Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 November 1985. Thought for the Week: "We are apt to look on art and on music especially as a commodity and a luxury commodity at that; but music is something more - it is a spiritual necessity. The art of music above all other arts is the expression of the soul of a nation, and by a nation I mean not necessarily aggregations of people, artificially divided from each other by political frontiers or economic barriers. What I mean is any community of people who are spiritually bound together by language, environments history, and common ideals and, above all, a continuity with the past".
Vaughan Williams in National Music


"Since he lost the election to Bob Hawke in March 1983, Mr. Fraser has been a man without a mission. He has been rattling round the world like an old ghost, looking for someone to haunt. Bob Hawke has given Mr. Fraser the legitimacy and the spotlight that he has lacked". Niki Savva, political columnist, in The Sun (Melb. November 2.

Is that so? Well, we can't help asking ourselves the question -"Did Mr. Hawke REALLY give Malcolm Fraser the job to butcher South Africa or was he "under orders"? Well, perhaps not "orders": these sorts of "directions" are done much more subtly than the blatant issuing of instructions. Many people whose opinion cannot be discounted are satisfied that Malcolm Fraser has been selected for a key role in the United Nations. He has the right "qualifications": he will do anything at all to hug the limelight; he is the ideal "useful innocent" of Lenin - but perhaps not all that innocent. Has anyone thought, as we do, that Mr. Hawke may have been given "the message" from bodies like Institutes of International Affairs, International Socialist organisations, the higher reaches of the U.N., that Malcolm Fraser is to be "promoted" in the whirlwind anti-South Africa climate, as a "world figure"? An eminent personage? A zealot of the Socialist "religion", as Mr. Hawke is, would bend over backwards to do the bidding of his international Socialist masters. We'll never be likely, of course, to have confirmation of our suspicions: however, unfolding events my ultimately give the game away.


Jeremy Lee sends the following
Australia's papers are increasingly filled with predictions of impending financial crisis. Keating's assurances on the imminent recovery are so much hollow claptrap. Des Keegan, in The Australian Oct. 29, said:
"... Inflation is picking up and is set to reflect the full force of cost rises unleashed by devaluation pressures. The CPI has yet to feel the full blast of the creeping devaluation barrage and ACTU demands for cost increases. We have devalued since September 22 by 8% against the yen, 6% against the D-mark, 3% against the British pound and 2% against the N.Z. dollar. That is a sorry aftermath from a wave of currency devaluations that adds up to a broad-front devaluation of about 30% against partners other than the U.S. This collapse in the Australian dollar has left the current account in tatters. We have the curious situation where our volume and total cost of imports is not changing. Our cost increases have enabled foreigners to keep swamping their exports into Australia…"

That, Mr. Keegan, was the whole idea of those who committed Australia to the 1974 Lima Declaration. We had to wipe out our own producers, and import on impossible terms from the Third World. Why be surprised? Another article on the same issue, reporting on the chaotic U.S. scene, said:
"During their summer, a group of top US industrialists came for a confidential meeting with retiring under Secretary for Trade, Mr. Lionel Olmer ... They left in deep shock by a senior administration official's view of just how rough the future road for US manufacturing industry might be. Three out of the four scenarios he painted were downright gloomy. All hinged on the strength of the dollar. In one, the dollar stayed overvalued for two more years, leading eventually to a resounding crash when foreign investors realised it was pointless to back a country with net debts approaching $200 million. In another, the crash came in just six months..."

Both the U.S. and Australia, meantime, are destroying their farming and manufacturing bases at a furious pace. A quarter of a million US farmers are now in deep financial trouble. Here in Australia, a rash of forced farm auctions is causing near panic. The Australian (same date) reported an auction of one of W.A's biggest farms:
"... The Scotts have debts of more than $5 million but, after personal pleas from the Premier, Mr. Burke, creditors have grudgingly delayed the mortgagee sale of their 11,600 ha Watheroo property.... Mr. Burke called for the reprieve fearing that the demise would spark widespread panic, rioting or violence among farmers..."


The Sunday Mail (Qld) Oct. 27, reported that Communist thug Samora Machel, who has given the Soviets naval facilities in Maputo, has just been in New York, being "... given the "red carpet" treatment talking to Henry Kissinger and oil executives and dining with David Rockefeller chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, meeting industrialists in Houston, and visiting Fort Hood Army Base at the suggestion of Defence Secretary Caspar Weinberger ...."

To win the approval of the Kissingers and Rockefellers, you must, it, seems, bankrupt your country, abolish elections, produce civil war, persecute the indigenous people and give aid and solace to the USSR. So far, it seems, South Africa hasn't qualified for similar "red carpet" treatment.


This comment from Chas Pinwill League State Director for Queensland
"The motive of Mr. Fraser's sudden upturn in activity lately against South Africa is now clear. His appointment to the six-nation committee to spearhead international pressure on South Africa has been announced. "While Mr. Fraser's attitude to Apartheid is well documented and goes right back to his university days, it is very apparent that the 'international scene' is now being worked overtime by our political practitioners as a safety net under their parliamentary careers.

"Any politician who established an impeccable record on some issue popular with the numbers game at the United Nations, irrespective of his own nation's interests, indeed, in spite of this record contributing to his defeat in politics, can expect to fall when the time comes, into a comfortable sinecure. "Not, of course, that Mr. Fraser's ambitions are sated with this committee appointment. It must be seen as his launching pad into his longer-term objective of a high level posting at the United Nations itself.

"His failure as a national politician will not mitigate against his prospects as an international one. The U.N. is full of ex-politicians who, having been kicked by their electors, have 'ridden' the blow towards 'upstairs' deflection, instead of 'downwards' one. Mr. Fraser's predecessor, Mr. Gough Whitlam, has previously demonstrated the art. "In what Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen described as 'the great joke of all time', Mr. Fraser said that the one thing that would bring him back into domestic politics would be any sign that the Party was pandering to more right wing Australian viewpoints.

"While senior Federal Liberals were busy discounting any possibility of this, and Dr. Jim Cairns was observing that 'the differences between the Labor and Liberal Parties were rapidly disappearing'. Sir Joh observed that Mr. Fraser, 'the hero and champion of the Socialist Left, would never get back into Australian politics. "The charade of a choice between opposites for electors will always be played, but in the end it's not the label but the contents that kill. Another way of saying Apartheid (apart-ness) is "birds of a feather flock together'. "Mr. Fraser and the international Socialists are certainly flying in the same squadron against Western interests in Africa.

Certainly Mr. Fraser would not wish to fly with the internationalists on all issues, but then he doesn't have to do so. He will only be promoted and given a platform where he promotes their issues. "The kindest thing that can be said about Mr. Fraser, under the circumstances, is that he has neither the intelligence, the wisdom, nor judgment, to see very far in the matter of South Africa; or on any matter of importance, for that matter."


Chas. Pinwill continues
"'Australia may go alone on Sanction: P.M.', says the headline in the Courier Mail (Brisbane) of October 22nd.
"Quite obviously, over the next few years an unending tirade against South Africa will be our lot. In the end, utterly tired and fed up with the endless scream of "South Africa, South Africa, South Africa."

To the vast majority of people, relief from the daily media beatings will be the issue. The majority will still not agree with the anti-South Africa policy, just as they did not agree with the Communist take over of Vietnam. "Those who remember the last two years of the Vietnam War will recall a point where sufficient people said: 'Look, it's got to stop; it's just got to stop'. Why?

"Few had been affected personally or economically. "Emotionally, Western peoples were in the position of the families who really didn't want to move out of their homes, even though over the years ten thousand blacksmith shops had set up in the neighbourhood. In the end, the sheer volume of the infernal racket of beating plowshears and swords could not be borne. "Let's get out gradually', they said.

"Once interest in the struggle for South Africa has been utterly exhausted by media beatings of plowshears and swords, and the noises emitted are as intelligible as those of blacksmithing, the fire sale of South Africa will begin. Once again the arena will be Western thought, and Western media the Trojan Horse. This struggle might be termed the 4th world war,' Solzhenltsyn called Vietnam the 3rd, and we lost it.

"Running alongside the KGB strategy for the defeat of order in South Africa, depending as it does on the moral fear of, 'seeming to be racist', is the careful preparation for Australia, New Zealand, and even Britain for similar defeat, via increasing fragmentation of the population through immigration policies; and after the defeat of South Africa, a radical upturn in the politicisation of these minorities on the way to majorities.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159