Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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22 November 1985. Thought for the Week: "The stark reality of the situation in which we live today is this: Two diametrically opposing conceptions of human existence facing each other, the conservative style of thought and life with its accompanying values, and the ideologised regimentation of Communism with its imperialist thrust and its perversion of consciousness, such antithesis making durable understanding, or even any understanding at all, between the two unrealizable...."
Dr. Walter Henderson, in Conservatism & Society (1976)


Following a tour of the U.S.A., Canada and the United Kingdom, Mr. Eric Butler arrived in Perth last week for a short tour before going on to Sydney. Mr. Butler files the following report
Anyone who doubts the aggressive role of Political Zionism in world affairs, and its violent opposition to those engaged in defending Christendom, might ponder on the extraordinary fact that in spite of my long defence of South Africa, and my close association with that nation over many years, South African authorities refused to issue me with a visa to return to Australia via South Africa following my visit to the United Kingdom.

I have never previously publicised the first denial of a South African visa, in 1979, primarily because I did not wish to affect in any way an international circle of friends campaigning to support South Africa. In 1979 the formal refusal to grant me a visa resulted in an international storm of protest. There was consternation in South African political and diplomatic circles where my pro-South African activities were well known. Inside South Africa I had lectured to security, police and military meetings. After a short period, the South African. authorities reversed themselves and advised me that a visa had been granted.

The 1979 affair brought to light the significant fact that the attempt to keep me out of South Africa was the result of Zionist influence. Rather than face a repetition of the 1979 affair, the South African authorities decided in 1985 on different tactics, not actually denying me a visa, but constantly delaying the matter. The delaying tactics reached from Sydney to London. Eventually an investigation by a friend with top South African diplomatic contacts brought the information that I was on the "black list" of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and that the authorities were not going to grant a visa, that I am permanently banned from South Africa.

This affair sheds considerable light on the struggle taking place inside South Africa, with the Zionists prominent in the campaign to force the Botha Government to continue a programme of "liberalisation" in an attempt to ease the revolutionary pressure being mounted against South Africa. But all attempts at compromise can only end eventually in the same disaster, which engulfed Rhodesia. Clearly the Zionists and their liberal allies fear that I might offer something more constructive than a programme of retreatism. I will be saying much more on this matter at a later date.

The highlight of my U.S.A. tour was what was termed "the Georgia weekend", held in Atlanta over the weekend of October 26th 27th. This event was a continuation of the programme set in motion at the 1983 Crown Commonwealth League of Rights Conference in Calgary, Canada, when American patriots present agreed to join in the fostering of a grassroots movement of the English speaking peoples. The Canadian and New Zealand League of Rights were both represented at the "Georgia Weekend", with Phillip Butler from Canada presenting a chilling paper on the growing assault on freedom in Canada, with a large number of books being banned. Mr. Bill Daly of New Zealand assured Americans that New Zealanders were not anti-American because of the policies of the Lange Government. Papers were presented by prominent South Americans. I gave the final Paper - in defence of South Africa!

The working conference on Sunday ended with the broad agreement that the League of Rights approach should be adapted to the American situation. A programme for further development was agreed to, and I anticipate a strong contingent of Americans at the next Crown Commonwealth Conference, to be held in Melbourne in October 1987. A report of the "Georgia Weekend" has appeared in a number of American patriotic journals. The Zionists demonstrated once again their arrogance and contempt for freedom, when they attempted to sabotage in London the 1985 Crown Commonwealth Seminar, Dinner and Conference. They intimidated the Lara Hotel at which the Dinner and Seminar were to have been held, forcing the hotel to cancel its contract with the British League of Rights only two days before Friday, November 1. Excellent organisational work enabled the Dinner and Seminar to be held elsewhere. Tight security ensured that further Zionist attempts to sabotage were thwarted. Both events were highly successful, and will be fully reported on in "The Intelligence Survey" and "The New Times". Not only the Crown Commonwealth was represented but there were representatives from South Africa, Eire and West Germany.

At the conference on Sunday, November 3rd, the report by Lady Birdwood on the racial situation in the United Kingdom was most disturbing. Enoch Powell had said a few days previously that Ulster would be like a Garden of Eden shortly when planned race riots got under way. Australia still has time to learn from the British tragedy. I am hopeful that Lady Birdwood will be in Australia for the 1987 Crown Commonwealth Conference.

The overall picture as I now see it, is that the League of Rights has moved to the stage where it is the catalyst in a growing movement, not only of the English speaking peoples, but of all European peoples, in defence of a Civilisation which is now openly threatened by international forces of what can only be called a diabolical nature. The real battle lines are being drawn much clearer, and we should be grateful to the Zionists for demonstrating the real nature of the battle, and how seriously they regard the movement set in motion by the League of Rights.


by David Thompson
"It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers, to pretend to watch over the economy of private people and to restrain their expense... They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in society. Let them look well after their own expenses, and they may safely trust private people with theirs. If their own extravagance does not ruin the state, that of their subjects never will.... People engaged in the administration of government are generally disposed to reward both themselves and their immediate dependents rather more than enough…"

So observed Adam Smith, in his "Wealth of Nations", 1776. Smith obviously had a good understanding of the nature of government, but could he ever have envisaged that a government like ours would siphon off 44 cents of every dollar we earn?


With Australia's foreign debt bill at around $70 billion the interest charges amount to $10 billion per year. Australia's current trading deficit means that our export surpluses are insufficient to pay that interest bill, so we borrow a further $10 billion per year simply to pay the interest bill! Australia's farmers and miners are being asked to take the responsibility of providing the exports to begin meeting the interest payments on the foreign debt. With the value of agricultural production declining a further 26% this year, and the farmers facing disaster because of massive and rising costs, the future does not look bright.

The leader of the National Party, Mr. Sinclair, has apparently also discovered that conditions are grim. "Unless there is a real turn around in the industry, the economic fate of all Australia is threatened", he said, last week.


Speaking at the V.F.G.A. Annual Grains Conference in March, Mr. Hugh Morgan noted the following: "I am very conscious that today I am speaking to representatives of the world's most efficient agricultural industry. The Australian farmers' agricultural output, per man, ... is not only the highest in the world but is substantially so. I recall one comparison which demonstrates that each Australian farmer produces food for approximately 70 people, whilst our nearest rival is the U.S. farmer, producing products to feed approximately 55 people..." If Australia's farmers are so efficient, why is the industry being destroyed? Because we are witnessing the culmination of the long term Fabian programme to destroy ownership of private property!

SEE "ENTERPRISE" - 'The New Right and the Debt Crisis' Sept. 1985.

by Neil G. McDonald
"The South African Government has accused foreign TV crews of filming staged arson attacks. Also alleged was the payment of children to burn schoolbooks. Two TV. operators helped a man escape arrest during rioting at the University of Western Cape. "Deputy Minister of Information, Louis Nel, said that TV crews had prior knowledge of township violence. 'They set up their equipment in advance for scenes staged purely for the sake of T.V. coverage'.
These claims are similar to the stories I was told while visiting Northern Ireland in 1982.
"While hunger-striker, Bobby Sands, fasted in Belfast's Maze Prison, T.V. crews endured days of near idleness. Some arranged for derelict cars to be burnt at a remote roadside. Children were paid to throw stones. Women were filmed practising the taunts of banging the lids of rubbish bins. These isolated acts can be merged together to create an illusion of intense violence. Genuine news coverage is often spontaneous, with little time for selected vantage points and stage effects".

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