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Edmund Burke
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7 November 1986. Thought for the Week: 'The Control of the Agenda' technique… This technique operates in all sorts of 'democratic' associations, from the State down. It is one of the chief methods of defeating democracy at the source, and the larger the association, the easier it is to work it. It is, like all effective techniques, simple: it consists simply in so arranging things that the voters are asked to choose between two or more methods of attaining a certain objective, and in taking care that they are not allowed to vote on the desirability of that objective. We have referred to it as the choice between 'being boiled in oil or hanged by the neck"'.
B. W. Monahan.


The triumph of the National Party, especially when it is borne in mind that it has led the Government of Queensland for 30 years, is one of the most extraordinary feats in the history of Australian politics.... Queensland's message is that strong policies unequivocally expressed offer the conservative parties the best prospect of making certain their victory in the next Federal election." - Editorial, The Australian, November 3rd.

It is easy to be wise after the event. We wrote in last week's On Target issue "We wouldn't be at all surprised to see Sir Joh do it again". We do not intend, here, to say too much about the triumph of Sir Joh and the Nationals; as we anticipate that our Queensland State Director, as our "man on the spot", will send us his analysis of the Queensland State election result, which we hope to publish in the next issue of On Target.

The first message to politicians, the media, and the academics, is not to under rate the intelligence of the man and woman in the street. They can "see through" most of the partisan blather about the ineffectiveness of Sir Joh because of age, and some more ridiculous accusations. We repeat, he is far more intelligent than his political opponents: he has them for breakfast!

Sleeper factors? Yes, we did mention the Christian fundamentalist right in our previous issue, and we now feel that this has become a significant factor: we still do not know just how significant. We hope our Queensland State Director will fill us in on this point. At the time of going to press the final outcome of the Election is not known: however, there seems no doubt that Sir Joh and the Nationals have gained strength. The heading for this item is a reference to Sir. Joh's expression for media news conferences: he calls these occasions "Feeding my chooks." Well, his "chooks" now have enough "food" to keep them cackling for months!


Mr. Eric Butler has been invited to join the ad hoc committee of the recently formed Anglo-European Fellowship. Also on the committee are Mr. David Irving, the noted British historian, Col Arch Roberts, who heads the influential DEFEND THE USA CONSTITUTION movement, Mr. Lawrence Paterson, well known American political analyst and investment adviser, and Mr. Jim Townsend, editor of "The National Educator". We will be publishing more information on the Anglo-European Fellowship as it comes to hand.

Mr. Butler reports that he is most impressed with the high calibre of those associated with the Fellowship, which plans a series of seminars for early in 1987. It is probable that one will be held in the United Kingdom and a series in the USA. Mr. Eric Butler's Paper, DEFEATING THE NEW BARBARIANS, delivered at the inaugural Los Angeles Seminar in October 18th, was warmly applauded. The central theme of Mr. Butler's Paper, which will be published in part in other League journals, was that no effective defence of Western Civilisation was possible unless there was understanding of the undergirding values which that Civilisation had reflected. While the major contribution of Greece and Rome could not be ignored, the decisive influence was that of Christianity. We understand that all addresses at the Los Angeles Seminar were both audio and video taped and will be available for purchase later.


from Jeremy Lee, National Secretary of the Institute of Economic Democracy
" Breathes there a man with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said This is my own, my native land…"

"When the National Australia Bank, in its October, 1986, Monthly Summary, issued a call for the implementation of the New International Economic Order, it morally forfeited the right to own its name; for it was calling for the destruction of Australia's national sovereignty. "The Bank's argument was carried in one dispassionate, shabby, shoddy, treacherous sentence: "The development of the new global economy', said the National/Australia Bank, 'demands a fundamental realignment of policymaking power, away from national governments to some as yet undefined institutional order, where the traditional nation state plays a more subordinate role...' "How carefully chosen was the syntax of the sell out!

Australia, a 'nation state' to become 'subordinate'. "To whom pray? "Why, a 'yet undefined institutional order'. "For while this most careful of all article mentioned no names; it spelled out quite clearly the programme of David Rockefeller s Trilateral Commission, established over July 23 and 24, 1972, at Pocantico Hills, New York.

"Why couldn't the National/Australia Bank come out into the open and tell us so? "Because it would also have had to tell you the following: "The New International Economic Order is a plan for World Government, officially launched at the U.N. Sixth Special Session in April, 1974. "It is endorsed by the Socialist International which, under its Chairman, Herr Willy Brandt, produced the documents - 'North South a Global Dialogue' in 1980, and the book, 'Global Challenge in 1985, calling for the same programme. "It is endorsed by the Australian Labor Party, in its 1982 Platform and Rules. "It is endorsed by the Soviet Communist bloc, as set out in the book by Soviet economist, Ernst Obminsky, (Novosti Publishing House, Moscow, 1978) as the logical fulfillment of Lenin's advocated programme for international Communism. "It is endorsed by the Bilderberger Group, founded by Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, and the Club of Rome. "It will involve, according to the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller of the Chase Manhattan Bank, both a political and philosophical accommodation with the Communist bloc.

"The implications for Australia involve: "The destruction of our traditional family farm system; "The destruction of Australian owned manufacturing industries; "The elimination of the existing Commonwealth Constitution; and, "The loss of Australia's sovereignty.

"The weapon which the National/Australia Bank has used, in cooperation with others in the bankers' cartel, is the morally indefensible technique of 'debt finance' whereby all money, in each nation, is exclusively issued as an interest bearing debt, thus preventing the sustained viability of physically efficient industries; the proper operation of supply and demand; the security of the family; and the sovereignty of the nation. "Banks, by monopolising this technique, have financed and armed revolutions, and depressions. They have now produced national and international bankruptcy, and are demanding world government as the price of global amortisation.

"They are reaching for final control of the world's farms, mines, and industries. Their buildings - the biggest in every village, town and city - are the new 'cathedrals' of the 20th Century idolatry - the worship of Mammon.Of the men who have done this thing, for which their country and their fellows are less important than their club, their cheque book and their 'profit', it can be said: "'Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason'. "Or could it be said: 'there's many a slip, twixt cup and lip"'?


The Nazi hunting industry is really stepping up its campaign throughout the free world. The Governments of the United States of America, Australia, and Canada, have been, of recent times, presented with lists of alleged Nazi war criminals supposedly hiding in their countries but now the hunt is to be turned to Britain. Apparently a dossier naming suspected Nazi war criminals believed to be in Britain has been given, by the Nazi hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, to the British Consul General in Los Angeles. The government will apparently be asked to investigate the document and, if necessary, hold trials. "Nobody would ever think that the Second World War had finished over 40 years ago, and that the menace of international Communism had placed the activities of the Nazis in the kindergarten class!

"In the light of the terror campaigns throughout the world in the various countries which they control, it was interesting to read in the October, 1986, issue of 'Czechoslovak Life' (direct from Czechoslovakia) that Czechoslovakia has been one of the governments, together with other socialist countries masterminding the campaign to discover the Nazis supposedly hiding all over the free world. "But perhaps the subject was best summarised by a minister of religion, the Rev. Dallas Clarnette, of Esperance, W.A., who had a letter published in The Australian (Oct. 10th, 1986) which read as follows: (Note this letter from the Rev. Dallas Clarnette was republished in On Target Bulletin, of October 17th).

"The Lithuanian community in the United Kingdom is the target of this latest set of accusations. Lithuanian community leaders are of the view that it is a K.G.B. disinformation campaign because of their anti-Communist activities and wish to have the Russian Communists out of Lithuania.

"In the light of these remarks, we trust that the Government (of Britain ...O.T.) will consign the dossier to the wastepaper basket. (end of British On Target item).


This letter, from Dr. P.R.N.Sutton, formerly of the Faculty of Dentistry at Melbourne University, sent this letter (published) to The Age (Melb.); publication date, November 3rd:
"I have been unable until now to comment on Professor Storey' s reply (27/9) to my letter (15/9) in which I pointed out that recent findings confirm earlier conclusions that fluoridation has made 'little or no' contribution to the recent marked decline in dental decay. This has occurred in many 'developed' countries, including Australia, during the past 20 years in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated (e.g. Brisbane) areas ('Nature', 10.7.86). "Despite this evidence, Professor Storey continues to assert that fluoridation is a 'spectacular success'. To support that claim he cites a recent theoretical calculation from his own department, which contains no new experimental data and a fluoridation trial held more than 20 years ago in Tiel/Culemborg, Holland.
"Presumably to give the impression that the Dutch trial was reliable, he repeated the first half of a comment by a high court judge in the U.K. This was that: 'Dr. Sutton had no criticism to make of the study, which he agreed was a substantial one "That statement has been interpreted to imply that I could not criticise that study. The official transcript (p.6158) shows that counsel did not give me an opportunity to express an opinion on the study, except to agree that it was a 'substantial' one.
"A book setting out scientific flaws in that Dutch trial is about to be published in Europe. Those Tiel/Culemborg findings did not prevent the Dutch Government from banning fluoride in 1976, and joining all other countries of continental Western Europe in rejecting fluoridation. "My latest information indicates that, so far, all except two of the fluoridation plants in those countries have been closed down."
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