Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 February 1985. Thought for the Week: "....the mania for bureaucratic control, allied with a passion for mere enormity, represents a danger to our Civilisation itself. Many of those who are beset with these maladies profess to be the foes of Communism. Nevertheless, if they continue to move along present lines and go on building up an uncontrolled and arbitrary State with everything in its hinds, they will create in this country the Communist system they claim to oppose."
Captain Cyril Falls, Chichele Professor of the History of War, writing in "The Illustrated London News", March 11th 1951


The much-publicised controversy concerning the Anzus Treaty and the MX missile tests has, unfortunately, done little to focus attention upon the subject of a realistic defence programme. The hard truth is that Australia has been rendered progressively defenceless, morally, economically and physically under the policies of all Federal Governments. Australia and New Zealand are being progressively isolated at a time when the Soviet build up in the Pacific Basin is being dramatically increased. If physically invaded by any type of sophisticated military force, neither Australia nor New Zealand could defend themselves in the absence of assistance from the U.S.A.

The campaign of vilification of the U.S.A., much of it supported by people who strongly resent being called pro-Communists, is designed to further isolate New Zealand and Australia, making them much more vulnerable to the most dangerous type of war, that described as psycho-political warfare. It is this type of warfare which has enabled the Soviet Union to progressively expand its global influence ever since the end of the Second World War. Except in Afghanistan the Soviet strategists have never had to use the Red Army to achieve their overall advance.

We have over the years drawn attention to Lenin's concept of warfare: "The soundest strategy in war is to postpone (military) operations until the moral disintegration of the enemy renders the delivery of the mortal blow both possible and easy. Writing in his booklet, "How to Defeat Russia", the famous British military historian, Major General Fuller, said that the Soviet did not want actual military conflict in Western Europe "because that does not fit the revolutionary technique ... The aim of this technique is not to persuade the enemy to change his mind by force of arms the traditional method - but by internal revolution, by force of ideas. Its means are propaganda, fifth columns, strikes, rebellions and civil wars. It is a technique of conspiratorial subversion, of mental bacteriological warfare, and not of physical attack."

The international anti-nuclear campaign is major aspect of current psycho-political warfare. Large numbers of Lenin's "useful innocents" are being used for purposes they do not understand. A current feature of the psycho-political war is that the "arms race" with nuclear weapons has made the Anzus Treaty irrelevant and that, in fact, the Treaty and military co-operation between the U.S.A. and Australia makes Australia a potential Soviet target for a nuclear attack.

Even Prime Minister Hawke, who has been badly wounded politically by his radical Leftists, assists Australia's enemies by insisting on his determination to work to halt the Arms race". But how real is this "arms race"? Mr. Seymour Weiss, a retired U.S. Ambassador who has served as director of the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Political Military Affairs, states in an article in the November1984 edition of "Commentary", that there has been no "arms race" for the simple reason that the number of U.S. nuclear weapons has been DECLINING for two decades while the number of Soviet weapons has been INCREASING.

President Reagan has insisted that the U.S.A. must try to catch up. However, the anti-nuclear campaigners argue that the concept of one side having superiority is meaningless when, both have sufficient to eliminate all potential enemies. This superficially compelling argument ignores the point made by Mr. Weiss, that the Soviet Union "at enormous material and political expense, has developed a massive conventional, theatre-nuclear and strategic-nuclear arsenal in order to advance its view of a desired international order, one dominated by Moscow".

This programme is used primarily for psychological purposes, to exercise political blackmail, paralysing the will of opponents. But the Soviet is only able to further psycho-political warfare because the non-Communist world continues to provide the economic blood transfusions without which the Soviet Empire would crumble internally. The Reagan Administration itself has helped with the financing of the blood transfusions, thus making nonsense of the attempt to develop even more sophisticated nuclear weapons.

If the promoters of the anti nuclear campaign were genuine, they would be attacking those powerful international groups who continue to finance the Soviet Empire. But this is a subject which is shunned. And yet the very future of what is left of Civilisation demands that it be faced. The realistic defence of Australia requires not only a rapid build up of military defence system, but corrections to the nation's financial system in order that there is both economic and social stability. Such a move would have a big influence on Australian and American public opinion.


Our warning about the "reform" of the Victorian Legislative Council now promised by Premier John Cain, has been highlighted by the news that the Australian Democrats propose for the first time in a State Election, to give their preferences to the ALP, which gives Labor a strong chance of winning control of the Legislative Council. The Democrats support the proposed Cain "reforms", the major one being that the Council should be deprived of the power to block Supply. Unfortunately, ever since Sir John Kerr acted to resolve a national "constitutional" crisis resulting from a Senate decision to block Supply, the Liberal Party has been in retreat on this basic issue, virtually agreeing that no Upper House should ever deny a Government the money it requires to continue governing. State Liberal candidates are very much on the retreat on the issue.

If there is no check on a government, which could come to office by misleading the electorate, then it might decide that it could spend as much as it likes. With four-year parliaments, it would be years before the electors could express their opposition. No Upper House is going to take a stand against a money bill unless convinced that in a forced election, its decision was likely to be endorsed by the electorate. While the system of proportional representation has some attractions, an Upper House in which minorities might be represented, would be of little value if its major powers were destroyed.

The best advice we can give Victorian electors is that they refuse to support any Legislative Council candidate who will not pledge to oppose any weakening of the powers of the Legislative Council. Every effort should be made to get some backbone into Liberal and National Party candidates. If the Liberals lose the Victorian elections, they have only themselves to blame. There are some excellent Members, but the party has more than its share of trendies, opportunists and similar candidates.


Victorian Liberal leader Geoff Kennett is, like other Liberal spokesmen, vocally strong on the subject of freedom of choice except when it comes to the individual having the right to choose if he wants to take fluorides into his body. The ALP strongly endorses compulsory mass medication in the form of fluoridation of public water supplies. We understand that Mr. Kennett himself has on a radio programme expressed his own opposition to compulsory mass medication and that several Liberal candidates have in private said they oppose fluoridation, but then quickly stress that they cannot say anything public because of "party policy".
In the Geelong area, where there has been strong opposition to fluoridation, Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands, Mr. R. McKenzie, has come under electoral pressure to stand by a promise he made in 1979, that he was against compulsory fluoridation and favoured a conscience vote on the issue. Mr. McKenzie now hides behind "party policy" Genuine democracy is impossible unless the Member's first responsibility is to his electors.

Consider the benefits of the "new education." Magazines published by student councils at the Melbourne University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology provide extensive information on drugs. The University magazine devotes a full page to the different types of drugs. Starting with marijuana leaf - "excellent stuff to start your smoking on", the reader is taken through a wide range of drugs concluding with heroin, "which can be a bit of a nasty". The editor of the RMIT journal defends his publication, stating that the information "deals largely with lifestyle. Drugs are part of that lifestyle..." Are Australian taxpayers happy helping to finance information about this type of "life-style"?


(Fluoridation Accidents) Representatives, 11th October, 1984: Dr. Everingham asked the Minister of Health, upon notice, on 6th October, 1983:
1). Has his attention been drawn to a report in the Brisbane Sun of 30th June 1977 that a fluoridation plant operator and his family at Dalby, Qld., were almost killed by an accidental fluoride overdose,
2). If so (a) what investigation has been made of the circumstances of the accident, (b) what were the results, and (c) what follow up monitoring of the patients has been done or is planned?
3). Is he able to say whether there have been claims for damages of $300 Million before American courts as a result of fluoridation accidents, including a death, hundreds of poisonings in Annapolis and damage to soft drinks produced by the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola companies?

Dr. Blewett
The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:
1). While I am aware of the fluoridation incident at Dalby, Queensland, I am advised that this matter was not reported in the Brisbane Sun on 30th June, 1977. However, there was a report on 30 January 1977. There is nothing in the medical record to suggest that the operator at the Dalby water treatment plant and his family was almost killed as a result of the incident.
2). (a) the matter was investigated by the Queensland authorities, (b) the investigation showed that the operator of the Dalby treatment plant and his family received an overdose of fluoride in 1976 due to the fact that the water pipe configuration permitted the backflow of high fluoride water to their home at the works when a poppet valve jammed. Both the operator and his wife suffered from gastro-intestinal symptoms and were hospitalised on two occasions for approximately three days before the problem was discovered. The excretion of fluoride from their bodies was monitored. (c) The family was kept under observation by the local medical practitioner, to whom assistance was provided in the monitoring of urinary fluoride levels. Recovery was uneventful and the family has now left the Dalby area.
3). There have been substantial claims for damages following a malfunction in the fluoridation equipment at Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A. in 1979. I understand that these claims have been settled out of court. The accident was caused by the failure of a technician to fully close a valve at the water treatment plant. Eight chronic renal dialysis patients were affected, one of who died. There were not hundreds of poisonings as referred to by the honourable member. Following corrective action, fluoridation was resumed in March, 1980.

Our further comment
Under protective legislation in Australia, much of it introduced by so-called Liberal, anti-socialist governments, it is not possible to sue the water authorities for damages in the event of any accidental poisoning. Good old anti-socialist responsibility! Good old anti-socialist freedom of choice!

PENSIONS: ASSETS TESTS Senate, 11th October '84

Senator Messner
My question is addressed to the Minister for Social Security. In ascertaining the truth or otherwise of pensioners' statements with regard to the assets test, will the Government have access to, firstly, the tax records of the pensioner secondly, bank, building society and credit union accounts; and thirdly, investment registers in fixed trusts, stocks and shares or any other records of assets holdings? What powers of search of inquiry are available to the Government under existing legislation?

Senator Grimes
The answer to the first part of Senator Messner's question is no; the tax records are not available to us. I am not sure about building society accounts but, as Senator Messner will know, under the income test pensioners must give information to the Department about the contents of any accounts.

Senator Walters
That is not the question.

Senator Grimes
The honourable senator would wait a minute; Off the top of my head I am not certain about building societies. I will certainly find out about that. Perhaps Senator Chaney can help us. There is limited access to bank accounts by the Department of Social Security. But there is nothing in the legislation, as Senator Messner knows, which changes the situation this year; the situation remains as it was before. I am uncertain about investment registers in fixed trusts, stocks and shares. I will find out the answer before the end of Question Time today.

Senator Messner
... I thank the Minister for his reply, but I ask him to confirm his earlier comment that tax records would not be available. In view of the fact that there is legislation under the income tax act, and since valuers from the Australian Taxation Office will be used, is there a provision for cross-referencing to the Department of Social Security in the sorts of circumstances, which we envisage?

Senator Grimes
The valuers from the Australian Taxation Office who will be used to value assets where that is necessary will be operating under the social security legislation, not under the taxation legislation. That is why, under those circumstances, they will not have, for instance, access to properties in the way in which they do under the taxation legislation. The cross referencing, as much as it exists between the two departments is for the benefit of the Australian Taxation Office, as I understand it. It is my understanding that taxation records are not available; I know of no changes which have been made to alter that. I will confirm all that too for Senator Messner. But I am as certain as I can be.

Senator Messner
So it is not a categorical no.

Senator Grimes
It is at the moment.


Senate, 8th October, '84 Senate McIntosh (ALP)
Is the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affair aware of the report in last week's The Age that a group from the newly created Kanak Socialist Liberation Front in New Caledonia has travelled to Libya for what appears to be military training. In the light of Mr. Hawke's statement that 'Caledonia is a destabilising factor in the Pacific due to lack of help obtained by the then Independent Front and the Kanak people for decolonisation' will the Government express Australia's concern to the French Government over the decision not to set down a clear timetable for New Caledonian independence?

Senator Gareth Evans
The Government is aware of the press reports that a group of young men connected with New Caledonia's newly created pro-independence Kanak Socialist Liberation Front have recently gone to Libya for training. Reports of contact between independence movement elements and Libya circulated prior to the recent South Pacific forum meeting in Tuvalu. These reports certainly caused some alarm among forum member countries. Australia certainly condemns the soliciting of any support, which might entail the use, or threat of use, of violence and terrorism to achieve what would otherwise be legitimate political objectives. The Prime Minister conveyed Australia's condemnation of any such move during discussion of New Caledonia at the Tuvala forums, and that remains Australia's position. Australia supports the peaceful evolution to independence in New Caledonia, determined in accordance with the wishes of the people there and free from outside influence... (..says Senator Gareth Evans, exerting his outside influence; by this very statement in the Commonwealth Parliament!!) The Foreign Minister in his address to the United Nations General Assembly a few days ago, on 3 October, called on France to ensure that transition to an independent, multiracial New Caledonia is achieved speedily and peacefully in a shorter time scale than has been previously envisaged, (Bill Hayden, himself, exerting more pressure on France via the United Nations. )

Further Comment
The time may well come, and probably will, when various nations will be exerting pressure on Canberra, say on Aboriginal Land Rights, Defence, etc. to follow policies which the Australian people reject. But Senator Gareth Evans and Mr. Bill Hayden know they are on safe ground, vis-a-vis New Caledonia at the moment, as the Government of France is Socialist, and ideologically all for "decolonisation", against the wishes of the New Caledonia French, and many Kanaks themselves.

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