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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

7 August 1987. Thought for the Week: "In Crime and Punishment, famed Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky depicts with brilliant insight the criminal's compulsion to confess. It is not surprising that the Communists, the greatest mass murderers in the history of the world, share this compulsion - though their moments of candour have more the air of bragadoccio than penitence. To a man, the Soviet leaders from Lenin to Gorbachev have boasted of their intentions to enslave the world. Unlike the common criminal, however, who expects to be punished for the crimes to which he confesses, or to be restrained from the commission of those he has acknowledged plotting, the Communist who publishes his evil deeds and evil plans seems confident that he will go unchallenged. His impunity derives from the inability of his intended victim to understand his motivation.
F.R. Duplantier in a review of Richard Wurmbrandt's book, Marx and Satan


Struggling to keep up with house mortgage payments and other debt services, the average person gives little thought to the various media reports concerning the world debt situation. He sees little connection between his personal debt problems and the nation's debt problems. Perhaps he did notice that a few people, like Mr. John Leard, did attempt to warn before the Federal Elections that Australia's external debt has soared past $100 billion. But obviously this information did not cause Australians to desert the government responsible for escalating this debt at a record rate. Because the Opposition parties are also mesmerised - or frightened? - by the black magic of debt finance, they have failed to warn Australians that the "restructuring" of Australian industry, both primary and secondary, and a lowering of real living standards, is designed primarily to meet the requirements of the International Debt Merchants.

A recent press headline over a story concerning the New Zealand elections proclaimed that New Zealand now had the "freest economy in the world" under Treasurer Douglas. One of the most significant statements in the article is that the Lange Governments policies meet with the approval of the International Monetary Fund. This means that International Finance approves of a programme, which is penalising large sections of the New Zealand community, particularly the farmers and small businessmen, but at the same time is being welcomed by the new millionaires who, like similar people in Australia, have made fortunes out of "takeovers" and speculation. These parasitic activities require, of course, access to international credit.

Prime Minister Hawke has hinted that unless Australians accepted the "medicine" he and his colleagues were prescribing, they would be inviting the entry of the IMF. International Finance has indicated on many occasions that it can exert tremendous pressure on nations if there is any suggestion of revolt. In February of this year, the world's largest debtor nation, Brazil, caused international shock waves when it suspended interest payments on its $46 billion debt, this followed by the imposition in May of a further 90-day moratorium on repaying capital on its short term debts. Another Latin American country, Ecuador, had previously adopted a similar policy. But Brazil's defiance of the international Bankers did not last long. Finance Minister Dilson Funaro was forced to resign late in April with his successor, Louis Pereira, promising to "co-operate" with the International Debt Merchants.

A close study of all the many moves being made on the international debt front, including the extension of further debt finance to Third World countries, who have no hope of meeting interest charges, still less repay any of the debt, indicates that debt is but an instrument for bringing the whole world under one central control. The infamous Trilateral Commission, launched by David Rockefeller and his colleagues in 1973, for the purpose of linking North America, Western Europe and Japan into a New International Economic Order, met in San Francisco from March 21st to March 23rd, of this year to consider Third World Debt. It was agreed that more debt had to be extended to Third World nations. Shortly afterwards Mexico was extended $7.7 (US) billion in further loans, and then later Argentina was also extended big new loans.

The world debt crisis is being used to lay the groundwork for the establishment of the New World Order, a concept of international control warmly welcomed in Moscow and Peking. Lenin said it was impossible to create a World State without first creating a global economy. Senator Button, the Minister in charge of Australia's "restructuring" programme, said in a radio interview last week that the Australian economy was now part of a global economy. Which means that Australia's economic independence is being progressively betrayed. Permitting foreign banks to operate in Australia, first advocated by Mr. John Howard, but implemented by Mr. Paul Keating, was a major step in the surrender programme.

If Australians had the Swiss system of initiative referendum and the veto, they could then challenge all policies threatening national sovereignty. The Swiss Government proposed that Switzerland join the United Nations Organisation. The Swiss electors vetoed this at a referendum. The first essential step for the defeat of the International Debt Merchants is for Australians to insist upon the necessary changes to the Federal Constitution which will enable them to have a direct say concerning their own affairs.


Like a bad smell, former Liberal Prime Minister Fraser refuses to go away. Following his dismissal by the Australian electors, Malcolm Fraser sought a new public platform from which to project himself, and welcomed the invitation by his successor, Prime Minister Hawke, to become an "Eminent Person" and to give vent to his almost pathological hatred of South Africa. It was the Fraser government, which directed that Qantas cease flying to South Africa. We warned at the time that Malcolm Fraser's display of "morality" was not being matched by African states, which still maintained direct air links with South Africa.

Malcolm Fraser and his fellow "Eminent Persons" led the campaign for total sanctions against South Africa, but Fraser's friends of the "front line States" have deserted him, Dr. Kaunda of Zambia recently stating, "It is quite clear that sanctions on air links will not work." Undeterred by the failure of his anti-South African policy, Malcolm Fraser has directed his attention to the problems of the Federal Liberal Party. Following the recent elections, the man who led the Liberals to disaster, modestly offered to provide "leadership" as Federal President. Outlining his views on how the Liberal Party should be re-organised, Malcolm Fraser indicates that he would like a Liberal Party structured similar to the Labor Party. He wants more "discipline", which means even less independence for M.P.s than exists now. Like Bob Hawke, who praises Labor Prime Minister John Curtin betraying everything Curtin represented, Malcolm Fraser invokes the spirit of Robert Menzies, founder of the Liberal Party, while supporting policies, which Menzies would reject.

In a recent interview with Geoff Kitney of Times on Sunday (August 2nd) Malcolm Fraser said "Menzies formed the Liberal Party by the drawing together of a number of disparate groups." The-many groups, which Menzies brought together, were motivated and united primarily in their opposition to the centralist policies of the Chifley Government. The Menzies Government had many failings, most of these resulting from a blind spot concerning financial orthodoxy. But, unlike Malcolm Fraser, who played a major role in undermining Australia's traditional immigration policies in favour of the multicultural society, Menzies was a staunch supporter of a predominantly homogeneous European nation, with a high Anglo-Saxon content. Malcolm Fraser is on record as saying that he was pleased that the Anglo Saxon element in Australia was being weakened.

Malcolm Fraser has a point when, in criticising Rupert Murdoch, he says "We ought to be enraged by someone giving up something as precious as Australian citizenship for a business deal..." But the same Malcolm Fraser was responsible for putting part of Australia, South West Tasmania, under the World Heritage Commission, preparing the way for the historic High Court decision, which, in essence, said that the original spirit of the Federal Constitution was dead. And it was the same Malcolm Fraser who strongly supported the international programme for building the New International Economic Order. Fraser says that if not invited back to play a significant role in Australian domestic policies he still intends to play a role in international affairs. The only role Malcolm Fraser can play is one, which meets with the approval of David Rockefeller and his fellow Trilateralists.


The dramatic decline in attendances at Victorian football matches reflects the nation's deeper social problems. Australian Rules football was an indigenous game with its roots deep in Victorian history. It drew enormous crowds with attendance at the "footie" on Saturdays being the "in" thing, uniting Melbournians across a wide social spectrum. Local loyalties were strong. Entrance charges were moderate. This was before the days of high paid professionalism and enormous debts. Fathers could once take their sons without the fear of loutish behaviour and foul language.

The disgraceful Israeli "trial" of Ukrainian born John Demjanjuk continues, with the man charged with being "Ivan the Terrible", demonstrating a widespread human failing, loss of memory. When Demjanjuk asked why was it acceptable that a highly educated police officer could tell the court that he has forgotten the name of a friend, while a memory lapse by an uneducated person with only four years of schooling, was unacceptable, Justice Levin rebuked him: "You must fulfill your duty and not enter into discussions." How many people can remember in detail what happened to them 40 years ago? With the aid of KGB "evidence", the Zionists are determined to find Demjanjuk guilty.

The Federal government has appointed ACTU secretary, Mr. Bill Kelty, to the Reserve Bank Board. The appointment is for five years, at a salary of $16,402. As a representative of the Trade Union monopoly, Mr. Kelty should be at home on the Board with fellow monopolist Sir Peter Abeles.

Our North Queensland Actionist comments poignantly on the Money System and the Debt Merchants (space allows for only comment in part):
Money is power, and although many people realise the shortcomings of our present 'failed' monetary system, the Money Power sees to it that their views are never fully made known; because of its strangle hold on the media of thought control, viz, the Press, and the various electronic media.
"The Money Moguls' control of the media ensures that the question of money creation is never, fully brought to light, but is kept below the threshold of awareness, generally. Of course, there is only a very small percentage of the populace, which does direct its minds towards this great problem at any time, and a fair proportion of these (which includes me) are not sufficiently competent to make their feelings take effect. It needs thoroughly dedicated persons with an extremely high I.Q. to fully expound the reasons for our present shocking financial dilemma; where almost the entire world is in escalating and unrepayable debt. If the debts were owed between countries or nations there could be some form of compromise and reconciliation, thus lessening the impact of the horrendous debts now strangling industry and commerce - but the point is that the debts are NOT owed so much between countries or nations, but nearly all are owed to a consortium of bankers which is international, and bears allegiance to no one country! It represents a world Force, within each country and exercises its power to hold almost all of the world's peoples in everlasting debt.
"Those debts are mainly represented by mythical figures in books. While the world continues to tolerate this rort it will be in turmoil, increasingly, and all other attempts to redress the situation are futile. "Australia's overseas debts, now over $105 Billion, and expanding are now impossible to amortise under the present system. If the whole of our export earnings were diverted to the amortisation of our international debts, we could still not escape the coils of the Financial Octopus, because the various interest demands and the manipulation of our dollar makes this impossible.
"There must come a day of reckoning when we have to consider repudiation as the only means of escaping the deadlock. Just wipe the slate clean and the bankers would lose precious little, because they gave us nothing in the first place except 'lines in a ledger'. Other countries are trying to do just that, and although the bankers cry their tears of anguish, they are surviving well.
"Until there is a complete revision and reform of the system of money creation the world must remain in a critical condition. Should, however, any nation decide to straighten up the mess within its own borders, and implement a scheme for its own funding, the Bankers would initiate a crusade against that country, even to the extent of generating a war, to retain control.
"In the meantime we are being inexorably herded into the Cage of Universal Serfdom, and the actions of the HawKeating Government vis-à-vis the 'concern' for our trading status ... forces us even further into the hands of the Monetary Elite whose self-seeking interests revolve around acquisition of power over all world production ... Those in our Government who promote such policies can only be described as knaves or fools ... No doubt, amongst them, we will have a small proportion of Utopian Dreamers, and also some Innocent Dupes; but essentially those actively seeking to bring our nation under World Control are indeed the agents of the Money Power."

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