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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 July 1987. Thought for the Week: "The Creator of the world seems to have aimed, not at equality, but at the widest possible diversity of creatures. If equality is to be achieved at all, it can only be by lowering the level of all men to that of the most savage and backward. The pace of the world in which we are all equal must be that of the slowest in it."
Sir Arthur Bryant in Spirit of Conservatism


Unless there is a political miracle, with a few reasonably informed Independents holding the balance of power in the House of Representatives and thus able to force basic policy changes, the Federal elections tomorrow will not of themselves change the general direction in which Australia is being driven by the forces of centralisation. Large numbers of electors have become contemptuous of the cheap gimmickry tricks being used by all the major political parties. As Prime Minister Hawke and his minders feel the breath of possible defeat, they have been using the type of fear tactics which were once used against them by the Fraser Liberal government to defeat the Hayden led Labor Opposition.

The best that can be said for the Howard led Liberals is that at least they promise to abolish the Constitutional Commission, the Commission for the Future and the ID card. But large numbers are now so cynical that they no longer believe the promises of any party politicians. Mr. Howard cannot complain if electors recall broken promises in the past. If John Howard does manage to win there is not the slightest evidence that he will improve a deteriorating situation.

We are not in possession of all the results of electors' surveys of candidates, but we can report that not one of the major parties is prepared even to consider a constitutional reform which would provide the electors with the opportunity to veto unpopular legislation Acting under instructions, Labor Party candidates generally decline to answer any questions concerning basic issues such as constitutional reform. They are relying upon the media build up of their "star", Chairman Bob, to carry the day for them. But it must be recorded that the Electors' Veto concept, based on the Swiss system of initiative, referendum and recall, has been placed before Mr. Howard and his senior colleagues, and that they have rejected it. They reflect the modern totalitarian view of governments; that they are elected "to govern". This view rejects the traditional British, and Christian view of governments, that their members are the representatives of the electors.

Representatives of the Australian Democrats, the Democratic Labor Party and a number of Independents have all agreed to work for the introduction of the Swiss system, and, unless there are other major considerations, should be given first preferences where electors have decided to record a formal vote. Our information suggests that there will be a large informal vote, basically a type of protest vote. There is a new mood right throughout Australia, one that offers the opportunity, whoever wins the elections, of achieving far reaching constitutional reforms. Australia is on the eve, not only of another Federal election, but of a completely new period in Australian political history.

The League of Rights will be playing a major role during this period. Having pioneered the moves for basic constitutional reforms, the League is pleased to see an increasing number of others now supporting them. As a service, not a power movement, the League is greatly encouraged by what is developing throughout Australia.


Over the years, the League of Rights has been the only movement in Australia to systematically expose the role of the Fabian movement in advancing the programme of totalitarianism. Mr. Eric Butler, author of the best seller, The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance, was invited last year by the Riverina Crisis Committee, to give an address to a conference of concerned groups in Echuca. Entitled, While Farmers and Businessmen Slept, this address was subsequently reprinted by the Riverina Crisis Committee to meet the growing demand.

The League was the first to publicise Prime Minister Bob Hawke's revealing address to the Centenary Dinner of the Fabian Society, in Melbourne on May 18th, 1983. The media suppressed this most significant address. Eventually this question was brought to the attention of leading Sydney radio personality, Mr. Brian Wiltshire, who invited Mr. Jeremy Lee, Secretary of the Institute of Economic Democracy, and Assistant National Director of the League, to do a two-hour interview, which covered in depth the whole conspiracy against Western Christendom. The reaction was electrifying, with both Mr. Wiltshire of 2GB, and Mr. Jeremy Lee, being swamped with requests for further information. One dramatic and revealing reaction came from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, which demanded time to "reply" to Jeremy Lee, who had made no reference to Zionism. Zionists were unable to refute what Mr. Lee had to say, but resorted to the old tactics of smearing the League of Rights.

Reacting to the many queries from many parts of Australia, Mr. Brian Wiltshire continued in his programme to comment on the Fabian and associated conspiracies, with the premier of NSW, Mr. Barry Unsworth, eventually complaining about the "lies" allegedly being told about him by Brian Wiltshire. Mr. Unsworth claims that, unlike many Labor Members, he is not a member of the Fabian Society.

The question became newsworthy, with an attack on the League of Rights in The Telegraph, while the Sydney Morning Herald ran a reasonably straight report on the Fabian movement.

A further chapter in the anti-Fabian exposure took place when a Riverina Group, "People Caring for Australia", inserted a full page advertisement in the provincial daily, Border Morning Mail, of June 27th, headed THE LABOR GOVERNMENT AND THE FABIAN SOCIETY.

We are informed that copies of this striking advertisement, which after mentioning "The International Bankers", concludes by asking, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE OLD LABOR PARTY WHICH STOOD FOR THE WORKING MAN? has been circulated widely among National Party organisations. But we are informed that attempts to have the National Farmers' Federation take up the question have failed. This does not surprise us. The NFF has failed to tackle the basic threats to the independent farmer.

At long last the Fabian conspiracy has been forced into the open in Australia and will continue to be discussed as the battle for Australia proceeds


While it is to be hoped that Victorian National Party "glamour" candidate, Mr. Julian McGauran is not defeated by former Communist Mr. John Halfpenny, Multi-millionaire McGauran has revealed an appalling ignorance of important issues during the election campaign. The Advertiser, Geelong, of July 4th, quotes Mr. McGauran as being surprised that Geelong had a heavy industry base. A questioning of Mr. McGauran reveals that he was selected by the National Party to head the Victorian Senate ticket for reasons other than any knowledge of basic political and economic issues.

The entry of star actor Mel Gibson into the election campaign, in support of Independent candidate Robert Taylor, for Indi, Victoria, has, caused a minor political stir. "Mad Max" of the screen talks some sense when it comes to politics. He sees no future with the present parties and likes what candidate Taylor is saying. Sunday Press, Melbourne, of July 5th, quotes Taylor as saying that he took little interest in politics until he read a book called What Has To Be Done by an obscure Queensland rancher by the name of Charles Pinwill. I'm good at reading comic strips - that's about my standard. But I read this book four times. Here was someone who knew what was going on". The "obscure Queensland rancher" is Queensland State Director of the Australian League of Rights. By sheer coincidence Chas Pinwill's last Victorian meeting during his current tour was right in the heart of the Indi electorate, at Myrtleford. As we go to press we learn that candidate Robert Taylor intends to be present.

Launching the ALP's Senate campaign in South Australia, Mr. Bob Hawke warned that electors who voted for the smaller parties or independents in the Senate would increase "uncertainty" in the next parliament. He listed the Australia Card as one of the issues that had sparked the double dissolution. But Mr. Hawke and his colleagues have declined to make the Australia Card a major election issue. It is to be hoped that the balance of power in the Senate is held by the smaller parties and the independents. The original concept of the Senate was an Upper House of Review, representing the States, not parties.

Irrespective of who wins the Federal elections, the tragedy of the 50,000 Australian farm families now living on incomes well below the poverty line, will continue. The major parties offer but a few crumbs, and no real relief. Labor offers a $15 million dollar afforestation programme and a $270,000 information service to tell farmers how to get welfare - if they do not already know! The Opposition parties offer the abolition of the excise on petrol used on the farm, but not for transport. All parties pay lip service to the great value of the family farm but little else. There will be thousands of more casualties over the next few years unless there is a radical change in financial policies designed to drastically reduce financial costs. The National Farmers' Federation has to date proved relatively useless, as we warned it would be. Any suggestions of resisting the debt merchants is discouraged.

The latest issue of The Commonwealth Bank's Economic Newsletter warns of a world depression because of what is described as "the fragile state of the international economy", warning that it is "sheer folly" for Australia to go on accumulating overseas debt. The question of Australia's external debt has been barely mentioned during the elections.


At last, the Liberals seem to be doing something active against the Australia Card. The Australian (3/7) reports that the Victorian Liberal Party is to be distributing 100,000 pamphlets warning of the dangers of the above. The "warnings" are (according to the report) categorised as follows:
*The Australia Card is crammed with provisions for fining, jailing, and regimenting ordinary non-criminal citizens.
*A fine of $5,000 or 2 year's imprisonment - or both - if a Card is destroyed for any reason that cannot be proven to be accidental.
*A fine of $500 for losing a Card and failing to notify the Government within 21 days.
*A fine of $20,000 for failing to produce the Card on demand of the Taxation Office.
*A fine of $1,000 and/or six months jail for failing to attend a compulsory conference if ordered by the I.D. Card agency.
*A fine of $5,000 and/or two years jail for businessmen failing to submit a customer's Card number to the Government.
*A fine of $20,000 for businessmen employing casual staff and not submitting their Card number.
*A fine of $5,000 for selling a block of land without submitting the purchaser's Card number to the registrar of land titles. We know of more, but the above should suffice to turn citizens away from the Australia Card, for starters.


From The Australian, (3/7): this letter published over the name of "John Quilty", of Warnbro, W.A.:
"I have been browsing through my old tax returns and finding some interesting comparisons emerging:
1967-68: My first full year in the workforce. I was a single income bachelor supporting only myself. I claimed tax deductions for personal health expenses and contributions to a private health fund. I paid the Government 15% of my income in tax.
1976-77: I was a married man supporting a wife and two children on a single income. I claimed tax deductions for family health expenses, contributions to a private health fund, shire and water rates on our home, educational expenses on the one child at school and a spouse rebate. I paid the Government 25% of my income in tax.
1986-87: I am still a married man supporting a wife (the same one) and six children (not to mention the rabbit, canary, and three goldfish) on a single income. I can claim nothing for family, health expenses, contributions to a private health fund (which I've had to maintain to cover those little extras like optical and dental expenses!) shire and water rates on our home or educational expenses on the five children now at school. I haven't yet lost the spouse rebate I am paying the Government 33% of my income in tax.
"I understand that the single income, two parent family now represents only 7% of the population and is in consequence no longer a voting force to be reckoned with. It certainly shows!
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