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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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24 January 1986. Thought for the Week: "The liberal idealist can never see that he is being used and manipulated with cynical contempt by Satanic powers, or that his potential for unwitting debacle is correspondingly higher the more revered or important he is in the community. The liberal never realises that he has been conditioned by emotive writing or oratory into a masochistic and morbid hatred of self, his own race, and his own culture. His guilt complex has been implanted in his subconscious mind by constant exposure to films, books, newspaper, and propaganda."
Dr. Michael Hurry in Who Holds the Balance?


We presume that most of our readers, even the younger ones, have at least heard of "Alice In Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll. If possible they should obtain a copy and read about the Mad Hatter's Tea party, which could be considered as almost a description of sanity compared with what is happening in today's "progressive" world. Consider, for example, the Federal Government's grant of $1,000,000 to "a world authority on family psychology, Professor Jacqueline Goodnow", who is going to make a five year study of household chores and their effect on the family. The good Professor is quoted as saying that the project would look at work relationships in the household from parent-child task sharing to those involving working and retired couples. "The arrangement of household work is a cause of major conflict. It has often been cited as one of the precipitating factors in divorce", she says. The acting director of the Institute of Family Studies, Dr. Peter McDonald, supports the project.

No doubt the Mothers of Australia will be waiting with bated breath to hear the findings of Professor Goodnow, which we can predict with certainty, will merely tell them what they already know. We are reminded of how the much-publicised Dr. Spock influenced several generations of parents on how they should bring up their children with little or no discipline. Smacking disobedient children produced traumas and other dreadful results Spock eventually said he had been all wrong and that the majority of Mothers knew best how to bring up their children. And then there is Germain Greer, high priestess of Feminism. Having seen the dreadful results of her teachings, Germain Greer now preaches old-fashioned values and virtues. From Canada comes the news that the Canadian Federal Government has conducted a $50,000 poll, which revealed that Crest is a toothpaste! The poll was conducted for taxation purposes. As our Canadian colleague, Canadian League of Rights Director, Mr. Ron Gostick, observes, the Government could have asked any ten kindergarten children at no cost to the taxpayers, and obtained the same information. The chairman of the Federal Grants Committee, Professor Ron Aitkin, yesterday said the grants scheme has issued 1453 grants for 1986 totaling $27.54 million. It would be instructive to have a complete list of the research projects to see how many are as silly as the one concerning household chores.


This item was contributed by a northern N.S.W. actionist:
"The growth of the global lending business has left countries of all political persuasions, whether less developed or politically advanced, highly vulnerable to the more or less complete loss of their sovereignty. "'International conspiracy theories of the Far Left', said the Financial Times of London recently in its Editorial on the South African economic crisis. "As the journal quoted, few people would have credited that the world's most conservative government would fall prey to the International brotherhood of bankers. "Here we have one of the world's foremost financial journals frankly admitting that South Africa had fallen victim to the activities of the international bankers. "This brotherhood, aided by the international monetary fund is twisting the arms of all Third World countries as they see their loans in danger; but strange that of all the countries that they have lent huge loans, they have not attempted to put pressure on the Soviet Union or her captive states, and they know that these will never be repaid.

"The latest turn in the South African story thus contains an ominous pointer to the extent to which the world has allowed effective control of its affairs over a wide range to be taken over by what the Financial Times fittingly describes as a Coterie of Foreign Bankers. There an ominous warning in this for Australia with our rapidly increasing (massive) overseas debt - which is now out of control? "Will Australians take heed of what is happening world wide, or keep their heads in the sand?"

Note: All actionists should have a copy of the current (January 1986) The New Times the League's monthly journal of political economy. The lead article by the National Director, viz. "A South African-Soviet Union Agreement?" indicates the way South Africa is being pushed by the World's Financial Manipulators. Send $1.00 for a copy to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic., 3001.


"A new conservative party will contest key seats in the next Federal election." Sunday Press (Melbourne) January 19th, It's the "Conservative Alliance Party", to campaign on "traditional moral values", aid to small business, etc. Our belief is that its members and candidates will come from the ranks of frustrated, disappointed, disaffected erstwhile supporters of the Liberal and National Parties. We can predict accurately, and right now, that it will get exactly nowhere unless this new grouping, even if elected to office (and that is a big question mark) can bring about changes in financial policies which effectively put more purchasing power in the hands of individual Australians; scale down the huge Big Brother bureaucracy; put an end to the United Nations' induced attack on the liberties of Australians via such trickery as the Bill of Rights, and its cutting edge, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (now threatened).

The individual can only flourish in an environment of freedom and security. All political parties have given us less freedom and less security. Malcolm Fraser's Government paved the way for the United Nations attack on our way of life. Sir Robert Menzies, when Prime Minister, oversaw a further centralisation of Finance in Australia via certain Banking Acts. We've heard all this - "return to traditional values" stuff before.

Those with long enough teeth will remember the "Call to Australia" of around 1950-51. A considerable amount of money was raised for a major propaganda campaign, well supported by the Churches and prominent civic leaders, to return Australia to the path of Christian values. Most praiseworthy indeed; but it (The Call) got exactly nowhere, because the human environment instead of allowing the individual to expand his natural gifts, deteriorated - thus having a reverse effect which we see today, with social disintegration moving space. Only Christian policies will return Australia to "traditional values" and the policies we are receiving from the Hawke Socialist/ Humanist/Communist Government are not only non-Christian but actively ANTI-CHRISTIAN.


The anti-Joh Bjelke-Petersen fanatics are even talking about having the UN intervene to halt the "gerrymander" which allegedly keeps a "minority government" in office in Queensland. Labor critics should be reminded of how for twenty-five years Labor governments had the electorates so designed that Labor held country electorates with an average of 5,000 voters with coastal and city anti-Labor electors with from 15,000 to 20,000. An example of Labor "'gerrymandering" was the election of a Labor Member for Charters Towers with less than 5,000 electors while the Liberal held electorate of Mt. Gravatt had 29,000 electors. Only the split in the Labor Party ended Labor rule in Queensland. It is easy to criticise Queensland's electoral boundaries, particularly if one accepts the false one-man-one-vote-one-value dogma. But the fact remains that, particularly since the 1974 elections, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen has had the support of the majority of Queensland electors.

The Health Insurance Commission totalitarians are having a field day. Typical of petty bureaucrats given a shred of power, they go right off the planet, pushing their kith and kin this way and that. Now they want everyone tagged and labeled via the "Australia Card" in order to receive federal benefits, and even to operate a bank account. Yes, and photographs on the Card, of course. There will always be an abundance of little totalitarians who will sell their souls for a shred of power over others. Subversive and occult writings which we have studied have it that one third of mankind can be relied upon to spy on and betray the other two thirds. Yes, even members of their own families!

The "International Year of Peace" circus is about to take off in Australia. United Nations stuff, of course. Buses, trucks, and caravans will sweep around Australia with a message of "Peace". It's of a piece with "peace studies". We have another name for it, viz. Disarmament Propaganda. The Soviet Union will certainly give us "peace". (their peace if we allow our self-defence forces to run down); and that's what it's all about. We can imagine the mob that will be manning the "Peace Train"; scruffies, misfits, dreamers, drop outs: the lot.


Car owners and buyers will be interested in the following letter, published in The Sun (Melbourne). January 20th. The title given to the letter was - "Taxman Takes Most of Your New Car Cost":
"Recent increases in new car prices are in the news, and with more rises forecast I believe that the true situation should be put in perspective. "I sell Mazda cars and below give a classic breakdown of where the costs of a standard Mazda 323 come from (323 S/DLX Manual Hatch).
"The true cost of manufacturing a single car in Japan is $A2,000. "But both the company and its employees are taxed by the Japanese Government, as are all suppliers, which means that Mazda Japan sells its export 323s at $5,000. "The Australian Government then lodges a 108% tariff (tax) of $5,400 "Mazda Australia sells the cars to dealers with a markup of $2,600 to cover transportation costs (from Japan to Australian dealers, taxed of course) $1,000; advertising $300 (taxed also) and other costs, including taxes, $1,300. "The dealer buys the car for $13,000. "I will assume that the dealer then sells the car for $14,400 (a typical cash price). "Of the $1,400 margin, $700 covers wages (taxed at an average of 50c in the $1.00., $300 profit (taxed at 60%) and materials, etc. (also taxed directly and indirectly).
"Before the purchaser can drive off in his car he must pay more taxes, in the form of registration. "In Victoria the R.T.A. breakdown for the car (as on the R.T.A. form) is: Mandatory (mystery) surcharge $2.00; annual fee (weight multiplied by power) $41.00; insurance (not taxed) $181.15; number plate manufacture (taxed) $10.00; additional (mystery) fee $16.00; stamp duty $360; on-site fee (mandatory) $10.00. Total bill: $620.15. "Thus the total cost of the car is $15,020.15. "I say conservatively that the tax component in your Mazda 323 is at least $11,389, or more than 75.82% of the total cost. "This breakdown is typical of most imported cars.
"Locally produced cars have a tax component of more than 50% while some prestige imports have a tax component of up to 85%. "Don't forget the taxes we pay on petrol too! "Surely car owners deserve better from those who levy taxes."
This letter over the name of a "John Barnett" of Caulfield South. (Melbourne suburb)
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