Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

14 February 1986. Thought for the Week: "There is more real culture in a truly human family without art and science than in the highest achievement of art and science on the basis of neglected family life and degenerate sex relations."
Dr. Emil Brunner in "Christianity & Civilisation."


Desperate people, lacking a clear understanding of what has produced their problems, can often be persuaded that relief can only be obtained through some type of violent action. It is not so long ago that coalminers broke through a police cordon at the Federal Parliament, Canberra, and broke down the doors. This violence produced no worthwhile results for those who participated in the riot. Victorian dairy farmers were persuaded that only "direct action" would solve their problems. Blockades and other actions brought dairy farmers into confrontation with the police.

The plight of the dairying industry continues to worsen. Now desperate wheat farmers, supported by others, threaten to impose a total blockade on Canberra. Rural Australia is reverberating with protest rallies at which emotions are running high. There is much dangerous talk, such as the blowing up of railway lines as part of a programme to halt the export of Australian rural production.

It is true that the servicing of Australia's astronomical external debt depends primarily upon rural and mineral exports. But an attempt to hold up exports by violent action is more likely to play into the hands of the Hawke Government than to bring it down. One report says that the representatives of small businessmen are also becoming more militant, one suggestion being that every small business sacks one of their staff, which would immediately add hundreds of thousands to the unemployment list and place an enormous strain on the social service system. One of the most militant of the rural groups is the Canowindra Rural Reform Committee, N.S.W., which now has gained the support the NSW Livestock and Grain Producers' Association (LGPA) for the blockade of Canberra.

Prime Minister Hawke "went bush" last week and made several vague promises, one concerning a possible reduction in fuel prices while this week Primary Industry Minister Kerin met with the Canowindra Rural Reform Committee and the LGPA. Mr. Peter Ryan of the Canowindra Committee says that he believes that Mr. Kerin's offer to meet with his group "is taking note of rural unrest and is finally interested in listening to the message from the quarters that count." Mr. Ryan says that one bank in his area had indicated that 70 percent of its rural clients were in financial difficulty and that it could not see 40 percent of farmers recovering under the present financial structure.

While some of the proposals put forward by the Canowindra Committee are realistic, others indicate a lack of understanding of the realities of finance. One proposal is that the Government should borrow $3 billion offshore for the restructuring of rural debt. Australia's rural debt, and the debt of Municipal Councils, can easily be restructured without increasing still further the nation's international debt burden.

Australian Federal politicians have the constitutional right and duty to instruct the Reserve Bank to make available at the cost of administration the necessary new credits for a more realistic national financial programme. Neither violence, nor the threat of violence, will solve Australia's growing crisis. Two basic principles need repetition at the present time:
1: Every Federal Member of Parliament, irrespective of which party he belongs to, is responsible for national financial policy.
2: The politicians must be pressured by a united electorate, to instruct the Reserve Bank to adopt the policies demanded by the people. A drastic reduction in all interest rates would be a start in the right direction.


We are in possession of a photostat copy of a letter, dated January 31, which Dr. Coghill sent to all Victorian Municipalities. Enclosed with the letter are photostat copies of the Victorian "Hansard" of April 5th, 1984 and November 1st, 1984. In his letter to Victorian Municipalities, Dr. Coghill writes; "The League has its origins in the 1930s and is led by its Director, Eric Butler. On 1st November 1984 in the Legislative Assembly, I outlined his role in undermining Australia's war effort (copy of Hansard extract attached.)"

The repetition of the attack on Mr. Eric Butler's loyalty demonstrates the depths to which Coghills of the Labor Party are prepared to sink when they feel themselves threatened by the exposures of the League of Rights. Referring to the League's special "Intelligence Survey" dealing with the long-term Fabian Socialist background to the Local Government amalgamation programme, Dr. Coghill writes, "It postulates an extraordinary conspiracy theory, substantiated by a mass of selective quotations and distortions, which I believe are rejected by reasonable people: Dr. Coghill provides no examples of "selective quotations."

Since the publication of Mr. Eric Butler's devastating reply to Mr. Phillip Adams, "The Truth About The Australian League of Rights", completely demolishes the old Communist smear about Eric Butler undermining the Second World War effort. Adams has been discreetly silent about this subject. Just as Dr. Coghill's attack on the League on the Aboriginal land rights issue backfired, so will the attack concerning Local Government amalgamation. As many Councillors will be asking questions about the latest Coghill anti-Butler allegations, it essential that all supporters have at least one copy of "The Truth About The Australian League of Rights" from which to quote. Preferably they should have two copies, one to loan where necessary. A single copy is $7 posted. Two copies; $11 posted.


While Opposition leader Mr. John Howard can point to the impressive Liberal win at the Tasmanian State Elections, he can take no credit as Premier Gray made it clear that Mr. Howard was not required in Tasmania for the State elections. The Franklin River dam issue still rankles with many Tasmanians. The swing against the Federal Labor Party in the Scullin by-election was average for by-elections. But in Western Australia the State Liberal Party was the main loser in the State Elections. The Nationals gained at the expense of the Liberals and obviously benefited from the deepening rural crisis.


In the January issue of "The Intelligence Survey", we provided some background material on the distinguished British historian, David Irving and referred to the fact that although the well-known British publishers, Hodder and Stoughton had published the hardback edition of Irving's book on the 1956 Hungarian uprising, they were not prepared to publish a paper back edition to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the uprising unless Irving agreed to have removed all references to his claim that the uprising was as much anti-Jewish as anti-Soviet. Irving declined to have the book edited and was seeking another publisher.
We have learned that a paperback edition of "Uprising", most gripping work of 800 pages, will be promoted along with Irving's' other works on a coming international tour. We are also informed that Irving will be in Australia in March and have approached his representatives to ascertain if Irving would address a League sponsored meeting. It has been pointed out to us that Mr. Irving commands substantial speaking fees and that if anything can be arranged, we would have to pay for his services. We will keep readers informed.
But we can report that we have managed to obtain an advance supply of "Uprising" at a discounted price, which enables us to offer it to our readers for $15 plus postage of $3, making the price $18. This offer is only until Mr. Irving arrives. The normal price will be $20 plus postage. Advance orders can be taken now through Box I052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, immediately. We anticipate being able to supply within a few weeks.


Australian cricket captain Kim Hughes made some pertinent comments at the conclusion of the recent South African tour. He said, "This has been as normal a cricket tour as I have been on. There were no disturbances, unlike my other tours, usually, in the West Indies, India and Pakistan, we can expect at least one riot. But here in South Africa, it has been quite peaceful. Referring Australian journalists who had covered the early part of the South African tour, Hughes said that they had come to report on trouble, but when no bombs went off and none of my players lost an arm or a leg, they skulked back home."

In his State of the Union address, President Reagan moved further into the Camp of the internationalists, stating that his administration is considering the possibility of an International Monetary Conference and the establishment of an international currency. Informed American observers point out that Reagan has changed his stance on the Soviet threat and is keen to be remembered in history as a President who made a contribution towards world peace. There are no more references to the "Evil Empire" of the Soviet. It is claimed that Reagan has never fully recovered from his cancer operation and that it would not be surprising if he resigned before the end of his term. Trilateralist Bush waits to take over, a prospect, which alarms the better-informed American conservatives.


Mr. Eric Butler has been invited by the Riverina Crisis Committee to appear on its panel of speakers at a "Family Rally" on Sunday, March 16th, at the Echuca Showgrounds. The organisers have announced that the Rally will be opened by the distinguished Aboriginal leader the Rev. Cedric Jacobs, M.B.E. from Western Australia and the founder of The One Australia movement. The Mayor of Echuca will be presiding. Facilities are available for picnic lunches. Prominent Western and country singers will be entertaining. The organisers stress that "this will be a very different type of rally, one for the whole family." It appears that this is an event that should interest all League supporters.


In handing us $50, one of our most dedicated supporters, said apologetically that her contribution was what might be termed the widow's mite. It is these types of contribution that demonstrate the great strength of the League. If all supporters sent $50, we would surge past the target of $50,000. Since last week 16 supporters have contributed $3,083 taking that total to $41,797. We are now in the "home straight", Let us race past the winning post.
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