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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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8 February 1985. Thought for the Week: "Douglas often remarked that the succession of catastrophes which have befallen and still threaten us, in the face of the genuine progress which the development of the industrial arts makes possible, can only be due to one of two things: either progress is a delusion, in which case there is nothing to do but resign ourselves to an evidently horrible and inevitable fate; or the catastrophes are consciously contrived and can be brought to an end by ending the power of those who contrive them...."
B.W.Monahan, in The Last Chance: A Conspectus (1960)


Almost immediately after League of Rights actionists had started to flood Victoria with its first campaign brochure on Premier Cain's threat to abolish the Legislative Council if he gained control of the Upper House on March 2nd, Mr. Cain dramatically reversed himself and announced last week that he was not going "to introduce legislation to abolish the upper House or do anything else that removes five ministers from the Government".
Mr. Cain claimed that he would, move towards "reforms" for the Legislative Council. But it is clear that these "reforms" could prove even more deadly than the threat of abolition.
Mr. Cain and his advisers are going to attempt a dialectical step backwards for the present in order to achieve the alternate objective concerning the Legislative Council later.

The first major "reform" of the Victorian Legislative Council took place shortly after the end of the Second World War, when a sufficient number of Liberals in the Council weakened in the face of the Socialist campaign pressing for the abolition of the qualified franchise upon which Legislative Councillors were elected. The League of Rights produced the only in depth brochure opposing this "reform", a brochure which the sounder Members of the Liberal Party, along with many members of the then Country Party, widely used. Leader of the Liberals opposing the "reform" was the late Sir Arthur Warner who drew heavily upon the material prepared by the League of Rights.

Victorian Liberal leader Mr. Geoff Kennett and those of his colleagues who last year joined in the bitter anti League of Rights campaign after Zionist spokesman Isi Leibler had cracked his whip, might improve their understanding of political history if they look up the Victorian Hansard reports of what Sir Arthur Warner had to say. They might be interested to know that Sir Arthur conferred closely with Mr. Eric Butler on the subject of "reforming" the Legislative Council.

ALP policy concerning the Legislative Council is quite clear; complete abolition. As late as December, Premier Cain was saying "we want to get rid of this place within the lifetime of the next Parliament as soon as we can". The Premier has referred to the Upper House as "the last bastion of the conservative born to rule syndrome" and "a waste of $8 million a year". The Socialist strategists are painfully aware of their defeat on the Aboriginal land claims issue last year, a defeat which they correctly attribute to the campaign initiated by the League of Rights, and there is little doubt that they do not want to present the League with another issue on which the League can generate another successful grassroots movement.

Press reports indicate that the "reforms" being studied by Premier Cain include removing the power of the Legislative Council to block supply and a changed voting system of proportional representation. These proposals have had the effect of bringing the Australian Democrats "on side", thus hopefully ensuring that vital preferences from the Democrats will flow to Labor candidates in both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. If Mr. Cain thinks that his dialectical tactics are going to halt the League of Rights' campaign on the Legislative Council issue, he has made a bad mistake. Follow up material to the first brochure, which League actionists are urged to continue distributing, is being prepared. There must be no weakening of the power of the Upper House to act as a check on the government of the day.


Canberra correspondent Alan Thornhill, writing in The Courier-Mail (Jan. 2, '85) drew attention to the latest monthly bulletin of the Reserve Bank. He asked; "Are we as a nation going too deeply into debt? The Reserve Bank. evidently, believes the question is worth a little thought. For it has warned that Australia's gross foreign debt could rise to $50 billion by June. For a country with only 15 million people, that's a very large figure. It would also represent a significant increase in our existing foreign debt, which is already about $42 billion…"
It simply remains to be said that Australia's total wheat crop, one of the best on record - won't come anywhere near paying the interest on our foreign debt.


Mr. Jim Eldridge, an Alderman with the Wagga Wagga City Council, made these comments in a letter in The Australian (Jan. 21): "Among the more outrageous waste of taxpayers' money by the Federal Government is the National Aboriginal Conference. It has 30 representatives who are paid $22,144 each, plus an electorate allowance of $12,000 a year. To this annual total of $39,144, extra perks are chairman $2,225, deputy chairman $1,525, executive members $1,525, and each State Chairman $1,175. Each member is entitled to a travelling allowance and to office space with secretarial staff..."


Our Aboriginal parliamentarians pale into insignificance beside Dr. Amadou Mahtar M'Bow, Director-General of UNESCO, which has had such a large input into Australia's educational system. The Australian (2/1/85) reported; Dr. M'Bow, 63, is paid $US180,000 a year, lives rent free above UNESCO's headquarters, has six limousines for his own use and spends one-third of every year on expense account trips around the world". Those who have read the article on the United Nations in the League's special Intelligence Survey "Aboriginal Land Rights and Australia's Sovereignty" (May 1984) will recall the documentation on the Soviet penetration of UNESCO.
The Australian
article continued; "Critics have claimed Dr. M'Bow allowed UNESCO to become an Iron Curtain spy base. Of 47 Soviets expelled from France in 1983, 12 were on the UNESCO's payroll and three were on Dr. M'Bow's top staff. The US has just left UNESCO, Britain has served notice it will leave this year unless management standards improve, while West Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark have also warned they may reconsider membership unless changes are made...."


A press report released by Mrs. Betty Hocking, MHA from the A.C.T. House of Assembly in mid November said "Visitors and employees at the Department of Education Offices in the MLC Tower Canberra, have been startled in recent weeks by a sketch of Yuri Andropov, deceased Russian Premier, which has appeared on the wall outside the suite of the Minister for Education, Senator Susan Ryan...."


A brief report in The National Farmer, Jan. 10-23) said; "The Europeans have title of the world's heavyweight dumpers. Not just what they ship overseas, but in what they simply throw on the trash-heap at home. A recent TV documentary reported that every minute the EEC destroys 866 pounds of apples, 41 cauliflowers, 1,648 lbs lemons, 1,358 lbs oranges, 438 lbs peaches, 355 lbs tomatoes, and 46 lbs pears. Eat your heart out, Ethiopia...."


"All around the country, teachers are giving our children a diet of intellectual poison". - The Australian (Feb. 2nd).

We were pinching ourselves as we read this astonishing article - astonishing in the sense that it was published in a national daily newspaper. We can't possibly reproduce even one tenth of the article, by journalist, Greg Sheridan, and can only advise all actionists to buy this weekend issue of The Australian and read it themselves.
They will read what we have been asserting in League journals for years: "Syllabuses in the social sciences and value related areas are being taught which are deeply hostile to Australia, to the U.S., to Capitalism". As though we didn't know!

More; "Large areas of the State education system have been captured by mediocre talents who adhere to a variety of fruit-cake ideologies with little regard for serious scholarship which conflicts with their views ....... "Yes, indeed; and this carries well into "Mature" life, as instanced by politicians who have become slaves of an ideology, and who "interpret" facts by attempting to squeeze them into their ideological mould. If they can't squeeze the facts in, then the facts become non-facts, in an Orwellian manner. To the memory holes with them!
Peace studies are named, which in these pages recently, we dubbed "disarmament propaganda."

...The Land Rights brigade will love this; "European settlement of Australia is increasingly portrayed as some kind of hideous crime against humanity instead of the beginning of the Australian nation...."

We like this, but the Communist penetrated teachers' unions will be jumping up and down: "It is thought that by transforming education into entertainment, more students will stay at school beyond compulsory years..." These syllabuses are made up of what critics call "Mickey Mouse" subjects: generally useless knowledge in the social sciences, and that knowledge itself suspect, and heavily spiced with subversive propaganda.

Mr. Sheridan names an American book which is shaking the American educational establishment by the neck, viz. "Why Are They Lying to Our Children?" by Herbert London, who exposes "shoddy scholarship" in the U.S.A. schools, hostility to things American, and presentation of "the silliest Club of Rome type conclusions about inevitable world shortage of food, energy, minerals, and so on...." This is covered already, and most excellently, in "Chaos in the Classroom", by J.M. Wallis (price $18.00 posted from all League bookshops). It details the educational situation in Australia. Mrs. Wallis is a Victorian.


A Box Hill (Vic) actionist has brought to our attention an article "Why We Need Millionaires", by the ex Fabian Socialist Writer, Paul Johnson, published in The Daily Telegraph (UK) 22.12.84. We are able to cull parts for our supporters.
"In no other country (UK) does envy play so prominent a part in public life and in shaping policies. Indeed the Labour Party, now that it has lost both its idealism and its common sense, is held together by little else. In healthy societies, people are encouraged to admire and emulate the successful. In ours, the moralistic pressure is all the other way. A man who is doing well financially is automatically suspect, and the sooner he is stripped of his gains the better.... This attitude is based on the fundamental fallacy that a man can enrich himself only at the expense of impoverishing somebody else. The truth is quite the reverse. Most of those who are successful at amassing wealth are in fact creating it. There is no finite quantity of wealth in the world: it can be expanded infinitely...A further fallacy underlying the envy principle in British politics is that the rich deprive the poor of the good things in life. There is a limit to personal spending. A rich man can only wear one suit of clothes at a time. He can only eat and drink a certain quantity... The politics of envy are reinforced by the dually fallacious assumption that equated wealth and wickedness. In my observation, rich people are morally no better or worse than anyone else. Acquiring great wealth is no more liable to generate evil than other intense forms of activity.... The people I fear most are those who love power to do (as they imagine) good .... Spending my life as I do, observing the ways of politicians, I am inclined to amend Acton's dictum. Power does not merely tend to corrupt; it almost invariably does corrupt to some extent."
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