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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 October 1986. Thought for the Week: "Western civilisation has been correctly described as a Christian civilisation. ... The Greek philosophers struggled with the problem of how to make individual liberty a reality. While the Romans provided man with a firm concept of the Rule of Law. But it was the Christian teaching that man is a special creature made in God's image, which gave the human person a significance unknown outside Western Europe. Now man saw himself as part of a type of cosmic spiritual drama and felt he had the power to change history."
Eric D. Butler in The Essential Christian Heritage


An interstate League supporter attending his first League National weekend, described it as a "spiritual feast". One message read at The New Times Dinner last Friday expressed the view that the National Weekend was an "experience" which all League supporters should have at least once. A full report of The New Times Dinner will appear in the special Dinner issue of The New Times. The high quality of Papers presented at the Seminar was warmly commented upon. The Seminar projected the growing ability of the League to provide outstanding speakers covering a wide spectrum. All addresses were video taped and are available. There are also cassettes.

But it was at the National Action Seminar on the Sunday where it was clear that all present felt that they were part of a spiritual drama with the power to play a meaning full role in changing the course of history. There were heavy literature sales and many new valuable contacts made. A lengthy session was devoted to the development and effective use of videotapes, with several actionists reporting on their growing "grassroots" activities with videotape evenings. The overall general influence of the League is beyond argument. As the national crisis deepens, an increasing number of groups make contact with the League for information and advice. The League clearly is in the forefront of the battle to save a Free Australia.


One of the messages read at The New Times Dinner raised the question of whether it was any longer correct to speak about conspiracies: the programme for creating a New World Order was now out in the open. This view receives some backing from the recent report of the National Australia Bank, which has been widely publicised in all of the print media we have seen. It is featured on page two of both The Sun, Melbourne, and The Australian, of last Monday, October 6th. The report warns that 1986-87is a "watershed year" for the world economy and that Australia runs the risk of "falling between the cracks" as the leading trading nations try to meet domestic and international pressures. The essence of the National Bank of Australia's report is that Australia must "restructure" its economy in order that it can be merged into the New International Economic Order.

The National Bank report follows close on the analysis of the world economy by Federal Treasurer Paul Keating, who in an address to the International Monetary Fund last week called for "collective action" to "stimulate free trade and world economic growth." Keating says, "The world economy seems to be balanced on a knife edge, that it has lost its forward momentum and that prosperity cannot be achieved by some at the expense of others. After painting a gloomy scenario, warning that there would be developments along the lines of what happened during the Great Depression of the 'thirties, the National Bank says the only answer is "major restructuring", although this would bring "profound economic and social dislocation".

The Bank report then says that this dislocation would be preferable to what happened during the Great Depression. This suggests that planned destruction of large sectors of the Australian economy would be preferable to allowing what happened during the Great Depression. The victims of what is proposed will find it hard to detect any real differences between the different methods of destruction. There is not the slightest hint that if Australians insisted that their financial policies served their genuine economic requirements, they need not suffer any type of economic and social disorder. The alternative view accepts without question that Australia is no longer a sovereign nation, but one completely dependent upon exporting. And, of course, borrowing from overseas.

The National Bank report then proceeds to reveal quite openly what we have been warning about for years; that mankind must accept the New International Economic Order as the only hope for the future. The bank outlines the four major structural changes taking place in the world: An increasing transfer of wealth to the Western countries from the developing countries; increasing trade between the advanced industrialised nations; steady erosion of the terms of trade for commodities exported; the risk of the development of regional trading blocs centred on the US, Japan and the EEC. The National Bank says that the "old remedies" can no longer be applied. "It must be recognised', the bank says, "that the present situation is a collective problem and will only be solved at the collective level." This is exactly what the Trilateralists and other international power groups are saying.

The National Bank report concludes that Australia's economic future lies in "greater integration with the Asian region", but again stresses that many changes will have to be made to make this possible. The future of Australia as an independent, Western European nation, reflecting the Graeco-Roman-Christian heritage is now at stake. Australia is a major target for the internationalists, and the immediate future will decide the nation's future. The choice is between complete economic and financial independence, with the preservation of the nation's traditional culture, or the loss of all national identity in the proposed New International Economic Order. This is truly Australia's greatest hour of peril.


The intensification of the campaign to track down alleged Nazi war criminals in Australia is to be stepped up. This campaign further confirms our view that Australia has become a major target for the international revolutionaries. The threat of National Socialist Germany died in 1945, with the destruction of the Hitler regime. But the threat of the Soviet Union has progressively grown over the 40 years since the end of the Second World War. But the Zionist terror machine is not suggesting any type of campaign to deal with Soviet criminals. And, of course, there is no mention whatever in the Zionist controlled media of the murderous campaigns conducted by Begin and other founders of Zionist Israel. How would the Zionists react if a British Government decided that all those responsible for the murdering of innocent civilians in Palestine would be hunted down and brought to some type of trial?

The Age, Melbourne, is a major centre for the furthering of revolutionary movements in Australia. Students of revolution closely observe the editorial "line" of The Age. In its second editorial of October 6th, The Age states that allegedly responsible for the most "chilling event in modern history", "should be tracked down for two reasons: first, justice demands that people guilty of such crimes be brought to justice, even decades after the events; and second, the relentless pursuit of war criminals should act as a constant reminder to younger generations of the atrocities committed against Jews and others less than 50 years ago." The Age does not suggest that Australians should be insisting that all those Japanese responsible for the brutal treatment of Australian prisoners of war on the Burma railway and elsewhere should be tracked down. The Age says that there should be a 'thorough investigation' of the names provided by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre because it has "a reputation for responsibility and accuracy". This is the reverse of the truth and before the Australian authorities heed charges by the Wesenthal Centre they should thoroughly check the background of this Zionist organisation. They will find that it has been criminally irresponsible.

The front page story in The Australian of October 6th, headed ASIO SHIELDED NAZI WAR SUSPECTS, provides further striking confirmation of the intensification of the "Nazi hunting" campaign in Australia. It is claimed that the former Director General of ASIO, Sir Charles Spry, had used his influence to prevent two "suspected war criminals" living in Australia from being sent back to Yugoslavia in 1951. This would have meant, of course, sending back to Yugoslavia people feared by Tito's Communist Government. We can imagine the type of "justice" they would have experienced. The Zionist campaign in Australia serves the purpose of further destabilising of Australian society. Several of the ethnic groups are concerned and fear that some of their members may be extradited. They have experienced at first hand what the Communists can do, and they have also seen the nexus between Political Zionism and Communism. Communist revolutionaries have a vested interest in cooperating with any programme of destabilisation.

Those interested in the nexus between Political Zionism, alleged "Nazis", and the Communists, should read The Unholy Alliance by Patrick Walsh, former undercover agent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. $5.50 posted.


Having been badly beaten in their direct attack on Municipal government in Victoria, the Fabian Marxists are now moving to use financial pressure to achieve their objectives. Fabian Socialist Stuart Morris, Chairman of the Local Government Commission, is reported as having given a "rousing speech" at last weekend's ALP municipal conference, urging that the campaign for "continuing reform" continue. Mr. Morris strongly defended the Cain Governments attempt to carry through its amalgamation programme. Recent press reports indicate that the Government is considering the appointment of Stuart Morris as chairman of the local government grants commission, where he could exercise enormous power by threatening to cut off grants to those councils refusing to amalgamate. The local government battle is now going to continue on a different and more basic level, that concerning finance.
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