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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 December 1986. Thought for the Week: "Woe to that nation whose literature is disturbed by the intervention of power. Because that is not just a violation against 'freedom of print', it is the closing down of the heart of the nation, a slashing to pieces of its memory."


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Canada
"The Canadian Deschenes Commission, established last year by the Canadian Government to investigate if "Nazi War Criminals" were living in Canada, has strongly rebuked Nazi hunter, Sol Littman, for having publicly claimed to have a new list of 28 suspected war criminals allegedly living in Canada. Littman, representing the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, whose original allegations resulted in the establishment of the Deschenes Commission, made his new allegations at a press conference in Ottawa. In a letter to the Wiesenthal Centre, the Commission pointed out that the list contained only 7 new names, while 12 of them had been given to the inquiry in September by Littman himself.

Mr. John Gregorovich, speaking for the Toronto based Ukrainian Canadian committee, charged that Littman was 'grandstanding' and had no evidence to back up his charges about suspected war criminals. "Along with other ethnic communities, the Canadian Ukrainians are disturbed by the open collaboration between the Soviet's K.G.B. and the Zionists.

The case of the Ukrainian, John Demjanjuk, retired American automotive worker, stripped of his American citizenship and taken to Israel to face trial, is causing widespread apprehension amongst all Eastern European ethnic communities on the North American continent. Demjanjuk has been charged with being the 'Ivan the Terrible' who allegedly murdered the inmates of a Nazi prison camp. In spite of the fact that substantial evidence indicated that the 'Ivan the Terrible' in question was in fact murdered in a prison uprising in 1943, and that the evidence used to strip Demjanjuk of his American citizenship was provided by the Soviet K.G.B. The American Justice Department allowed Demjanjuk to be taken to Israel.

"Demjanjuk has, at the time of writing, been held in solitary confinement in Israel for three months without any charges being made against him. Israel officials, themselves, are divided on the case. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the Soviet supplied identity card. Challenges to the authenticity of the card have resulted in the Israelis making feverish efforts to obtain more source material, which will enable them to prove that John Demjanjuk was, in fact, 'Ivan the Terrible'. Israel Justice Minister, Sharir, is openly appealing to the Soviet and its Eastern European satellites to assist.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this case is the role of international monopolist, Armand Hammer, lifetime supporter of the Soviet Union, who has used his influence to help the Israelis. "While there is a division of opinion in Israel about the Demjanjuk trial, hate crazed Zionists like Simon Wiesenthal are demanding that more 'Nazi War Criminals' be hunted and brought to trial. Why? The prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, Gideon Hauser, answers with his support for the Demjanjuk trial: 'The tendency to repudiate the Holocaust, by denying that it ever existed, makes it impossible to hold the trial and ensure that all the Nazi atrocities are brought to light. We must record every single piece of evidence. The world must be told about it.' This is a frank admission that the Demjanjuk trial is designed to further psycho-political warfare.

"While the Zionists and the soviet collaborate to keep the Holocaust myth alive, it is frightening to find that numbers of Christians, both in the U.S.A. and Canada, sit glued to their T.V. sets on Sundays watching Falwell and other 'Christian' apologists for Zionist Israel claim that Israel can do no wrong, and openly express their admiration for Israel's aggressive policies. They are delighted to know that Israel has developed nuclear weapons. They claim to be anti Soviet but never mention the Zionist-K.G.B. connection".


by Neil McDonald
"Wise words come from thinkers in all walks of Life. "Essendon Football Club Captain, Terry Daniher, analysed the final quarter surge, which won a Premiership: 'We kept chipping away'. "The same enduring principle is displayed by a stone mason in the process of breaking a huge rock. Ninety-nine heavy strikes with a special hammer have failed to fracture the rock. Exhausted, the perspiring mason rests his hammer. A small boy picks it up. With one light swing - a surprise.... the rock splits into two large pieces. "Was the boy stronger, or more skilled? "Of course not. Without the previous 99 blows, the final resistance would not have been overcome.

"Keep chipping away at political obstacles. 'The constant drips of water wear away the hardest stone', runs an old proverb. In accord with today's challenges, the constant tap of knowledge wears away the hardest political stone. "Steady chipping has countered the threat of Council Amalgamations, Land Rights, Human Rights; and may well fragment Capital Gains, the Assets Test, and Fringe Benefits Tax. If the hammer of protest is not lifted to finish the job, there is a danger that the fissures may fuse making previous efforts a waste. So, keep chipping away for complete withdrawal of issues, which threaten individual freedom. "

Forget the hammer.... pick up your pen and direct your concern at the columns of your local newspaper. This multiplies your anger and gathers support. Tell your M.P. then, if he ignores your wishes tell him off. He's (then) not your representative. "Chipping away creates the gentle ripple which can build to a ruffle over a surface of apathy. An essential ingredient to serious target tackling is a vital first step an accurate first swing: then keep chipping, chipping, chipping.


"After all, Mr. Keating is the minister responsible for administering taxation law and introducing tougher penalties for late tax returns. He has set himself up as a more righteous denouncer of tax dodging and more rigorous enforcer of tax law than his Liberal predecessors.... The Age (Editorial) Melbourne, December 1st.

Mr. Hawke, rushing to defend his Socialist Brother Keating, didn't help matters at all by stating words to the effect that the omission wasn't the end of the world. True enough, it isn't. But what is unforgivable is Brother Keating's attitude with respect to the lodgment of taxation returns; viz, one of consummate arrogance. We have remarked often enough on the vicious tongue of the tardy Treasurer: it is gutter language, but now we are blinded with another dazzling facet of this Hawkeian "jewel". Brother Keating has made the remark that ... "there are generals, and others". Obviously he is a "general", and we are the "others". Well, he can stagger around in his wonderland for a little while longer. He won't be fired, the "Labor" Party needs him too much; he'll go down with the Government in due course. We still adhere to our belief that the worsening economy will ultimately sink the Hawke Government.

The Hawke Government's current television advertisement on the Fringe Benefits Tax, suggesting that "ordinary people are paying too much tax because a few "rich" salary earners are ripping off the system, perpetuates the myth that "the rich are rich because the poor are poor". We wrote on this in these pages recently. Money is not fixed in amount; it can be, and is, created and destroyed in multi millions; billions in times of national emergency, such as wartime. Readers who would like to have better grasp of this myth should read The Money Trick ($6.00 posted) and The Creation and Control of Money ($2.00 posted). When one understands the nature of money (and most bank managers do not understand this!) the F.B.T. advertisement is seen as ridiculous.


We have all heard of "Jane's Fighting Ships", the British manual of the strengths and capacities of the major world navies. There is also "Jane's Weapon Systems", which is a manual, of course, of the "new" missiles. According to the current edition, the Soviet Union may be even ahead of the United States of America with its equivalent of the Strategic Defence Initiative ("Star Wars") The Editor, Mr. Vernon Blake, says ... "Anyone who thinks that the Soviet Union is lacking a comparable S.D.I. programme should think again." This checks. The Communists very often attack and vilify opponents' programmes (political, military, strategic), which they are developing and employing themselves. We still think that Dr. Fred Schwarz of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade is right: "Star Wars" will protect the United States against nuclear blackmail, even if International Communism is successful in causing demoralisation of the U.S.A.

Bully for Opportunity Boards! We've got a beauty in Victoria! The (Victorian) Equal Opportunity Board has ordered the (Victorian) Education Ministry to re-instate Ms. Alison Thorne to active teaching. What's it all about. Well, Ms. Thorne is all for such things as pedophilia (sex with children); wants "the age of consent" to be reduced to TEN and has published her views, to boot. She was "transferred" to a non-teaching position after a public outcry. In saner days, when politicians and bureaucrats weren't mad, they'd ALL be in jail, or worse. Imagine what would happen to Ms. Thorne in their beloved Soviet Union.'


From "Wayside Newsletter" of the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, Sydney, N.S.W. - Christmas 1986:
"At a recent wedding I married a Jewish girl to a Christian boy (both escaping the tension of a family argument over religion), a Catholic to a Catholic (refused a Church wedding because one was divorced), an older lady to a young Muslim man (rejected by his parents because of a difference in age and religion), a dying lady in hospital to her de facto husband so that the relationship between them and their children would be legalised before her death.
"These are all part of the weekly life and death drama of a city and it finds focus at the Wayside Chapel. Much of the tension in people's lives has been created by the attitude of various religions that refuse to take the stranger in. There is still 'no room at the inn' for families seeking consolation and help. "Ask me why thousands of people (22,000) have been married at the Wayside Chapel and there is one answer: A simple attempt on the part of the Wayside Chapel team to recognise the dignity and worth of every human being. Why do I name (Christen or baptize) so many thousands of children? Once again it is the same basic truth. "Yet, religion which purports to love people often practices a policy of hatred. It puzzles me that these religious practitioners are always at protest rallies talking about human rights in Africa, human rights in Ethiopia, even human rights in Russia. But they seldom practise human rights inside their own churches.
"They throw people out who are divorced, they reject little children because they don't belong to their organisation, they refuse to bury people who have died because they didn't go to their churches while they were alive..." (Rev. Ted Noffs).

"The Rev. Ted Noffs writes:
The heartbreaking story of a girl caught up in the drug problem reached me today. Believe it or not it was simple addiction to marijuana. Yes, marijuana! Wandering through the streets of Kings Cross are young people whose minds are being taken away through sustained involvement with this so-called 'harmless' drug. The mother who called about her daughter told me that her 16-year-old was hallucinating. It was a pitiful story of a beautiful girl being lured into the drug world by people who told her that the drug was 'harmless'…"

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