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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

14 November 1986. Thought for the Week: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
George Orwell


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Canada where he has been participating in a series of Seminars with Mr. David Irving, the controversial British historian.

"I first heard of David Irving when I visited Britain in 1964. His first major work, The Destruction of Dresden, was being widely debated. It naturally shocked and annoyed people like the late Air Vice Marshall Donald Bennett, of Pathfinder fame, with whom I discussed the question. "Those who had participated in the raid were upset to be told that the bombing of Dresden, responsible for even more civilian casualties than those of the two Japanese cities destroyed by atomic bombing, was of no real military value, but an act of barbarism which not only destroyed over 100,000 people in one night, but also destroyed one of the great cultural centres of Western Civilisation.

"Real history is not a series of disconnected episodes, but crystallised politics. As I see it, David Irving's contribution to an understanding of real history is his massive research on original documents and original source material. He produces the documentation, for example, proving that Hitler was financed through two of the major German-Jewish Banks. In my reply to Phillip Adams, viz. The Truth About the Australian League of Rights ($7.00 posted) I document the pro-Zionist policies of the Hitler regime. David Irving offers a substantial financial reward for anyone who can produce one document showing that Hitler ordered anything resembling the gassing of six -million Jews. "But he produces documents showing that on a number of occasions Hitler ordered that threatened Jews be protected. Irving's critics have yet to show that these documents are not genuine.

"When one is confronted with Irving's documents concerning Winston Churchill, one can understand why his publishers have recoiled from publishing his biography of Churchill. I also understand how the Irving picture of Churchill shocks all those who have accepted the Churchill legend. "In one meeting in British Columbia, two members of the audience, obviously fine types of British background, were so shocked that they burst out of the back door of the meeting hall. "One might disagree with David Irving's explanation of Churchill's incredible decisions, including the initiation of the policy of the bombing of open cities, and the proposal to use poison gas; with Irving stressing Churchill's problem of alcoholism; but the documentary evidence itself appears to be irrefutable. Irving demonstrates that during his years in the political wilderness, Churchill was sustained by Zionist finance.

"There is no argument, as Irving demonstrates, that the war with Hitler could have been ended by the middle of 1940, with Hitler encouraged to devote his attention to Soviet Russia, while the British Empire built up its strength. The world would have been a different place today. Zionist policy prevented a different decision in 1940. "Having heard and seen David Irving's formidable original source material I well understand why the big publishers decline to publish his biography on Churchill. And yet, an understanding of real history demands that it be published."


from Chas. Pinwill, League of Rights State Director for Queensland
"In a State well known for extraordinary elections, right back and even beyond its election of the first Labor Government in the world, almost a century ago; Queensland has done it again. "The Election was marked by the absence of clearly defined policy issues. The Premier did try to draw attention to the Fringe Benefits Tax, and his High Court challenge to it; and whilst the Hawke Government knocked a few of its teeth out in order to head it off, it was seemingly lost in the great mud slide of Party political name calling.

"Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and his Government were accused of worsening the gerrymander with recent electoral legislation, taking bribes of amounts up to $4,000,000 and giving government contracts only to their 'cronies'; and dishonesty and mismanagement of the Queensland economy. "Every day there was some new additional accusation which might have been waved away as gutter politics, except that in every poll every single one, including the, until recently, reliable Gallup Poll, showed Sir Joh - losing, losing, losing. "Every pundit agreed that Sir Joh could not hold government alone, without coalition. The only exception was Malcolm Mackerras, who, as Russ Hinze said before Election Day, 'has never been right before'.

"Most observers with some detachment would not believe that 'the bush' nor the North Queenslanders would desert Sir Joh, but the key to the Election was in metropolitan Brisbane. "Eight Brisbane seats which had been Liberal ones from the day they were born, had gone National only in the last election in 1983; and with a dignified Sir William Knox now leading the Liberals, every skerrick of media information said they were going 'home'. Without them, the Nationals would not have a majority in their own right - no matter what happened elsewhere. "They stuck with Sir Joh; he increased his majority, and the rest of Australia went into shock. "Only one of the eight seats was lost, and many informed Nationals were greatly embarrassed by having the incumbent amongst them anyhow, and quietly welcomed his loss.

"Among the lessons to be learned is that there are, now, if not before, no reliable polls. "The media are powerless, of themselves, and should be ignored by all politicians seeking success. "One of Sir Joh's greatest assets is the hostility of the mass media. People distrust them more than himself, and magnify the emotional impact of his victories. They will never be able to convince anyone, now, of an approaching defeat for Sir Joh. They've made him invincible.

"Another lesson is that the Hawke Government is finished. The ALP lost 3% in the kindest Queensland election, with the best-run election campaign, and with their most presentable leader for 20 years. "The National Party vote held up at about 39% of primary votes, Statewide, and they received about 80% of Liberal preferences to gain their majority of seats in Queensland's single house system. "The next six months should see a decision as to whether Sir Joh, having achieved most of his ambitions in Queensland, will lead the Nationals in the next Federal election."


by Neil G. McDonald
"Country folk are hitting the cities - not for a few days at Show Time, but permanent refugees. "Already the Fabian policies of the New International Economic Order have forced the occupants of 130,000 Australian farms 'off the land'. "Farmers, sturdy individuals, have always resisted the challenges of fire, flood, drought, and other adversities. "Now, they are being hit for six by low prices, high taxes, and choking interest charges. "There's been no fault with productive capacity. Modern equipment and good management have meant surpluses: but despite efficiency in accord with the recommendations of the Government of a decade ago to 'get bigger or get out', today's 'biggies' are buckling at the knees.

"Academic advice stems from people who have never sunk a dam, split a post nor used fencing wire. Professor Tribe claps an uncalloused hand when he shows mock concern 'clearing the country of clodhoppers and hayseeds'. "These pioneer types who cleared the back blocks and established farms by the sweat of their craggy brows, are now to be given the heave ho. "They will be replaced by company and corporate owners. "Imagine the new type of industrial farm with time clocks to be punched by employees who will never work from sunrise to sunset except at triple penalty rates. Some will attend the battery hen department. Some will supervise pigs, which never move from concrete pens and artificial light. Numbered dairy cattle will parade in the circumference of a giant milking complex. Super fertilisers will help deplete the quality of the soil, which, in time, will be abandoned like an open cut coalmine. Sheep dogs will give way to a mini helicopter with hooter.

"Farmers of the planned future will not own land. "The present process empties off the land those families with a traditional affinity with it. "Easiest to dispossess are those enmeshed in debt. Interest rates are rising and making the chances of ownership ever more remote. Some 70,000 farm families of Aussie battlers are expected to quit in the next few years. "The paid for farms are more difficult to upset. But, aging owners are denied a pension while the farm is operational. Farm prices are not much better than the price of a suburban house. The dilemma is to wait for an unlikely change of conditions or get out at a savage loss.

"The old style farmer watched storm clouds from his verandah. His bookkeeping was basic. Now: form filling, taxation, and non-practical matters have furrowed his brow. Unseen pressures cause more worries than cockatoos, foxes, or rabbits. Why can't he break even after toiling 70 hours a week, with unpaid family help? Every item is loaded with transport costs - both ways. Fringe Benefits Tax threatens the food and shelter given to casual shearers - even to the provision of tree limbs as fuel. "The cow cocky scratches his head. Perhaps, when the corporation takes over, he will be allowed to help in the dairy section, and maybe rent a couple of rooms until the shearers come. "A doubt crosses his troubled mind: 'what will happen if I'm told that practical experience is no longer an advantage?'


"The message must have been driven home to our "once again green" Prime Minister that Federal Labor is on the skids and that he must heed the advices of Senator Graham Richardson, Canberra's "Labor" head counter. "Back to traditional Labor policies" said The Man, or lose the next election. We have news for both of them. It's too late! The next election is lost already! So high kicks at Kakadu, and jaunts to Jackey's Marsh will be a wasted effort with respect to the recovery of those votes. They have gone walkabout. Too many things have happened (or not happened - like employment and lower inflation).


The Editorial, The Wimmera Mail-Times, Nov. 3rd;
"There is an eerie relevance linking conditions in Australia today with a warning 42 years ago by American Congressmen, Samuel Pettengell, to his House of Representatives. "Pettengell warned that Communism would try to help the U.S.A. spend itself into bankruptcy and was striving for Americans to become totally dependent on centralised government. "In his speech Pettengell gave his fellow members the 12 points of the Socialist Manifesto for the destruction of free government. The points are;
"The people must be made to feel their utter helplessness and inability to solve their own problems.
"While in this state of mind there is held up before them a benign and all wise leader to whom they must look for the cure of all their ills.
"The principle of local self government must be wiped out so that the leader of group in control may have the political power readily at hand.
"Constitutional guarantees must be swept aside, to be accomplished in part by ridiculing them as outmoded and an obstruction to progress.
"Public faith in the legal profession and respect for the courts must be undermined.
"The lawmaking body must be intimidated and from time to time, rebuked, so as to prevent the development of public confidence in the system.
"Economically the people must be ground down by high taxes, which under one pretext or another, they are called upon to pay. Thus they are brought to a common level, and all income above a meagre living is taken from them. In this manner, economic independence is kept to a minimum.
"A great public debt must be built so that citizens can never escape its burden, making government the virtual receiver for the nation.
"A general distrust of private business and industry must be kept alive so that the public may not begin to rely upon its own resources.
"Government bureaus are set up to control practically every phase of a citizen's life.
"Education of the youth of the ration is taken under control so that it may be inoculated at an early age with a spirit of submission to the system.

"To supplement and fortify all points of the Socialist Manifesto, there is kept a steady stream of government propaganda designed to extol all who bow the knee and to vilify those who dare raise a voice of dissent (end of Congressman Pettengell's warning)

"Australians who question the directions their country is taking, the pressures to which they are subjected, the daily challenge to authority, the establishment, and their way of life, may judge for themselves whether the Pettengell pattern is developing."

From The Australian, November 10th: "The greatest 'cronyism and rort' ever seen in this country is the payment of the large sums of money to defray the legal costs of Mr. Justice Murphy. "This is indeed one of the many acts of the Hawke Government 'at the expense of the ordinary people of this country' of which the Prime Minister is so fond of accusing others. Let Murphy 'rest in peace', but don't allow the eulogies to fool you in the face of the deadening silence from the rest of us! "I am disgusted'. (signed) V.Patterson, Brogo, N.S.W.

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