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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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27 September 1985. Thought for the Week: ".... it may be noted how the power of taxation has grown into a form of oppression beside which the modest efforts of the robber barons of the Middle Ages must appear crude. While the (financial) system is based fundamentally upon a theory of rewards and punishment, modern financial methods, in conjunction with the taxation system, would appear to suggest that the acquisition of the reward is proper ground for the imposition of punishment in the form of taxation which will distribute the reward amongst those who have not worked for it."
C.H. Douglas in "The Monopoly of Credit"


The rural community and small businesses receive another blow as a result of Mr. Paul Keating's "tax reform" policy. The thrust towards further centralisation of power is increased. The widespread controversy about the "reform" masks the fact that all the juggling, with a heavy dash of political bribery, is not designed to REDUCE total taxation.

May we repeat again what we have said before: progressive increases in taxation are mathematically certain under the debt system of finance. Opposition leader John Howard has offered no genuine alternatives. He has in fact admitted that he agrees with much of the "tax reform" introduced by Mr. Keating, stressing that he has always favoured a greater emphasis on indirect taxation. Mr. Keating has moved in that direction, and, if his figures prove to be correct (which is far from certain) the 1.0 percent tax on cooking appliances will yield $30 million a year on the sale of stoves, grillers and microwave ovens. Even the sale of ice creams, biscuits and packets of potato chips will net the government $30 million.

The direct tax cuts being offered will, according to Mr. Keating, be offset by the projected 5 percent growth in the economy and wage increases continuing to bring taxpayers into a higher tax bracket. In other words, the Keating-Hawke-Treasury strategy is based upon the view that inflation, followed by higher wages, will under orthodox financial practices, be forced to increase the dreaded deficit. What is certain is that the general standard of living in Australia is going to be steadily rushed downwards. And that unless there is a major national protest, Australians will have identity cards imposed upon them.

Total taxation in Australia could be drastically REDUCED by the use of new credits issued at the cost of administration, and by the financing of all necessary new capital works out of new credits, instead of out of taxation, these issued on a long term basis. From a physical point of view, the general standard of living in Australia could be much higher. And it is still true that what is physically possible should be made financially possible.


Mr. David Thompson reports from New Zealand
It is no longer a surprise in New Zealand to see the revolutionaries out in the streets, marching in demonstrations (sometimes accompanied by some church groups) or disrupting public meetings. A feature of Mrs. Jackie Butler's New Zealand tour was the venom directed toward her from the militant women's movement, and the homosexual lobby. Attempts were made to disrupt Mrs. Butler's meeting including the League's Annual Seminar in Auckland on September 7th. In many towns, police were required to keep order, and it was a great credit to Mrs. Butler, representing the Council for a Free Australia, and Women Who Want to be Women, that her dignity and sense of humour never deserted her. New Zealanders in the main responded extremely well to her message.

Presently before Parliament is a Bill to legalise homosexuality, also being called the Sodomy Act. Conservative and Christian groups across the country are mounting a massive effort to have the Bill thrown out, and have collected over 750,000 signatures on their petition to Parliament. Intensive lobbying the militant homosexuals has sparked off a debate that has for the first time, deeply involved some of the churches. The development of a Christian Coalition, in the same mould as the American Moral Majority, has sent a chill down the spines of the humanists and Marxists.

"Christians are going to take control of this country, says Mr. Keith Hay, one of the organisers of the anti-homosexual petition. One of the others involved, Mr. John Massam editor of "Challenge Weekly" Christian newspaper, addressed the League Seminar in Auckland, and was roundly condemned by the homosexual spokesman (spokesperson?) for doing so. The Christian Coalition receives solid support from fundamental church people, but traditional groups like the National Council of Churches (of the WCC) are deeply concerned, and have instructed a committee to investigate Coalition links with "right-wing" groups. Obviously, the liberals within the traditional churches believe that the Coalition could be "dangerous". At last the Christians are astir, and may take the battle right to the humanists.

On Friday 13th, homosexual marches were held in each capital city, in support of the homosexuality. But the homosexuals are also striking at the education system, which angers the Christian Coalition more then anything else. The conference of the Post Primary Teachers Association last month passed a motion calling for PPTA support for the "rights of self identified lesbian and homosexual teachers" without a voice of dissent. The PPTA went further than any other teacher's organisation ever in stating that lesbian and homosexual high school students needed positive role models from lesbian and Homosexual teachers!

More than 20% of farmers are facing the prospect at being forced off the land unless the Government creates a more favourable economic climate, according to Hawke's Bay Federated Farmers provincial president John Reynolds. "Costs have shot up over 16%, and to cap it all, this season we face product prices that will hardly pay the farmer wages on a debt free farm", he said. Such is the state of New Zealand's most important industry - farming. All across the country the story is the same, and the key seems to be the savage combination of cost rises heavy debt and spiraling interest rates.

New Zealand once provided assistance to desperate farmers, and their producer bodies often had access to Reserve Bank credit at interest rates that Australians envied - 1%. The Apple and Pear Board is the last to lose this concession this week the explanation being; "This is part of the Government's move to put producer boards on a more commercial footing by cutting their access to cheap Reserve Bank Money". This might make some sense if interest rates were about 12%, but even farmer's overdraft rate is now 20.5% Other rates vary up to one bank's rate of 27%, Mere survival is becoming quite impossible.

New Zealand's Rural Bank, created for the purpose of assisting struggling farmers, has now ruthlessly increased interest rates to a point where many of the farmers they have assisted, are facing destruction. Such is the New Zealand political scene that within the 'conservative' National Party, there is now a serious, concerted campaign to return Sir Robert Muldoon to the party leadership. Sir Robert, who now, languishes on the backbenches, refuses to rule out the possibility of a challenge to the leadership. To Australians (and Andrew Peacock) this must sound terribly familiar.


The leading role of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, in the international assault upon South Africa, raises once again the question of what happened to Fraser while at Oxford University. Fraser has admitted to a close friend of the League of Rights, that he was active in the anti-apartheid movement while at Oxford. Was Malcolm Fraser not aware that the anti-apartheid movement at Oxford was Marxist dominated? If he is but one more of Lenin's "useful idiots", he is still far too dangerous to be allowed to claim to represent the majority of the Australian people. It is significant that continuing strong criticism by former WA Liberal Premier, Sir Charles Court, of Malcolm Fraser's anti-South African activities, is receiving "silent treatment" in the Eastern media.

The new chairman of Victoria's Bicentennial Council, Mr. Bruce Grant, says he would like to see the bicentenary marked with a new constitution. A former feature writer with "The Age", Melbourne, Bruce Grant was appointed ambassador to India by the Whitlam Government. He is currently adviser to the Victorian State Government on the arts. Mr. Grant wants to see an end to the Senate's power over Supply and a limit to the powers of the Governor General. There is going to be major effort to have the Federal Constitution further weakened by the time of the Bicentenial Celebrations. Electors should give no support to any politician or aspiring politicians, who will not firmly pledge to restore control of the Federal Constitution to the people. Could we hear from that new Liberal leader Mr. John Howard, on this vital issue?

Politics are dominated by economics under a financial policy, which forces industrial nations to strive for a "favourable balance of trade". Anti-Communist South Korea, headquarters of The World Anti-Communist League, is discreetly increasing its exports to Communist China.


The following letter was published in The Chronicle (Toowoomba) over the name of a "J. Brett" of Toowoomba Qld.
"Your excellent editorial (27/8) points to what the Bill of Rights is all about. In order to bring it into existence, a whole range of existing rights are trampled underfoot by these zealots. "In the last 50 years we have been gradually weaned from defending freedom and liberty, which are so recognisable and even felt, to defending the not-so-recognisable 'rights' of somebody else. Freedom is indivisible but 'rights' are highly divisible and are used for that purpose.
"In all history till now, we have derived our rights from God. Now, all of a sudden, we are going to get them from men. To date we have not been told what is to happen to what 'rights' we might now have, but we are not going to be on the new list. "Have we any right to ask who are these people who have discovered what our new 'rights' are to be? Have we any right to look at their list? Have we any right to add to their list? Have we any right to reject part or all of their list?
"In the countries that have these Bills of Rights, people have discovered belatedly that they have no rights at all that are not on the list, and worse, the rights that are on the list can be argued about legally for years while the offender is held in custody or in jail".

A North Queensland Actionist with a lifetime of experience with Aborigines reports
"Whenever there is any discussion of the Aboriginal Question, in which the whites are described as 'ruthless invaders', we should also remember that those of the Aboriginal Race living in Australia at the time of our first settlement of the Land, were in fact, themselves, ruthless invaders, who crossed the Land Bridge from Asia, and killed off the real Aborigines who populated the Land before the advent of the present so called Aboriginals. They were the Negritos, and they were killed off almost to extinction, and the whites finished off the job. A few; very few; were driven into the rain-forests of North Queensland where they lived a miserable existence as the rainforest is a very inhospitable environment for Man, and the remnants of these docile little people were finally absorbed into the Aboriginal race as we know it today, by forced integration into the Church Missions and Government settlements. The pure strain of these Negritos disappeared during the early stages of my life, subsequently leaving a few of their genes scattered around in the general Black population. Accusations about our ruthless invasion therefore amount to a black kettle calling a white kettle black.
In my youth (just after World War I) there would only be approx. 30 total Negritos around Babinda on the Eastern side of Bellenden Kerr Range, and perhaps a like number on the Atherton Tablelands on the Western side of that Range. They were all finally herded into the black communities of the missions, and the race became extinct through miscegenation. I suspect that at no time would their numbers have been very great, otherwise we would have found archeological evidence to indicate great numbers. Incidentally, the numbers of the present race of blacks could not have been very great either.
All talk of our ruthless slaughtering of the blacks, is, I think, grossly exaggerated. Where are all the great bone yards, if we did slaughter them off in great numbers? Surprisingly, we never seem to uncover these graveyards! Because the numbers were not killed off because the numbers were not here to start with.
Furthermore, I am of the firm belief that the blacks were headed for voluntary genocide in any case when the whites arrived here. The writings of Ernestine Hill, who lived with nomadic tribes for years, indicate this. "As for the present population of black people, well, regrettably the full-bloods are a rapidly vanishing minority, inevitably doomed to extinction, leaving in their place a polyglot race, resembling more than anything else, the UNESCO Brown Man, which is what a certain Pagan Elite has been striving for over the years. The difference will be that they will have the worst features of the black and white races, with very few, if any, of the virtues of either...."


Do you recall that 1967 Referendum (carried) granting to the Commonwealth the powers to legislate with respect to Aborigines? From - Land Rights Birth Rights (The Great Australian Hoax).
"That the misinterpretation (deliberate or otherwise) of the 1967 Referendum result by the First Whitlam Government in 1973 has been perpetuated by the Australian Labor Party and extended well beyond anything agreed to by the Australian electorate, is evident from the statement, made by Prime Minister Bob Hawke in the first week of the 1984 election campaign when he confirmed that his Government was moving towards early introduction of National Land Rights legislation that would apply in all States and the Northern Territory.
"But those familiar with the manner in which Gordon Bryant had expanded 'the aboriginal race' in 1973 to include Australian citizens of predominantly white blood and white descent, and legalised their identity as "Aboriginals" were astounded at the Prime Minister's qualifying remarks. "For Mr. Hawke claimed that at the Federal Referendum 'set up in 1967 by a Conservative Government - not by us', the people of Australia, 'by an overwhelming majority' has given the Federal Government the power to grant Land Rights to Aboriginals.
"Electors who had long forgotten (and those only recently enrolled for their first Federal election who did not know) what the 1967 Referendum was all about, could be excused for believing that, coming as it did from an incumbent Prime Minister himself, the Australian electorate had indeed approved a Constitutional change in 1967 that would eventually give a 'self-defined Aboriginal' irrespective of where he lived, the right to claim title to former Aboriginal land in Australia, and even claim massive 'compensation' for the loss of tribal lands in the past.
"But electors who happened to possess long memories that extended back to the 'Case for YES' mailed to them by the federal Parliament in May 1967 were able to remember only too well that they had NEVER given any Federal Government 'the power to grant Land Rights to Aboriginals'. "(Indeed, in those days, nearly twenty years ago, 'Land Rights' was a topic that had neither emerged in nor attracted any public debate; if it had, then no doubt the 1967 referendum would have been defeated by as big a majority as it had been passed."
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