprehensive programme of reform in taxation, welfare, industrial relations, structural change in industry and the financial system. The long term nature of these long overdue reforms requires absolutely a third term so that their full benefits can permeate Australian society in such a way as to make these reforms irreversible.
After 1975 we saw the dismantling and destruction of so much we had worked to build together, not just in our two truncated terms of office but throughout the hard years before 1972. Our watchword now must be 'never again'. The best way to prevent it happening again is to begin work now for a third term.
There is another supremely important reason why you and I must begin immediately to organise for the third successive victory. The Opposition in the Senate is already demonstrating that contempt for the verdict of the people, which was at the core of their conduct in 1974 and 1975. Given their record, we cannot assume that we can command the timing of the next election. The readiness is all ..."

There is more. Mr. Whitlam talks of strong campaigns, particularly in marginal electorates; direct mailings, telephone banks then the "bite" goes on for money, and lots of it. But THIS will really shift things:
"All donors who contribute to the Third Term Fund will receive personally from me (Mr. Whitlam) a distinctive logo pin. Wear it proudly to show that you want Labor returned for what will be in every sense an historic Third Term at the next election."

Our comments
Talk of "democratic" institutions is rich. The Socialists/Communists at Canberra, masquerading as "Labor" are determined to destroy institutions, such as the Monarchy, Upper Houses of the Parliament, our system of Law. The Bill of Rights, if enacted, will muzzle freedom of speech: place the burden of proof on the accused to prove innocence (the reverse of the traditional principle of British Law), and bring in Trial By Bureaucrat. Such will be the "changes" and "reforms".
We know of no changes in the financial system itself: we can assure supporters that no basic changes will be made. There will be the introduction of "improved" methods of financial transactions, such as Bankcard, EFT (electronic funds transfer), changed banking methods, etc. but these are to further gear the individual to the banking and credit systems. For example the Taxation Department loves Credit Cards and Electronic Funds Transfers, as these are permanent records of financial transactions, which may disclose taxable income.
The Socialists/Communists /Financiers HATE the "cash economy", as this allows the individual some freedom of action. All these new methods of banking and credit systems use the latest technology to undermine the cash economy.
Many customers of Savings Banks are being asked to transfer their old-fashioned savings accounts (with the old bank passbook) to the new Key-Card system, giving higher interest (the "bait"). Members of the banking staffs are being given inducements (time off with pay) in reward for so many such transfers effected. What these staff members are really doing, of course, is lowering the number of jobs available in the banks - they are aiding the introduction of automation. There are thus less salaries to pay; less holiday pay; less workers compensation, and all the rest. So the banks can, no doubt, well afford to give a higher interest rate on Key-Card accounts.
We don't like the use of the word "irreversible". All political and economic and financial issues should be capable of being changed, if found necessary: if not working in the best interests of the individual. "Irreversibility" smacks of tyranny, to us. No doubt the Kremlin power men tell their captive nations that Communism is "irreversible" as it is "the victory of the proletariat". What drivel!

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