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Edmund Burke
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On Target

20 September 1985. Thought for the Week: "Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger big business grows the more it approximates to Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism."
Former Fabian Socialist H. G. Wells, quoted in The Fabian Socialist Contribution To The Communist Advance, by Eric D. Butler


In its leading editorial of September 11th, The Age, Melbourne, gloatingly comments that South Africa is "on the spot at last". Why? "The land of institutionalised racial discrimination is now vulnerable as never before to the effects of developments beyond its control. International bankers, increasingly nervous after a year of violent protest among a disenfranchised black majority, have called in the foreign capital on which Pretoria has always depended to maintain apartheid". It was after seeing representatives of the International Bankers in the U.S.A. that the Governor of South Africa's Reserve Bank, Mr. Gerhard de Rock, publicly said that he supported "reform" in South Africa. It was a combination of Big Finance and the highly orchestrated media campaign that eventually forced a reluctant President Reagan to agree to some sanctions against South Africa.

Whatever may be said about South Africa, it cannot be charged with promoting to an international movement designed to force other nations to adopt South Africa's policies. But the Soviet Union is the base from which an international revolution is persistently promoted with the ultimate objective being a World Communist State. Naked military force continues to be used against Afghanistan. Client Cuban troops are used in Angola and other parts of Africa. But there have been no suggestions by the International Bankers that the Soviet Union and other Communist dominated nations should have their international credit cut off unless they change their political systems and cease their support for international revolutionary movements.

As documented in Dr. Sutton's National Suicide ($7.00 posted from all League bookshops) and supported by a mass of evidence, the Communists are dependent upon the massive economic blood transfusions provided by the West, and, in the main, financed by the International Bankers. No realistic understanding of international politics is possible without knowledge of the Big Finance-Revolutionary nexus. Those who understand this nexus were not surprised when representatives of Oppenheimer's big business complex, Anglo-American, defied President Botha and met last week in Zambia with representatives of the Marxist African National Congress.

Before leaving for Zambia, Chairman of the Big Business groups involved, Mr. Garvin Relly, of Anglo-American said "It might be useful for both sides if people actually met, instead of seeing ourselves as sworn enemies at the end of some sort of media presentation ..." By meeting with Marxist revolutionaries, the representatives of Big Business in South Africa encouraged the Marxists to put further pressure on a South African government desperately seeking salvation by making increasing compromises, and helped to demoralise those Africans who have rejected the African National Congress.

Shortly after Comrade Mugabe was installed in power in the country formerly known as Rhodesia, International Banker David Rockefeller arrived and told a journalist he had no difficulty in dealing with Communist governments. As one who enjoys close relations with the Soviet Union, David Rockefeller should know. And as Harry Oppenheimer also has a close relationship with the Soviet Union, and as Anglo-American continues its operations in Communist dominated Angola, presumably Oppenheimer and his colleagues are satisfied that they would lose nothing if black "majority rule" were introduced in South Africa. Now that South Africans are presented with the reality of the Big Finance-Socialist nexus, they should be able to realise what is necessary if they are to survive the international revolutionary attack.

Former Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, has struck the right note by claiming that international sanctions against South Africa would be good for South Africa, forcing it to become more self-reliant economically. Ian Smith pointed out how international sanctions had resulted in Rhodesia becoming stronger economically. South Africa is much better equipped than Rhodesia was to take action against international sanctions. But this will require a break with financial and economic orthodoxy.

South Africa should be given all possible moral support from around the Free World, and encouraged to resist the Big Finance-Marxist revolutionary programme. When the Soviet airlifted Cuban troops into Africa nearly ten years ago, Solzhenitsyn said that the Fourth World War had started, and that it would decide the future of the world. Since then Rhodesia has gone down, leaving South Africa isolated, a major front line for the West.


The time has come for all decent Australians to repudiate former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. After a three-day visit to a country he had never seen before, Fraser went on his way to report to the United Nations, an organisation in which the majority of members are Communist, or dictatorships of one kind or another. Mr. Fraser's vindictiveness was displayed with his call for international sanctions against South Africa, claiming that the whites must be hurt. He went further and compared the South African government with that of Nazi Germany. Mr. Fraser did not call into Zimbabwe to see at first hand what his policies have done to that country.

But not only Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen has been attacking Fraser for his anti-South African stand; Sir Charles Court, former Liberal Premier of Western Australia has launched a massive broadside. Speaking during his recent visit to Tasmania, Sir Charles said it was presumptuous of Fraser to tell South Africa how to run its affairs "when he was hardly a success story in running Australia. Sir Charles said, "While I was Premier and he was Prime Minister I tried to at least achieve a realistic dialogue with him but he was so uptight about these issues (such as land rights) that it was impossible to talk to him in a meaningful way. He now has the gall to pontificate over the South African issue as though he is the only one that has any knowledge or conscience about the matter."

Sir Charles went on to say, "No matter how bad one might judge the South African administration to be, it is certainly more efficient, more humane and more concerned about law and order than some of its neighbours". Sir Charles pointed out that there were five million Africans of Zulu background who were completely different to other Africans. He feared that international pressure on South Africa could end in a bloodbath to the benefit of the Soviet Union.

Last week, Senior Liberal Senator from South Australia, Don Jessop, also attacked Malcolm Fraser for his "inflammatory and provocative" statements about South Africa. Senator Jessop's most significant comment that Malcolm Fraser had gone to South Africa with preconceived ideas. He said "He went there with ... ideas developed during his days with the anti-apartheid movement in Oxford". The anti-apartheid movement has always been Marxist manipulated. It would be interesting to know what other Marxist influence Malcolm Fraser came under at Oxford University notorious for the number of traitors it has produced.


The eerie "Murphy Affair" drags on. If the Australian electorate had been told, even twenty years ago, that a Judge of the High Court of Australia would be charged with a criminal offence (perverting the course of justice) - and found guilty; that Australian electorate would have rejected the forecast as too ridiculous to even consider. If further told that the same judge of the High Court would refuse to resign, and would be protected by influential politicians, the Australian electorate would have attacked the informants as culpable mischief-makers. Yet all this has come about. An appeal is pending, and then many politicians could be on the spot, especially if the appeal is unsuccessful. Even Professor Colin Howard Hearn Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Melbourne, and who dislikes the Jury System, has stated publicly that, irrespective of the result of the appeal, Judge Lionel Murphy should resign, to prevent further discredit to our system of justice. The Politically suspect cats will be popping out of the strangest bags should Mr. Justice Lionel Murphy fall victim to the full processes of the Constitution, by being dismissed from office on the grounds of "proved misbehaviour" by a sitting of both Houses of the Parliament.

The One Australia Movement, headed by the Rev. Cedric Jacobs, an Aboriginal clergyman, is distributing a petition asking the Queen to prevent Ayers Rock being handed over to Aborigines. The Rev. Jacobs holds that the Government is creating Apartheid in Australia. Readers who wish to bring themselves right up to date on the Land Rights question, and thus be able to confound the Land Rights Brigade, should read - Land Rights: Birth Rights, by Peter English. Price $16.00 posted from all League bookshops.

Mr. John Howard supports the I.D. Card, which is bad news. Even the trendy Chippocrats have a better attitude to this naked Big Brotherism, which the League totally rejects now, and always! As stated very recently in these pages, there are deep philosophical divisions within the Liberal Party of Australia. There are the ultra-trendies, like Mr. Ian Macphee, and Senator Alan Missen (good League haters, both) who are in conflict with many of the Liberals of the more traditionally conservative wing of the Party.


From The Daily Telegraph (10.9.85) "Blacks in the USA murdered 6,000 (six thousand) other blacks in 1984, equal to the number killed in the Vietnam War, Time Magazine says. "The report says murder by another black was the main single cause of mortality among American blacks aged 14 through 24 last year. "A third of those who died were slain by other blacks, Time says, and statistics also show that 40% of all murder victims in the US are black (black percentage of population is in the region of 6% . . .OT). "The magazine says violence among blacks is a disquieting and sensitive subject which upper class blacks or human rights defenders do not usually mention, and that the latter prefers to speak out on other matters. "Time says one American white woman in 606 dies violently, compared to one American black woman in 124, and one black man out of 29."


(Source, South African Press Association, April 30)
"The African National Congress earlier this year gave specific instructions to South African blacks to embark on a civil war, the Minister for Law and Order, Mr. Louis le Grange, said in the House of Assembly. Black people were instructed to: "Make and use traditional weapons to 'disarm the oppressors so that their weapons can then be made available to the masses.' (Communists love that word - masses. Away with the individual and the individual freedom: they want brainwashed masses . . .O.T.). "Make petrol and home-made bombs. "Steal and buy weapons. "Eliminate collaborators and hostile people such as Black community council leaders, informants and members of the South African Police and Defence Force, specially those living in Black areas; and "Commit sabotage on industries and farms which benefited the Government. "The Black population was also instructed to make itself uncontrollable and ungovernable. Mass demonstrations were not enough and actions had to take the form of civil war.
"Mr. le Grange said the ANC was concentrating at the moment more on the local training of 'terrorists' in the rural areas, which put the organisation in a position to bring about a condition of ungovernability with the aid of these locally trained 'terrorists' and of UDF activists…. Then follow specific details of attacks on the police, and local authorities, buildings, trains, etc. etc. "The Minister said that most damage had been done to buildings and vehicles in Black areas."
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