Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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11 October 1985. Thought for the Week: "There can be no solution of the world's troubles which does not drastically deal with the individuals, of whatever race or country, whose object is the final subjugation of the individual to the institution the World Bank, with the World Police Force to see that the World Bank retains total economic power".
C.H.Douglas in "Whose Service is Perfect freedom"


The forced resignation of Victorian State Governor, Sir Brian Murray, by Premier John Cain, was the final chapter in a long running campaign by Cain to denigrate in every possible way both Sir Brian and Lady Murray. C.H.Douglas once observed that the basic cleavage in society was cultural, with individuals reflecting basically different values. Those who know Sir Brian and his Lady intimately testify to their high standards of behaviour, their warmth and tolerance. Although the Cain Government has done everything possible to make life difficult for Sir Brian and Lady Murray, the Governor and his wife have carried out their duties, representing the Crown, with great dignity.

Sir Brian Murray is a traditional navy man, a "man's man" who easily relates to all sections of society. John Cain is in the Puritanical and Pharisaical mould. He does not relate to the type of ceremony and ritual, which has been an essential feature of the British way of life. He is uncomfortable in the presence of those who are serving, or who have served, in the armed forces. He intensely dislikes the Trinitarian system of government, with its checks and balances. He would like to see the Upper House either abolished, or "reformed" to the point where it is a mere rubber stamp of the government of the day.

We are not going to canvass the question of whether Sir Brian committed any indiscretion by accepting a plane trip from a close personal friend. The issue is irrelevant. There was no question of anything unethical, that there was any clash of interest involved, or that Sir Brian could possibly benefit personally in any way. Some of the muck-raking journalists are always willing to accept free air trips, free accommodation and much else, knowing that it is hoped that they will write something beneficial to those who have provided these benefits.

Strict adherence to the letter of the law, or some regulation, means that no representative of the Crown could even accept an invitation to a lunch, a car ride, or any other normal courtesy. Did the popular Queen Mother recently break some Pharisaical regulation by accepting the Concorde trip? As John Cain was informed in advance of the proposed plane trip by the Governor he could have acted then. But all the evidence suggests that he saw in the trip the prospect of ridding himself of a Governor he intensely disliked.
It would be instructive to know how the information about the 'Governor's trip was "leaked". And there is little doubt that the Governor was virtually blackmailed into resigning. Prime Minister Hawke conveniently helped out by threatening that the coming Royal visit would not take place unless Sir Brian Murray resigned.

The most sickening aspect of the removal of Sir Brian Murray is the cant and humbug of the Cains, both in parliament, and in the media, in claiming that they are concerned about the integrity of an institution, the Crown, which they are formally committed to abolish. But it is encouraging that all opinion polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of Victorian electors support Sir Brian Murray against Premier John Cain. In forcing the popular Victorian Governor out, John Cain has started to dig his own political grave.


"A relative newcomer to the League of Rights said that the League's 1985 National Weekend was a "spiritual feast" and that he was sorry for all those who missed out. One of the many highlights of The New Times 50th Anniversary Dinner was the address by Mr. Eric Butler, which caused some gasps of amazement as he referred to the smears of Mr. Phillip Adams and others, making public for the first time his experiences just prior to and during the Second World War.
Members of the dinner audience queued to obtain Eric Butler's long awaited book, The Truth About The League of Rights, which we predict is going to be long discussed by students of Australian history. Mr. Eric Butler's role in bringing the Curtin Government to office, the ALP's use of The New Times to advertise, the large number of Eric Butler's friends and New Times subscribers in the Labor Party, the miracle which prevented threatened internment, Dr. Evatt's attempt to placate Social Crediters, and much else, is all documented. A limited number of the first edition available for the time being, from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne.

The National Seminar on October 5th, was packed, with some people standing or sitting on the floor. Following Mr. Bruce Ruxton's hard-hitting address, a motion of support for Sir Brian Murray was moved from the floor and carried unanimously. Book sales were massive. A feature of the National Weekend was the large number of young people present. The New Times Dinner and the Seminar were video taped and these tapes are available from Mr. Ian Roberts, Hopetoun, Victoria, for $35 each posted.

An exciting feature of the Action Seminar on the Sunday was the discussion on the use of video films for rapidly expanding the League's influence. An educational programme of in depth education was outlined by experts. It was stressed that this programme was now possible, but that adequate funds had to be made available. A number of League leaders outlined the many action programmes taking place, covering economics, the rural crisis, education and much else.


At the end of 1984 over 2,000 rice growers in the Riverina met to protest against average increase in the price of water, required to provide essential irrigation for their crops. The rice industry is or was one of the youngest and most successful of Australia's primary industries. Rice, which was once almost exclusively imported from Asia, was increasingly replaced with Australian produced rice of a very high quality. The Hawke Government's much vaunted "recovery" has put paid to yet another success story.

The Weekend Australian October 5-6, told the latest macabre developments. "Australian rice growers are importing rice even though there is a glut of their own product and some of them are going to the wall. Eleven containers of rice, bound for the Rice growers Cooperative Mills, Rozelle warehouse, arrived in Sydney this week on a Thai ship. The Cooperative's general manager, Mr. Neil Donaldson, said the cooperative handled 8 percent of the 9,000 tonnes of rice imported into Australia each year. The cooperative, which is wholly owned by rice growers, understood only too well the problems faced by Rank Industries, he said. Rank this week announced it was ceasing its Australian manufacturing operations from December because of the market penetration of imported white rice…."

What to some may seem ludicrous bungling is, to more informed readers, deliberate sabotage. In a paper published by the Australian Institute of International Affairs in March of this year, the President, Sir Russell Madigan, O.B.E., in a paper entitled "The United Nations and Business" outlined ten provisions of the New International Economic Order. One of those included was the shifting of manufacturing and production from industrial nations such as Australia to the Third World. The way this was to be carried out was contained in the Lima Declaration, signed by Australia in 1974, and subsequently ratified.

The closing of Australian Industries, and their transfer to Third World nations is official government policy. Yet neither the Liberals nor the Nationals have had the guts to set this out in printed form, making it available to Australian producers; instead they have remained silent while Australians have had to import items they used to produce themselves in an effort to survive. As Sir John Fortescue wrote a couple of centuries ago; "Treason never prospers; what's the reason? For when it prospers, none dare call it treason."


Over 800,000 signatures were collected to oppose New Zealand's Homosexual Law Reform Bill, which seeks to legalise sodomy. This is believed to be the world's largest petition ever; one in four of the nation's total population having signed. For a similar sized petition to be produced in Australia, almost four million signatures would need to be collected, and over 60 million for a similar sized petition in the U.S. And yet, all the evidence indicates that the New Zealand Parliament will pass the Bill. Even the mainstream denominational Church leaders in Auckland have supported the Bill, accusing the petitioners of being "uncaring people opposed to any reform which will allow homosexuals to live lives of dignity in our community". It is not surprising that many have lost faith in the Churches. New Zealand electors will have the last say on this issue at the next elections.

LAND RIGHTS BIRTH RIGHTS (The Great Australian Hoax)

This "blockbuster", now available, gives startling anthropological facts, and some startling evidence from pre-History."Again, there are other factors that help to destroy the myth of aboriginal occupation of the Australian continent, such as mummifying and certain burial practices once common in other parts of the Western World and it is stretching the imagination a little too far to claim the Aborigines developed these customs at the same time as they were being used by people on other distant continents with whom they had no direct contact. "The discovery of the fossilised skeletal remains of a few specimens of early Man, albeit their age has been verified by carbon dating, does not necessarily mean that the forebears of the Indigenous inhabitants at the time of white settlement had occupied the Australian continent 'for 40,000 years' as is now claimed by the N.A.C. (National Aboriginal Congress). "Indeed, what few facts there are seem to suggest otherwise.
"It becomes a little better than nonsense, then, for self identified Aboriginals (in a bid to arouse public sympathy of white Australians for the Land Rights campaign) to promote the argument and continue to claim that 'because the Aborigines have occupied Australia for 40,000 years in the past, the land still rightly belongs to them in the Present'. "The appropriate answer to that, of course, is that if the Aborigines were incapable of making even elementary use of the unlimited mineral and agricultural resources of this country virtually lying at their feet for up to the claimed 40,000 years, what hope would they have of exploiting those resources either in the immediate past (since colonisation) or in the future, without the help of the white man's technology and expertise? Which comes back to the argument which none can deny - namely that if Britain had not begun the process of colonisation in 1788, some other nation most certainly would have moved in before the end of the 18th century...."
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