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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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31 July 1987. Thought for the Week: "It is highly significant that the worship of logic is characteristic of immaturity, of youth. At the age of eighteen or so, logic presents an indisputable proof for every problem. And it will be noticed that there has been, and is, a conscious 'youth movement' carrying with it the implication that wisdom reaches its apex in the early twenties. Yet it must be plain to anyone that not only is evidence lacking that logic has solved any political problems of consequence in the past, but, conversely, that the policies now current in world affairs which pretend to base their appeal on logic, threaten us with final destruction. There is no saying requiring attention more clemently that 'Unless ye become as little children ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom'. There is nothing logical about a little child."
C.H. Douglas (1949)


Professor Geoffrey Blainey is a distinguished historian who suggests that his fellow Australians might learn something from history, and from what is happening in those parts of the world where there are multiracial societies. Writing in The Australian of July 24th, Professor Blainey suggests that Australians should heed the lessons of the continuing crisis in Fiji, pointing out that "The crisis in Fiji has been like a hammer blow on the heads of most Members of Parliament in Canberra", challenging the belief that if people from different races and cultures are brought together in large numbers they will automatically build up a harmonious multicultural society. While it is true that Marxist subversives have sought to influence politics in Fiji, and applauded the election of the Government brought to a sudden end by Colonel Rabuka, the basic problem in Fiji is racial. Put simply, the indigenous Fijians completely reject any suggestion that they should be governed by Indians. They remain unmoved by references to "democracy".

The distinguished Jewish writer and philosopher, Dr. Oscar Levy, made the profound observation that the ideal is the enemy of the real. The idealist, often well meaning, urges that people of different races and cultures "ought" to be able to live together. But the ideal of the multicultural society has over man's long history always produced the same disastrous results. Judged by conventional economics Japan is the most successful nation in the whole world. And a number of Japanese leaders have boldly asserted that Japan has been successful because it has maintained a homogeneous nation. The Japanese do not worry about being called ''racists''. Professor Blainey comments that the term "racist" was "once a useful and sobering word, (but) has become the instant retort for those who can't think. It has become a pet word of abuse for those who are swayed by the very stereotypes they purport to despise. It is time that Australian politicians began to think carefully about the meaning of this word.

Recent events in Fiji require frank comments rather than a sanctimonious silence. Much of this cowardly silence stems from fear of offending ethnic minorities, who are being encouraged by a conscious programme, supported by a wide variety of grants, to establish what can only be termed ghettoes. As pointed out by Professor Blainey, British migrants are specifically excluded from some of the grants being made available, even when the need of the British migrants is greater than that of others. If there is even the slightest degree of statesmanship left among the Opposition parties, they will openly admit that the Fijian experience is but the latest example of a long list of failed multiracial and multicultural societies, and that the time has come for Australia to reverse a policy which can only result in the fragmenting of traditional Australian society.

Prime Minister Hawke should be charged with being an arrogant hypocrite when he talks of leading a deputation to Fiji to solve the disastrous results of the same type of racial programme he is imposing in Australia.
(Essential reading: "The Silent Invasion", by Dr. John Dique, $11.00 posted).


We are often asked whether the Illuminati still exists as an organisation. The answer is, of course, no. But the ideas associated with the secret Illuminati Society of the eighteen-century are a major force in human affairs. It was in 1776 that Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany, founded the Illuminati Order, a conspiratorial organisation that embodied all of the objectives and methods of what later became known as Communism. (Proofs of a Conspiracy, by Professor John Robinson, first published in 1798, is a classic on the subject. $15.00 posted.)

Because an organisation no longer exists in its original form does not mean that the ideas advanced by that organisation are no longer a threat. We raise this matter because many believe that with the decline of Communist organisations in Australia, Marxism no longer presents a threat. Measured in terms of the number of supporters, Communism was the biggest threat to Australia back during and after the Second World War. Paid up membership of the Communist Party reached 20,000. Communists dominated the Trade Union movement and ran a large number of candidates in both Federal and State elections. But all that is left today are four small groups, the Communist Party of Australia, (CPA), the Communist Party of Australia, (Marxist-Leninist) The Socialist Party of Australia, and the Socialist Workers' Party. Memberships of all four parties are pathetically small.

Anyone who has taken the trouble to study Marxism-Leninism knows that Lenin and his followers never believed that traditional societies and their institutions would be changed by numbers as such, but by dedicated minorities. It is estimated that there are at least 50,000 Australians who at one time or another have been members of the Communist movement. But is Mr. John Halfpenny, for example, less influential in advancing Marxist ideas because he is no longer a member of the Communist Party, but now a member of the Labor Party?

During the 'thirties one of the most influential movements advancing Fabian Marxism was Political and Economic Planning in the United Kingdom. As an organisation PEP no longer is what it was. But the ideas have been carried forward in other ways. The importance of ideas, as distinct from organisation, was brilliantly outlined in Prime Minister Bob Hawke's famous Fabian address in Melbourne in 1984, when he spoke of changing permanently the whole climate of opinion in a nation to the stage where it could never be altered. The ideas of Marxism present an even greater threat today than ever before. Many who advance these ideas claim to be anti-Communists!


Our reservations about the National Farmers' Federation have been further confirmed by the Federal election results. There is no evidence whatever to suggest that the NFF has had any effect whatever concerning basic issues. Increasing numbers of contributors to the NFF "fighting fund" are beginning to realise that they have made a poor investment. In a post election comment, the best that Mr. Ian McLachlan could say was that the NFF election campaign had influenced the election agenda during the last stages of the election, with business groups calling for greater concern about the current account deficit and government spending. The destruction of rural Australia will continue until such time as there is a drastic reduction in interest rates and other financial costs. But the NFF peddles the nonsense that there is no possibility of substantial reductions in interest rates until government spending is reduced. The Federal government has the constitutional power to direct the Reserve Bank to implement a policy of lower interest rates any time it can find the courage to do so.

The desperate plight of the National Party has been demonstrated by the election of Victorian Bruce Lloyd as deputy leader. Lloyd is one of the hopeless Members of the Federal Parliament, and was clearly a compromise choice by a party still clinging to Ian Sinclair as leader. The fact that Sinclair was not re-elected unanimously indicates that his days are numbered. Not surprisingly, Liberal leader John Howard is showing little enthusiasm for forming a Coalition with the National Party. Unless there is some type of a miracle, Andrew Peacock as Shadow Treasurer will demonstrate the appalling ignorance of financial realities, which has paralysed the Liberal Party for so long. Bringing in Mr. John Elliott will not solve the Opposition's basic problems. Mr. Elliott's main expertise is in the field of building bigger monopolies with debt finance provided by the international debt merchants.

Lange's New Zealand Labor Party has moved further down the same path as the Hawke Government: it has opened its doors to seven foreign banks. There was a time before the Second World War when it appeared possible that the New Zealand Labor Party was about to lead the world in challenging the dictatorship of International Finance. But, like the Australian Labor Party, it was taken over by alien influences. It is appropriate that the late A.N. Field's classic, The Truth About New Zealand has just come back into print at a moment of further national betrayal. The New Zealand lesson should be heeded by those who want to preserve national sovereignty. The Truth About New Zealand is available from all League addresses. $12.00 posted.

To hand is a report that reluctance by certain nations to report AIDS cases makes it "extremely difficult" for The World Health Organisation's special AIDS programme in Geneva to make precise and accurate calculations of the global extent of the disease. This is typified by East and West Germany. In their submissions to the W.H.O., East Germany has reported one case; West Germany 959. Earlier this year, West German politicians claimed East Germany was resettling suspected AIDS patients in the Federal republic.

Blood transfusions are O.K. now, because blood screening for AIDS is now universal. Right? Sorry, wrong. Researchers warn that at least 2% of the AIDS contaminated blood being given is accepted by blood banks because the tests are incapable of detecting recent mutations of the AIDS virus…
Election comment authorised by Mr. Eric D. Butler, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne

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