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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

24 April 1986. Thought for the Week: "It was the serious confusion between religion and nationalism that led directly to the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel in the heart of the Arab world, causing disastrous consequences for all concerned, including Americans, whose Government had played a major role in that nation making."
Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, in The Zionist Connection (2), 1983


The following two pithy letters appeared in the "Access Age columns of The Age (Melbourne), April 17th, 1986
Bombing Logic
"Can New Zealand now bomb Paris as it has evidence of French terrorism?" Tony Brosnan, Elsternwick (Melb. suburb)

The Root Cause
"Those with enough decency to be outraged by the latest slaughter should realise that the root cause of all Middle East terrorism is maniacal Israeli Zionism. Jim Abrahams, Geelong (Vic.)

We do not intend to write pages on the bombing, by the U.S.A., of Tripoli and Benghazi, in Libya. We do not have anything like full information - and we can merely draw some solid conclusions from what evidence and knowledge we have at our disposal. Taking the second letter (above) first; we have no doubt that the correspondent to the Editor of The Age (Melbourne) is correct. This has all been painstakingly documented in Censored History (by E.D. Butler) - price $1.50 posted.
The two books, which are just plain indispensable to a full understanding of the Middle East "cauldron", are: (1) "The Zionist Connection, by Dr. Alfred Lilienthal ($25.00 posted), and "The Controversy of Zion", by Douglas Reed ($25.00 posted).

With respect to the first letter (above), we observe that the correspondent does have a point, although, admittedly there is no comparison at all as to the degree of the outrages in question. But two or more wrongs don't make a right: many see the deaths and the destruction in the bombings as meaningless revenge made worse by the deaths of innocents. Already, British innocents have been sacrificed. Where and when will it stop? These things we can say with certainty.
1) The U.S.A. has alienated the Arab world, perhaps as never before.
2) Colonel Gadaffi's prestige in the Arab world has been markedly enhanced.
3) The Kremlin strategists are rubbing their hands with glee. This is just what Comrade Strategy ordered. Already, Libya is holding dialogue with the Soviet Union and "reviewing" (read "rescinding") its previous refusal to allow Soviet military bases in Libya as a result of the bombing.
(4) The American action would have been most unlikely to have taken place without prior "acceptance" of the Kremlin. Of course the Kremlin would have turned a blind eye: the power men there knew full well that they have everything to gain, and nothing to lose from the American bombing.
(5) There is no way the bombing would have taken place without sanction of Political Zionism in the U.S.A.
(6) Political Zionism in the U.S.A. reflects the philosophy and strategy of the State of Israel, which most certainly wants to get rid of Gadaffi.

These are some jigsaw pieces which time will fit together. We have our deep suspicions; but shall keep these to ourselves for the time being. If we can sum up the American action in one word; it is "blunder".


In an exercise of sheer futility (regrettably) large numbers of Victorian farmers were lining the streets of Melbourne, handing out a handbill to, according to the handbill, force the Federal Government to "reflect" the support of the urban communities for the rural communities. Well, we've got news for the Farmers and Graziers Association; the Hawke Government couldn't care less about the attitude of the Australian urban communities for the rural communities. The Hawke Government is still O.K. electorally, and that's what matters most (to it!)

The handbill is divided into three sections: viz. The Problem: The Cause and The Solution.
The Problem is, in the main, interest rates.
The Cause Is attributable to irresponsible spending; borrowings; which have "created our inflation problem and forced up interest rates." This is twaddle, of course. The root cause of inflation is the fallacious finance/economic system under which the West suffers, whereby all new moneys are created as interest bearing debts, which, along with the evolutionary "efficiency" of the industrial arts, continually force up the whole underlying cost structure of economies, which are financed by still more compounding debt. Finance economic collapse is certain: what is in question is the length of time the Money Power is able to hold the system together. Let us here observe that, in a One-World-Government, which international finance pursues, these finance economic difficulties of individual nations would be more manageable. This is, we presume, the Dream of financial Demagogues. Borrowings and inflation are but an effect of the finance economic system.
The Solution calls for a reduction in Government spending, a stop to Government support of the dollar (forcing high interest rates), and a minimisation of wage increases. These would, yes, "cool" the economy and lower inflation, BUT - they would (under the system) boost unemployment and generally lower the standard of living; and put the Hawke Government out of office. AND THAT'S NOT ON!

Once again, we recall the words of C.H. Douglas, viz. "No solution to our (financial and social)! ills is possible which does not transgress the tenets of orthodox finance."


"The Federal government's controversial Bill of Rights is the most debated proposed law since Federation - and it may not even make the statute books." - The Age (Melbourne) April 21st.

Mr. Lionel Bowen, the Commonwealth Attorney General, bemoans the Act (are they crocodile tears?!) that very few senators have participated in the Parliamentary debate on the Bill, and according to Mr. Bowen - Opposition Senators refrained from the debate because of a fear that fair electoral distribution (especially in Queensland) would become mandatory under the Bill (rather the Bill's Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, from now on referred to as the H.R.E.O.C.). We think this is drawing the longbow.

How about this?! Mr. Bowen says, "These efforts to sabotage the Bill belittle the standing of the Senate and make a mockery of the democratic process. Our comment is that there has been no democratic process. Legislation of this magnitude and import to the very future of Australia must, morally (we'll carp on morality now, Mr. Hawke) be decided by Australians, themselves, at a referendum, if the legislation is needed.

The fact is, of course, that the Bill of Rights is not needed at all. It is the antithesis of true democracy as it weakens the sovereignty of the individual and strengthens the role of central government. Not surprisingly, government can only assume more power at the expense of the individual. The stronger the government, the weaker the individual. So no carping on democratic process please. We are sure that our prayers are being answered, but there is still much to do. Faith without works is dead. Keep up the prayers; keep up the distribution of the League's anti-Bill of Rights brochure we believe the Government is going on the defensive now.

Further "encouraging news" is that an amendment by the Opposition and Australian Democrats in the Senate broadens the extent of the Bill of Rights to encompass trade union and corporate practices which violate rights of individuals! "But, but, but, but, but...." protest the Communist union bosses. Those hard line Socialist Left lads will be pulling out the stops to ensure that this amendment is defeated; meaning, that the Government would return the Bill without the amendment, to face most probable defeat, again, in the Senate.

We conclude this item with a letter published in The Australian (April 21st) and given the heading: "Keeping Rights under Wraps". "Having dutifully read my beautifully printed, expensive, mispunctuated, very own copy of The Drug Offensive (it told me nothing I didn't know), I look forward to receiving my very own copy of the Bill of Rights, or an adequate summary - or is this something Prime Minister Hawke would rather I knew not too much about?" (signed Les Bernard, Belgian Gardens Qld.)


This heading is that given to the Editorial in The Australian, April 21st. The Editorial concerns the issues in the recent debate during the Victorian Fabian Society Conference. The title of the Fabian Society Conference was, "Socialism, Does It Have a Future?". The Australian canvasses the question that there is ferment in the "Labor" Parties of Australia, and notes that Mr. Carr, the N.S.W. Minister for Environment and Consumer Affairs, answered that Socialism was, indeed, dead. Further, notes The Australian, the death of Socialism could disadvantage the so-called conservative parties, and the A.L.P. Socialist Left, by allowing the Hawke "pragmatists" to occupy the centre stage of federal politics, thereby establishing it in office for some time to come.

We don't agree with The Australian's political scenario for Australia. We see no concrete evidence that Socialism is anywhere near death, rather it is alive and well, but lying a little low for the present. If, as The Australian suggests, present Labor Government "eschew rigid attachment to dogma and govern in what they see as the best interests of the whole community" - why do we have the hard line Socialist/Communist ideologues urgently pressing for Aboriginal Land Rights, which Australians wish to retain? Why are the ideologues (read "subversives") agonising to have the wretched Bill of Rights, with its utterly Satanic H.R.E.O.C., forced into law? Why is Labor committed to the forced amalgamations of Local Government, against the wishes of the ratepayers? Why? Why? Why?

Socialism is not dead. The person who wrote the above Editorial is a political babe-in-the-wood. Similarly, the floating of the Australian dollar, and the entrance of foreign banks into our economy ARE in "tune" with Socialism. Socialism is State Capitalism. Bigger and better. Oh Yeah?


From the Christian Alternative Movement: this letter sent to many newspapers;
"The Christian Alternative Movement is responding to a call from Archdeacon Ray Elliot of Gippsland "to encourage governments to provide long term answers to the problems of their country cousins'. Our reference is an item reprinted in The Australian Church Record, March 10th, from the original printed in The Murray News.

"The news item tells us 'Poverty has a new face in Victoria in 1985. It is rural poverty ... All over the State, there are hardworking farmers who through no fault of their own have become the new poor.' Many have crippling loan repayments with less income than the dole. "Poverty in a land of plenty is both a moral and political disgrace. Both short term and long term answers are bound up in a Christian approach to financial policy, which will put both taxation and the level of interest rates in a completely new perspective. More importantly is the need for a Christian application of policies governing the distribution of finance.
"The Christian principle of policies governing the right attitude towards the correct function is that money is merely a symbol which represents real wealth; goods and services. The function of government is to see that money never becomes an object of idolatrous worship and that the policy of government does not bend to those who wish to make it so. Both government and the Christians have failed: until the failure is corrected there will never be any real solution of lasting value.
"If the volume of money was measured and distributed in accordance with the reality of society to produce goods and services, a small service charge, probably no more than 1% would cover the cost of administration. Taxation and interest rates would be minimal.
"God deals with individuals. He makes His gifts available to all. He sends the rain and the sun on the just and the unjust. Distribution of finance should start with each individual, finding its way into the stream of commerce and agriculture from there, rewarding those who give service, but ensuring the security of all. Only the idolatrous worship of money which makes it more important than the lives and welfare of the people stop such a policy from becoming a reality."
(Signed) Edward Rock (State Chairman) Christian Alternative Movement.

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