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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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29 August 1986. Thought for the Week: "A genuine science of economics would deal with relevant physical realities and their inter-relationships. The more important of these are the availability of raw materials for immediate use or suitable for conversion to a more useful form; the quantity of energy available; the ratio of fuel - derived energy to human energy; efficiency and economy of process; determination of exchange values of units of production in absolute terms. The objective of the economic system should be defined as the fulfillment of the whole community's demands from the bottom up - i.e. first the provision of adequate food, clothing, and shelter for all (e.g. homes before offices...) second, to meet more complex demands in accordance with industrial and technological development and guided by demonstrated consumer choice."
Dr. Bryan Monahan in Freedom and Inflation


On Tuesday night of last week, Federal Treasurer Keating presented a fraudulent and misleading set of figures to the Federal Parliament, which was used to justify a programme for reducing the general standard of living in Australia. On Saturday, August 16th, qualified accountant David Beaven presented a different set of figures at the annual South Australian League of Rights seminar, demonstrating that the real economic situation in Australia was far different from that presented by Treasurer Keating; that Australia was in fact a very wealthy nation in terms of assets and production, and that a proper balance sheet revealed that a cash bonus of $56 per week could be paid to finance a consumer discount scheme. Mr. Beaven pointed out that a proper National Balance Sheet, similar to that required from all private and public companies, would not only include estimated receipts and expenditure, but an assessment of the increase in national assets over the previous twelve months.

The truth is that Treasurer Paul Keating lives in a world of Black Magic. The Witch Doctors of that Black Magic are the numerous financial 'experts' who, while varying in their interpretation of the Black Magic, are basically in agreement. For example, the central question raised about the Keating Budget, was what would be the reaction of the "international money market". Reduced to simple language, this means: did Mr. Keating impress the International Bankers to the point where continued investment in Australia would be approved? Fabian Socialist Bob Hawke has made the revealing statement that unless his government took appropriate steps to "discipline" the Australian economy, Australians could find the International Monetary Fund stepping in to do the "disciplining." Which raises the question of "Who is running Australia?"

Will the Keating-Hawke budget be a success? This question can only be answered by asking what is the long-term objective of the Budget and those who fashioned it. If the objective of the Budget is to reduce the general standard of the Australian people, to force a "re-structuring" of Australian industry with the progressive elimination of small-scale enterprise and the further destruction of the rural community, together with a progressive increase in the concentration of economic power, it will prove an outstanding success.

The projected deficit of $3.5 billion, which will still require further debt, interest charges and higher taxation, is hailed as a tremendous achievement by many of the financial witchdoctors. This result is to be achieved by a drastic increase in indirect taxes. Nothing so graphically demonstrates the smothering influence of the Black Magic than the imposition of a heavy Sales Tax on fruit juices. Spokesmen for the fruit industry point out that this means the death knell for much of the fruit juice industry with Australia becoming increasingly dependant upon foreign imports. This is all part of the phasing out of many Australian industries in accordance with the strategy of the New International Economic Order.

We will spare our readers the wearisome experience of attempting to analyse the Keating-Hawke Budget item by item. But we will predict that inflation will continue at least at the present level, that the present high interest rates will continue, and that unemployment will increase.

And what of Opposition leader John Howard? He believes in the same Black Magic as does Mr. Keating. All that he can offer is a slightly different mixture of the "medicine" prescribed by Mr. Keating. Along with the National Farmers' Federation, which is allegedly fighting to save Australian primary producers, John Howard stresses that the big hope for Australia is more foreign investment: i.e. more sacrificing of Australian independence, Mr. Howard would abolish the Fringe Benefits Tax and Capital Gains Tax and rely more on indirect taxes, as is Treasurer Paul Keating.

The only difference between Mr. Keating and Mr. Howard, is that Mr. Howard would not deal so gingerly with the Trade Unions. Mr. Howard would "freeze" wages for a period, a policy that has already been tried in the United States, where an attempt to "freeze" both wages and prices was attempted. Results were disastrous. Any attempt to "freeze" wages in Australia would produce a revolutionary situation. The Marxists look forward to this prospect.

But the rank and file of Trade Unionists would readily accept a policy, which maintains and increases their purchasing power. This can easily be achieved through the complete abolition of Sales Tax and the re-introduction of the Consumer Price Discount system used so successfully during and after the Second World War. The physical realities are that, so far from Australians being forced to accept a lower standard of living, they should be enjoying a higher standard. The view that Australians cannot enjoy to the full their vast productive capacity without the approval of the "international financial community", is a surrender to Black Magic. The first answer to Black Magic is to stop believing in it.


The Hawke Government has conceded defeat on the Bill of Rights. It may attempt to resurrect it later, but the howls of rage from Senator Gareth Evans and others confirm that the Government has decided it has had enough. The League was first in the field warning about this Bill and paved the way in the battle. The Human Rights Commission also on its way to extinction, at least in its present form. We are highly amused that Opposition leader John Howard is attempting to take the credit for the defeat of the Bill of Rights. Apart from several Opposition Members, the great majority did no real campaigning; only attempting to jump on the bandwagon after the battle was nearly won. It must never be forgotten that it was John Howard and his colleagues who introduced the Human Rights Commission. They also introduced the revolutionary land claims project, only changing their position after the League of Rights had pioneered a massive national campaign. Opposition Leader Andrew Peacock made the weak statement that he was running "parallel" with the League on the land claims issue.

The League is pleased to be listed among "the forces of darkness" which Senator Bolkus claims were responsible for the defeat of the Bill of Rights. Congratulations to all League campaigners who played a decisive role in the anti-Bill of Rights campaign, and who are on the verge of defeating the Cain government's Fabian programme to destroy local government in Victoria.


Jeremy Lee adds his voice on the Bill of Rights
There is no doubt the A.L.P. and the Democrats have taken a pounding on the Bill of Rights, Lionel Bowen, Bob Hawke and Keating want it out of the way as soon as possible, as they already have enough on their plate. It is reported that Susan Ryan and Gareth Evans are fighting a rearguard action in Cabinet to ensure the postponement is only temporary. The Daily Sun (Brisbane, Aug. 20) reported:
"Federal Government proposals to resurrect its Bill of Rights by including parts of it in the Constitution came under fire yesterday ... Mr. Bowen raised the possibility of the constitutional move last week while conceding the Bill would not pass through Parliament ... The Government will instead introduce a new Bill to establish a smaller, re-drafted Human Rights Commission Bill to replace the proposed expanded body which would have implemented a Bill of Rights package in legislation…"

A full-page article in The Bulletin (August 26) said: "Fanned by the National Party ... popular opposition to the bill has been mounting steadily in rural areas…"
Both the Liberals and the Nationals are now claiming credit for sinking the Bill of Rights and the present Human Rights Commission, which they themselves had a hand in promoting. Such are the ways of politicians: To be charitable, they both need the odd feather to fly with, and they did, belatedly, come out against the Bill. The real bouquets should go in a different direction. Professors Geoffrey Blainey, Lauchlan Chipman and Mark Cooroy did more than all members of the Opposition combined to expose the Bill of Rights for what it was.
Solicitor J.K.Bowen (no relation of Lionel) produced some excellent material. Mrs. Jackie Butler and her excellent paper "Wake Up" had a major influence throughout Australia. Katherine West, having a somewhat ambiguous position to the Bill to begin with, came out strongly in the later period, to her credit.
The Logos Foundation's Director, the Rev. Howard Carter, with his booklet "Bill of Rights or Bill of Violations?" produced the first, co-ordinated participation of Christian Church organisations that we are aware of. All these leaders deserve much greater acknowledgement and respect than all the party politicians put together, who only jumped on the bandwagon once it was rolling. The greatest bouquet of all must go to the tens of thousands of ordinary Australian men and women who worked untiringly and ceaselessly on this issue, circulating material, playing videos and tapes, and inundating the Parliament - particularly the Senate - with the biggest barrage of letters in Australia's history. The final acknowledgement and gratitude should go to Almighty God. We know there was much prayer on this issue.

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