Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

26 September 1986. Thought for the Week: "The definition of cowardice is to see what is right and not to do it."


We don't often agree with Foreign Minister Hayden, but Hayden was right when he said that Malcolm Fraser was suffering from delusions of grandeur. He was referring to Fraser's extraordinary letter to US Vice President Bush making suggestions about how the Reagan Administration should handle the question of Anzus and New Zealand. Having been made an 'Eminent' person by courtesy of Prime Minister Hawke, Mr. Fraser apparently feels that he has the international standing to offer Washington his gratuitous advice. Fraser has arrogantly brushed aside any suggestion that he was getting a little beyond himself in writing as he did to Vice President Bush. But there could be much more to this affair than has attracted the attention of the commentators.

Vice President Bush is one of the darlings of the Trilateralists and fellow internationalists, and is almost certain to win the Republican nomination for the next American Presidential contest. That is, not unless the genuine conservatives can defeat him. Bush has played a quiet but influential role in the hardening of African policy against South Africa. Malcolm Fraser has been a strong campaigner for the New International Economic Order, which requires revolutionary changes in South Africa. It is therefore interesting that he should feel that he could write as he did to fellow internationalist George Bush.

Equally interesting is that one of Australia's most sophisticated Marxists, Mr. John Halfpenny, should have contacts close enough to Bush to enable him to produce Fraser's letter. Whatever one thinks of the treacherous policies of Dr. Henry Kissinger, one could not dispute that Kissinger is a man of high intelligence. The Money Power has always bought the best brains. Not even Malcolm Fraser's best friend - if he has one - could claim that the former Australian Prime Minister has displayed any outstanding intellectual qualifications. One of his Oxford University tutors has been quoted as saying that Malcolm Fraser was one of the greatest "colonial drongos" he had met. What really happened to Malcolm Fraser at Oxford, where he had only non-European friends, and supported the Marxist Anti-Apartheid movement, has never been explained. But today it is clear that he has been accepted into the international sphere of the Trilateralists and their spiritual bedfellows.

Malcolm Fraser, like Kissinger, who wrote a Foreword to Fraser's recently published book, a mishmash of some of Fraser's past addresses, has now also joined the world of the international investors, those who currently are looking at providing foreign funds for rural properties in both Australia and New Zealand. Kissinger is also involved in this field. Demonstrating that he is either a knave or a fool - both can be dangerous - Malcolm Fraser last week continued with his anti-South African campaign by claiming in his Canberra address that the delaying of international sanctions against South Africa was only helping the Soviet Union. Presumably Malcolm Fraser is not aware that the whole international Marxist movement is in the forefront of the campaign demanding full-scale sanctions against South Africa.

One of his most extraordinary claims is that the Soviet Union has no real friends in Southern Africa. Presumably Comrade Mugabe of Zimbabwe does not mean what he says about his Soviet friends: And has Malcolm Fraser not heard that six months ago twenty-five Cuban lecturers arrived in Zimbabwe to teach Spanish to the 441 Zimbabweans who are undertaking a teaching-training course in Cuba later this year. Cuba has a strong diplomatic presence in Zimbabwe. Indoctrinated with Marxism in Cuba, the 441 teachers will return to Zimbabwe to help further the Marxist teaching already dominant in Zimbabwe schools. All this, and similar information, is readily available. The fact that Malcolm Fraser disputes or ignores it, leaves him open to the growing suggestion that he is consciously serving the cause of the World Revolution.


Former Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, is reported in The Australian of September 15th as saying in Perth that the only reason the Rhodesian Government fell was "because South Africa eventually cut off its lifeline". Ian Smith went on to say "It was our friends, not our enemies, that eventually destroyed us."

It may be that the journalists interviewing Mr. Smith then asked the obvious question "But why did South Africa cut off Rhodesia's lifeline?" and that Ian Smith's answer was not published. The truth is, of course, that South Africa deserted the Rhodesians because of the pressure applied by Dr. Henry Kissinger on behalf of the International Money Power, which has no difficulty in doing business with Marxist Mugabe. If the South African government felt that it could save itself by sacrificing Rhodesia, subsequent events have dramatically demonstrated that they were wrong.

The destruction of Rhodesia "cleared the decks" for the assault on South Africa. With the greatest of respect to Mr. Ian Smith, his reference to his friends destroying Rhodesia was an unfortunate use of words. Irrespective of the political colour of British American Governments, none was a friend during the years when Rhodesia was successfully defying international economic sanctions. They were exerting every type of pressure on the Rhodesians, some of it extremely subtle and designed to convince the Rhodesians that if they became more "moderate" International acceptance would be gained. But even the installation of a black government under Bishop Muzoerewa, did not appease Rhodesia's enemies, who eventually had their way with the bringing to power of Comrade Mugabe. Even the "Iron Lady" buckled under the pressure at the fateful Lusaka conference, where Prime Minister Fraser and his Foreign Minister, Andrew Peacock, played a major role.

Rhodesia's real friends around the world were the hundreds of grassroots movements, but they were progressively shunned by subversives inside the Rhodesian Information Department. Cleavages developed inside the Rhodesian Government on the best way to resolve their internal and external problems, with the best informed senior Cabinet Minister, Lord Graham, eventually resigning from the Smith government. As documented by Ivor Benson in his masterly work, destined to become a classic, The Zionist Factor ($4.00 posted) from all League bookshops) the Zionist influence inside Rhodesia sought to encourage the Smith government to take a more "liberal" stance and to weaken the influence of "right-wing extremists" like Ivor Benson and Eric Butler. The Zionist factor is an even bigger influence in the South African drama, again working to convince the Botha Government that the Zionist state of Israel is one of its best friends. One of the results of the Zionist factor is the exclusion from South Africa of Eric Butler.

It is certainly true, as Ian Smith has told Australians, that sanctions against Rhodesia resulted in a tremendous strengthening of the Rhodesian economy, and that sanctions against South Africa will strengthen the South African economy. While we echo Ian Smith's view that the South Africans should be left to resolve their own problems, it is naive to expect that this is going to happen. To suggest otherwise is to indicate an ignorance of the realities of the international power game.

Ian Smith is appalled by the ignorance of Malcolm Fraser concerning South Africa, and he may be right that Malcolm Fraser is "naive", But Mr. Ian Smith might recall that Malcolm Fraser was given the highest recognition by the Zionists in the U.S.A. for his "anti-racism", with special mention of Fraser's role in toppling Rhodesia. He was appointed to his present "Eminent" role by Zionist Bob Hawke.

If South Africa is to survive, it must carefully heed the lessons of Rhodesia. Fortunately the South Africans do not have to worry about anyone cutting their lifeline. What they have to do is to face the reality that no matter how many compromises they make, it will not placate their enemies. Ian Smith discovered that. But too late.


The desperate financial plight of Victorian football clubs reflects the general national malaise. The Victorian code evolved organically from a mixture of Gaelic football and local innovations and reflected the character of a pioneering nation. The enormous following the code has enjoyed was based upon the spectacular nature of the game and loyalty to local clubs who, originally recruited from local young men. It was regarded as an honour to play for one's local club. Saturday "at the footie" was regarded as a weekly family outing. But all that has changed. Crowd behaviour reflects the growing violence in society, while the clubs' astronomical debts are the result of increasingly expensive administrations and highly paid sporting gladiators. It is like Rome all over again.

The Murphy's of Barham N.S.W. are obviously commonsense Australians. According to a report the Murphy's suggest that one way to halt Australia's growing trade deficit is to control the import of citrus fruit and juices at a time when Australia's 4,500 citrus growers are suffering along with it of Australia's primary producers. Cheap Brazilian frozen orange fruit concentrate is being sold at the expense of local citrus growers. As the Murphy's point out, the Federal budget imposition of a 10 percent sales tax on fruit juice products containing not less than 25 percent local juice was kicking the industry while it was down. So far from the Federal Government having "lost touch with reality", as the Murphy's state, they and other primary producers are the victims of the Government's programme of internationalisation, designed to fit Australia into the New International Economic Order.


The Hawke Government is considering funding the African National Congress (A.N.C.), which has an office in Sydney. It is also considering the closure of all South African Airways offices in Australia. This would result in a loss of approx. $40 Million in foreign exchange and 1,500 Australian jobs! By not giving the obligatory one year's notice on South African Airways' landing rights in Oz penalty payments may be incurred, amounting to millions of dollars. The mad ideologues will try to put ideology before commonsense.
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