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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

1 November 1985. Thought for the Week: "The liberal idealist can never see that he is being used and manipulated with cynical contempt by Satanic powers, or that his potential for unwitting debacle is correspondingly higher the more revered or important he is in his community. The liberal never realises that he has been conditioned by emotive writing or oratory into a masochistic and morbid hatred of self, his own race, and his own culture. His guilt complex has been implanted in his subconscious mind by constant exposure to films, books, newspapers, and propaganda. He revels in the horrors of the slave trade, the concentration camps, the worst aspects of colonialism, the hardships of the poor ... His guilt becomes unbearable and he searches for a paradise on earth."
Dr. Michael Hurry in Who Holds The Balance? (1983)


"The A.L.P. (Vic) State Conference called on the (Vic) State Government to take tough measures - amounting to sabotage, if necessary, to block plans for the national I.D. cards". - The Sun (Melbourne) October 28th

Most surprising things happen in politics. Here we have the Victorian Socialist Left, by whose grace and favour the Victorian Premier, Mr. John Cain, retains office, opposing a principle, which a hard line Marxist would endorse. We recall that Lenin had something nasty to say about Left-wing intellectuals; about it (Left-wing intellectualism) being an "infantile disorder", and the uselessness of them (Left-wing intellectuals) in the march towards his (Lenin's) version of Socialism. So it is therefore surprising that we find ourselves in basic agreement with Ms. Joan Coxsedge, Victorian Labor M.L.A. of the Socialist Left: it may not happen again, and she will be upset to discover that the League of Rights is in agreement with her on the I.D. card issue.

Read carefully please, what she says
: "Our real concern is the savage impact the ID cards will have on our civil liberties. "What is proposed, although it was concealed for quite a while, is a national register of citizens. It is intended as an internal passport. The privacy implications are horrendous. "The ID card system will accelerate the process of having an enormous pool of information on every single Australian. "This information would be accessible to hundreds of little bureaucrats…."

The Victorian State Opposition has announced opposition to the I.D. card, and also that it would block any I.D. card legislation in the Victorian Upper House. Our fears are even greater than those of Ms. Coxsedge. She says that the ID card is intended to be an internal passport. We strongly suspect that the national register of citizens is further intended to be hooked into an international network of computers come the dawn of World Government. We are convinced that Australia has been and is being used by international forces to "try out" radical legislation before its widespread application, internationally. An example is the Hamer "conservative" (sick joke) Government's introduction of random breath testing of motorists, compulsory fluoridation of water supplies: the compulsory seat belt legislation, etc. We know it has been argued that there is merit in all of these, BUT the principle of compulsion has become enshrined in law: that's the uppermost issue. The strengthening authority of the State over the individual. We urge all actionists to take all appropriate action against the I.D. card: our chances of knocking it out look favourable from where we are standing.


This further comment on the I.D. card from David Thompson
The declared reason for the introduction of the "Australia Card" (I.D. card) was to eliminate tax cheating, and reduce social security fraud. No explanation has yet been offered on how the I.D. card would eliminate the cash economy, or the black-market. And no reason has yet been advanced for creating a new army of bureaucrats to administer the I.D. card system while the existing bureaucrats are so inefficient that they are costing us far more than the I.D. card would ever save.

During September, the Auditor General reported to the Federal Government that the Department of Social Security had overpaid beneficiaries by about $163 million. Of this, $123 million was lost through unrecovered pensions or allowance overpayments. According to the report, unrecovered overpayments increased by about $20 million since the previous survey last year! According to the Auditor General, the Department's guidelines in cases of cancellation of social welfare benefits allow for a number of additional payments to be made before any attempt is made to recover the money.
According to the report, the Department simply lacked either the ability or the will to recover overpayments made by staff. In the face of such appalling waste, the Government now proposes that in order to save about $100 million per year, every Australian must carry a card with his number upon it, without which he will soon be unable to survive. If the Tax Office labours under similarly appalling inefficiency, then surely taxpayers have the right to demand that their liberties not be restricted and their privacy not be invaded in such a manner as proposed with the I.D. card until Big Brother is able to show that all taxes collected are properly and efficiently spent.


Jeremy Lee reports
The Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, in a statement issued in mid-September, verbally lashed Malcolm Fraser's swing to the radical left on South Africa. He said he was "sick" of the pious posturing and double standards being exhibited by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser over sporting ties with South Africa. Mr. Fraser has plenty to say about sport and apartheid in South Africa - but nothing at all about the brutality and denial of basic civil rights in other areas of the African continent ... He said Mr. Fraser was hiding behind his own double standards by ignoring the atrocities committed by the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe where murder and political terrorism were the order of the day.
The Premier said Mr. Mugabe had recently announced his intention to establish a one party State and publicly threatened reprisals against those whites and opponents who had voted against his regime previously…"

Former W.A. Premier Sir Charles Court was even more forceful in a statement issued on September 16;
"The Soviet Chiefs in the Kremlin must be laughing their heads off over the way the South African position is being bungled by the Western world ... The politicians of the western world are too busy jumping on bandwagons, vying with each other as to who can say the most outrageous things about the present administration in South Africa. As long as they get their headlines the lives and future of 4,500,000 whites, 23,000,000 blacks, 2,800,000 coloureds and 1,000,000 Indians are of no consequence.
I doubt whether many, if any, of the people who are so loud in their condemnation and demanding blood, realise that without the present Government in charge - whatever its faults may be - the slaughter of blacks by blacks would soon be out of control ... no wonder they (the South African Government) find it hard to take seriously such people as the former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, who made his recent observations about South Africa after a three day whistle stop tour of the country. His approach was typical of politicians looking for a headline. He should know better. If he had been a success story as Prime Minister the world would take more notice of what he had to say. We need to remember that he takes much personal credit for the handing over of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to black control under Mugabe, who is now setting up a Marxist one party Government (as all sensible observers knew he would). We also need to remember the burden he inflicted on Australia through Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory - a most inappropriate solution to the problems of 1% of Australia's population. The Fraser performance along with that of the present Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, and his Foreign Minister, Mr. Hayden, highlight the sick relationship between politicians and the media of the Western world.


The Australian (October 28th) editorialises - "Victorian A.L.P. Votes for Political Suicide". It refers to the demand by the Victorian Branch of the A.L.P. that legislation to outlaw the Communist controlled Builders Labourers Federation be dropped. This is yet another example of the apparent inconsistency of the Socialist Left, which surprisingly opposes the I.D, card. This time it is defending a Communist controlled union; which is not surprising. Victorian Premier, John Cain, will become as deft and dexterous as Harry Houdini, as he walks the tightrope between the fuzzy ideology of the Victorian Socialist Left, and political pragmatism.

We see shoals and rapids ahead for Labor, generally, next year, Labor will, as The Australian correctly suggests, pay a heavy price for the appeasement of militant unions, and especially if the economy turns downwards, against all the assurances of the smooth faced Socialist ideologue, Mr. Paul Keating. ("If it isn't in Socialist theory, it can't happen"). Can't it! The Australian closes its editorial - "The Survival of Labor Governments Is Indeed at Stake".

Alright, what then? John Howard? Andrew Peacock again? MALCOLM FRASER? Ye Gods!


Extract from an article Ab-Original? by Will Sharpe, O.A.M.; in "Ex Nihilo, Vol. 6, No.3 Australia".

Alan Robinson, in his book, 'Treasure Is not for the Finder' makes some remarkable and interesting statements on page 69 when he says: 'Discoveries point to early sea explorers. The discovery of Egyptian carvings in the Kimberleys and the wreck of a Phoenician trireme off King Sound have indicated that Australia was visited by an ancient maritime civilisation centuries before European exploration.' "The stories of the little people and Robinson's information would suggest to me that the present Aborigines were not the original inhabitants of this land of Australia. Such a conclusion obviously has relevance to any claim that they came to Australia before the Europeans. But I for one am convinced that there was someone here before them. So whose land is it anyway...?
Whilst the evolutionist claims that the Aboriginal people have been here at least 40,000 years and in some cases up to 100,000 years, I venture to say that they have not been here for more than 4,000 years. Why do I say this? After a lifetime of living with these people, have noticed a large number of Jewish customs, Old Testament practices which they have. These practices, common to most tribes, are no more than 4,000 years old. The Aborigines, by and large, practice circumcision, and they retain traditions of Noah's Flood, the Tower of Babel and of Creation. Whilst the university academic anthropologist might brush off such stories by saying that they are merely Aboriginal stories about local situations that are similar to Jewish stories, the Aborigines disagree. When asked about such stories as Noah's Flood, Creation, or the Tower of Babel and the similarity to any of their own stories, the old men say, 'black man's story, white man story same thing'. The Aborigines have brought these stories to Australia from the same place as the Jewish people obtained theirs.
"Many other Aboriginal customs also seem to have been borrowed from other cultures or to have come from the same source, e.g. the boomerang, which people think is exclusively aboriginal, is definitely not. Boomerangs have been found in Egypt, Europe, India, America, and Noumea. Its likely that the Aborigines brought the boomerang with them from other lands, and they are not the original makers of it. In fact there were tribes in Australia who did not even know or have the boomerang when the Europeans arrived…
I have given my life in the service of the Aboriginal people. I have learned their ways and I am against giving anyone, Aboriginal or European, sole rights to a culture or to a land which is not theirs by origin. This land, any land, belongs to God, and He alone has sole rights to it. And what of culture? The answer is the same for both black man and white man. Culture must be measured against the absolute standards of the One who created man in His own image, Jesus Christ. Therefore, any aspect of culture built on lies, deceit, ignorance or a wrong view of God is worthy only to be discarded...."

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