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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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10 April 1987. Thought for the Week: "We Australians share in the most amazing culture ever known. This culture has produced the greatest prosperity for the most people and has huge potential for improvement in human justice and dignity. All this is largely due to the free enterprise of industrialists, engineers, farmers, workers, and the generous Christian work ethic. The really sad thing about the fantastic dance of death now begun is that enterprising people have not been prepared to defend their creation, their way of life, or their physical survival."
Alan Gourley in How to Avoid the Looming Catastrophe


As a good Fabian Socialist, and a most pragmatic politician, Prime Minister Bob Hawke has taken the longer view concerning the next Federal Elections. We commented last week that we did not anticipate that the Prime Minister would call an early election. After helping to further destabilise the Opposition parties with hinted suggestions that he might call an early election, Mr. Hawke announced last week that there would be no early election. Our view is that the Prime Minister scored a short-term propaganda victory with his projection of himself as a statesman not prepared to submit to the temptation of a short-term political gain, putting the "national interest" ahead of political gain.

John Howard's reaction was almost petty, charging that Hawke did not have "the guts" to call an early election, fearing that he would be beaten. The Hawke strategy is obvious: He believes, as we do, that with the passing of time, the divisions inside the Opposition parties are going to intensify. With the Queensland Nationals resigning from the Opposition Coalition, this will result in increased pressure from those Liberals, headed by Andrew Peacock, to end the Coalition.

We repeat what we have said previously: The Federal Liberal party is suffering from a terminal disease. Even if it found itself in office as a result of default, there is no evidence to suggest that it has any type of a policy which would even ease, still less solve, the basic problems threatening Australia. Our "tip" is that Hawke will not call the next Federal election until the latest possible time, March of next year. He hopes that the problems of the Opposition will help him to administer several policies under the guise of firm leadership, even though this means a further reduction in living standards, and that he can go to the elections bathed in the warm emotional glow associated with the bi-centennial celebrations and the presence of the Royalty which the Fabians are pledged eventually to destroy.

We believe that the longer pre-election period is most desirable. As proved by the Senate's rejection of the ID card, following the rejection of The Bill Of Rights, the Government is not all-powerful. The longer period is essential for the growing grassroots movement throughout Australia to take more shape and form. It will also provide Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and his colleagues to demonstrate if they have something really constructive to offer.

In his television interview with John Singleton last week Sir Joh did for the first time offer some encouraging specifics, mainly in the field of cutting down the bureaucracy at Canberra. But much more than this is necessary. Bob Hawke believes that by having March, 1988, election, time is on his side. We are confident that time is on the side of the grassroots movement which is now developing with increasing strength, and that that movement will play a decisive part in the next Federal elections.


Book banning in Canada started under the Fabian Socialist Trudeau Government, but continued when the Maloney "Conservative" administration was elected, providing further confirmation of the view that changing politicians in today's totalitarian age, does not of itself change the policies of the permanent government - the unelected, faceless bureaucracy. As the result of a national grass roots campaign spearheaded by the Canadian League of Rights, Revenue Minister Elmer MacKay has recently announced that the Customs Department has removed the ban on the Gary Allen best seller, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Mr. MacKay admits that because of his "concern" about the banning of this book, he had sought a second legal opinion, and that the Department of Justice had "advised that it considers that the book does not constitute hate propaganda…"

Our Canadian contemporary, On Target, comments that "The unacceptable aspect of this humbug is the fact that the Minister, from the very beginning, has refused to reveal why the book was banned in the first place, and who ordered it banned or advised that it be banned ... To date, the authors of the bad advice, the reasons for the spurious advice, and the complainants who instigated this whole dastardly censorship and book banning farce are being protected and concealed." The retreat, under pressure, on the Gary Allen work, was soon seen to have been a dialectical step backwards in order to make further advances. Two outstanding works of scholarship, The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed, and The Zionist Factor, by Ivor Benson have now been banned by Canadian Customs.

The Canadian On Target asks the pointed question of whether the two latest books to be banned have incurred the displeasure of the Zionist B'nai B'rith, noting that the B'nai B'rith in Canada has been awarded a Federal job development grant of $127,000. The Canadian On Target comments: "... this outfit should be able to now expand its lobbying for more censorship and book banning of historical works not approved by the Zionist establishment." (Essential reading: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen limited supplies still available, $5.00; The Zionist Factor, by Ivor Benson, $14.50; The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed, $25.00. Prices include postage).


Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in British historian David Irving's unpublished book on Winston Churchill. Our understanding is that the book was commissioned some fourteen or fifteen years ago by a well known American publishing firm which had already published Irving material, but that when presented with the manuscript, the publishers decided that it was too explosive to handle. Irving has had no problems with the publication of his other works, even though his work Uprising, outlining the truth about the Hungarian uprising of 1956, proved extremely controversial because Irving documented the anti-Jewish aspects of the Hungarian revolt against Moscow.

During his Australian and Canadian lecture tours last year Irving dealt with some of the Churchill material and indicated that at long last there was a possibility of publication taking place. But in more recent times it appeared that there were problems. However, we have just heard from the U.S.A. that the book will be published later this year, and that Irving will be promoting the book during an Australian lecture tour. Assuming that this tour takes place, David Irving will almost certainly be one of the panel of speakers at the International Seminar in Melbourne on Saturday, October 3rd. If available, he will also be invited to attend the Annual New Times Dinner, on Friday, October 2nd, as the guest of honour. We will report further on David Irving's Churchill book immediately we have firm information.

While on the subject of books, we do not as yet have copies of Grace Halsell's Prophecy and Politics, which is a chilling record of how militant TV evangelists like Jerry Falwell are acting as Zionist Israel's main apologists in the United States, and are preaching that a nuclear holocaust is desirable and in accordance with "God's plan". This book has caused a sensation among Christians in the United States and Canada, and we will announce as soon as possible when supplies are available. We are informed that it is possible that a paperback edition is to be printed. Current scandals rocking the pro-Zionist TV evangelists raise a number of questions; one being how many of these holier-than-thou preachers are being blackmailed. One thing is certain: Real Christianity is being downgraded.


Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has sunk to a new low by warmly welcoming African National Congress leader Oliver Tambo to his home, and by in essence agreeing with Tambo's outrageous claims that the South African police initiated "necklacing", with the Africans then merely emulating this terrible method of murder. Fraser and Tambo issued a joint statement calling for stronger sanctions against South Africa. Tambo once again denied that the ANC was a Communist dominated organisation.
Testifying before the Denton US Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism in 1982, a former member of both the central Committee of the South African Communist Party and the ANC National Executive, Bartholomew Hlapane, said, "No major decision could be taken by the ANC without the concurrence and approval of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party. Most Major developments were in fact initiated by the Central Committee."
Every student of Marxist tactics is familiar with how "national" movements like the African National Congress are manipulated by the Marxists. Oliver Tambo knows this to be the case with the ANC. But where does this leave Malcolm Fraser, a man projected as a "Conservative"?

Mr. Phil Gude, Victorian Shadow spokesman on small business affairs, claims that the Cain Government has given its political advertising agency $4.5 million in promotion work through that Government's various departments. Mr. Gude implied that a "jobs for the boys" thrust was involved, and that this very involvement was concealed by a refusal of Freedom of Information requests. We have not seen a denial or refutation of Mr. Gude's allegations.

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