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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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20 December 1985. Thought for the Week: "The starting point for a realistic spiritual revival will not be discovered in mass rallies. The starting point is the individual. Christ's message was not directed towards groups, organisations, States, or any other manifestations of collectivism; it was directed towards individuals. Christ said that when two or three were gathered together in His name, they would experience the Divine presence. Every study of power shows that the bigger the number of individuals in a group, the more it approximates a mob. Mobs are ugly manifestations of evil in which the Divine spirit is destroyed. The individual surrenders to mob hysteria and to those who manipulate mobs."
Eric D. Butler in "Releasing Reality."


C.H. Douglas observed that "Christianity, Democracy, and Social Credit have at least three things in common: they are said to have failed; none of them is in the nature of a Plan, and every effort of some of the most powerful organised forces in the world is directed to the end, not only that they shall never be accepted, but that as few persons as possible shall ever understand their nature." Douglas, one of the greatest minds produced by Western Civilisation, stressed that what he called "practical Christianity" must stress that an effective Democracy requires that the individual has control over his own affairs, and that he is personally responsible, for the policy decisions he makes. It is appropriate that this basic question is considered during that period when the birth of the Founder of Christianity is celebrated, and when Australia is on the eve of a major political convulsion with the possible formation of a new political party.

The bankruptcy of the Liberal and National Parties has been demonstrated beyond all argument. Political commentator Katharine West observes that the Opposition parties lack what she calls a "natural leader". But more than a "natural leader" is required; there must be genuine alternative policies to those being imposed upon Australia at present.

In last Weekend Australian, Mr. Phillip Adams devoted his column to mainly attack what has come to be termed the "New Right". In listing the different individuals and groups that constitute the "New Right", Adams did not mention the League of Rights. In fact Phillip Adams has been significantly quiet about the League of Rights ever since Mr. Jeremy Lee lodged a complaint with the Australian Press Council, and Mr. Eric Butler's blockbuster, "The Truth About The League of Rights" was published.

Many of those who belong to "The New Right" are making a valuable contribution to publicising some of the major threats to the nation, including the Bill of Rights. For this we are most grateful. But whenever some members of "The New Right" come together, they are agreed that the League of Rights must be treated like some type of a leper. This attitude is the result of either support for Political Zionism, or fear. If it were not so serious, some of the comments about the League would be hilarious.

As the League is not in the power seeking business, and has over 40 years sought to provide the type of leadership recommended by Christ - providing service - it is not concerned about what some supporters of "The New Right", along with their critic, Phillip Adams, have to say about the League. What the League is concerned about is the establishment of yet another political party operating on the same basis and economic policies. If the proposed new party is to play a role in the salvation of Australia, it should start by stressing that individual Members of Parliament are the servants of their electors that they should be free to vote as they see fit in Parliament. Electors must be encouraged to see their Members of Parliament as their servants. We agree with those critics who speak about the mediocrity of most of the members of the Liberal and National parties. But what is required is not more able individuals, but individuals of integrity.

The essential regeneration of Australia as a nation is not going to start with any new party, however worthy its intentions may be, but with a sufficient number of individuals, coming together in forms of association which will result in an organic development. As a Christian oriented movement, the League of Rights takes this opportunity, on the eve of Christmas, to state once again its ongoing dedication to the Christian vision that all institutions, including the State, exist to serve the individual. The League's educational and advisory activities, now covering an ever-widening field, will be increased during 1986. We take this opportunity, in our last issue of 1985, to wish our readers and their families a Happy and Holy Christmas. This is a time to ponder on those Eternal Truths which man violates at his peril.


Mr. Phillip Adams' advertising firm, Monahan Dayman Adams, appears to be doing well under the Hawke Government. During the first two years of Labor, MDA was involved in six of the government's big special campaigns, twice as many as any other advertising agency. One of these campaigns related to the famous economic summit. The Hawke Government paid MDA $69,980 for a campaign entitled "economic summit". The Government spent $330,000 on advertising for this campaign. MDA is the government's master agency for radio, TV and cinema advertising. It is not known how much MDA has received from the Government's massive departmental advertising budget. It would be instructive to know which advertising agency is handling the Government's latest publicity gimmick, Young Australians Priority One, and how much it is costing the Australian taxpayers.

British Labor leader Kinnock, has told the Federation of Indian Organisations that blacks and Indians will be selected as candidates for safe Labor electorates at the next British elections. Mr. Kinnock makes the remarkable claim that this Labor policy will foster better race relations. Selecting candidates because of their race appears to be a manifestation of the very "racism" so often complained about by the Liberal idealists. What will Labor leader Kinnock say if British workers resent being told that their Labor candidates must be black? The unfortunate British are sitting on a racial time bomb. Australians should heed the British experience and stop the multi-racial madness NOW.

Our attention has been drawn to a press release, dated November 13, issued by Mr. Michael Danby of the Zionist Australians' Israel Review, which states that "An International Conference organised by Australia's Anti-Semitic League of Rights has been cancelled by a hotel in London." Zionist propagandists are notoriously careless about facts. The 1985 Crown Commonwealth League of Rights Conference in London was not organised by the Australian League of Rights, but by the host, the British League of Rights. The press release, like the Australia Israel Review story of what allegedly happened, did not mention that the Tara Hotel only cancelled the Crown Commonwealth Dinner and Seminar after being threatened by the Zionists. Neither was it reported that both the Dinner and Seminar went ahead successfully at another hotel, and that League security thwarted further attempts by the Zionists to cause trouble. Zionist thuggery is not going to halt the expanding League programme.


"Appropriate" action by the Reserve Bank of Australia (Australia's "Central" Bank) has brought about a sharp increase in local interest rates. This has been brought about by many financial "phenomena" which the orthodox economists can explain very well, but which do nothing to ameliorate the situation. Because of the recent devaluation, and "the J-Curve that didn't", the Reserve Bank must now force up interest rates (by mechanisms available to it) to attract investment capital (local and overseas) to the Australian economic machine. Unfortunately, these sharply increased interest rates work through the whole economy in time and force up, in general, the prices of goods and services.

Those businesses in a dicy "liquidity" position will be hit hard, and many have gone broke: many, many, more will go broke. We know of droves of small businesses, which have survived only by slashing costs to the bone. In a 10-20-employee business, the boss has put on his dustcoat and is working on the machine room floor. The son no longer is the sales manager with the pleasant business lunch routine; but now works with Dad on the floor, and does the deliveries, along with some important liaison work with key customers. The two office girls have been retrenched - along with four fitters and turners, and two handymen. C.H. Douglas has observed that Finance is inherently centralising. Under the conditions described above, the big will get bigger, as the small will get smaller, and out.

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