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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

19 December 1986. Thought for the Week: "At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, 'Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?' And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said, 'Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven!'
Matthew 18


C.H. Douglas once observed that the future of Civilisation depended upon sufficient people becoming de-mesmerised and seeing through the Black Magic associated with the worship of financial orthodoxy. But Douglas warned that the shock might prove fatal for many people. We briefly turn to a consideration of this subject at a time when even non-Christians are participating in the recorded history of mankind: the birth of He whom the Christian believes was the Son of God.

With various forms of collective madness a divorcement from reality sweeping the world, it is instructive to note that those described as the "better educated", or more 'enlightened", are in the forefront of those who readily accept the most appalling nonsense. Often we find many of our readers stating that they have a problem, for example, in discussing the superstitions surrounding finance, economic and politics with their fellows whom they regard as having had a "higher education". Generally speaking, those who more readily see through the superstitions are those who can be described as "practical people".

The history of the Social Credit movement, starting with its founder, C.H. Douglas, is one of a long list of engineers. Douglas said in The Big Idea that "the most irresistible social force is integrity ... Integrity is single mindedness - the mind of a little child." Christ said we must become as little children. Before the social engineers get them into their brainwashing centres, most children tend to see things as they are, often blurting out some frank observation in circumstances which parents find embarrassing.

Hans Anderson's famous little fairy story (the sophisticates are, of course, too superior to believe in fairy stories) makes several major points: How the false pride of individuals can be manipulated; the ease with which a "mass opinion" can be created; and that the collective madness of the crowd admiring the Emperor's new non-existent clothes was punctured by the sanity of the small child who shouted the truth so obvious to him: "But, Mummy, he has no clothes."

The future of Western Civilisation, which had its roots in a Christianity, which grew inside the legacy of Greece and Rome, depends upon enough individuals humbling themselves to become as little children, striving to seek the Truth. In today's world, where success is measured in terms of how much power an individual may have obtained, Christ's injunction about finding the Kingdom by becoming as little children, is spurned. The Christmas Season is associated with children. They represent the future. If they could be left to be children just a little longer, and their minds not crammed at an early age, with "social theories", like the child in The Emperor' s New Clothes, a number of them might come to "see through" the Black Magic destroying Civilisation today.

Anyone who has had much to do with children has observed how before the ego develops, generally from the age of five onwards, there is a type of natural frankness and goodness. The ego develops with growth, and young minds are captured. The matured Christian learns to accept the importance of proper humility, to suppress the ego, and return to the concept of objective goodness. By seeking to find the Kingdom within, of making an honest attempt to practise what Christ taught, in essence becoming as a little child, he is in reality "born again. And by letting his light shine before others, he sets an example, which others will follow.

The League has consistently confounded its critics by refusing to become embroiled in the power game, but of consistently adhering to the Christian principle that he would be the greatest must be the servant of his fellows. We take this opportunity, in our last issue before Christmas, to thank all those who have grasped what we have sought to do, and have loyally supported us and what we stand for. We wish our readers and families a Happy and Holy Christmas, and a New Year in which they can continue to make their contribution to a more Christian future.


It is no secret that Zionist leaders, supported by Prime Minister Hawke, had hoped to use the Pope's Australian visit to obtain the long sought Papal acceptance of the Zionist State of Israel. Such a diplomatic break through would have been hailed by Mr. Hawke and his supporters as further evidence of Mr. Hawke's alleged great negotiating skills. But while the Pope met with Zionist leaders at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, he declined to modify the consistent Papal attitude of non recognition of a Zionist State established in bloodshed and violence by dispossessing the indigenous Palestinian people. In accordance with traditional practice, Zionist representatives meeting with the Pope were requested to submit in advance issues they proposed to raise. The Israel issue was submitted, but deleted. And even though the Pope made a number of placatory statements, which many Christians would question, Zionists have made it clear that they are far from pleased with the Pope.

The typical Zionist philosophy of the one-way street was expressed in the editorial of The Australian Jewish News of November 20th. The editorial is a veiled attack on the Pope, who allegedly has not used his influence to "Play a much more positive role in its (Papal) long professed designation of the world peace path." The Pope, it is claimed, has failed to speak out on "the cancers of terrorism", and "the suffering and war crazed mayhem of the Third World." And much more in similar vein. The revelations of Zionist Israel's role in arms dealing highlight the blatant hypocrisy of Zionist propaganda. As documented by anti-Zionist authorities like Dr. Alfred Lilienthal (The Zionist Connection) the Zionist State of Israel was established by terrorism and maintained by terror tactics. The present Israeli leader Shamir was a terrorist on the British wanted list of criminals. Victims of Shamir's murderous activities might well ask why aren't Sharmir, Begin and other Zionist terror leaders brought to justice along with the alleged "nazi war criminals".

Christians might remember during this coming Christmas Season that tens of thousands of their fellow Christians are barely tolerated in Zionist Israel. The festering Palestinian refugee camps are breeding grounds for young Palestinian terrorists. Formal Papal recognition of the Zionist State of Israel, and its arrogant claims on Jerusalem and continued occupation of the West Bank and other occupied Arab territories, would be a major defeat for the West, including the loss of what remaining pro-Western Moslem goodwill still exists. The Western world should be grateful that the Papacy has not yet capitulated to Zionist pressure on the Israel situation.


"Estimates of revenue from the fringe benefits tax would be substantially higher than originally expected, the Federal Treasurer, Mr. Keating, said yesterday." - The Age (Melbourne) December 15th.

Mr. Keating may well be right in his pronouncement (recently) on T.V. to the effect that more fringe benefits to boost real income were being received by many salary earners than was first anticipated. Who doesn't want to give the taxman the slip? The short sightedness of the Socialist ideology prevents the Keatings from appreciating that every dollar squeezed from the wage and salary earners of Oz means a dollar that is not spent on goods and services. The Fringe Benefits Tax will definitely have undesirable electoral consequences for Brothers Hawke and Keating. They can't see that yet; but they will.

We can see what Mr. Keating thinks he is doing: broadly viz. to squeeze every dollar from the Australian economy, via his taxation "reforms" to service the horrific Australian debt, and simultaneously stimulate Australian industry with his latest corporate tax concessions to commence next July (1st.) will the strategy work? We do not believe so. What he is doing (and he knows this) is driving Australian living standards down. Mr. Keating thinks that this will make for a "more competitive Oz."

But the big money, internationally, is boosting the economies of nations like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan: and even then there are problems. Japan's over valued yen is bringing on industrial stagnation within. Australia cannot compete with the industrial robots of Japan, Korea, and elsewhere; along with their highly disciplined work forces and, in the main lower wage structures although this is changing. An Australia with militant unionism on the rampage is something of a joke to the scientifically efficient Japanese.

We have not hitherto commented on the Commissioner of Taxation's very public endorsement of Brother Keating' s Fringe Benefits Tax; and our comment is that public servants, however senior, are not in charge of public policy: which is the function of politicians, (supposedly) the elected representatives of the people. Brother Keating remarked, in the House, what a great fellow Mr. Boucher was to praise the Treasurer's F.B.T. If the Taxation Commissioner had panned Keating's F.B.T. it would have been a different story. Then, Mr. Boucher would have received the vitriol of Brother Keating's vicious tongue.
It all depends whether you are a "good boy", or a "bad boy". It's all childish stuff, really. We often remark that the Socialist mind is essentially an immature mind.

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