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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 August 1987. Thought for the Week: "Since practically everything a modern community does depends upon the provision of finance, it is obvious that the power to provide finance by the creation of credit (on terms) is an absolutely central power, and that whatever the appearances, those in ultimate control of the banking system are the real government of the country and, on the international scale, of the world. Of course, not all those in such control are 'bankers' in the sense in which one knows one's bank manager. It is in the realms of high international and national policy that the real control lies…."
Dr. B.W.Monahan, in Finance and Communism (1965)


"... But Mr. Hawke and New Zealand's Mr. David Lange have shown that electorates can be convinced to return Labor governments that promise tough economic medicine, particularly when the Opposition seems opportunistic, ineffectual, or divided...." Editorial, The Age (Melbourne), August 17th.

This opinion, (above) we regard as very near the mark. In the absence of stronger evidence, we discount the "anti-nuclear" factor as being decisive in the N.Z. election result. The Age editorial (17/8) also brings out the key point missed by much of the print media, viz.. "Many of the (N.Z.) Prime Minister's zealous backers came from big business, which has been greatly encouraged by deregulation of the market place". The same process has been transpiring in Australia, under the Treasurer ship of Mr. Paul Keating, the same Mr. Keating who bewailed the entry of Foreign Banks into Australia only a few days before the March 1983 Australian elections, when the Hawke Government was voted into office. An almost immediate visit to Washington and New York by Mr. Keating transformed him into the slavish devotee and admirer of Big Business and International Finance that he is today. We would not be surprised if Mr. Roger Douglas, the N.Z. Treasurer, makes a similar trip to the same Halls of Finance shortly. For instructions!

In the eyes of International Finance, Australia and New Zealand are of a piece: this "region" of the world is scheduled for and programmed into the New International Economic Order - our role will be that of a "supplier" of basic requirements for the Third World. Food, minerals, - not the high technology for the New World Order; our standard of living will continue to decline. What we are seeing with the continuance of the Lange and Hawke Governments is the continuing partnership of International Finance AND Fabian Socialism, along with Big Business. Big Business needs big finance to operate successfully, and a Fabian Socialist government, which both acknowledges and believes in the necessity of both, in line with its own ideology - eventual World Government. Mr. Lange is a Fabian Socialist.

Brothers Hawke and Lange will vie with each other to Fabianise their respective countries the more quickly. Both are solid republicans; anti-British, anti-monarchy. But there are risks for both. Yes, indeed. We saw and heard Mr. Muldoon, former Nationalist Prime Minister, say that many of the business people who voted for David Lange on August 15th will be broke before the next New Zealand election. He is probably right. The Lange and Hawke Fabian Socialist Governments are fostering big business at the expense of small business: they don't want small business and self-employed people. Big Business is much easier to control than scattered and decentralised small business, AND, it is much easier to nationalise when the time comes for the next step in the Socialist Revolution.

We come back to the sorry position, which we must recognise - and that is that the so-called "conservative" politics of our two countries have no answer to firm, committed Fabian Socialist governments; so long as they are supported by International Finance. That support can and will be withdrawn at an appropriate time; yes, such time as when the countries are ripe for revolution and the installation of revolutionary governments. It's happened before, and it will happen again - unless an awakened electorate can sound the alarm, and stop it. Will that happen? We can't say.


"Unless the Federal Government is able to make a much more compelling case in favour of its Australia Card legislation, it could face a powerful electoral backlash from the large numbers of Australians who are frightened of the alleged evils inherent in the proposed identity card. A general election is not due for almost three years, but no government can function successfully if it is surrounded by widespread distrust." - The Australian, Editorial, August 14th.

One of the best programmes of opposition to the totalitarian I.D.Card has been sent out in a letter to The Age (Melbourne) 14th August by a correspondent, Mr. M.J. O'Sullivan, Deputy President of the Federated Clerks' Union of Australia. We cannot, because of limitations of space reproduce the whole letter; however, it would be worth buying this copy of The Age to read it in full. We shall have to cull out the key paragraphs:

"The now abandoned Bill of Rights legislation was flawed not only in its detail, but in principle. The proposition effectively was that governments are the possessors of rights, which they may dispense to citizens who then enjoy the rights until they are modified, withdrawn or abrogated by some future government. The same sort of wrong principle is inherent in the I.D. Card. People have an identity which is theirs, they do not derive identity from its recognition or otherwise by governments...here important is the proposal that the I.D. Card is a licence/ passport/permit - to be a citizen. If there is any permitting to be done in a free society, it runs in the other direction - from the people to the government… both the Tax Office and Social Security have said that fraud is mainly worked, not by false identities, but by false declarations of income and false statements of eligibility ....

" It is the principle of both the Bill of Rights and I.D. Card legislation, which is wrong. Christians know that most of the evil legislation we are receiving from our Fabian Socialist Government comes via the United Nations: the modern Tower of Babel, as described by some. What is the yardstick? Why is it so wrong? Because it is in conflict with the Moral Law, which Christians accept as part of Reality. The Moral Law is God's Law for the protection of the sovereignty of each individual. Breach of the Moral Law will bring disaster and retribution. Lack of knowledge of it, and/or defiance of it does not alter its reality.

C.H. Douglas, the author of Social Credit stated, "What's moral, works." Bills of Rights, and I.D. Cards won't work, in the long term - because they breach the Moral Law. But that won't stop the crazed, humanist, ideologues from pressing on with their idiotic fallacies. Again only an alarmed electorate can stop them.


The Hawke Fabian Socialist Government has been playing down the "need" for the First Fleet re-enactment, which is having its share of problems, anyway. The anti-British, anti-monarchist, socialists cling to their myths that the British "invaded" Australia in 1788, and subjugated, by conquest, the Aboriginal "nation". In 1988, white Australians, adequately, and suitably, dripping with "guilt" - must now "make amends" for this "conquest" and give the Aborigines everything they ask for. Even the money for the grog, which is destroying them!
The reality is that there never was an Aboriginal "nation": only dozens (at least) of tribes who owned no land, but which, after periods of tribal fighting, had come to some sort of agreement about hunting and living areas.

In spite of the above comment we notice that Australia Post, a key Commonwealth Department, is issuing stamps commemorating the First Fleet. We have the "new" $1.00 and 37 cent stamps before us as we write these lines. The $1.00 stamps commemorate the First Fleet at Teneriffe (July 1787), and the 37cent stamps commemorate the First Fleet at Rio de Janeiro, August 1787!

The Citizen (Aug./Sept. '87) reports that ten vital minerals from South Africa are now exempted from sanctions. Dr. Louw Alberts, Director General of Mineral and Energy Affairs for the South African Government, says, "The Americans seem to be waking up to the realities of sanctions and the position of South Africa in the Western World's mineral supply." He added that the U.S.A. has, by this action, acknowledged that it cannot do without South Africa..."

The Victorian Society of Labor Lawyers wants the I.D. Card scrapped. The Society is not convinced the Australia Card is needed to combat tax and welfare fraud, AND, the grave threat to civil liberties from it. The ball is rolling now; it's up to us to make it grow into an avalanche of protest.

Mr. Ivor Benson, in his August, 1987 of Behind the News (Ivor Benson, c/- Heron Books, P.O.Box 29, Sudbury, Suffolk, C010 6EF, England) has something to say about "The Superior Japanese". After the great wave of cameras, motorcars, TV sets, etc. comes an even bigger wave of investment money. How do we account for the seeming miracle of Japanese recovery after military defeat and humiliation?

Brief Comments

The ID Card
A Melbourne supporter has sent us a copy of an article by Professor Geoffrey de Q. Walker, Professor of Law, the University of Queensland. Many supporters will know that Professor Walker is the author of the new book - The People's Law: Initiative and Referendum, propounding the Swiss system of people control of government. (15.00 posted from all League bookshops). The articles mentioned above was published in the Queensland Law Society Journal (June, 1986) and headed, "Information As Power", (Constitutional Implications of the Identity Numbering and I.D.Card Proposal). The article is long. It should be available from the Queensland Law Society, Brisbane, Qld. Under the sub-title, "Privacy and Democracy", Professor Walker has this to say:

"One of the fundamental contrasts between free and democratic societies and totalitarian systems is that the totalitarian government relies on secrecy for the regime, but high surveillance and disclosure for all other groups, whereas in the civic culture of liberal democracy the position is approximately the reverse. During the Kampuchean holocaust it was a capital offence merely to inquire as to the identity of a government minister ..... On the other hand, democratic society sets great store by openness as a means of controlling government, and on privacy for the group, the family and the individual as an environment in which the individual can relax, experiment, and develop his creative potential. The secret ballot, of course, is a protection for privacy in the cultivation of political opinions..."

Workers Are Being Strangled
This letter published in The Sun (Melbourne) August 11th, over the name of a "John D. Lord", of Greensborough, Vic. (Melbourne suburb):
"I write regarding myself and people like me who actually go to work and work hard. "We are foundation contractors in the building industry, paying off a home, truck and car. Based on discussions within the industry, I say we are being slowly strangled. "We pay full taxes, which we cannot avoid paying as they are taken from us before we are paid. "We rise early and retire late. "My wife keeps the books, does the banking, picks up plans, discusses work on the phone with banks and builders. "We work on the normal business practice of a 30-day account but are lucky to get paid within 45 days. "One builder owes us $6,500, of which approximately $500 is ours, the rest already juggled and paid to primary suppliers and our sole employee. "Could then, Mr. Hawke, Mr. Keating or anyone in the public service please spend a day in our lifestyle and become physically involved in the effort we exert to earn a living? "We pay all taxes, Workcare, plus private insurance to cover us out of working hours. "We have had enough of bearing the brunt of the tax dollar - 46% of everything we earn. We can't even take our best customer out for dinner without questions from Canberra. "The crunch is coming. People of this country who are bred for, and are not afraid of hard work, are a dying breed. But it is not the work, which is killing us. It is the taking away of too much of what we sweat for. "Please, Mr. Hawke, give us a fair go on our terms. Please get off our backs.

"Some choice" (nom-de-plume) of Reservoir, had this to say in a (published) letter to The Sun (Melbourne), August 11th:
"At the recent local government elections in the south east ward of Preston (Melbourne suburb) I was confronted by a choice of four candidates - all A.L.P. "As I am compelled by law to vote, government has a responsibility to provide me with a reasonable choice of candidates, otherwise my right to refrain from voting should be acknowledged. "Our system of democracy forced me to elect someone I did not want to vote for. Now I know how the Russians must feel."

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