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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

28 November 1986. Thought for the Week: "Because of their origins, Australians have an affinity for people from the British Isles and Europe. Australia, though close to Asia, is in fact a European country now, close to Asia. In order to break down the existing bonds of kinship, new strategies have been devised and put into use so as to swing the population away from traditional and hereditary ties. The methods have been subtle. Australia has been described as a nation of immigrants, and therefore immigrants should be admitted to improve the country further; skillfully not mentioned is the fact that although Australia is a nation of immigrants, they were chiefly of European stock and mainly British. The language, culture, religion, form of government, judicial system, traditional links with the Crown, and education system all reflect the origins of the people, and all have been targets for attack since the end of the 1939-45 War by those who would like to see Australia changed into a republic, which would act as a giant international mine for the benefit of international companies."
Dr. J.C.A. Dique, in Immigration: The Quiet Invasion (1985)


Eric D. Butler reports from Canada, where he is currently lecturing and fact finding under the auspices of the Canadian League of Rights
"The Canadian "Conservative" Government, headed by Mr. Brian Mulroney, makes Fabian Socialist Bob Hawke's Government look extremely moderate. The Trudeau Government pioneered the drive to destroy Canada's sovereignty and to place the nation firmly under international control; the Mulroney Government has carried on from where the Trudeau Government left off, just as I predicted when the frustrated Canadian electors decided that a change of politicians would, of itself, change policies.

"No Western Government is more anti-South African than the Mulroney Government. The South African representation, in Canada has been closed down except for the South African Embassy in Ottawa. Air Canada has been attacked for making bookings for Canadians wishing to fly to Western European countries to make contact with air services to South Africa.

"During the recent debate in the United Nations de-colonisation Committee, the Canadian delegates hit back at the criticism of Eastern European Bloc and Third World nations, who charged that Canada and other Western nations have been economically plundering South West Africa (Namibia), and by their activities providing a material base for the preservation of 'Apartheid'. The Eastern European Bloc and the Third World have made no reference to the heavy Soviet fishing off the coast of Namibia, and their verbal criticism masks the fact that the multinational economic activities they mention are the means whereby they receive vital economic blood transfusions from the West.

"A Canadian delegate told the de-colonisation Committee that ... 'Canada believes that transnational corporations can have a beneficial impact in terms of development and in terms of transfer of technology'. The Canada delegate went on to make a strong defence of multinational organisations and their contribution towards helping economic developments in the Third World. 'Backed by the International Money Power, the multinationals are in reality being used to establish the New International Economic Order. The peoples of the 'liberated' countries are finding that they are but pawns on the chessboard of international power politics. Needless to say, Canada is one of the West's industrial nations where some of the multinationals are firmly based.

"The blatant hypocrisy of the Canadian stance on South Africa may be judged by External Affairs Minister, Joe Clark, stating early in October that while sanctions were being imposed against South Africa, remaining sanctions against the Soviet Union, imposed at the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were being removed. Mr. Clark says that sanctions rarely work, but neglected to point out that the grain sanctions against the Soviet Union, imposed by the Carter administration in 1980, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, forced Soviet leaders to consider dismantling collectivised farming, which would have been the most revolutionary step in the history of the Soviet union.

"I have not met one Canadian or American supporter of sanctions against South Africa who can explain what will happen if South Africa retaliates by denying the West access to the minerals like platinum and chrome, so essential for the West's industrial systems. Most of them have, of course, never even thought about this question. They merely re-echo what the mass media feeds them."


It is chilling how closely events in Australia and New Zealand are following each other. The New Zealand Labour Party had its annual conference in Wellington at the end of August. Running through the gathering was a smouldering conflict between "left" and "right" wings. In reality, this means 'between the "old school" traditional labour men, and the new breed of international Fabians. The Dominion (August 29) reported:
"... In pre-conference manoevring as party sector organisations met yesterday, Mr. Douglas (The Treasurer Ed.) was criticised by inference for moves to open New Zealand farmland to overseas ownership. Labour's primary producers council chairman, Gisborne MP Allan Wallbank, said opposition to overseas ownership of land was one of the sacred ideals in the council's 50 year history…."

It was once a sacred ideal in Australia's Labor Party. In fact the 1982 Platform and Rules of the A.L.P. confirmed the belief in Australian ownership of farmlands. This has not deterred Paul Keating, and his New Zealand counterpart Roger Douglas, from opening up the path for large-scale foreign intrusion into farm ownership.

Meanwhile, New Zealand has its own counterpart to the Constitutional Commission in Australia. The National Business Review (N.Z., Nov. 14) reported: "Five people have been appointed as a royal commission to remake the face of New Zealand's social policy. The government began turning the economy on its head from its first day in office. But, apart from some interim tinkering, it has not been so bold on the social front ... The royal commission on social policy will address that. The commission is due to report in mid 1988..."
There is obviously close coordination in the approach being followed in Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, the source of this coordination is the Socialist International, with which the Labor parties in both countries are officially affiliated.


Melbourne had had a further dose of terrorism. This time the target was the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne's fashionable, trendy, suburb of South Yarra. A Greek-Bulgarian-Armenian Front has claimed responsibility. The various acts of terrorism against Turkish diplomats in the West are said to be "revenge" for a massacre of many thousands of Armenians by Turkey early in this century. What has this to do with Australia? It has nothing to do with Australia; it is not our history, and the "history should be left where it arose. Has Australia made a stupid error in admitting all these unassimilables as immigrants? Of course. They are bringing their "history" in with them; including the terrorism. The Melbourne bombing is an apt example of Al Grassby's idiotic phrase, of which he was quite proud; viz. "the family of the nation". Too bad his "family" bombs and kills its members.

What's going on in the Philippines? As if we didn't know! Mrs. Cory Aquino is just; only just, holding things together whilst she attempts to hold off the forces of the military, who want an all out assault, to the death, on Communist insurgents; and they are getting stronger by the week. Where are their (the Communists') military supplies coming from? No one mentions this. Our guess is that the military hardware is pouring in from Vietnam, via the Soviet and Eastern Europe. Washington would know, and a lot more but it isn't saying. Is there another "deal" taking place, this time on the Philippines, between Washington and the Kremlin? Cory Aquino must believe in fairies if she thinks that the Communist New Peoples Army will sit around a table and make a peace pact with her. Communists never negotiate unless from a position of (military) strength, and in order to extract concessions. They give nothing. They dangle the dove of peace before the clouded eyes of non- Communists before the next Communist victory in the field. How's all this for Oz? The likelihood of powerful, Communist naval, air, and military bases just north of us in the Philippines???

Home loan repayments are squeezing the homebuyers: not that we are telling them anything. They know. Because of the results of the devaluation of the Aussie dollar, and inflation, homes are costing more - and so the loans are for greater sums, and the loans are costing more. There appears to be plenty of credit available for home loans, at a price. A bank survey has it that a family can afford 25% of its gross income for home loan repayments. We know plenty of families who are paying 50% of same in rent. This is not uncommon in the major cities of Australia.

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