Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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13 December 1985. Thought for the Week: "The uprooted individual, losing his instinct of self-preservation and personal responsibility, turns for direction to the State which is only an agglomeration of the non-entities of which it is composed...."
Sir David Kelly In "The Hungry Sheep."


While it is certainly true that the moderate image of the Bannon Labor Government was the major factor in its re-election last Saturday, any chance that the Opposition had was destroyed by the growing perception throughout Australia of an Opposition lacking leadership, unity of purpose and genuinely constructive alternatives. A further change in the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party will, in the absence of constructive alternative policies, merely increase the electorate's lack of confidence, and ensure the continuation of the Hawke Government.

The high interest rate issue highlighted the bankruptcy of the Federal Liberal Party led by Mr. John Howard. On a number of occasions John Howard has supported the philosophy of allowing interest rates to reflect what are called "the market forces." In other words, Howard accepts, along with Treasurer Keating, and others who are slaves of the black magic known as "sound finance", that money is a type of commodity, and that if it is in short supply, then the price (interest) of it must rise. Any chance South Australian Liberal Party leader Olsen had of winning was destroyed when during the campaign John Howard called on the Federal Government to lift the ceiling on interest rates. Electors in Adelaide's "mortgage belt" clearly were not encouraged to support the Liberals."

The pattern of Australian politics is developing as we have been consistently predicting. The parlous state of the federal Opposition parties is further demonstrated by National Party leader Ian Sinclair criticising the Liberal Party following the South Australian elections at the very time that it is an open secret that his own position is being threatened by a call for a change of National Party leadership. The Opposition parties are now in their death throes and the political problem is how to build a genuine opposition. Let us stress that a new party, led by those who are currently described as "the new right", would be another major disaster. What is required is a grassroots movement demanding a change in finance-economic policies. This is the only hope for Australia. The League of Rights is already playing a major role in creating that movement, and anticipates playing an even greater role as events unfold during 1986.


From Chas Pinwill
The Government's tax package will be allowed through the Senate following a deal with the Australian Democrats." The Australian, November 29th.

Certain minor concessions for small business and farmers were granted by the Government in order to ensure safe passage through the Senate. Since these sectors of industry are already up to their waists in a flood of debts and taxes, catching a few roof leaks takes on a comic hue. A drop in the bucket indeed. The significance of the report lies in the words - "The deal removes the prospect of the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, calling an early election based on the Senate refusal to pass the package."

The willingness of the Democrats to remove any pressure for a double dissolution is amazing, since it is now clear that only a double dissolution can prevent the final demise of the Australian Democrats. Whilst I have not seen it reported in any of the major media, presumably because they have not heard of it yet, come the next Senate election, control of the Senate will be a whole new ball game. It works like this: In past ordinary half-Senate elections there were 5 vacancies to fill. With the increase of each State's representation to 12 (up from 10), there are now 6 vacancies each ordinary election. To get a majority of senators in a State in the past, 3 quotas of 16.6% were needed; i.e. 50% of the vote. This has proved difficult to do, and so we have had a long period of "hung senates".

At the next half-Senate election, to get half of the Senate representation (3 of the 6 vacancies) in a State will require 3 quotas of 14.28%, or less than 43% of the vote. The most likely result, on past performances, is that the A.L.P will get 43% of the total vote in all States, and thus will have 50% of all Senate vacancies in its own right. The Liberal/National teams will probably do the same. So where does that leave the Democrats? In the rubbish bin of history, probably.

The only independent with sufficient votes to survive would seem to be Senator Harradine. It has to be faced that at some point in the future, A.L.P control will occur. With the minor parties destroyed, one defection, or early retirement in a strong Labor State; these and other stratagems offer the A.L.P. prospects. This bucket of worms was eagerly opened by even conservative senators because it enhanced their own particular survival in politics. Socialist control of both Houses will one day be the outcome of the seemingly innocent increase in Senators. The Democrats have to bring on a double dissolution or disappear. So far, it would seem that they either don't know it, or don't have the stomach for it.


Former Australian test cricket fast bowler Graham McKenzie, has decided to return to Australia after living in South Africa for six years. McKenzie met his South African wife when touring South Africa with Bill Lawry's Australian team in 1969-70. This was before it was "immoral" to play sport with the wicked South Africans. Speaking from South Africa last week, McKenzie, who supports the Kim Hughes tour, said that during his six years in South Africa he hadn't seen any kind of racial incident, continuing, "if you saw and heard the news reports back in Australia you would probably think it was like Beirut. Nothing could be further from the truth." But today's media is not unduly concerned about the truth.

Even Labor's Federal Finance Minister, Senator Walsh, admits that the Australian Democrats have made a most misleading claim concerning the Government's alleged concession concerning the capital gains tax. The Democrats boast that as a result of their influence the exemption of 20 percent of the value of small businesses and farm goodwill from the capital gains tax was a major concession for farmers. If the Democrats really believe this, they have demonstrated that they are extremely gullible. Senator Walsh pointed out the obvious: "I don't see how there can be any goodwill component in the sale of a farm, given that agricultural products by and large are marketed anonymously."

On April 15th South Australian Federal Liberal member, Mr. Alexander Downer, was reported in the "Canberra Times" as calling for the resignation of Mr. Justice McLelland as president of The Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia. Downer cited Mr. McLelland's open anti-British, anti-Menzies and anti-Thatcher comments. A close friend of Prime Minister Whitlam a man with a bitter and destructive tongue, McLelland was the last man who should have presided over what was from the beginning an obvious anti- British exercise. The Commission's treatment of one of Australia's most distinguished scientists, Professor Sir Ernest Titterton, was disgraceful. Intelligence Survey will be commenting on the McLelland Commission at length at a later date.

From all over Australia come reports of growing friction between whites and part Aborigines. This friction did not exist prior to the "land rights" movement. The revolutionaries are delighted. Friction has not only been created in rural Australia, but also in the cities. Melbourne's Sunday Press of December 8th, tells the story of Sydney taxi driver, Terry Malone and his wife were driven out of their modest home in Redfern. Their $44,000 home was reduced to rubble, Malone was attacked three times and his wife was threatened with rape. Redfern has been declared out of bounds to whites by some Redfern Aboriginals. At least 14 houses owned by whites have been destroyed. A former resident is quoted as saying, "I'm a refugee in my own country." the long range revolutionary strategy behind the "land rights" movement was foreshadowed by former Communist Geoff McDonald in his book, Red Over Black. ($7 posted from all League bookshops).

With Australians now facing interest rates of 20 percent, Australian families are sitting dazed wondering why their dream homes have turned into mortgage nightmares. Social problems are escalating, including marriage breakdowns as financial stress deepens. Rising interest rates make a mockery of the claim that if foreign banks were allowed to enter Australia, the resulting competition would force interest rates down. Never let it be forgotten that this has also been the "line" of "Honest John Howard" and other members of the "Opposition" parties. As a nation Australia has the physical capacity to build sufficient homes for all Australians. What is physically possible should be made financially possible. In his best seller, The Truth About the League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler reveals how there was a time when Labor politicians subscribed to this commonsense policy. The Federal Government has the constitutional power to direct that adequate finance for housing be made available at a greatly reduced interest rate.


The following letter was published in The Herald (Melbourne) December 4th over the name of (Lady Phyllis Cilento, of Toowong, Queensland)
"Many people inveigh against censorship of any kind, but there is one type of censorship which all agree should be absolute, that is against child pornography. "It is useless for it merely to be a State matter. The ban should be a federal responsibility, for this nefarious and subversive subject matter can be passed unknown from State to State. "Child pornography puts ideas into the heads of decent people, even family relatives, who would never entertain such thoughts about children; and ideas, once implanted in the mind, are steadily translated into action. "The recent tremendous increase in, child abuse, especially sexual abuse should be a matter of deep shame to all Australians, and it is time we did something about it. "Child pornography should be far more strictly censored and monitored. Any person, who by any means, depicts children as sex objects, or even has such subject matter in their possession, should be punished with the utmost rigour of the law. "If we do not stamp it out, the child pornography now invading our country, and being produced within it, will soon cause no child to be safe from sexual abuse."

News and Views (P.O.Box 172, CHERMSIDE, Qld., 4032) $6.00 yearly. 12 issues - reports the following
"From THE EMERGING 666 PEACE, Page 6
(Timeless Christian Books, P.O. Box 348. Toronto, N.S.W., 2283)
"The World Council (of Churches) has been groomed to be the agent for universal religious unity at any price. Today's membership includes atheists and agnostics, avowed enemies of the true Church of Christ, and finally countless members and affiliates of the Russian Intelligence Service (K.G.B.). In fact, the outstanding feature of the present Council and its satellite groups is their activity and support of Marxist causes and programs throughout the world.
"The Church Council has been financing world terrorism for years. Beginning ten years before the war in Vietnam and continuing throughout the conflict, the W.C.C. poured millions of dollars into the hands of Hanoi and the Vietcong. Similarly the World Churches' organisation has subsidised military operations in South Africa. The January 1982, issue of American Opinion reported - 'Terrorists financed by the World Council of Churches attacked the Christian missionaries at Elim in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia on June 24th, 1978. The Reds raped and killed the missionary women and clubbed their young children to death. The death toll, in this one incident, was four children and eight missionaries.'" (end of quote) Details of this atrocity were circulated to every member of the Liberal and Country Party Coalition under Prime Minister Fraser, with photographs of the murdered people. Not one member did anything about this. Not one acknowledged receipt of the circular. All assisted in the final handover of Rhodesia to a black Marxist Dictator - Mugabe. (end of News and Views article).


This letter, from a "Neil Mauritz", published in The West Australian (Nov. 25th, 1985):
"Eileen Norrish in her letter, 'High interest rates disturb the nation' (Nov. 14th), correctly points out that our economic problems relate to money being exchanged as a commodity, not our ability to produce wealth. "Money is not a commodity. It is a man-devised system of symbols representing real wealth to facilitate the exchange and distribution of that real wealth. In accordance with physical reality, the financial symbols should always accurately reflect the real wealth available. The elevation of money into a commodity is a perversion or truth; it equates the shadow with the substance. The commodity myth concerning money has been so successfully propagated and promoted by those who benefit most from it that most people blindly accept it unquestioningly. The disastrous results are becoming more apparent daily.
"Till our elected representatives understand this, all productive sectors of the nation will slide deeper into the financial mire of debt, high interest rates and inflation. Of course, are they not guilty of treason?"


This letter, also published in The West Australian (dated December 3rd) over the name of a "C.H. Lee" of Avon Terrace, York:
"Congratulations to Neil Mauritz for his comments (Letters, Nov. 25) "The news media have allowed the public to believe that black is white, by not publicising the facts about money creation, "All new money is created as a debt to society when an overdraft is obtained from trading banks. "Banks also create new money when they increase the debt on overdraft accounts by debiting their interest and charges. "If people understood this, there is no way they would accept the high interest rate rip off. They would also understand that there is no relationship between interest rates charged by banks and those paid by banks."

A North Queensland Actionist writes to us (prophetically, we feel)
: ".... I wonder if the One Worlders have given thought to how they propose to control the whole of the world's population once the One World Government has become a fact. In any country where discontent is rife, there always arises some form of Guerrilla Force to try to upset the government. Can you imagine a whole world full of Guerrilla Forces? The world would be in perpetual turmoil, and though they may try to control things by absolute TERROR, it would fail, as Terror begets Terror, which is usually directed most strongly against those who initiate it. I would not envy them the job of trying to maintain order with perhaps 50% of the world citizenry against them; the system would automatically collapse before many moons had passed. It simply WILL NOT WORK. But those who are so keen to promote the idea, through arrogance and a sense of their own invincibility (misplaced) will not concede that that could possibly fail in their momentous challenge. I have news for them ... they WILL! "In their lust for power, arrogance and ruthlessness backed up by Rat cunning will be no match for Decency, Integrity and true Wisdom, supported by Christian principles and the will to fight Evil. The Satanic forces presently trying to get us into the Cage of Universal Serfdom are lacking in some indefinable quality of leadership; some unidentifiable inherent mental and spiritual make up, without which all pretensions towards controlling enormous numbers of the Human Race, and coaxing them to perform in a certain way, will come to naught."

Our Comment: C.H.Douglas once said that - "World Government is impossible."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159