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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

7 March 1986. Thought for the Week: "Misinterpretation of past ages is more or less inevitable, and, although a respect for truth is an essential quality for the good historian, his understanding will always be limited by individual peculiarities. That is why it is important, if his style is persuasive and his learning impressive, that he should also be a good man. The dead can look after themselves; the living cannot ... it is all too easy, armed with this romantic, this most appealing of weapons, to play unfairly on the wishful thoughts of the ingenuous."
C.W. Wedgwood in an essay, "The Historian and The World. (1947)


Wednesday of last week (Friday 26th) witnessed the Australian League of Rights being debated on the Victorian Regional network of the ABC. National Director of the League, Mr. Eric Butler, had been approached by a representative of the ABC who said, in essence, that there were reports of a big upsurge of support for the League in Victoria, with apparently growing numbers of people having more faith in the League than in the political parties. Would Mr. Butler be prepared to appear on the ABC's talkback regional network to discuss the League, and to answer questions? Mr. Butler said alter consulting his diary that he was prepared to rearrange his programme to appear at the time and date required.

He was then told that Dr. Ken Coghill Secretary to the Victorian Cabinet was also being invited, to represent the Victorian Government. The ABC lady expressed surprise when Mr. Butler said that while he would be happy to meet with Dr. Coghill, he felt it extremely unlikely that he would appear, having been silenced by the ALP in 1984 during the land rights debate. Initially the ABC announced that Dr. Coghill would be appearing. But later it was stated that Mr. Ken Gott, alleged expert on the League, was to appear, presumably representing the Victorian government.

Mr. Butler arrived at the ABC studios looking forward to meeting Mr. Gott, and to ask him a few questions, such as when was someone going to try to answer his book, "The Truth About the League of Rights". But upon arriving Mr. Butler was told that Mr. Gott would not be appearing, that he had "been silenced" by the Victorian Government. Mr. Butler was to share the programme with a Mr. Andrew Campbell. Many of our older readers will recall Andrew Campbell as the author of a book, which promised sensational "inside" and previously unpublished material on the League. The book was a shoddy piece of work with a number of elementary errors. Not even the Zionist press was enthusiastic about the book.

The essence of Mr. Campbell's contribution to the ABC programme was to suggest that the League's opposition to compulsory fluoridation of public water supplies threatened forced amalgamation of Victorian Municipalities, and defence of the threatened rural communities, were merely smokescreens behind which the League sought to promote hatred of the Jews. Andrew Campbell did not explain why a service organisation, not seeking power for itself, should be engaged in the silly practice of promoting hatred of anyone. Campbell's superficial understanding of the League and its Christian motivation may be judged by his sarcastic reaction to Mr. Butler's statement that he had the greatest sympathy for the Jewish people, manipulated by the Zionist power machine.

If the ABC programme was designed as a further smearing of the League, it was a dismal failure. Mr. Butler told Mr. Campbell that he was a victim of his own delusions about the League. Mr. Butler reports that in a brief discussion with Mr. Campbell after the radio programme, Campbell claimed to be an expert on the KGB. If he were, then he would know that the KGB has been responsible for promoting a number of phony "anti-Semitic" campaigns. But Andrew Campbell's knowledge of history is so weak that he disputes that the Soviet Union played a major role in the creation of the State of Israel.

As documented by the former Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover agent, Mr. Patrick Walsh, in a recently published book in Canada, "The Unholy Alliance", Zionists have played a major role in promoting "Nazi" and other allegedly anti-Jewish movement. The much publicised "Nazi" leader Lincoln Rockwell was a creature of the Zionist terror machine, and played a major role in persuading rich American Jews that they should contribute to the Zionists, who would protect them from threatened "anti-Semitism". Patrick Walsh thoroughly exposes the role of the agent provocateur. The Walsh exposures have, according to Canadian reports, thrown the Zionists and their dupes into some confusion.

Patrick Walsh would have been most interested to hear Andrew Campbell's strong objection to a recent reference to "Zionist thuggery". He was the victim of this thuggery when brutally attacked by a group of Jewish Defence League members outside a room in the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, who were attempting to break up a school being conducted by Eric Butler. Zionist thuggery has been used against lawful patriotic groups right around the world. The League of Rights has constantly warned against extending encouragement to any type of violence, stressing that evil policies can be defeated through the British system of constitutional government.


A meeting in Wodonga, Victoria, on Tuesday, February 25th, provided a classic example of the cowardice of party politicians in the face of psycho-political warfare. Mr. Jeremy Lee, Assistant National Director of the League of Rights, had been invited by the Albury-Wodonga Concerned Citizens' Group to speak on the Bill of Rights, sharing a platform with several other speakers, including Hungarian journalist Mrs. Eva Malonyay. Three listed speakers, Liberal Senator Jim Short of Victoria, Mr. Brian Moriarty, Albury-Wodonga businessman and former Liberal candidate for Albury, and Federal National Party Member, Mr. Garry Nehl, of Coffs Harbour, N.S.W., refused to speak with Mr. Lee. Jeremy Lee had originally offered to step down.

The Albury morning daily, "Border Morning Mail" of February 26th, carried a page two story which claimed that the Wodonga meeting, attended by over 300 people had "turned into a fiasco", in spite of the fact that Jeremy Lee was given a warm reception as he outlined the dangers of the Bill of Rights, and that, as reported by the paper itself, a resolution was carried condemning the Bill. There was no "shambles", as claimed by the paper, which said that the three politicians did not want to he associated "with the League 's ultra rightwing racist image", and that "It has become political suicide to share a public platform with League representatives..."

The so-called "image" of the League has of course, been created by the Marxists and their dupes in the media. And, as pointed out by Jeremy Lee in a letter to the "Border Morning Mail", (not published as we go to press), over the years a number of prominent Liberal and National Party politicians have appeared on League platforms, along with other prominent Australians. Claims about "political suicide" are the inventions of the media and are divorced from reality. The "Border Morning Mail" report claimed that the "shambles" resulting from the Wodonga meeting "will prove a deep embarrassment to several influential Border District Liberal and National Party supporters who helped organise the meeting". The episode has in fact caused a number of Liberal and National Party supporters to start asking questions about their own politicians.

The failure of the Liberal and National Parties to provide any genuine alternatives to the policies of the Hawke Government is reflected in the opinion polls, which currently have them badly trailing the government. The Wodonga episode has demonstrated once again that the party politicians are not going to save Australia that only a grassroots movement uniting all Australians is going to force a change of direction.


Behind the facade of the "moderate" John Cain Labor Government in Victoria a team of hard line Socialist planners operate to impose a permanent Socialist blueprint upon the State. Compulsory municipal amalgamations are designed to ensure that the city of Melbourne and the major provincial centres of Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo are brought under permanent Labor control. Not everyone warms to the style of prominent authority on Local Government, Dr. Michael Jones, but his facts are irrefutable. He has demolished the claim of the planners that bigger local government units are cost effective, citing the Melbourne Metropolitan city of Waverley, which has the largest local government population in Victoria, with approximately 130,000 people. Waverley has one of the highest levels of administrative costs. The argument about cost effectiveness is a smokescreen designed to mask the real purpose of forced amalgamations: centralised power.

A Melbourne "Age" poll, taken on the eve of the current Royal visit, reveals that support for a republic has fallen to just under 30 percent. It was 40 percent 10 years ago. Even among young voters there is majority support for the Monarchy. It is significant that support for republicanism is strongest among the "higher educated", these of course being subjected to bigger doses of "progressive education". The tide now favouring the Monarchy can be assisted with the wide distribution of "Freedom Wears a Crown" ($12 posted).

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