Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

21 November 1986. Thought for the Week: "Socialists believe that private industry makes huge profits that all go to a few owners and shareholders, thus depriving the workers of the wealth they supposedly create. They believe that the poor must be poor simply because the rich are rich, when the fact is that profits today form a very small part of prices; in the case of the nationalised industries there is no profit but a huge loss, which must be covered by taxes or increase in the National Debt.
Eric de Mare, in A Matter of Life of Debt (1976)


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Winnipeg, Canada
"As I have found during past visits, Zionist influence is strong in the Manitoba Capital; Winnipeg. It manifested itself in an ugly manner during the visit of British historian, David Irving, whose tour across Canada had been relatively uneventful, up until Winnipeg. Local League of Rights supporters had organised the Irving meeting by personal invitation only; those invited being asked to bring any others whom they felt might be interested. There was no media publicity, but inevitably the media learned of the Irving visit and the Canadian Broadcasting Commission sought an interview, which took place at the hotel-motel where David Irving was staying, and where the evening meeting was to have been held.

The evening T.V. news sought to smear David Irving with false statements about the League of Rights; itself linked to Jim Keegstra, the Albertan school teacher found guilty of allegedly fomenting hate against an 'identifiable group' - the Jews. The League's view is one that has consistently supported the right of all individuals to express an alternative opinion about history. David Irving invited the media to film his evening meeting with the proviso that they did not film the audience, nor his books on display. In the past, the smearers have filmed selected books, such as 'The Zionist Connection', or Dr. Antony Sutton's 'Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler', without commenting on the contents of the books; except to imply that they are 'anti-Semitic, and linking the speaker with the books.

"During the day of the Winnipeg meeting, the management of the hotel where David Irving was staying, was subjected to a mounting telephone campaign by, according to the hotel manager, the Jewish community. Late in the afternoon, the local representative of the Canadian League of Rights and I met with the top management of the hotel. It was clear to me at the beginning of the conference that the management had already capitulated but was desperately seeking some excuse for breaking a firm contract. The hotel is one of an international chain and the management was obviously very sensitive to what might be posed to those who owned the chain. With the progressive centralisation of power, with increasing numbers of people employed in multi-national organisations, there is a decrease in genuinely independent thinking and action.

"My offer to have a representative of the complaining group attend the meeting beforehand, to examine the League's display of books, and to indicate which were regarded as offensive, was not greeted with any enthusiasm. "Thumbing through David Irving's book, 'Uprising', which I had pointed out we were promoting, the advertising manager, who was Jewish, came across Irving's references to the fact that one of the most powerful motivations for the Hungarian uprising was the widespread resentment of Jews in top Communist positions; quickly seized upon this as evidence that Irving was 'anti-semitic' because he had documented an historical event as it had happened. The implication was that this was not permissible. "I commented as we left that the plight of Civilisation was desperately sick when a group of leading businessmen felt they could not permit an arranged meeting to take place on their premises because of fear. The operators of what is called 'free enterprise' were too afraid to permit freedom of speech. There was an uneasy silence as we left.

"An alternative venue was quickly arranged and David Irving was filmed as he addressed a 'full house'. The Jewish activist, who allegedly masterminded the anti-Irving campaign, was present and was heard to say that he wanted to see if there were people who were prepared to take Irving seriously. I have rarely seen a more hate crazed attitude; with a sneering look as David Irving spoke. If looks could have killed, members of the audience, along with David Irving, would all have died.

The media generally distorted what David Irving had to say, but did report one university professor as agreeing that Hitler made a peace offer to Britain in June, 1941, as documented by Irving. But he said that Churchill had been correct in rejecting it. Presumably it was much better to exhaust the British Empire, devastate Europe, and expand International Communism, than to have stopped a war which failed to reach any of its stated objectives. On the evening following the Irving meeting, the hotel, at which I was to have addressed a meeting, cancelled it at the last moment. But the local organiser for the League of Rights has hit back by lodging a formal complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission! A copy of his complaint has been sent to the Provincial Attorney General, and to the media. There could be some interesting developments."


Australian figures I saw before leaving showed Australia to have one of the highest per capita foreign debts in the world. New Zealand, however, under the Lange government, is clearly ahead of Australia in the 'per capita' debt race. The figures, and particularly the rate of increase, are staggering. Inflation, which was running at 3.5%* in 1983-84, is now just on 13%.
The overseas debt was $16 billion. The total tax burden increased from $10 billion in 83-84 to $14 billion in 85-86 - a 40% increase. The total public debt increased from $21.8 billion in 83-84 to $32 billion in 85-86.
Latest figures show the New Zealand population has just touched 3.2 million. This means the total public debt now averages a neat $10,000 for each living Kiwi - $40,000 for the average New Zealand family of Mum, Dad and 2 kids.

Debt is a large and increasing proportion of the New Zealand budget. Thus the Government has the same creative approach to new types of taxation as its Australian counterpart. There must be a secret government department working to devise tougher, more bureaucratic and more costly tax schemes to get "blood out of stones". The current monstrosity is the "Goods & Services Tax", where a ten percent tax is automatically payable on every transaction of every type that takes place between one New Zealander and another. Shop at the supermarket, and your grocery bill of $70 automatically becomes $77 at the counter. Your bus fare, your motel room, your petrol, even your cinema ticket now has this 10 percent tax on top of all the taxes that have been applied previously.

So far, they haven't got on to "fringe benefits" which aren't actually paid in cash. However, it is anticipated that one of the results of "CER" (Closer Economic Relations between Australia and New Zealand), will be a regular interchange of "creative tax schemes". NZ will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Australia's FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax), while Australia might also adopt NZ's GST. This may well lead to a new trans Tasman cooperation, perhaps to be called "ANZSCISBOOS" - (Australian-New Zealand Scheme to Cooperate in Squeezing Blood Out of Stones")
* The 3.5% inflation applied during the Muldoon Government's compulsory price freeze.


In a recent issue of On Target we drew the attention of supporters to the book "The Struggle for Power" by John Grover. The book is all about, "what we haven't been told and why" about uranium and nuclear energy, generally. There is no doubt that the Kremlin is most "edgy" about the American S.DI. programme ("Star Wars"). They (the "Kremliners") are such devious characters that it is not always possible to immediately "suss" what they are up to. Mr. Gorbachev, at Reykjavsk, wanted President Reagan to confine "Star Wars" to the laboratory: the talks broke down. We were intrigued to read a letter from Mr. John Grover (published) in News Weekly, November 5th. We cannot reproduce the letter in full, but select passages of great interest:

".... Nobody tells us about S.D.I. success like the old Saturn rocket subjected to an X-ray laser beam from a distance. "To the amazement of the engineers and scientists who expected it to bore a hole in the missile. "Instead, it resonated its inbuilt stresses and shook it to bits in a fraction of a second ….. It is now established that powerful X-ray laser beams can be focused in space with a 2.2 metre diameter at 1000 miles- an angle of a millionth of a radian. "The critics have been confounded. "One such device, alone, could probably destroy the entire arsenal of an aggressor power during the 30 minutes of flight, mostly above the country firing them, which would be poetic justice. "Only laser beams can cope with mass launchings. "The President has hit the sensitive nerve in the Kremlin they had been secretly researching for a decade longer than the U.S.A., beginning when President Carter stopped weapons development in the misguided hope that the U.S.S.R. would do likewise."

John Grover mentions that 200 of Moscow's "Soviet Scientists in Defence of Peace and Against Nuclear War" reacted in Pravda and a paid advertisement in the New York Times with a protest against President Reagan's "Star Wars". The Australian Council of Churches and most academics echoed the Soviet line, almost word for word. Yes, we still have a few copies of John Grover's "The Struggle for Power": price: $20.00 posted from League bookshops.

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