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On Target

2 May 1986. Thought for the Week: "...the mounting Satanic onslaught against the free world includes a diabolical combination of Communism, Political Zionism, and so-called 'Anti-Semitism'. Until this is understood, the Western leaders face up to reality, we shall continue to flounder and retreat."
Former Royal Canadian Mounted police undercover agent, Mr. Patrick Walsh, in The Unholy Alliance


Reports reaching us from realistic commentators around the world confirm our initial fears concerning both the short and long term effects of the U.S.A. military strike against Libya. The overall results are a major disaster for the West, much to the great pleasure of the Soviet strategists. Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs writes from the United Kingdom to observe that the American raid from British bases was "a blunder which has rallied the Arab world, and most of the rest to the side of the terrorist Gaddafi."

A deep student of real history, Dr. Dobbs recalls the wise advice of C.H. Douglas, who said, "Never slap a man! If you can and have reason to, knock him down - otherwise leave him alone." As Dr. Dobbs observes, by aligning herself with a mere "slapping" event, with no real strategy designed to isolate Libya as a terrorist base, Mrs. Thatcher has helped to make it almost certain that a Left-wing dominated Labor Party will win the next British elections. This must please the Moscow strategists.

Superficial observers correctly point out that Libya has been a type of Soviet pawn. So was Nasser's Egypt, but this did not prevent the Soviet strategists from sacrificing Egypt by luring Nasser into the disastrous Six Day war, knowing full well that the Zionist State of Israel had the military capacity to destroy Egypt in short time. The end result was a further expansion of Israel, tens of thousands more Palestinian refugees, with the West generally being depicted as Israel supporters while the Soviet successfully created the impression that it was the only friend the Arab world had. At the same time the Soviet was organising the exit of tens of thousands of Jews from Soviet Russia to Zionist IsraeI. This is all documented in Eric D. Butler's Censored History ($1.50 posted)

Spokesmen for the Reagan Administration have expressed surprise that the Soviet has reacted so strongly against the Libyan raid, as the Soviet had been informed in advance (why?) and had raised no objections at the time. Obviously looking ahead, the Soviet strategists saw that there would be a further alienation of the whole Arab world. Moscow quickly passed on the news of the pending raid, allowing Libyan planes to be shifted. But it also enabled Moscow to project itself once again as a true friend of the Arab world. Moscow has lost no time in inviting a Libyan delegation to Moscow. And the Arab States, most of whom have previously spurned association with Gaddafi, have now agreed to come together to discuss the American raid on Libya.

The most illuminating report on the Libyan affair comes from former RCMP undercover agent, and a highly trained investigator, Mr. Patrick Walsh, who is quoted in our Canadian contemporary, of April 14th, as having monitored American radio broadcasts hours following the air strike against Libya, and hearing on three separate stations that President Reagan had given assurances to a top level delegation from the National Council of Churches, affiliated with the World Council of Churches, that any American bombing raids would avoid hitting the two guerrilla training camps being financed by the WCC, the African National Congress and the South West People's Organisation. These groups are Communist controlled. We wait with interest for reports concerning the fate of the WCC backed training camps. If these camps were spared the "surgical" and "selective" American bombing, a very different picture emerges of the Libyan raid.

As we monitor the developing situation, we note that our first warning has been confirmed: Terrorist acts have increased. The whole Arab world has been further destabilsed, much to the delight of both the Soviet Union and the Political Zionists. And the conditions have been created for an intense international campaign against the U.S.A. The central question to keep asking is; who is benefiting?


Former Communist turned millionaire, Mr. Phillip Adams, makes a significant revelation in The Bulletin of April 15th;
"…. from time to time a group of journalists will make a decision not to provide the oxygen of publicity to some combustible viewpoint. A case in point was the recent visit of 'historian' David Irving."

After blatantly misrepresenting the British historian's views on a number of issues, Adams says that "...I'm pleased to report that one of Australia's public affairs programmes declined to interview Irving. He'd been booked to come into the studio as a matter of course ... But when the team sat around the conference table they accepted a view, vigorously put by the journo who was to interview him, that Irving deserved obscurity." If a "group of journalists" can make a decision about who is not to be publicised by interviews, then obviously the same group can decide on a combined programme of smearing an individual or an organisation.

Whether or not Phillip Adams has actually read and studied any of the works of David Irving we do not know although we would express a doubt about whether he has even read one of them but we presume that even Adams knows that Irving's works have been published by some of the most prestigious publishing firms in the United Kingdom, Western Germany and the United States. However, Adams displays that arrogance for which he is well known, by referring to "genuine historians" who have no time for a "rat bag revisionist".

While admitting that "Irving has been given a lot of media attention in the UK and US", Adams does not mention that the last burst of media attention concerned Irving's shattering exposure of the hoax of the alleged Hitler Diaries, originally endorsed as genuine by one of Mr. Adams' "genuine historians", Trevor-Roper. Irving's most important contribution to a more realistic history of the horrendous events of this violent century is in the field of careful documentation and the exposure of some of what has passed as documentation.

During his Australian tour having presented firsthand evidence of the pressure from publishers to revise their material to present what is more "acceptable" point of view. He also revealed how a well-known American publishing house declined to publish a paperback edition of Uprising, a study of the historic Hungarian uprising of 1956, because Irving had demonstrated that a major factor in that uprising had been a nation wide anti-Jewish feeling.

In what is an indirect reference to Mr. Eric Butler and the League of Rights, Mr. Adams says that while in the past he has "attacked various of Australia's lunatic fringes", he now believes, in essence, that a policy of the "silent treatment" is essential. This is quite a reversal of form by Adams, who originally said he regarded Eric Butler as one of the "most dangerous" men in Australia and that his mission was to reduce Eric Butler's influence. The vicious Adams smear of Eric Butler has, of course, backfired with the publication of Eric Butler's devastating reply to Phillip Adams, and K.D.Gott, in The Truth About The League of Rights. We know that Eric Butler's documented revelations have sent shockwaves through the ranks of those journalists and others who adopted the Adams-Gott approach in attempting to smear the League of Rights and its National Director. Discussions have been held about how best to deal with Eric Butler's book. And it has been agreed that further open attacks can only prove counter-productive. Thank you. Phillip Adams, for confirming what we had already been told.

(Uprising, by David Irving, price $23 posted, and The Truth About The Australian League of Rights, price $7 posted, can be obtained from all League of Rights bookshops).


How the Communists must be laughing at the West's naive belief that it can offset the menace of the USSR by siding with China. Business Week (Feb 24, 1986) reported: "…Although small by world standards, the 1984 agreement to buy 24 Black Hawks for $140 million was China's first big arms deal with the West. It has given UTC and other Western defence contractors something to dream about: The purchases China is likely to make when it starts modernising the world's largest army. Hoping to cash in, more than 100 companies from the U.S. and Europe converged on Beijing last month to stage the biggest exhibition of Western arms ever seen in China. The displays included antitank missiles, avionics, advanced helicopters, and armoured personnel carriers.

Although President Reagan gave U.S. contractors the O.K. to sell military gear to the Chinese in June 1984, deals have been slow to take shape. But now there is a flurry of activity. The Pentagon intends to sell China up to $98 million worth of artillery-production technology. It also confirmed plans in late January to sell as much as $500 million worth of improved avionics for 50 Chinese F8 jet fighters a cousin of the Soviet Union's MiG-23…
Rather than making large-scale purchases, China hopes to buy technology to produce advanced arms at home. "For the next five years you'll see these sales in the $300 million to $400 million range, giving them a modest upgrade in key areas, says Roger Sullivan, a vice-president of the National Council for U.S.-China Trade…."


After strutting the world stage, offering to "mediate" on the Libyan affair, lecturing the Common Market politicians and bureaucrats on the importance of a "reformed" trade system, and meeting with the Pope, Prime Minister Hawke has returned to Australian realities, including an increase in the inflation rate. Desperate Australian primary producers have gained absolutely nothing from the Hawke trips, and should act accordingly. The John Howard response to the inflation rate demonstrated once again that he has forgotten nothing, and learned nothing. The constructive elimination of inflation requires a drastic reduction in taxation and interest rates.
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