Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 October 1985. Thought for the Week: "If a man's nature and his relation to God are as Jesus taught them to be - then His Prophecy of disaster is just as relevant now as it was then, for, after a period of at least partial Christianity, the world has reverted, only on a far larger scale, to the pre-Christian era. If the Christian European tradition had been carried forward into the industrial era so that man, increasingly liberated from the burden of work, became ever more free to develop spiritually, who knows what achievements might have emerged?"
B.W.Monahan in An Increment of Creativity


"The Bill of Rights must be opposed before the Human Rights Commission is given draconian powers which will not only have the power to destroy Federalism, but have the potential for massive abuse of the rights of the individual, abuses which may be far greater than the rights the Bill is supposed to protect." Mr. Neil Andrew (Lib. Member for Wakefeld) in The Murray Pioneer, October 11th.

We are gratified to see that the Liberals appear to be firming in their intention to oppose the Bill of Rights, and the new Frankenstein to be its cutting edge, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. All this new horrendous "social" law is now unleashed on Australians by virtue of the two 4-3 rulings of the High Court of Australia on both the Koowarta and Franklin Dam appeals. The High Court judges who voted against the States were Judges Mason, Stephen, Sir Gerard Brennan and Murphy in the Koowarta ruling, and Judges Mason, Dean, Sir Gerard Brennan and Murphy in the Franklin Dam ruling. These rulings validated the right of the Commonwealth to override the States in instances where there was an international treaty with the Commonwealth of Australia as a signatory. The United Nations Charter is a Treaty! So, in fact, ONE MAN, is responsible for opening the way for the attack, via the United Nations, on our freedoms and sovereignty. One man!

Mr. Neil Brown, the Deputy Opposition leader, has also bitterly attacked the Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Commission. Supporters must now get right behind the Liberals like Mr. Neil Brown and Mr. Neil Andrew to support them against this evil piece of legislation. The Australian Democrat Senators should also be urged to vote with the Opposition against the Human Rights Bill. We have been having a host of enquiries from the general public concerning the I.D. Card. There is much more behind this issue, we believe, than just the recouping of legitimate taxation. We hope to be in a position to give further information in the near future.


Something akin to panic is setting in throughout rural areas as bank foreclosures take place. The rural debt has passed the $6,000 million mark, with an interest bill, spread over Australia's 170,000 farmers, exceeding $1,000 million. A mood of defiance, anger and frustration is discernable in all States. The Weekly Times (Victoria, Oct. 9, 1985) carried a statement conveying the concern of the banks at the mood of the farmers:

"Major banks will not be foreclosing on any farmer clients whose liquidity problems related primarily to the recent hike in interest rates and the fall in commodity prices. (If such a statement is to be believed, it lets all farmers off the banking hook - Ed.) Farmers in trouble will get sympathetic treatment by banks through re-scheduling, repayment holidays, term extension and capitalisation of interest. These assurances were given last week to a joint National Farmers' Federation and NSW LGPA investigation into the potential for large-scale debt foreclosures on farms .... The bankers agreed that the incidence of farmers encountering severe difficulties was certain to increase beyond the pockets so far reported. Interest rates were likely to remain high for at least the next 12 months, the bankers forecast. They based this on the strong growth in private sector demands for funds, offsetting the fall in public sector borrowing; and the deliberate high interest rate policy by the Commonwealth, aimed at supporting the value of the Australian dollar. One bank forecast that the Government's interest rate policy was contributing round 2 to 2.5 percentage points to interest rates. All these factors would lead to a worsening of farm liquidity over the next 12 months…"

There is no doubt that interest rates could be drastically reduced immediately if Australia had a Government committed to doing so, or who cared more for farmers than for bankers. Mr. Maxwell Newton, writing in The Australian, September 4, 1985, predicted a rapid worsening of the world economy, and quoted one prominent U.S. business leader as follows:

"... The coming liquidity squeeze will produce a depression that will embody the worst aspects of the last four depressions - the post-Civil War depression, the money panic of 1907, the commodity depression of 1920-21 and the Great Depression of the 1930s...." Contrary to Paul Keating's predictions of "recovery", the evidence supports Newton's assessment.

Must Australia face such a Depression? before daring to tackle the bankers? Have we one Labor leader who would dare to say what Labor leaders were saying in the last Depression?
On October 15, 1937, the A.L.P. advertised its policy, which included: "We will develop and protect Australian industries to ensure our capacity to resist aggression and to enable us to be a self reliant people; ... We will make the Commonwealth Bank a Bank for the people.... In November 1939, Labor leader John Curtin made the following remarks in the Sydney Town Hall: "Everything must be paid for... not by reducing wage standards, but by the use of the National Credit. Because the Labor Government is in the Federal Parliament, there is a Commonwealth Bank. It was created as a means of releasing national credit. But because Labor lost office the National Bank has been transformed by our opponents into a mere puppet of the private banks.... The cost of war can be met without piling up huge debts, and without interest payments sucking our national life blood...."

Prime Minister Hawke has often claimed John Curtin as his personal hero, and recently gave the John Curtin Memorial lecture. Would he dare to speak out as Curtin did? Or will he leave it to Ian Sinclair and John Howard?


A recent report from the Victorian Employers' Federation says the interest bill on Australia's foreign debt will reach $11,000 million this year, and is the second highest item of government expenditure behind social security and welfare..." Interest payments on the foreign debt, together with capital repayments, are now costing Australia approximately $100 million a day, or $6 per head of population per day. That's $24 for every four Australians (mother, father and 2 children) each 24 hours.


by David Thompson
Hard pressed farmers pursued by the threat of financial disaster have responded with cynicism to the promise by five of Australia's major banks not to foreclose on bankrupt farmers. Even after the promise has been made, some farmers report that their mortgagee sales will still go ahead. In some cases, it is not the trading banks that are forcing the sales, but holders of second and third mortgages, like building societies and other financial institutions. Before the undertaking by the banks, the NSW State Bank had sent out final demand notices to a number of Mallee and Riverina farmers. To add insult to injury, the bank is also charging mortgagees $176 each for the cost of preparing and serving the final notices.


One proposal designed to bring home the plight of the rural producer has been developed by West Australian grain farmers, and is receiving solid support in at least four states. Farmers are proposing a strike but a strike with a difference. The strike is on the repayment of debts to banks and finance houses, and banks will be told that further forced sales will simply not be tolerated. If necessary, farmers are prepared to revert to the "penny auctions" of the 1930s, which are now taking place in Canada. Farmers taking part in the scheme would open new accounts with stock firms or other organisations, and income from the sale of produce would be paid into these accounts rather than bank accounts. Farmers considering this scheme are not prepared to wait for their producer organisations or the National Farmers Federation, in case the farm organisations "bureaucracy" slows down progress, or dilutes the demands of farmers. All governments and political parties have been swept aside because their promises have not been kept, and constructive action has not been taken. Ultimately, the farmers who have proposed the idea hope that the government, through the Reserve Bank, will be forced to act.

So critical is the financial position in rural Australia, that a debt moratorium for all primary producers and for merchants serving primary producers should be urgently considered, as an emergency measure until long term policy solutions can be devised. This has been done this year in the Western Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Seskatchewan. It was done in Australia during the Great Depression, and there is no technical reason why it cannot be done again. It is merely a matter of political will, and farmers are now prepared to produce that will.


The power behind the International Powers will keep the anti-South Africa campaign at screaming point. The more bloodshed there is, from the viewpoint of International Subversion, the better. We know that our Land Rights campaign is at least in part (probably more than we realise) responsible for the shift of the anti-South Africa campaign into overdrive International subversion is in a hurry; time is NOT on its side (time is on OUR side:) The longer the drive against Southern Africa goes on, the more obvious it will become to more and more people that there is a conscious design in world affairs working for the overthrow of freedom and sovereignty everywhere. Also, we know that the Masters of World Finance are having difficulties in keeping their current finance-economic system from disintegration.

If the so called present "Free World" is engulfed before the disintegration of its finance economic system, then centuries may pass before freedom returns to the world. But on the other hand, if the finance economic system collapses first, and thus focus world attention, as never before, on what is in fact the mainspring driving us all into perdition, we do have a "Last Chance".

Dr. B Monahan wrote as far back 1960: "... Our last chance lies in facing the fact that there is a ruthless bid for World Hegemony "A conscious policy of World Hegemony for Finance is not in the least likely to be a benevolent plan for the peace and prosperities of the world, if it is prepared to promote world wars and African slaughters (our emphasis ... O.T.) to attain its objectives. It intends world slavery. The apparatus for a world police lies ready for use in the international Communist Party, backed by the Red Army, and events have progressed so far that it now appears a certainty (in 1960) that the ultimate strategy of International Finance is to promote the victory of international Communism. Once the world supremacy of any military or police system is established, names will cease to matter...."


This excellent letter published in The Herald (Melbourne), October 16th, over the name of a "(Mrs.) C. Murray" of Mount Waverley (Melbourne suburb):
"Mr. Cain needs to be reminded that Her Majesty is still Queen of Australia and Sir Brian Murray was her personal representative in Victoria - a position Sir Brian fulfilled honourably, with dignity and loyalty. What arrogance to suggest this position was a gift from Mr. Cain! "As Peter Martin (October 8) and others have so well pointed out, our Queen has been ordained and consecrated before Almighty God and is now the Lord's anointed, her throne a continuation of David's line. We are a privileged people to belong to this British Commonwealth. We should support it with love and loyalty. "Mr. Cain has again displayed the double standards of the Labor Government. His Government has misused thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money to support groups disloyal to our Queen, country and Constitution. "This is Her Majesty's Government - not Bob Hawke's nor Mr. Cain's. I would remind the Premier that Parliament consists of the Queen or her personal representative, and both Houses of the Parliament, and that he is there to perform the wishes of the people, not that of a disruptive minority. "Thank you Sir Brian for a job well done. God Save the Queen."


From the speech by Mr. Peter English, given at the launching of his book - Land Rights - Birth Rights, now available from all League bookshops, Price: "$16.00 posted. The unfortunate part about all this is that the antecedents of some members of the group now claiming Ayers Rock as their former tribal territory did not begin to move in and take over the region until AFTER the true traditional owners, (the Jankuntatjara) had voluntarily vacated the area some fifty or more years ago, and secondly, the party now being planned, which is estimated to cost the Treasury $250,000, may never be held. "Recent anthropological research has uncovered a wealth of evidence dating back to 1936 which proves beyond any doubt that the majority of those aborigines now officially recognised as 'the traditional owners of the Ayers Rock region' and accepted by the Federal Government as "The Mititjulu Community" are, in the eyes of the few remaining descendants of the true traditional owners, nothing but trespassers on tribal territory that never at any time, even in the recent past, belonged to the antecedents of those now claiming 'traditional ownership' of the Ayers Rock region.
"My understanding of the present position in Central Australia (and my advice is as recent as two weeks ago) is that the remaining few descendants of the relatively small tribal group whose former territory once included Ayers Rock and the Olgas are violently opposed to the Federal Government's proposal to hand their traditional homelands over to anyone, least of all to those they now look upon as 'trespassers'.
Traditional Owners Want N.T. to Control Ayers Rock; "I understand that these very old men insist that the existing status quo be preserved where control of the Ayers Rock - Mt. Olga National Park is a matter for the Government of the Northern Territory which they themselves regard as the present lawful custodian of what was once only one of a number of totemic localities in their region and was outranked by far many other sites…."


The following letter appeared in The Advertiser (Adelaide) September 20th:
"By what standards does Malcolm Fraser judge South African whites to be arrogant? He may recall that it is not long ago that people accused him of being arrogant. "This was not considered to be a crime and it was not necessary for him to explain his attitude. In his generalisation he runs the risk of denigrating some very fine people. In a television interview Mr. Fraser asked Bruce Francis how much money he would make from the forthcoming cricket tour. No one thought to ask Mr. Fraser 'who' paid his trip halfway around the world to interfere in another country's affairs."
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